Limited Discovery Available Online

The Court is not requiring posting of the discovery documents that would normally be available to the public through PACER.  I do not know if this is a direct reaction to my posting of the court documents on this website, since each Court is free to adopt its own policies and procedures.  If it is to prevent discovery information from being made available to the public, I am truly disappointed; none of the parties has made any showing (at least through documents in the file) that public access to such information would prejudice any party.

The discovery that isn’t available through PACER is the standard Rule 26(a) discovery.  The Court specifically ordered that this discovery be served directly to the opposing parties and to chambers.  In the Federal Courts that I have experience with, such disclosures are normally filed and served through the ECF/PACER system.  The order is as follows:

PRE-SCHEDULING ORDER:Within 30 days from the date of this order, the plaintiff shall e-mail to chambers and serve on all parties the information required by Rule 26(a)(1)…

Interrogatories, Requests for Production of Documents, and Requests for Admissions are not typically filed through ECF/PACER, though notices that same have been sered usually are. 

Nevertheless, I do have some documents for your perusal.

9 Comments on “Limited Discovery Available Online”

  1. Paula says:

    I just wanted to post a message that I loved the show “Flip This House”, but I no longer watch it since the Trademark Properties people are not on the shows. The personalities and everything seemed to flow so much better with Richard, Ginger and their crew. One of the few home improvement shows worth watching. I hope somehow the original cast (Trademark group) will be back at some point soon. The replacement people cannot replace the originals.

  2. Shane says:

    Discovery is typcially not available through PACER. Not because the Court is trying to keep anything from the public, but rather because discovery, in the main, is only exchanged between the parties and rarely, if ever, filed with the Court. Documents and other information exchanged in discovery may be filed with the Court, and should be then available on PACER, if attached to a motion (e.g., motion for summary judgment) or if there is a dispute over discovery.

    On another note, great website — can’t wait to see the Trademark cast in action again.

  3. […] Check out Flip This Lawsuit for new discovery documents online for the Trademark Properties v. A&E Television Networks court case. […]

  4. Montelongos…. the main guy is a jerk. I do home repair for a living and I would not touch anything they offered me, if I lived there. I don’t like the way they were treating the guys the get to help put the houses in shape. I know they are in a different market, and have to get work done cheep. It’s like, cheat them so we can make a pile of money.

  5. Austin says:

    Has anyone noticed that the old show with Trademark started airing again on A&E?? Did they reach an agreement of some sort? Something must have happened.


  6. Nick says:

    We are late on finding all this out.
    My wife and I love you guy’s.

    Go get them Richard.

    Love Ya,
    Vancouver, WA

  7. Leigh says:

    “Flip this House” is definitely NOT the same without Richard & Ginger. I must say you guys are MISSED!! The new folks dont hold a candle to y’all. I am looking forward to the new show. Can hardly wait.

    From Tennille, GA

  8. Alice says:

    Team Trademark we are waiting for you. Isn’t it interesting that A&E continues to run Team Trademark reruns. They realized too late what value Richard and the team brought to their network.

    Gainesville, GA

  9. lindsey says:

    are ginger and richard dating?!?!

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