Melina Montelongo of SA Cast’s Website

Melina Montelongo (or someone posing as her) just posted a comment here on FlipThisLawsuit, and included the URL of her website.  It seems to be a really well done site, and seems to be geared to a part of her experience that we don’t see on Flip This House Season Two.  Those of you who are new or expecting mothers might want to check it out

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  1. Frank Corsi says:

    I like to say the website does belong to Melina Montelongo. Only a few days into development and already getting rave reviews. Please look at her new internet radio station Online for only a few days and ranking high on the internet radio.

  2. louis.palacios says:

    with her mousy voice—give us a break already.

  3. youknowwho says:

    Yeah right! Who freaking wants to listen to her stupid “radio station” when there’s so many others that are actually good.
    I wouldn’t spend one penny on her site. Oh yeah, and stop asking everyone for money on your websites. How tacky.

  4. youknowwho says:

    Guess they use all the money they save by underpaying employees and scamming others so that their wives could afford their implants and large quantities of blue eye shadow. Simply FAKE inside and out..

  5. Paul says:

    One of the hottest women on TV

  6. Alex says:

    I guess if you like that sort of thing. Hoochy and fake are not two things I would be attracted to in a woman. That make up is just bad and the clothes are worse. I doubt she even spent a day in college they way she talks and acts.

  7. Jim wilson says:

    oh gosh… this whole site of hers looks like just another way to make money under the guise of being “help for others”

    of course, she has chosen the untouchable topic of post-partum depression (no one can attack that) as her cause through which to make money…

    speaking of making money off this endeavor.. I would LOVE to get a look at the tax returns from this crowd…

    something tells me there’d be a few things that are “not reported”

    uh, is her website a non-profit?

    no. but something tells me it might be treated that way when it comes tax return time…

  8. robbed says:

    Who really cares about that website anyway? It’s boring, tasteless and useless. Everything that has been written on is nothing you can’t already find FOR FREE on the internet. I laughed my ass off at it. What a bunch of crooked thieves…

  9. bo says:

    I think many of the posters here are going wayyyyy over the line without knowing this lady on a personal level. I would hope that you don’t judge someone based on a few television appearances compounded by your misplaced anger over another crew. At least give her the benefit of the doubt, as it appears this is something dear to her. I wouldn’t think with the money she has, this venture would bring in that much more. As for an earlier post, there is not much any person could put together on a site that isn’t already on the web. Good luck Melina and I think you and your husband are class acts. I have a hot, latina wife as well.

  10. PEP says:

    I agree with bo. I live in San Antonio and dont agree much with the SA cast but some of these posts attacking her looks, website, etc are way off base. You people are pathetic, I dont care how much you disagree with someone.

    I have gone to some of the houses theyve done and some are still under construction and another is still waiting for a tenant to rent it out. So not everything is not as it seems on the show. I dont even watch the Georgia show, I only watch SA so I can go by and see they completed product.

  11. JSD says:

    Well the only reason I watch the show is to see the Montelongo women… wow. Put them in heels and walk them around more often. I am just glad the cameramen seem to appreciate them.

    Now if their husbands would only pull permits for their jobs….

  12. SRC says:

    This is all interesting. I thougt I was the only one who hated the Montelongo’s. The wives are sweeeet but the men remind me of dorks with money trying to act cool but its not working for them. I think the succes is going to much to Armand’s head and belly. Cheers

  13. gaudless says:

    well, actually… I do know her on a personal level. Have for many many years. Unfortunately I there is not one good thing I can say. They are all exactly as they are shown on TV. There are no TV personas set for them. This really is who they are. They WILL give you sideways looks and talk behind your back and cheat and scheme in any and all ways to make money, and not care to cents who they step on along the way. Melina USED to be different. Now, she is just like all the rest of the cheese in San Antonio. Oh, and by the way, they are not rich.. just acting like they are.

    • Arno says:

      I second that mootin of Connie my wife.Best decision we have ever made Business Wise!!!!Look forward in enjoying the process and the future is a lot brighter now.PROCRASTINATION BULL SHIT I AM A MONEY MAKING MACHINE!!!!!GO BLACK BUSOctober 22 thru 24, 2010 Bus Trip Off The Hook The above pictures; I’m the one with the big black ballons and mask with 100 Dollar Bills .. Soon to be real ones in my pockets (before my wife gets them) LOL

  14. Phoenix says:

    To the Montelongo’s keep up the work. Im pretty sure you were not born into the money but worked hard to get to it. Don’t worry about the individuals who are trying to get to your level, but have yet to attain that goal. They will continue to say whaever the can to dirty your name as long as you are on top of the San Antonio Real Estate boom.

  15. John says:

    Wow they are getting into everything. I found websites for at least two high end (expensive) real estate training programs, her modeling website and their main house buying website. For a group not willing to spend any dollars on a website they sure own alot of domains.

  16. Madelyn Gross says:

    If I had to live in a tent I wouldn’t buy from that jerk Armondo Montolongo. He is the most arrogant,nasty jerk I have ever seen. You should be ashamed to have him represent San Antonio by showing him on TV. Since Trademark is off I will no longer watch A&E. Get SMART AND GET RID OF THAT BRAGGART DONKEY’S BUTT.

  17. Jessica says:

    When did ya’ll start your business and what made ya’ll want to show it on tv. I enjoy watching it on tv.

  18. Audrey says:

    What a ahole, get rid of that Armondo idiot, He smells up the TV. He’s an arrogant, obnoxious,braggart that knows nothing about dealing with people. I love the Trademark, Atlanta, and the new one up north, Real people. This jerk stinks, hope he fails. Would love to see him drive out just like he drove in.Get rid of him.

  19. me2 says:

    Armando’s brother, David, seems pretty reasonable. He’s the only one I like on the show. It’s sad that it appears that everyone cowers to Armando. They say he and the brother are partners but it looks like Armando has the majority stake in the business. He’s not very respectful and it’s sad that his son and nephew will see how he’s treated his family when they all get older. Sad.

  20. Marilyn says:

    I think all four of them are the cutest things on TV. Hey, they are making money while cleaning up houses that really need it. The dickering with the subcontractors is something I’ve seen all over TV on these types of shows but some of them want it for free in return for advertising.

    And why in the world would you say such mean things about these people? They are doing their best to entertain us while making a living.

    I think there is a LOT of jealousy out there and Armando is GORGEOUS. My son went to a seminar in Dallas last weekend and he attended Armando’s presentation just so he could tell me all about it.

    These people have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and the Melina and her son were very fortunate to survive the boy’s birth.

    It’s just far too easy to criticize people on the Internet and you all should be ashamed of yourselves. I’m a grandmother and I sure criticize polticians and preachers, but I can’t find anything to criticize here.

    If you find them to be so bad, TURN OFF THE TV SET. There are hundreds of other channels out there. But me, I have my TiVo set up so I won’t miss a show.

  21. Tara Kirk says:

    I have been seriously bored this evening & have found myself reading the remarks above. Due to sheer boredom, I am going to post my thoughts on the Montelongos.

    First & foremost what most of us are discussing is our perception of this family. They are part of a television show. I am sure they are “coached” on how to behave and then their actions are edited into a single episode.

    I find the program highly entertaining and watch it regularly.

    Secondly, I am inwardly laughing at all the discussion regarding Armando’s rags to riches story. From reading the posts on this site, I am lead to believe his father is/was wealthy. Does that automatically mean that Armando received any of that money?

    If he did, in his defense, here is his quote, “I literally rolled into town on my last tank of gas.” My car only holds one tank of gas. Any time I “roll into town” I am on my last tank.

    The Montelongos are businessmen/women. They found their niche. They are working it from every angle; books, videos, seminars. Isn’t that what all good business people do?

    Thirdly, in reference to the posts from people who “know” them. Perhaps you do, in fact, know the family personally and maybe they are all greedy jerks. If I stopped watching every show who had a person of undesirable character on it, I would have nothing to watch. Perhaps you used to know one or more of the family members. I am sure that there are people in all of our lives who would say unpleasant things about us, whether they were based on past actions or misunderstandings. I am also fairly sure we all have family members whose actions we are not proud of; in regards to the comment about Melina’s brother (assuming it is true).

    Lastly, I am not a Montelongo in disguise. I am a 29 year old mother who is seeking solitude in my bedroom amusing myself with this nonsense 🙂 The closest I have ever come to meeting the family is the summers I spent as a child at Garner State Park; which is 100 miles west of San Antonio.

  22. Dennis says:

    I am poor now like they were. I not sure if they were homeless like I am now but I think they are great business people. Montolongos if you read this:How do I get out of debt for $50,000 and off welfare so I can start a business flipping houses.I guess I should try to find a home first.And lay off the CRAAAAAAACk

  23. Dennis says:

    Oh buy the way are the montolongos Italian or spanish. Or neither.

  24. Steve in Texas says:

    It looks like her web site is out of business…

    “Notice: This domain name expired on 06/04/07 and is pending renewal or deletion”

  25. Ray says:

    I’m confused. Did Armando and David’s families have a falling out? They don’t list David or Melina on the credits for the show anymore. Did Melina have a baby and have complications? I’m just getting bits and pieces of info from what I read and I feel so lost.

  26. LU says:

    There are some angry people out there! People, get a life. I’ve been working with David and he is a great guy. He’s calm, honest, helpful and I believe he wants to help people succeed and if he makes a little bit of money doing it, well then have at it. I’m not buying any self-help or how to videos from either Montelongo but how can you say they don’t know what they are doing? I haven’t watched the show this season but you have to be a very bitter and sad person to wish evil and failure on someone. It’s televison, producers need to make it interesting. Could it be that things are edited and shown out of context? It wouldn’t be the first time. Yes, Armando seems to be the typical alpha male…he’s a bit obnoxious, okay a lot obnoxious, but there are only 500 other channels to watch so like the grandmother said, change the channel. People with tiny brains and no guts like to try to shoot down others who are out there doing it and being successful. I guess you don’t feel like such losers that way.

  27. East LA Girl says:

    I agree with the previous writer’s comment (Lu). I always watch Flip This House, but SA is my favorite. I’m just glad that Latinos are finally being portrayed as saavy, accomplished business people. Yeah, Armando is arrogant and overly confident, but what else gets you success in this country? I’m not an entreprenurial person by any means, but I’m definitely “bootstrapper”. I grew up in the inner city of LA, went to public school in gang ridden, drug invested areas & managed to get through an IVY league for undergrad & UCLA for graduate school. So as much as I don’t always agree with Texans (especially Latinos), I have to give props to my folks “The Montelongos” for portraying Latinos in a different light. Montelongos, hopefully you will read this and become concerned about our struggle for social and economic justice.

    In Solidarity,
    East LA Girl

  28. sleeplessinflorida says:

    Get this hoochie trash off the air.They are a bunch of dumb asses, and their wives show that money (if they have any) doesn’t buy class. Ladies, hire a personal consultant to teach you how to dress like a business woman, and fire the ex pole dancer you now use.

    If I ever need a refurbished crack house represented by classless hacks, I’ll be sure to look you up..

    Armando, you couldn’t fill 1/10th of Richard’s jock strap, my friend..

  29. sleeplessinflorida,

    Wasn’t that nice when Armando said on the “Green” episode that “Veronica is going to owe me on this one” and then flicked his eyebrows up and down about five times? I gotta tell ya, there wasn’t a ‘guy’ that watched that, that didn’t get what he was talking about and I’m not talking about a foot massage
    either ; ) I find it also strange that he describes his OWN WIFE as ‘hot’?

  30. Misty says:

    Melina, I love you and your family. True go getters. Did I see you in an ad for western wear in Cowboys and Indians magazine?
    And what is so wrong with a husband calling his wife hot?

  31. Edie says:

    To ‘Sleepless in Florida’: You’re an idiot. Change the channel and shut up.

    To ‘Steve in Texas’: I hope you were being sarcastic. I (being a Latina myself) thought it was cute when Armando said that about Veronica. We Latinos never lose the ‘fire’ in our relationships. Maybe you two just need more spice in your lives.

    To the Montelongos: You folks have a hit! Don’t ever change and don’t ever stop. Love, Love, Love your show!

  32. IF the montelongo are sooo successful flipping homes why do they now need to peddle seminars and books. also, strange they flip 30 homes a month with no staff?
    The whole family is a bunch of liars, and this is from a proud hispanic in san antonio. nothing wrong with being successful and making a buck so long as you dont do it by being dishonest. none of these people have a degree, realtor license or contractors license. Oh, and just for the record 6 of there so called successful flips were foreclosed on. even while they claimed to make thousands of dollars on each sale every single home sat for sale for weeks even months after the shows aired. Also, if you wathed the latest shows Armando and Veronica are driving the mercedes David used to Drive. David and Melina are just as dishonest as Armando and Veronica. I almost feel sorry for them knowing whats coming just around the corner.

  33. Devin Myers says:

    You guys do a great job. Armando is the perfect businessman. He is the boss, and people that have a problem with how he treats his employees need to understand that. Also, contractors tend to go for the highest price they can get. For alot of them, it would be just fine with them if they were the ones getting the better end of a deal. Also, Trademark was great, but so are the Montelangos. Business is business!

  34. lovely_lady says:

    The girls are lovely and are very cute – although i think that they need to dress a little bit more proffesional. Sometimes they do dress a little – how can i say it – slutty. Armando is so obnoxious and rude to people. Yes he is succesful – but as a boss he should treat others with respect. David is actually the level headed one – he respects and treats people with way better than cocky Armando.
    I think that they should take etiquette classes and go to business seminars and learn how to treat others with repect -mainly armando. Oh and please stop driving that Hummer – he is such a showoff with that environment killer!!!

  35. Pa woman says:

    I like the show but David is the man. I don’t see them on any more aren’t they with the show any more?
    I sure hope they stay on the show.

  36. Obviously, Melina and David were smart enough to bolt from Armando. Give credit where credit’s due! Armando is such a b-hole – always telling someone how smart he is… Sure, Right. Only a covetous, grasping fool would choose money over family. Moreover, a real man would treat his lovely wife with dignity & respect (brother, too!). I think Richard Davis is selling franchises in Texas and Armando is running scared. Ha! Ha! Armando, you better ask forgiveness from your family B4 it’s too late. Sorry Melina – It’s all yours next time!
    Anyone out there agree with me????

  37. contom says:

    I love Flip this House San Antonio w/the Montelongos. I look forward to new episodes. But I am wondering if Melina and David are still w/Armondo and Veronica?

  38. Marsha says:

    As in all reality shows, they have scripts they go by so a lot of it is only for “show and audience” who watches it. I think it’s great entertainment.

    I flip houses and can honestly tell you that its extremely boring and very business oriented. It’s great to watch someone have fun with it, and yes, someone has to be the villain. That’s what makes it popular.

  39. Lollyg says:

    Well – I accidentally found this site and so glad I did. Armondo is SO obnixious!! I can’t stand him and all his arragonce. I keep thinking he lives in his own world where HE is RULER – he can act any way he likes and has no respect for anyone else in this world. I’m confused about Veronica – at times she stands up to him and others she appears to be afraid of him. It’s obvious Armondo has a much maturing and growing up to do – he’s a brat underneath the “manly” exterior. His brother, David, seemed to be more human but what’s happened to him? He treated all people with respect and most of the workers went to him with problems instead of “obnoxious” Armondo. Being a Texas, I would enjoy this show much more if all the DRAMA Armondo displays would be kept out. He’s his own worst enemy. If he has to step on little people that work on meek wages and bully his way around to get the jobs done – he is NOT to be admired. Rudeness and taking advantage of people are not admirable traits to posess. I live in Houston – A&E: Can you not find anyone in Houston or Austin to put on your “Flip This House” show????????

  40. JustSayNo says:

    I was doing a search on Armondo Montelongo because my husband WAS interested in the DVD ‘Flip it Rich’.

    I was able to stall for some time to do some research on this, and my husband was glad I was successful in doing so.

    The phrase “invited on board by Armondo” is repeated by the sales person. This was a red flag for me, because I wasn’t seeking an interview nor did I care to be INVITED ON BOARD to anything……especially when they pass you to the Supervisor who attempts to SELL you the Master Level Plan for $997.

    There are plenty of reports with the Better Business Bureau regarding their shady dealings. There is also unsettled issues in San Antonio court records.

    This DVD and online CLASS they are touting is all a sales pitch from a guy claiming to be in Utah and all the while telling you Armondo is about to have a new TV show called “Armondo Flips LA” (which there is no record of even being in the works)

    Do not buy or fall for this malarky and keep your $997 for better avenues!

    Can you say “lies and deceit”? I agree with a previous poster….if they are so successful, why are they selling CD/DVD ONLINE? Look in the Better Business Bureau!

  41. Celia says:

    I ran into a friend that knows David and Melina and said that David is still investing in real estate and Melina opened a wellness center in San Antonio, of all things. I found this website,

  42. Bill says:

    Glad I checked out this out. Thanks to all. The Utah team contacted me and wants me to send them $4900.00 for coaching. No thanks Armondo and crooks.Got suckered into your course but not this high steak ripoff.

  43. eve says:

    Every single one of you that have wasted positive energy & taken it & made negitive energy are no better then she is, As a matter of fact why can”t she do a website that s designed for mothers, your a bunch of haters & I”m sure it would be comical to read some of your posts but I”m not going to because I don”t want to swim in the same septic tank you guys do!

    Kudos….to Melinda

    Eve, Fr: Toronto,Ontario,Canada

  44. dave says:

    the only positive thing promoted from these clowns is in giving homes on homes a hell of a lot of shotty work to be completely redone. in my word its nothing but a big waste. how can people fall for such assbackwards ideas.

  45. sue says:

    I just have one question , who in thier right mind would pay full price on a house , when the the true HEART of the home was completely ignored ( plumbing , heating , cooling, and electrical ) .Trust me , a gallon of paint doesn’t cost that much ! buying a house is one of the most expensive things most hard working people do . DO NOT LET THE MONTILONGO’S or anyone else like them , ruin it for YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Defi says:

    To anyone/everyone ltensniig out there in Cali or anywhere for that matter, this guy is full-of-shit! He pretty much got his ass thrown-out of San Antonio TX. No one will work with him. And because of him his family? now has a bad name here in SATX.This guys is a Crook. I don’t know how AE could possibly have a show for this guy! I think they are not checking their sources correctly because this Basturd screwed? a lot of good people here in San Antonio.

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