Trademark Properties Radio

Late last night, Richard & Ginger sent out an update for their new radio program. The show appears daily at 9AM Eastern.

You can listen (and watch) online.  He doesn’t appear to be trying to sell books and tapes, but is instead open to questions from people who are trying to make a living buying and selling real estate.


7 Comments on “Trademark Properties Radio”

  1. Don Comer says:


    Were do you fine money to start buying investment properties.

    Fayetteville NC

  2. Don Comer says:

    how would you start out finding properities with a small budget

  3. Dan Wallace says:

    This is just pathetic. Clearly, the TV days are over for Richard Davis and Co. along with most of their real estate work. Just sad, give it up already.

  4. MD Means says:

    Any one out there know a location to obtain dvd’s of the season 1 episodes with Team Trademark. I would love to have copies of the first season of the show. Thanks for any help!!

  5. woody says:

    what happened to trademark radio???? Looks like they never came back from Christmas break!

  6. Lydia says:

    Armando Montelongos class is a bull shit on top of bull shit. For 3 days its all abount getting more education with his South Cal. bus tour for 45K. They will try to get you to open up credit card accounts, sell your stock,IRA even your grandmother all to get the bus tour to Cal. for the SUPER HYPER HOUSING MARKET. Pleas dont fall for it. We will be going to file charges in Austin texas and will be at any locations of any mor classes here to let the people now thw truth.

  7. Has anyone had any luck finding the dvd’s to the season 1 episodes with Team Trademark.

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