Trademark Properties Holiday Update from Richard and Ginger

The following are holiday updates from Richard and Ginger, sent out on December 12, 2006. 

I hope everyone is having the best holiday season of their lives 🙂 Team trademark had our annual friends, family and client holiday extravaganza this past Saturday with over 3000 attending and a great time was had by all! Jump castles, 4 story slides, face painting, Santa and Ms Claus were there for pictures with the kids, oyster roast, crab legs, Bar-B-Que and 2 live bands. It is our way to give back to our community and always feels like a reunion whether you’re family or not 🙂

We have yet to announce the new series name but we are hard at work doing what we always do, just happen to have new cameras following us. Same REAL People, same REAL business, new REAL DEALS, new network and new name. Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement, as soon as the network releases the new name and time of the show, you will be the first to know!

I have to take this time to thank everyone who has taken the time to email your support, it is unbelievable how passionate you guys are about our little ole show about Trademark’s daily adventures, it is still truly humbling. That being said, I have to be careful what I say, the big bad wolf has threatened to blow my house down if I talk about them in a public forum. Seems they just want me to go away, not tell the truth about their inner business dealings.

Obviously it was sweeps week because they did a marathon Saturday with most of the shows being our first season…wait a minute, I thought you told me I was replaceable with better people? 🙂 then why not take me off your network and let the scab replacements try to get you ratings? 🙂

They have threatened to crush me if I tell the truth in public about what really happened to us. You know me, I’m not backing down and will have my day in court, if not for me, for all the little people of the world who get stepped on, silenced and never have their story told. I don’t understand how someone can steal something that was never theirs and tell me to go away and be quiet, not happening in this lifetime. However, my lawyers are asking me to let them handle it from here on. We have the best entertainment attorney on the planet in MARTY SINGER of Beverly Hills (represents Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Wesley Snipes among other Hollywood elite…and he took on little ole Trademark as a client, hhmm, we must have something there :)) along with his partner Brian Wolfe and our local attorneys Robert Dodds and Frank Cisa, so for now, I must let them slay the beast while I do my REAL job and let the cameras roll for your education and entertainment 🙂

Thanks again and see you soon!

Hey Everyone!

I just want to start by saying thank you for your continued support. We are so excited about the new series and cannot wait for it to air. We have a lot going on around here to prepare for it, almost all of our episodes are finished! 🙂 We still don’t have a name yet, but y’all will be the first to know when we do! Hang in there, just a few more weeks of reruns and then we’ll be back on in full force!

Just a reminder that if you have any comments the best place to voice them is under “flip this house”-that gets us the most eyeballs in the industry! If you liked Season One with Trademark please give it a 10, this score has zero to do with season 2 and the scripted cast replacements 🙂

Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic holiday season and we can’t wait to see you all again in January. Details coming soon!