Ginger: Hello To All of Our Friends and Future Partners Out There!

Ginger sent the following email today:

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to thank all of you for your continued support. I cannot say much because of the lawsuit that is still pending against the network and production company, but I would like to say how much we appreciate that you are still sticking by us and not forgetting!

Many of you have shown great interest in becoming Area Partners throughout the country (and world) with Trademark Properties. I just wanted to let you know that we are working diligently on this and you will each be receiving a package from us by the end of the year with more details. The unexpected changes that we were going through when we announced the Area Partnerships have delayed things a little bit. We apologize for this delay and want you to know that we are very excited about the expansion of Trademark Properties!

I would like to stress that the new crews on “Flip this House” have absolutely nothing to do with Trademark Properties. These are not our Area Partners nor will they ever be. There has been a great deal of deception with the way the show is being marketed, and I want to assure you all that they have absolutely no association with us! Trademark Properties is a full service real estate machine and flipping houses is just a portion of what we do. I am very excited to meet all of you and get the ball rolling on the most successful real estate roll out in history. Richard has worked for the past 20 years making sure he had the perfect system before he shared it with the world – we want to make sure all misconceptions are cleared up and each of you know we do not do the same type of business as these substitute crews.

We are almost finished with the new season which will air in January, so we will keep you posted on all the upcoming details, news, and events! We have the first 3 months of the year blocked off for choosing our Area Partners and plan to do Season 2 all over the country with our new partners! Again, I can’t wait to meet you all and thanks for hanging tight–Trademark is definitely worth the wait! For those of you who are not familiar with the Area Partnerships, please visit to sign up for more information – we look forward to discussing it further with you! Please continue to visit the website ( ) and post your comments there – we love reading them! See you all soon and keep in touch! Corie keeps me up to date on everyone! 🙂


A&E Already Seeking New Cast

The following email has been sent to a number of real estate & investor lists around the country. 

Wanted: ‘Star Flippers’
If you buy and sell numerous houses each year and work with incredible, dynamic people while you’re doing it, or if you know someone who fits that description, “Flip This House” wants to hear from you.

The producers of the hit A&E series are seeking high-volume “house flippers” to star in the show’s fourth season. Each episode follows people who buy homes cheap, make alterations big and small to give the house added value, then sell at a profit.

“Flippers should have real estate in their blood,” according to Joshua Koffman of Departure Films, the producer of the show. “They can be strong personalities. We want people who flip homes regularly — say 10 or more a year — because we want to follow the same people for multiple episodes.”

While the “flipper” is the main character the show, “Flip This House” also includes other members of his or her “team,” such as project managers, Realtors/brokers and contractors, etc. This season, A&E is specifically seeking an area in the Northeast and hopes to feature “classic” homes, although it is open to following the flip of any type of residential property. It is that search for “classics,” Koffman said, which makes New Hampshire so attractive.

The producers can usually allow two to six weeks per flip, depending on the work that needs to be done.

If you think you or someone you know would be right for the series, please respond to Joshua Koffman at, to receive a complete questionnaire and further instructions.

Hat tip to Ashleigh’s Mom at TWOP who received this email from her New Hampshire-based real estate list.

Melina Montelongo of SA Cast’s Website

Melina Montelongo (or someone posing as her) just posted a comment here on FlipThisLawsuit, and included the URL of her website.  It seems to be a really well done site, and seems to be geared to a part of her experience that we don’t see on Flip This House Season Two.  Those of you who are new or expecting mothers might want to check it out

Melina Montelongo Seeks Actor for Flip This House

I guess we’ve got a Texas Auction scene to look forward to in an upcoming episode:

Reply to:
Date: August 25,2006 5:41PM CDT

“Flip This House,” a national reality show on the A&E network, is currently in production in the San Antonio area. We’re casting for extras to be a part of a real estate auction. A sense of humor and a can-do attitude are a must. Looking for men and women from ages 21 and up.

This is an unpaid, temporary position – lasting 1 day(September 6,2006 from 5pm to about 7pm) – but whoever we cast WILL be featured on national television.

Must be able to provide your own transportation.

Email us and tell us why YOU should be on TV! (Please attach resumes in the body of your email, and send a headshot or current digital photo if available.)

The Auction will be located at (house) 14111 Bob White on North East side of San Antonio, TX 78217 -Map Quest for directions.

Melina Montelongo
“Live With Passion”

Hat Tip: drlith for finding her Craigslist Posting.