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It doesn’t really stick out in the sidebar, so I felt that I would point out the existence of the message board in a post.  If you would like to discuss Flip This House, feel free to visit our message board.  Unlike A&E’s discussion board, this board is open to all sides.

That said, comments to the main posts will not immediately appear, since I must first approve them.  This is mostly to prevent comment spam.  If your comment doesn’t show up right away, don’t worry. 

39 Comments on “Flip This Lawsuit Forum”

  1. J Knight says:

    What is A&E thinking? Trademark Properties and evryone on the show were perfect. No acting or show boating for the camera. Just plain ole down home wit and charm. We miss the show, (The Real “Flip This House”. Hope to see you guys back on the air soon.

    J Knight
    Chas, SC

  2. Jimmer D says:

    Well I for one am disgusted with A&E it just shows you that even those networks hat were small dogs at the beginning are just as evil as the larger ones. I loved the show and hate the new format “The New series should be called “Flop this House”. I loved the interaction with the entire cast with Richard and Ginger and the rest was what I tuned in for and it was not contrived they never did what i saw recently stealing other contractors that is not what flipping houses is about as you see in the entire series with Richard and company. I miss there series and look forward to see there new one, hope we get it Canada. All my best to those in trademark.

  3. Andrea Fine says:

    The only way to show our support for Richard and crew is by bombarding the sponsors. Let them know how you feel about the decisions made by the company who is promoting their products

  4. Karin says:

    My Monday nights just aren’t the same. Why did they mess with a great thing!

  5. joann shrader says:

    Richard, Love you guys.My husband doesn’t noemally watch any of the shows that I like to watch but he will sit and watch YOURS, he doesn’t like the NEW on and will walk out when he sees the other shows and since I TIVO I just delete it when I see it’s one of the others , just let us know what time and the date for the first show you are on. Good luck with the law suit

  6. David Roper 63 says:

    Richard Davis’ FIP This House series last year is like Pepsi or Coke. The new season Flip This House is like Walmart’s Cola. My Tivo doesn’t watch imitations, only the real thing. Comon’ A&E, did you have a lobotomy? What WERE you thinking? Did you think we would not NOTICE? Jees Louise, we mean so little to you. Bring Richard and Crew back to the series.

  7. rebbecca fly says:

    good luck let us all know where u will televising from .

  8. Toney Cooksey says:

    We always enjoyed “Flip this house” season 1. This new show is not the show I have been used to watching. Please put Richard Davis, Ginger, Dawn and the rest of the gang back on. They have a fresh approach, none of the staged stuff. It was always fun to watch. I would love to see it back on TV.What was A&E thinking????? new program no good. Alabama says Season 1 rules!!

  9. Larry Brown says:

    With so much crap on T.V. It is getting harder to find something worth watching.My wife and I have over 200 channels to watch and we watch about 4. Your show Richard was #1 and we sure miss it. It was down to earth and honest,clean and very entertaining.A&E will regret there action. I hope your new show blows them out of the tub as i’m sure it will. I sure would like to meet you some time but I know that is out of the picture. Best of luck with your lawsuit.

  10. Audrey McCoy says:

    What is A&E thinking? Trademark Properties is the best. Come on there is nothing else on TV that is as good as this show with Trademark Properties. They are not boring it so much fun, and you can learn from the Best. Here in Cincinnati, OH. we love Richard Davis and his people. A&E you are missing out.

  11. Becca says:

    My husband and I miss the show so much! We can’t even watch the other “flip this house” We just bought our first home and it needs a little upgrading… I need Richard davis and his crew on TV to show me some ideas! Thanks

  12. Karyn says:

    I won’t watch any of Season II at all… The new guy prides himself on ripping people off… how is THAT family friendly? When will we find out the new network? I miss the show so badly.

  13. C. Powell says:

    Best of Luck, and we really hope to see ya’ll back on the air real soon. Ya’ll make the show, entertaining, fun, educational, and family oriented. Keep up the good work.

  14. marilyn and james pa says:

    to richard davis and the rest. My husban and I don”t even know why you are no longer on a&e we just know we miss you all very much. Get creative and do the show on your own. Call it FLIP ETC.

  15. Nancy Zadrazil says:

    My son just told me about this website, the lawsuit and your upcoming show. We are ecstatic that you all will be coming back!
    The arrogance and disregard for others by the new cast made me sick. After watching Richard and crew and their class and integrity I couldn’t believe the change. There is no comparison that can be made. Buying up houses that poor people rent, fixing them up to sell them back to them, and then virtually making them homeless because they could no longer afford to live there…what is that??!!! Shows nothing of the kindess of Richard and Co., only the greed and arrogance of the smart alec newcomers.
    Hurray for the new show, and good luck w/the lawsuit. nanzk

  16. Barbara says:

    I watched your show last night,the one where you bought a house,then found out that the previous owners were still living there. I was shocked on how you handled that! I was brought to tears to learn that there is still someone out there in this world who cares about their neighbor. I had to tell my grandson about the deed you did for these people. He is nine years old,with a very kind soul. I wanted him to know that there is still someone who is not out for the all mighty dollar. Thank you for giving some hope for mankind. God Bless You.

  17. Amber Jones says:

    We SO miss your team on the show! If any other “Flip Team” comes on, we turn it off! YOUR crew is the one and only… the first, last and best! Your show was not only informative but entertaining and yes, even suspenseful at times! We chose your shows over the crime shows, because it has a family oriented theme without violence. We have favorite episodes, but we watch all of your episodes over and over! Please post the pertinent information for your new show. We are waiting for it to begin!
    Best of luck with the lawsuit and the new show! We’re rooting for you!

  18. Gail Pritchard says:

    You guys were the best!! I found every episode so much fun to watch and couldn’t wait for the finished project’s results. A & E really messed up this time! Hang in there as the truth will prevail. You guys were too honest not to come out the winners in this situation!! Coming from the South, you know that God is with you and is on your side-not the side of some greedy network’s hidden agendas!

  19. C Agnew says:

    “The Real Deal” is the real thing! Too bad A&E listened to the wrong people when they replaced the Trademark Team. I watched a few minutes and asked myself..”where was Richard and the gang?”..never tuned in again..until “The Real Deal!”…..this is one of the most entertaining hours of TV

  20. april says:

    I just wanted to say I hope ya all get the show back up and running I hate the new flip this house on A & E I tried to watch it once or twice ( the new one that is) I dont care for it. A&E even did this with the show called “Dallas Swat” I dont even care to watch the other ones I like the first one and if something works why change it? You dont fix somethng thats not broken!!

  21. Janie says:

    I can not believe A & E. Team Trademark is one of the best teams the show featured. I think that the replacements do not measure up. Team Trademark always showed that they are real people, doing what “everyday” people do. They showed the good, bad, and everything in between. But at the end of the day they were still friends and a incredible team.

  22. SHAQUANA says:


  23. Donna R says:

    Mr. Davis and Team,
    All of you do a wonderful job at what you do. My father did the same thing so I know how hard your jobs can be. I also truely believe that you do what you do with a production crew following you around. As far as someone saying you are infringing on what is thiers they are crazy. The phrase Flip This House is what the industial term is for rehabing and selling.

    Keep doing what you are doing and if you need more of them to do come to down state Illinois. there are alot of propertis for sale

  24. keyla says:

    I love your show Good luck with the lawsuit.

  25. Roz Williams says:

    Hi Richard,
    I’m watching your show on TLC as I type this. You and your team are the best and deserve every success. Boy, what a mistake A&E made. I continuously set my TV reminder to your show so I can find you on any network you move to. I love your show and your team.

    Also, I’m originally from Boston and thrilled about your baseball team purchas. Next you may want to give some thought to purchasing your own cable channel. If anyone could do it, you could.

    Best of Luck Richard and thanks again for a great show!

    Valencia, CA

  26. Marti says:

    A&E you should do everything you can to get the ORIGINAL Flip This House Team back on your network!!! The people you have replaced the originals with just don’t cut it!

  27. Sally Hogg says:

    Does anyone know how the lawsuit is actually going? I get so mad when they still use RICHARD’S house to begin the show. I don’t watch A&E anymore, esp. after they denied “Dog” freedom of speech. Good luck Richard!

  28. Darren says:

    Richard.. you are nothing but a bag of hot air.. I’ve seen you on your show, disregarding permit regulations and such.. you are an ego maniac, and you’re getting out of control. Hmm.. with the American economy and the housing market going the way it’s going.. looks like just desserts are on the way.

  29. Jackie says:

    Just have to say how much I miss you guys on the show…no one else is even worth watching! You guys ROCK…Hope the lawsuit ends up in your favor…stupid, stupid A&E !!

  30. Richard:

    I am tired of watching repeats of your show, and realized why you are not on A&E. Love your show, love you, I do get annoyed with Ginger. She comes across as a snob, and it does upset me that she takes her dog on the job. That is an accident waiting to happen. Don’t misunderstand, I like Ginger, she just needs to grow up. We pass by Charleston a lot, and one day will stop in. You need to post where we can find you on tv, I love the reruns, but can only watch them for so long. We do learn a lot from them Good luck with the lawsuit.

    Kathy Cabaniss
    Port St. John, Florida

  31. Cathy says:

    To the whole Trademark Team,

    Please Please Pahleeese come back !!! I miss your show so much! It’s one of the only shows that my husband and I both enjoy watching. I spent some time in Charleston and loved the trips down memory lane and the funny story sharing your show sparked! I’ve even seen a few familiar faces from time to time =-) Hurry up and get this lawsuit overwith so you can come back !!!


  32. Victoria says:

    This is our favorite show! My husband and I always make it a point to watch Richard and the gang. We don’t even watch the new folks. Bring the original gang back. Good luck with the lawsuit becasue we surely miss you!

  33. Don says:

    Cannot say enough about your show. I too will not watch the imitators. Richard and Ginger have a great show and we all truly look forward to you prevailing in this suit. Best of Luck!

  34. Gina+David Allgood says:

    We were just talking about how much we STILL miss Flip this House…the original…not the crappy A&E remake. Hope all is well in Charleston. You all had a very entertaining and fun show to watch. We felt like we knew you all.

  35. DEBBIE says:


  36. Tammy says:

    Are people still flipping houses?

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