Clearing the Air

I need to clear up an issue that seems to be cropping up in some of the comments. 

This website,, is not owned or operated by Trademark Properties or anyone affiliated with them. Further, is it not affiliated with A&E or any of the replacement casts. 

Your humble webmaster is Mark Lyon, a law student and fan of the show who was quite disappointed in A&E’s sudden change in cast, lack of notice to viewers, and lockdown of the message boards when viewers posted there that they were unhappy with the replacement cast.

I encourage all points of view here.  If you disagree with one of my postings, please feel free to express that disagreement in a comment.  Unlike A&E, I’m happy to let you have your say.

19 Comments on “Clearing the Air”

  1. Rita says:

    I loved the real Flip this House too! I was so disappointed to see it replaced with the Montelongos! They are horrible. I actually kind of liked Sam and his wife…good dirt you’ve uncovered though.

    Keep up the good work…i’ll be following your site.

  2. Janelle Moore says:

    Great website. I googled FTH to see what happened to Richard and the gang and found your site. Thanks for all your research and time into this site. I really hope we get the original guys back. The new cast is disgusting. Girls running and screaming bc of bees while men are drinking beer? That’s entertainment? I don’t think so… I guess I’ll have to wait for January to come around to see some real TV.

  3. Thank for all the information about FTH. I thought I would point out Richard has his own wiki

    as does his show

  4. TJ says:

    I am not a fan of this new FTH on A&E- None of the people they have there are as interesting, as talented or as qualified as Richard and the gang of Trademark Properties are. Everyone at Trademark are genuine- and I appreciated that I was seeing the real thing. With this new bunch of posers, I feel like the viewers are being lied to- A&E must think we are a bunch of idiots.
    Can’t wait to see the gang back in action over at TLC!
    Thanks for this site- keep up the good work! TJ

  5. Farley says:

    Trademark Properties had a great idea and A&E helped create it. I hope “trademark” wins its lawsuit against A&E. I also hope TLC will pick up Trademark Properties to create “Worst to First” ie Flip this house. This is a great show, obviously liked by many and missed by many. Good Luck Richard!

  6. Cheyenne says:

    My husanband and I really loved Richard and his gang. When we tuned in to find a new cast we were GREATLY disappointed. We can’t stand the Montelongos. They aren’t half as good as Richard and Ginger. We immediately canceled our tivo recording of FTH. And what was up with that cast in Atlanta?? They were even worse (if that is possible) I am counting down the days until we can see them on TLC.

  7. Adrienne says:

    I agree with everyone in regards to the Trademark crew as being the “one and only” great Flip This House cast. They are professional, have great personality, as well as fun-loving. Although, as an African-American, I was thrilled for Leccima Properties to be involved in the productions, after reading this website and actually watching the episodes with them, I was quite embarrassed and lost interest. And those Montelongos! What’s up with those dingy houses with no character before or after the flips. And the beer drinking and bikini-clad episode, yuk! But of course, the home they purchased for themselves had to be a focus. Thanks for letting me know Richard and Trademark will be on TLC. I am moving to Georgia in a month and will definitely drive to Charleston to see them!!!

  8. Margarita Simmons says:

    I liked the Trademark team too but don’t forget, they had episodes where they bought beer for the construction crew and a couple of the guys were forever escaping to ride their “tonka” trucks in the mud, and I remember Ginger running scared because of rats and other insects.

  9. Dave says:

    I loved the Trademark team. They seemed to have fun and be genuine friends with each other and with many of the people they dealt with; there was stress there, but rarely did tempers fly, and it was only when someone did shoddy work for them. They also clearly expected to do the job right and create and sell a quality product.

    Contrast this with the Montelongos. They are very unlikable greedy people, who are clearly in love with themselves. It seems like every episode has them repairing a house in a less than quality way, such as hiding old mulch under a thin coat of top soil to ‘fill in’ a back yard, or cutting the number of foundation piers they’ll pay for below the recommendations of the professional contractor. Equally sickening is that they are always playing hard ball with some poor contractor to show how tough they are in negotiating. I have a feeling that the airing of thier antics will someday be evidence in a court case.

    I like the Leccima’s episodes. They seem like good people, that are having a good time doing business. I have to say, though, that some of thier projects come out looking less professional than the other teams, and Sam’s wife needs to stop pushing her decorating ideas on everyone!

    Overall, I can’t wait to see the Trademark team back in action. I haven’t removed FTH from my tivo programming, but I do delete the Montelongo episodes without watching.

  10. Rebekah says:

    I am very upset with the change and no one letting the public know why. The Montelongo’s are horrible. My husband is a contactor and would never do the job for those prices. They must use all illegals. The Montelong MEN are so rude.

  11. RG says:

    After watching an entire season of inferior episodes of Flip This House, I finally had to find out what happened to the original cast. As a result of my frustration, I decided to do a google search and came across your blog. Hats off to the webmaster! I understand you are a law student…as a an attorney and part time, “wannabe” real estate mogul, I admire your work.

    Anyway, after watching the Montelongo episode tonight, wherein they cut every corner possible and fliiped some dump off to another working class first-time home buyer, I became utterly disgusted to see the older brother posing his new Hummer and the younger brother posing his new Mercedes CL 500 for the cameras. Don’t get me wrong, I am as capatalistic as the next person and I like nice cars, but this group of cast members makes the episodes seem trivial and contrived. The Trademark crew seemed extremely professional and took their work seriously. A&E has done itself and its viewers a disservice by airing these San Antonio episodes.

    Although the Atlanta episodes are a little better than the San Antonio episodes, I still find them to be trivial and contrived.

    My parents always told us, “If you can’t do something right, don’t do it at all.” A&E needs to get out of the “Flip This House” business. They are not doing it right, with these scrub cast members.

  12. John says:

    Hi, I just found this website after watching what appeared to be a new season of Flip This House with Trademark properties. Great site, thanks for putting this information out there. I can’t wait to see the new show and the old FTH can just fade away.

  13. Danielle says:

    I’m sure alot of you are dissapointed to see minorities succeeding in what you believe is a white mans country. Jealousy is a horrible disease I hope you all get well soon:0 The Montelongos are doing a great thing for the state of Texas. Maybe you guys are comfused…queer eye is on another channel.

  14. Gin says:

    Well Danielle, this has NOTHING to do with minorities succeeding and everything to do with ETHICS. The people who are posting about the lack of quality of the Montelongo flips are correct. The Montelongos are taking advantage of minorities by selling them overpriced dumps. They are a wart on the face of humanity.

  15. Julia says:

    Thanks for your site, Mark. I come here to find out the latest about Trademark’s new show and keep up with the legal news.

    I love Richard and the gang, even when they get a bit grumpy. The Montelongos are simply gross. The Leccimas were kind of fun to watch, but not as entertaining.

    Danielle…..what’s wrong with you? Sounds like you need to work on your own issues, before you spew racism via a website post. At the very least, pay attention to the thread you just read!

  16. Bob says:

    Flip this house fans,whether you like one crew more then another shouldn’t be the issue. Richard/Trademark have a style that some people like,the Atlanta crew is good in the way they do things and the Montelongos do there flips a different way. Whatever your taste,I don’t think any of these flipping crews deserve some of the harsh critism I’m reading. I’ve been a contractor for 21 years and I can tell you the “Flip this House” crews all put out different and helpful info for people looking to get into real estate investing or just looking to enjoy how the process works.Enjoy and learn.

  17. kiss says:


  18. Michelle Cupp says:

    I LOVE RICHARD AND THE GANG but you cant be so hard on the Montelongo’s. You say the are unprofessional in some of their antics but Trademark has also done a lot of the same things in episodes. At least Armondo drank his own beer instead of motivating contractors with alcohol then sending them to use all kinds of electrical equipment that could cut their hand off! Alcohol on the worksite is a bad idea anyway but if I saved $1000 for a couple six packs, shoot, who wouldnt do it! You have to think if you had an episode where you held back nothing… you have to appreciate them being real to themselves. Plus if the Montelongo’s werent on tv, we wouldnt have anyone to even compare Trademark too. The other teams are sooo boring! Than and Paul are the ones we should be booing off FTH. Those little weenie frat boys houses always look like shit in the end! TO RICHARD AND CREW: you guys were awesome! I loved how strong the woman are. From a 22 year old woman’s perspectives, BOTH of the teams have me rethinking my futureplans for my sparetime! GREAT job is owed out to both teams. We need the eclectic styles of each team! GO FTH!

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