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Welcome to Flip This Lawsuit.  I am a big fan of the Trademark team from the first season of Flip This House.  Many fans noticed that the second season doesn’t feature Trademark, but instead has been recast and is vastly inferior.  This website is designed to follow the legal despute between Richard Davis, creator of Flip This House and the President of Trademark Properties and A&E which has decided to take control of the show.

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  1. I have this book marked and will follow it with interest.
    Thanks for doing this.

  2. Pull Up A Chair says:

    Thanks from me too — I am really pissed off about A&E’s dismissal of Trademark… WTF? The new audience base will consist of the 300 people who watched ROLLER-Girls, they tried to jam that down our throats with endless advertising but do you see it on the list of upcoming shows??? You would think that A&E would have learned something from that debacle.

    I am impressed with your new website, will bookmark it and check in often.

  3. Cathy says:

    What a great program for A&E to lose and hopefully a network without morons will pick it up! Love the chemistry of the crew. Can’t wait for the new season…

  4. Paula says:

    How gracious of Richard/Trademark to take the time to show their appreciation to their supporters.
    I’m loyal and will NOT tune in again to the clowns A&E has “cast” for season 2. I hope the backlash continues until A&E wakes up. Until then…..can’t wait for the new show to begin airing on TLC.

  5. Air Transat Rox! says:

    I am glad to see this happening.

    I will watch Richard’s new shows on TLC. Does anyone know what they’ll be called and when they’ll start?

    Best of luck to the cast & crew of Trademark Properties.

  6. debbie pitt says:

    Richard and the gang, ya’ll are sooo missed!
    Tuned in to see the new show and was very
    surprised and disappointed. This new show is a very poorly put together piece of crap.
    Hope you win the lawsuit and look forward to seeing the gang on another network!!!!!

  7. Linda Rogers says:

    Best of luck to Richard and crew I miss you very much and look forward to January on TLC.I wacthed in horror the season 2 show it made me sick . Hurry back soon

  8. Staci Marinack says:

    I am interested in buying the season 1 dvds if possible. are they for sale at any location?

  9. Traci Durham says:

    Look forward to the new show on TLC, consider this move for the best! A&E lost out on a great crew! All the best!

  10. Tom Wilson says:

    DVD’s of the first season are available at aetv.com . Also, A&E will be showing a 4-hour block of the first season epiosodes on Monday, August 7 between 2-6PM EDT. Get your recorders ready!

  11. jan says:


  12. Susan says:

    We were wondering what was up after watching Flip This House today! We will NOT be watching the “second season” and truely do not even consider it Flip This House. Richad Davis, Ginger, Dawn (we could not stand Kevin, and find Jon a little bit more worthwhile than Kevin but not much, but understand how it goes with relatives *L*). We are desperately attempting to find where they have moved to and date and time they are on. It is an honest, blow by blow, the good and the bad day to day, epic of life in their business and sometimes personal life…win loose or draw. That gives the first season the integrity lacking in so many reality shows. When I tuned into the TX show, it did not hold my attention..it was “set up” ( I mean, comeon HOW can you get 30 girls in matching skimpy outfits on a gritty work site without it being a HUGE joke). It is a pathetic attempt at recovering a smash hit without having to deal with partnerships, creativity (which Mr. Davis must have been doing something right creatively…it was a HIT), and the most important value to not just get viewers, but keep them, honesty. Trademark, you are missed…hopefully we will find you on another channel!!

  13. Chris says:

    Thanks for creating this website, I was wondering why the 2nd season was so bad. Really enjoyed Season 1, but Season 2 is a complete Joke.

  14. Jon says:

    I will not be watching the show. The only reason I watched was because of Richard, an honest down-home guy, and of course Ginger.

  15. Anna says:

    I LOVED the first season of Flip This House, and will not watch any of the so-called second season. I am very glad to hear of the new show, and will definetely be tuning in!

  16. John Hopkins says:

    You have a great idea here – Thanks. We ‘FTH’ fans are in mourning. I hope TLC runs their new FTH at the same time slot as A&E is running their ‘FTH’. We will see who has the best cast/format/appeal !

    Richard, Ginger , Dawn the A&E folks gave you a foundation, based upon what I have read, A&E pulled it away from y’all ! Give ’em hell in your New TLC time slot and don’t change anything. (Ginger how is Jack ?)

  17. Ray Johnson says:

    Could not agree with you guys more. Does AE have anybody screening this crap before it goes on the air. I feel like I need a shower after I watch the Monte-cheapo brothers ooze all over the screen. The Atl cast is a little better but Richard and gang you are sorely missed

  18. Fairlady Z says:

    I can’t wait for the new show! I miss the Trademark group; and dislike the new season of the show. I think the new season is a bit trashy, for the lack of a better word. Best wishes to the Trademark family.

  19. michael says:

    The 2nd season of A & E,s Flip This House is a disgrace compared to season 1. I will not be watching it anymore and look forward to the return of Richard Davis and his team on the new network.

  20. Peggy says:

    I’m glad to see this informational site about the legal issue of FTH. Thanks for posting it!! Like all of you, I’m in mourning and disgusted that A & E would engage in tactics of this order.

    I’m bookmarking this site.


  21. Rob says:

    I can’t wait until the TLC show comes out!

    I anxiously tuned in to Flip this House only to see the trashy new Texas crew. The one brother is OK, but the “main” guy is just plain sleazy, degrading and demeaning, and it seems will do anything to make a buck.

    The Atlanta team isn’t quite as bad, but I still have a sleazy feel about it. It seems he is more concerned about appearances for himself and again doing whatever to make a buck than doing the right thing.

    The folks at Trademark were doing business making money but also doing it the right way. Community involvement, reviving neighborhoods, and the great down home family feel of the show and the cast made it a hit. I actually think I would like to have Richard for a boss! Work hard and play hard!

    Richard, I hope you win a huge settlement in the lawsuit and they have to cancel their new shows or substantially change the name so viewers aren’t duped into watching the crap A&E is dishing out as Flip this House.

  22. Sheila says:

    I love, love, LOVE The Trademark Properties episodes of Flip This House! I was wondering what had happend, so I started searching and ended up here. I’m so sorry Richard and his Team are having to endure a lawsuit to get what is rightfullly theirs. Lookin forward to seeing Richard, Ginger, Dawn, John, etc., on the new show! We love you and support you!

  23. Carrie says:

    I hate the new show as well. I am looking so forward to the REAL show on TLC with Richard and his team. GO TEAM RICK! 🙂

  24. Donna says:

    Can anyone please tell me when Richard and his gang can be seen again. I am hearing that they may be appearing in January on TLC. Is this true? I would like to mark my calendar!!!

  25. Farley says:

    I think Richard Davis had a great idea and was glad that A&E helped to produce it. Unfortunately that has resulted into a lawsuit. Shame on the big corporation A&E for ruining a good show and holding out on “Trademark”. I hope Trademark Properties wins the lawsuit. I look forward to seeing Worst to First on TLC. Lets all hope it works out. Good Luck Trademark Properties!!!

  26. Pete says:

    I just am astounded that A&E would do this to a fine outfit like Trademark Properties. I feel that season 1 was entertaining, yet it was done with style and class. This is something the replacements lack (I’ve seen two episodes from season 2). I hope that Richard and Trademark prevail. Keep the loyal fans posted where the new show will be.


  27. Tina says:

    I am surprised at what i have been reading. I thought they were just trying to expand the show, to get smaller investors with smaller budgets into the game. Which with the right people would be a great idea. However, if my husband asked me to put on a beekeeper’s suit and spray bugs while he sat around and drank beer, i would probably divorce him! Bringing those slutly girls to the job site, was the most ridiculous thing i have ever seen–WHAT A JOKE.
    I am looking for to TTM coming back, but would also like to see some low-end deals done as well. I watch the show for entertainment==who doesn’t get a kick out of Ginger–but also education.
    I’ll Tivo all your shows no matter what channel they are on.

  28. Lisa says:

    We are fellow South Carolinians who have been transfered to San Antonio.One of us is from North Charleston. We truly miss seeing all the beautiful South Carolina scenary and miss the gracios southern hospitality. The new show does nothing but show how the very low income of San Antonio live. Miss you and can’t waith to see you on another network real soon..A&E lost out!!!! Good luck Richard and team..

  29. Joshua says:

    I can’t wait for the new shows on TLC. A&E really screwed up on this one! The new casts are HORRIBLE!

  30. clarence in nc says:

    What’s the ole saying
    “The cream always rises to the top.”

  31. GR says:

    They’re back!!!!! YEAH The show “The Real Deal will air March 10th at 9:00 est.

    I just wanted to let anyone still checking the site to know!! I’m sooo excited

  32. Phil says:

    My wife and I still watch the reruns of your show, we can’t stand the other teams and just turn them off. So what is the real deal, I checked the TLC website and there is no mention of the new show. Is this for real?

  33. Brad says:

    Hey…just watched the episode with Trademark team moving Shoeless Joe Jackson’s house. What is the deal with Richard and Ginger??? Got the impression that Ginger is no longer just a business associate. looked like she was everywhere his wife sould have been

  34. jennifer says:

    so glad to see you all are back!…i can’t tell you how disappointed my fiance and i were when you weren’t on season 2…last night i came across your new show and was so excited to see you guys again!…

  35. Steph says:

    I am so excited to hear about the new show. Flip That House New Haven was awful, a bunch of stupid frat boys. Way to go Ginger and Richard…screw A & E.

  36. Kory says:

    I always watched the show because I’m in love with Ginger. I’ve noticed a few things:

    a) She is now driving a Mercedes
    b) She seems so young to have such a senior position
    c) She now has a rock the size of a golfball on her finger…

    I think she’s banging Rich…What do you guys think?

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