Consumer Complaints and Armando Montelongo Spam

The massive number of email solicitations I recieve from Armondo on a weekly basis have concerned me.

But, even more concerned about the numerous people who contact me because they are dissatisfied with the Armando’s program, who never receive what they were sold, or who find themselves with nothing but maxed out credit cards, a 100 point hit to their credit score and the inability to obtain a loan.

Several have asked about a class action, and while I do not handle class action cases, I will be happy to publish contact information for an attorney wishing to pursue the case. 

One of the people who emailed suggested contacting your state’s Attorney General:

… I finally was able to speak to the consumer complaint center in my area. I was told that the best thing I could do at this point was to contact my credit card companies and have them investigate the matter. No guarantee of a refund. However, they did instruct me to contact the Tx. Attorney General where I live, and to file a complaint with them. They also told me to do the same with the Attorney General in Utah, where the program is based.

If enough people complained to the Attorney General, then they would launch their own investigation and if necessary, take action. This may be helpful info to anyone else who contacts you with complaints about this program.

Even though we all live in different states, their program is based out of Draper, Utah. If everyone contacted the Utah Attorney General maybe something can be done to benefit the people who have wasted their money and keep more people from making the same mistake. …

Others, like MV from Dallas, are posting on message boards:

… I responded to his radio ad for the “free” DVD, and subsequently accepted his Flip and Grow Rich package for a 30 day trial. The material is crap, not worth the $400 price tag (5 credit card charges of $79.95) by a long shot, barely worth $10. As an example, you make your money when you buy right, and foreclosures are the best place to buy. This wonderful program contains a whopping 5 paragraphs on foreclosures. Basically, it says foreclosures are great, you should find and buy them. That’s about it. Nothing on how to use the county clerk’s records, or even that the clerk is where you can look. But the real winner is how they cram the program down your throat. If you are even one day over when their tracking program says it was placed in your mailbox, you are stuck with it and they will not allow you to return it. They also fight any disputes on payment, and the person you talk to in the sales office is also the supervisor (no matter who you speak to), and the only person higher to speak with is Armando, and he doesn’t speak to anyone. These are some real pieces of canine excrement, /Caveat Emptor/ doesn’t even begin to cover it. …

A nice lady from Houston sends me her review of his book:

First, I’m very impressed with how Armando and his wife had nothing, moved to Texas and built a wondrous fortune.  Certainly, the American dream!  However, watching them I also often think he could be far more professional rather than as brusk as he gets with people whom he embarrasses on national TV.
I watch the program from time to time…and when they announced the book, I got on-line and ordered it (Flip and Grow Rich).  It took about 3 weeks to receive, so when it did come, I was eager to start reading it.  It didn’t take more than a few pages to realize that something was wrong with the way the publisher had put the book together and then bound it.
If you are reading anything on the left side page, whether the paragraph completes or not, you can’t continue reading what was on that page on the next page but instead have to turn the right page over to read the left page completion on, the next left page.
Every left page has 1 thing on it and every right page has something else on it. 
The pages are correctly numbered but someone evidently wasn’t paying attention to the subject matter, nor do I believe they even went to not only an American school, but any school.  They made a major mistake the way they published it.
I called every number I could find and couldn’t get anyone to help me.  Finally I got back on line and through the web site, was able to get a message to one of Armando’s many many offices…and someone who calls himself “Merlin” wrote me back.
I explained the problem and Merlin told me to return it and he would send me another.  I sent the book back UPS, spending my own money ($8.50 approx).  After a week I began writing to ask if they had received it and when was I going to get my new, correctly published book.  Didn’t hear a word for weeks, despite I began writing notes several times a week.  Finally, last week I was notified the book was on its way, with a tracking number.  The first tracking number didn’t work…so I wrote again and Merlin said they were sending the new book and included the tracking number.
I finally got the 2nd book after waiting over 3 weeks this past Thursday, and I’m very sad to tell you but this book is also published incorrectly.  I don’t know what school the publisher went to but I sure didn’t learn to read the way this book is published.
I called a number in the back of the book today and reached someone in customer service in Utah, who acted surprised that the book was bound incorrectly.  He wasn’t able to help me but transferred me to someone named Helen (her voicemail) and I left a message to call me Monday…as well as why I was calling.
I’m sure the book is as interesting as Armando and his wife are on their program, but how in the World are we to learn with this type of mistake?  Also, I attempted to locate the publisher but the information in the front of the book has none, making me believe Armando had it published privately…to save money????? I presume!
I was going to purchase the Master Course, but have now decided against it.  I am certain the World is filled with experts on the subject and after this fiasco, I have no trust in Armando or his many companies.  HOW does anyone ever personally reach him or his wife?

But, the thing that tops it all are Armando’s own emails.  They all have weird characters and spelling in an attempt to avoid spam filters, because they are, in fact, spam:

Mark Last Day to Get Fore/closures and Grow Ri/ch…
Armando Montelongo to Mark
May 8 (5 days ago)
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Mark Am I Renewing Flip This House and Investment Info…
Armando Montelongo to Mark
9:02 AM (11 hours ago)
Hello Mark

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Take care,

Armando Montelongo, President
Armando Montelongo Worldwide, Inc.

So, buyers beware.