Mike Voss Reviews Armando Montelongo’s E-book

Frequent visitior, Mike Voss, offers the following review of Armando Montelongo’s e-books to readers of Flip This Lawsuit.  Please note, Flip This Lawsuit has not reviewed the e-books, and the opinions expressed in the review are not necessarily those of Flip This Lawsuit.

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Ginger Solicits Trademark Area Partners on YouTube

Hello Everyone!

I can’t thank you all enough for sending your surveys so promptly!  You all are getting the inside scoop first for taking the initiative to be at the Speech outlining what Richard is expecting out of area partners and your chance to see who we are , where we work and what we are about before moving forward. We want to make sure that there is very little room for error in how we communicate our vision into your backyards so…….Please log onto http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9SDyM3FJUo and you can see Richard’s newest message to everyone, in the format we will use to breakdown the distance barrier, we really feel like this format will speed up the learning curve on both ends and not leave the possibility of miscommunication from interpreting the written word,   Cant wait to hear from all of you soon!  This is going to be very exciting!
Ginger Alexander, Investment Coordinator
Trademark Properties, Inc.