Trademark on TLC in April

Mediaweek is reporting that Trademark’s new show “The Real Deal” which will feature renovation and resale with Richard Davis, will be on the air in April.  More details as they develop.

Lawsuit Updates

There are several upcoming deadlines.  A&E must identify their experts, and mediation must be complete by March 1.  All discovery should be completed by April 1.  Motions are due by April 16. 

I have pulled the new court documents and docket, and am in the process of writing a post to include the recent developments.  One thing that stands out to me, however, is that the parties appear to be having a dispute in discovery about the privacy of documents relating to the financial affairs the Defendants, with the fear that Richard Davis and Trademark will share them with TLC or other entities. They also point out (quite well, I think) that the Plaintiffs’ claim that there was to be a 50/50 split of the profits from the show hasn’t been yet demonstrated.  Unless Richard or Trademark can demonstrate that such an agreement existed, the Defendants’ financial affairs may not even be discoverable.  The Court has entered an order that allows the attorneys to mark documents as confidential; if they choose do so, the distribution of those documents will be tightly controlled.

The Defendants also seem to make inaccurate or misleading statements about my website in their pleadings.  This website is not operated by Richard Davis, Trademark Properties, or any of their employees or attorneys.  This website is operated by Mark Lyon, a fan of the original “Flip This House”. None of the parties to the lawsuit have the ability to do anything other than post comments to this website, though I will happily consider publishing anything they submit to me.