Armando Montelongo Relocates to California?

Armando Montelongo frequently tells viewers that in 2001, he grew tired of being unemployed, living in his in-law’s garage in Southern California.  He and his wife borrowed $1000, packed up the car, and coasted into San Antonio on their last tank of gas, where he negotiated two months of free rent and sold all his furniture to buy groceries.

If the reports I’m receiving are to to be believed, he’s now back in California.  The California housing market can’t be an easy place for a flipper with the current state of lending, but with home prices on the decline in some markets, the move might produce interesting results. 

At the moment, I have very little information about the progress of his Theft of Services case in Texas – for failure to pay Reliance Appraisal Services for their work.  We’re working on collecting additional information on this matter.

We are unable to determine whether Montelongo is still associated with A&E’s Flip This House after this move, but will continue to report as this story develops.