Trademark v A&E Moving Slowly

As often happens in litigation, the Trademark Properties lawsuit is moving along slowly.  On July 17, the Court set a number of deadlines:

  • Plaintiffs ID of Expert Witness due by 9/13/2007
  • Defendants ID of Expert Witnesses Due by 10/13/2007
  • Amended Pleadings due by 11/13/2007
  • Discovery due by 11/13/2007
  • Motions due by 12/13/2007
  • Jury Selection Deadline 2/13/2008

The docket doesn’t reflect any filings that designate experts in this case.  Discovery, of course, is not filed with the Court.  It looks as if there won’t be much activity on the case until we start approaching the motions deadline, and it is entirely possible that the parties will seek a new scheduling order at that time.

There have been a few documents filed, dealing with the results of the summary judgment hearing.  They are:

  • TRANSCRIPT of Summary Judgment Motion Hearing held on June 6, 2007 before Judge C. Weston Houck.
  • MOTION for Reconsideration by Departure Films.
  • MOTION for More Definite Statement for Clarification by A&E Television Networks.
  • RESPONSE in Opposition re MOTION for More Definite Statement for Clarification, MOTION for Reconsideration.

Montelongo Foreclosure and Court Activity

It appears that Armando Montelongo experienced difficulty with some recent financing from VCH Funding Corporation.  Montelongo’s company, Mandoman Management, Inc., fought off August 7, 2007, foreclosures on four separate properties by obtaining a temporary restraining order, allowing Montelongo the time necessary to line up alternate financing.  The restraining orders ended on August 21, 2007.  The cases now indicate that they have been terminated.  Neither Montelongo’s Attorney nor VCH Funding have returned calls requesting comment.

You can view the court documents to learn more.

Stopping the foreclosures, if alternate funding can be obtained, is an very smart move.  Same allows the lender to receive cash instead of properties, and allows the owner to continue forward with efforts to sell the properties for a profit.  An important lesson to be learned in the current real estate market is that owners should communicate with their lenders when business is not going as planned.  Often, lenders are willing to work with a borrower, or will at least delay action if the borrower presents a solid plan that benefits all parties. 

Additionally, public records searches have uncovered additional foreclosures and civil cases, all of which may be of interest to our readers.  Due to the high cost of copying, some of the civil cases only include dockets, and some foreclosures do not include deeds or trust and acquisition deeds.


1139 Lombrano Trustee Sale
114 Repose Deed of Trust
114 Repose Trustee Sale
114 Repose Warranty Deed
131 Bristol Deed of Trust
131 Bristol Trustee Sale
131 Bristol Warranty Deed
1410 Thorain Trustee Sale
1419 Woodlawn Trustee Sale
158 Ballard Deed of Trust
158 Ballard Trustee Sale
158 Ballard Warranty Deed
238 Basswood Deed of Trust
238 Basswood Trustee Sale
238 Basswood Warranty Deed
254 St Francis Deed of Trust
254 St Francis Trustee Sale
254 St Francis Warranty Deed
3123 Hicks Trustee Sale
Camada Trustee Sale
Colina Moderena Trustee Sale
Devoto Trustee Sale
F Street Trustee Sale
Gardina Trustee Sale
Gibbs Sprawl Trustee Sale
Jefferson Trustee Sale
Kashmuir Trustee Sale
Lennon Trustee Sale
Pleasure Park Trustee Sale
Rivas Trustee Sale
Rose Trustee Sale
Rosewood Trustee Sale
San Carlos Trustee Sale
San Eduardo Trustee Sale
Topeka Trustee Sale
Weidner Trustee Sale
Winnepeg Trustee Sale

Civil Cases:

Allison, et al v Armando Montelongo LTD, et al
Bexar County, et al v Montelongo Acquisitions Inc, et al
Escalante, et al v Montelongo Developments LLC, et al
Montelongo v Waring Investments, Inc.
Olsen, et al v Montelongo Inc, et al
Summers v Armando Montelongo, et al

Thus far, the producers of Flip This House have been unwilling to show viewers less than successful results.  As the market declines, property flippers across the country are suddenly finding that they’ve overbuilt, overpaid, or overestimated demand in their areas.  Now is a perfect opportunity for A&E to show the bad, as well as the good.

Failure can often be more educational than success.