The Real Deal

UPDATED: Saturdays on TLC, Beginning March 10th, 9p-10p ET April 21, 2007 at 9PM Eastern Time. (60 min.)

The Real Deal is what you’ve been waiting for – the non-stop new series from TLC that takes us inside the world of Trademark Properties for an eye opening and unapologetic look at the true reality of making money in real estate by pulling off the impossible. Each week Team Trademark, led by Richard Davis locate, renovate and if they can pull it off on time and under budget, profit from some of the most challenging projects they can find.

Currently, no titles or show details are available for the first nine episodes, but they are scheduled to begin airing on April 21 at 9PM ET.  Repeats of each episode will occur a Midnight, ET on the original air date, and then again at 6PM ET the following Saturday. 

We will keep you updated as more information develops.

124 Comments on “The Real Deal”

  1. Bill says:

    I have been waiting for this news for a LONG time now. I heard rumors of the show being calle ‘The Real Deal’, but every internet search oly returne something that Trump did in NY.
    I wish Team Trademark success with this new show, I know we will all be watching!

  2. M. Mead says:

    That’s awesome, guys, I’m fired up! Can’t wait!

  3. Payback says:

    Is this breaking news? TLC’s site has a full evening of “Moving Up” scheduled right now.

  4. clarence in nc says:

    Rejoice , rejoice oh men of youth .

    that’s Shakespear 🙂

  5. Tonya says:

    I had been wondering where you guys were and decided to finally search for the answer on google tonight. I found this site and am so excited to hear about your new show. We will be glued to the TV set next week!

  6. DaveP says:

    Tonight I am watching a A&E Flip this House with Richard and crew because they are just so darn fun to watch. They are definitely the cream of the home improvement tv crop. The Real Deal will be a hit because of the fantastic chemistry that Richard, Ginger and all the principals give the show. Good luck gang! I’ve already marked my caledar for the TLC premiere!

  7. Leah says:

    Ya’ll have truely been missed. I can’t wait for the show.

  8. Tim says:

    I can’t wait till the new show airs and will be recording them all with the DVR just to make sure I don’t miss an episode!

    I was so disappointed when the Trademark team was replaced with those half wits in San Antonio and Atlanta. I especially missed Ginger. =)

    Great to hear you’re back on the air guys!

  9. robert says:

    Why in the world is TLC not promoting this???? I cant find the real deal anywhere!!!! I cant wait and will definitly watch it….everyone should tivo or digital record it…helps out ratings!!

  10. Sam says:

    I do not understand why TLC would not be marketing this with much fanfare given the loyal following Trademark Properties has developed. I cannot wait til the new show airs but I was hoping for more fanfare to increase viewers and ratings.
    Team Trademark Rules.

  11. Bob says:

    No mention of The Real Deal on TLC’s website. Not on the schedule for next Saturday. No mention of Richard Davis either. Is this show really going to be on TLC anytime soon? I sure hope so.

  12. Steve says:

    No mention of it on the website or on the TIVO. I wonder if this is the correct date.

  13. Anthony says:

    That’s great!

    The new crew on A&E are such losers…their loss your gain.

    Good luck on the new channel…we will be watching.

  14. L says:


  15. Peg says:

    Absolutely awesome! I have ‘missed’ seeing Richard and Ginger so much. My Saturday night dance card is now full!

  16. Robert A Blake says:

    I want to first say… I’m Glad TLC has given Richaed Davis the Trademark Team a new venue to air their show. They are the people who drew all the viewers to tune in and become loyal fans of the show. I have also seen the sub-standard “Flop This House” w/the other so called cast.. Not very Artful or Entertaining… I do hope they put the shows on the same night and time and see where the viewers tune in…
    I have had the pleasure and opportuntiy to watch the first episode of “The Real Deal” and believe me “You don’t want to miss it”… The episode has all the Compassion and all the Warmth the original show had.
    I want to wish Richard,Team Teademark and TLC my best. Keep doing what u all know best and we the fans will be faithfully watching…

  17. Jeff says:

    That is great news. I learned about the lawsuit from this website and I appreciate the updates. What a pity but I wish the best for Richard and Ginger. I no longer watch A&E. April it is!!

  18. edggy says:

    Cannot wait for the new show hope it really is april 21 . was hopping to see it this week. love the show.

  19. Linda Williams says:

    My biker hubby taped 4-1 minute commercials on monday for “The Real Deal”. The director said the ads were going to run starting next week.

    My hubby had a blast! Look for the biker commercials on TLC!


  20. ToyotaSand&MudRace says:

    Thanks to Richard from Trademark, we will get to watch The Real Original flip this house show! Congratulations on The Real Deal Richard. We will be waiting to watch the show.
    Amy & Curtis DuBose

  21. Outerwear says:

    Very excited for the new show. We are huge fans of Richard and Ginger. Even our kids love to watch.

  22. Larry says:

    I love this show – and I’m real happy for you guys! When you come to NYC, please let me know

  23. Jewelzz says:

    This is excellent! I haven’t been watching long but I love Richard and his team and i’m hooked. Can someone tell me what happened to Kevin? His pic/bio/name isn’t on Trademark’s site anywhere and I love his energy.

  24. CS says:

    Saw a short clip on TLC today with Richard Davis in it. It was one of the 15 second interview style commercials that TLC is running.

  25. Susan says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it. I loved (love), the show – but January then March then April…

  26. Corey says:

    I believe Kevin is one of Richard’s buddies and a freelancer so to speak.

  27. Sam says:

    I watched TLC most of the day on Sunday and saw no sign of promotion for the new show. They need to get their marketing people on the ball and promote this new show. It looks like forums like this are doing more to promote it than the network.
    But then maybe thats what they want?

  28. OJ says:

    To anyone who claims to see any clips on TLC about the real deal… can you upload the clip to youtube and post the link here???

  29. Joshua Johnson says:

    I just did a Google search hoping to find out a little more about when Richard and gang would be back. It’s to my delight that it looks like in just about a month I’ll get my fix again!

  30. Observer says:

    Great news!

    The Montelongo crew were a bunch of hacks, who treat their employees (and everyone else) like dirt.

    Richard Davis has class and is a genuine professional.

    Look forward to the new show.

  31. PomsMom says:

    I just happened to see Richard briefly on TLC the other evening so Googled Trademark Properties. I’m so glad and excited that you guys are coming back! I stopped watching the new “clowns” who replaced you and can’t wait for April 21st. (I hope that is the date!) If TLC reads this, please start advertising this show. It has a HUGE following!

  32. michelle says:

    This is so great!!! What a HUGE relief! I’ve missed the Trademark team so much and I always assumed that they were just too busy to continue with Flip This House. I finally saw a post in a messageboard about the falling out. I’ve never been able to watch the new crews so I can’t wait to see Trademark again!

  33. blake says:

    i am planning a trip to Charleston next week and would love to meet you guys! if anyone could post the address where the ony real “flippers” can be found, please let me know. also which Crabhouse location of the three was flipped. Thanks

  34. xsandlapper says:

    I am so confused. I checked TLC schedule and there’s Flip This House with people I’ve never heard of and The Real Deal is not showing up in their searches.

  35. I never knew about the lawsuit till tonite(3-18-07). Glad to know that Richard, Ginger, Dawn and the rest of the crew aren’t connected with the Atlanta or SA crews. As a Realtor, it’s great to show the public ethical caring people who treat their subs well, do quality work,turn out a 1st class product at a market comparable price!
    Ginger and Dawn, you make me want to be YaYa’s with ya’ll! If anyone needs Real Estate help in Upstate NY, go to my website and send me an email!

  36. A.J. says:

    We’ve waited this long, and it we can wait another month for this great show. A&E is still showing repeats of the old show – saw one last nite – what nerve – and promoting a ‘new season’ of Flip – Who will watch that??? definitely not the Real Deal. Can’t wait. Ginger – how’s Jack?

  37. WolvenHeart says:

    I am so pleased to hear about the New show and have marked April 21st on my calendar. I can’t wait to see what my favourite Flip program has been up to. From the Rightious Richard, to Cantankerous Jack, To the Gentle Beauty Ginger, I just can’t wait. The show is aptly named “The Real Deal” Cuz this crew is just that.

  38. Steve in Texas says:

    I’ve become a HUGE fan of the show. After digging around on the Net I just learned today about the lawsuit and the move to TLC. Lucky me! Really looking forward to April 21st! Keep rocking, Trademark!

  39. Steve in Texas says:

    Moving the Shoeless Joe Jackson house to Greenville and turning it into a museum will be on the first episode of The Real Deal. Awesome! ; )

  40. Beth in Wisconsin says:

    Great job guys! Can’t wait to see you back in action!

  41. Rita Lannutti says:

    Whoops! Just posted on an “old” page! But still wanted to let you know, again, how much the program means to fans! Good luck and may they eat crow!

  42. Danielle says:

    I just want to say that I LOVE watching shows feauturing Trademark Properties. I am young enough to be Richard C. Davis’s daughter (probably!) but I think he is HOT. He has fantastic hair, a fiery (yet lamb-like) persona, and I love the way he treats people. With dignity.
    He’s a class act.

  43. Carolyn says:

    I got hooked on your show last year and
    couldn’t believe the news about the lawsuit.
    I’m thrilled about your comeback.
    Team Trademark is the BEST, and of course,
    the best is worth waiting for.
    Flip This House lost this viewer!

  44. CONNIE says:


  45. Carol says:

    As Ginger would say “I’ve got a feeling about this one.” No one can Flip a House like Trademark Properties, you guys are “THE REAL DEAL”, I can’t wait till April 21st.

  46. Susan says:

    I also miss the Trademark crew.
    Will be gald to see Richard, Daw and Ginger along with Jack the dog. How is Jack? Please come back.. Keep us informed on the date of the new show…


  47. TET says:

    I cant wait for Trademark to come back! Those other casts are PATHETIC. Exactly who are those ‘teams’ supposed to inspire?!

  48. Peggy says:

    I have been waiting for this show to air. Richard and Ginger et al, became like members of the family to me…(albeit very distant members:) I hope they don’t bump the shows back again. I liked their enthusiam, their interaction with others, just the whole show. They are great

  49. […] Just a little follow up to my other post regarding Richard Davis’ new show, The Real Deal.  It will be airing on Saturday March 10th.  Check back to read my reviews of the new episodes when the begin next week. […]

  50. Laura says:

    Huge fan … adore watching the great chemistry among your fantastic team. Richard, you have truly inspired me as a business owner. All of you deserve a wonderfully received new show that puts the A&E injustice far behind you. I’ll be watching and telling everyone else to watch too!

  51. CJ says:

    I love Trademark and all you guys! Can’t wait to see you again. I just found on the TLC website a special called “A Home Run for Trademark” starring Richard and the gang, to air on March 31 at 9:00pm. Not sure if that is the same as The Real Deal, but we will see.

  52. Krzysztof says:

    I just found Trademark’s show on A&E a few weeks ago, and it quickly became an obsession. I was so disappointed when I saw commercials for A&E’s new season of “Flip This House”, and now when I found out what they did to Trademark, I am SO PISSED. THANK GOD Trademark got a new deal with TLC. And btw, the new season of A&E’s Flip This House looks REALLY REALLY BAD!! HAHA!! I can’t wait to see them fail!

    Oh, and Ginger is incredible! 😉

  53. FinallyFound It! says:

    I just found this on the TLC web site, different name for the new show or maybe just the name of this episode – not sure – and differnt air dates?

    network: TLC
    series: A Home Run for Trademark

    episode: A Home Run for Trademark

    Real estate mastermind Richard Davis and his team at Trademark Properties give two baseball greats – one a tarnished legend, the other an exiled pro – a second …

    airing: — MAR 31 2007 @ 09:00 PM
    — APR 01 2007 @ 12:00 AM

  54. Kaitlyn says:

    I just searched my Tivo for the new show. If anyone else has Tivo, do a title search for Hero’s Home Run and there is one episode scheduled so far. I guess it the series is called “hero’s home run”, which is strange since it sounds like more of an episode title, but at least trademark is back!

  55. Steve in Texas says:

    It looks like TLC was waiting for A&E to blink first. The new season of FTH starts next Saturday and all of a sudden, whamo! TLC with Trademark premiers next Saturday also (same time). This might explain the ever changing start date for TLC ; )

  56. Kathy says:

    I was so glad to hear this was not just rumor…I couldn’t imagine not having the Tradmark crew in my living room…..April 21st is already marked on both my calendar at work and at home…good luck Team Trademark, and goodbye A&E….

  57. Priscilla says:

    Can’t wait for the new show. I know it will be a “winner winner, chicken dinner”!

    Cheers to the Trademark crew. We will be watching The Real Deal.

  58. Jerry says:

    Sorry.. I don’t see any difference between Trademark and the other crews on the Flip This House episodes. All of them just slap some paint on top of termites and sell the houses to unsuspecting “rubes” at inflated prices. Pretty much everyone in Charleston knows that if you see a trademark sign in front of a property.. run like hell in the other direction! (yes.. i’m a Chucktown native…) Sorry guys… but it’s true… just check the listings to see what they have “actually” sold and what they “claim” to have sold….

  59. Neal says:

    It is not the process or the finished product. The show is the PEOPLE. Richard and everybody are entertaining. I can’t wait for the new show.

    Roll Tide

  60. Taylor says:

    Hey Trademark
    As Ginger says, I have this “Gut” feeling that the real deal is the “real deal” Congratualations!!!!

  61. clyde says:

    I’am on the Team, thank you TLC!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ve waited like everyone, and finally we are going to get rewarded for our patience, Thanks again TLC!!!!

  62. Jessica McCain says:

    Just found out what all has been going on with Richard and the show. WOW! Love team Trademark, and don’t watch if they’re not on. Can’t wait for the new show!

  63. Cherl says:

    YAY glad Dawn, Richard, Ginger, and crew are all back on the tube where you belong. I was so confused, when the new cast appeared on A&E, they should probably be under the word “BORING” in the dictionary. Oh well, just glad you guys are back, and the fun is begining again:)

  64. Gary Roe says:

    Great name for your new show…come to Peoria, Illinois and do it!

  65. Lori Cancilla says:

    I am glad to see you are back on and love the name of the show!
    Last night’s episode with Josh and Shoeless Joe Jackson’s house was amazing and the passion is so pure from your team.

    The Real Deal is the only show I watch.

  66. […] Trademark comes to TLC Trademark is coming to TLC!!! The Real Deal UPDATED: Saturdays on TLC, Beginning April 21, 2007 at 9PM Eastern Time. (60 min.) The Real Deal is what you’ve been waiting for – the non-stop new series from TLC that takes us inside the world of Trademark Properties for an eye opening and unapologetic look at the true reality of making money in real estate by pulling off the impossible. Each week Team Trademark, led by Richard Davis locate, renovate and if they can pull it off on time and under budget, profit from some of the most challenging projects they can find. Currently, no titles or show details are available for the first nine episodes, but they are scheduled to begin airing on April 21 at 9PM ET. Repeats of each episode will occur a Midnight, ET on the original air date, and then again at 6PM ET the following Saturday. Flip This Lawsuit » The Real Deal __________________ "I’m not home, but my shoes are. Leave them a message." – Carrie, Sex and the City Old enough to know better… but still too young to care! […]

  67. jeff says:

    I am so happy that the “real” guys are back in action. The world was waiting for the Trademark Team to bring quality back to TV… Thanks Richard, Ginger and the rest of the team, we missed you !!

  68. Roger says:

    I’m old enough to remember the start of a new program on pbs called “THIS OLD HOUSE” back in 1979 with a fellow by the name of Bob Villa I loved that show but now we have another group that doesnt seem to get the recognition I think they deserve.. The trademark group is in this calibre. Looking forward to the series..Good luck.

  69. Ambrose says:

    Glad to hear you guys are back. The show the other night was fantastic (homerun for trademark)! When your new show debuts on its weekly basis will all the same characters be on it (ie. Kevin)? What you guys are doing is incredible, keep up the good work Richard.

    P.S. I notice Josh made the Reds starting lineup this year and got an at-bat his 1st game. More Kuddos to you.

  70. Dave Sherbert says:

    Richard, Ginger, Dawn Thank goodness you are back. The jackasses they have on A&E now have totally ruined a great show and I was thrilled to see that you are returning with a show that’s worth watching. My wife and I have been so disgusted with the new A&E show that we had almost given up hope of seeing a decent show again. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

  71. john says:

    Alright Richard & Team. And Congrates on the acquisition of the Brockton Rocks minor league baseball team. I live in Norwood,Ma., two towns over from Brockton.
    We like to go and check out the Paw Sox
    down in Pawtucket,R.I. only because to see the Sox at Fenway is so expensive.
    HEY, now I got a reason to go check out the Rocks.!! We will be in SC checking out some property next month !!

  72. jeff says:

    Great news. I stopped watching Flip this Casa because it just isn’t the same.

  73. Vicki says:

    I was so excited to hear about the new show. Can’t wait until April 21st. WTG Team Trademark.

  74. Dan in Texas says:

    Glad to hear you are coming back on the air! We missed y’all! Congrats!

    We couldn’t even make it through the first episode of Flip This House without Trademark. A&E ruined the show by having the San Antonio hacks on there.

  75. LoveIt says:

    Great stuff… the tension between Richard and Ginger. Loved the shows where Ginger got thrown in the pool and one where she had that hot bikini on!

  76. Karen Bleakman says:

    missed you guys, glad to see you back

  77. MG in Arkansas says:

    I am so pleased to hear you all are back. I have missed seeing you all on the tube.
    Good luck with the new show and the new network. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. WE says:

    My Dorchester County born dad would be proud of y’all for moving somewhere where you’ll be appreciated I missed the South Carolina accents and good horse sense. The current stuff on A&E is unwatchable.

  79. Rhonda says:

    My daughter and I and 4 more of our friends were in Charleston in March and were ask to do a promo clip for the real deal on Market Street. It was great, we walked across the street into a building they had renovated. The film guys said it should start running on the 15th of April. I am looking and can’t wait.

  80. Chris says:

    I enjoyed watching the show with Richard and his crew on A&E. However they have been airing shows with the Montelongo crew from Texas. Not fun to watch, they treat their employees like crap. Glad to see Richard will have his own show on TLC. Richard is a class act. Goodbye A&E!!!!

  81. Eve says:

    I’m so excited Richard is coming out with another show, you’ve been missed!

  82. Margie says:

    We can hardly wait for this show to return. Richard Davis has the best real estate show on TV. Those pityful substitutes didn’t make it here. Thanks for comming back.

  83. Lauren says:

    I so glad richard is BACK!

  84. Jennifer says:

    My husband & I are so excited that Richard is back on TV!! We were so sad when his show was over! TV hasn’t been the same! Other flipers just don’t make the grade! Richard, you are awesome and an inspiration to us! Excellent business man!!!!!!!!

  85. Gail says:

    I am so freakin’ excited about Trademark Properties new show, The Real Deal. They are awesome and I love all the team members. They work great together, and are honest people who aren’t afraid to put a little extra money into a house for it to turn out the best it needs to be. Unlike the Montelongo’s on Flip this House. Cheap, Cheap, Cheap.

  86. Karen says:

    Great show!!!! Glad to see ya”ll back.
    Caught a glipse of Dawn, where is the rest of the gang. Can’t wait until next week.


  87. Jeff says:

    Why was there a commercial for Flip this House during the Real Deal? Very odd.

  88. Kathryn B. Reese says:

    AM SO PSYCHED, just turned on TLC this evening and FOUND Trademark Properties. You have no idea how much I’ve missed the Trademark crew. It seriously ruined my Sundays this fall not to find you on T.V. Now that I know where to find you, I’ll definately be rearranging my Saturdays!

  89. Lydia says:

    I found the Real Deal while channel surfing last night. I am so glad you are back. It was such a treat to find all the Landmark Properties crew back on the air.

  90. Susan says:

    Love “The Real Deal”
    Caught it last night on TLC
    Great.. Keep it up.. Can not wait until the next one..


  91. LuLu says:

    Umm…what was the older bonde guys name? I thought he was a co-owner with Richard? WHat was his name and why wasn’t he on the show last night?
    I watched The Montelongo do their thing ONCE- uh yeah, not a chance I will watch it again.

  92. Raj says:

    I really liked the first show!

    I am very excited to see many more episodes… and of course more of Ginger!

    I am surprised that they even screwed over the Atlanta flip team. It looks like A&E gave the show over to Angie.

    Best of luck to Trademark! You guys pioneered the show, and it quickly became one of my favourites on TV.

  93. Jan says:

    I absolutely love this show!

    Thanks for the inspirations.

  94. Peg says:

    Even if Trademark Properties didn’t get a penny from their lawsuit, the amount of money they will earn from their new show will be ten-fold in what they would have made staying with A&E. A&E messed up bigtime by dishonoring their agreement with Trademark, and they will pay dearly. The new companies they have shown on “Flip This House” don’t hold a drop of water compared the original crew of Trademark. Richard, Ginger, Dawn, even Richard’s brother are all good people and their hearts will be rich forever.

  95. Carter says:

    I saw the first new episode. I enjoyed it, but missed much of Richard’s crew and Kevin. I thought there was way too much Ginger. Give me a break, it’s not her show, or is it?

  96. Michele says:

    Are Ginger and Richard a couple or what? I can’t find it anywhere and have been keenly listening and watching to see any hints of it. I know he’s got kids, but could be divorced….. I love these guys, I just really want to know if they are a “couple”!!

  97. Gloria Ciccotelli says:

    Saw the second show last night and it was great. I still miss the mixing with the old group. You advertise they are there, and I saw them at the very end, but that’s not like it was before. Remember Richard we didn’t leave you, A&E took you away from us and we watched because we loved your show the way it was. Take a look at your original shows and get the comedy and people back to us. Love the Show

  98. Mike Harvey says:

    Wow! Second episode was good, but I looked up Greenville County, SC tax records and they only sold the house for $175,000. ( ) The show said it had a market price of $219,000. Only made a $10,000 profit. I would bet that Richard made more than that from TLC for the episode……

  99. Mike Harvey says:

    Above link did not paste properly- try this one:

    Click on ACCEPT, then type “trademark” in the name field, the click submit. Click on ” 0007.00-01-004.00″ under map number. This shows what they paid for it and when they bought it. If you change the year to 2008 it will show when they sold it and for how much. VERY INTERESTING. You can also look up other trademark properties in past years….

  100. Peg says:

    In response to Michelle… I don’t believe Richard and Ginger are a couple. I remember from a “Flip” episode that he was having lunch with his wife and Ginger together… which makes me think that he is happily married and has a trusting wife. Chances are, his wife doesn’t want to be a part of the show and is happy having a semi-low profile life. I don’t think Ginger would go for Richard anyway…. he’s twenty years her senior and she’s too normal and nice to be a gold-digger-sleep with the company boss kind of chick…. my guess is she has plenty of handsome young men waiting at her doorstep.

  101. Cynthia Campbell says:

    I absoulutely LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!! I would love to see you all come to Clearwater,Florida. I too am a HUGE Clemson fan that adores watching Richard and Ginger and the rest of the crew. I enjoy this show so much and really hope to see you all go nationwide. I am praying for much success for you all.

  102. chas. nichols says:

    love the show!!! keep it on the3 air. i even enjoy watching repeats!! absolutely the best show on tv for realestate—-informative and intertaining.

  103. T.Syd says:

    Hi guys…

    Let me say fist, I am your biggest fan and have been waiting for your return to TV since the other network.

    If I may, I’d like to share some constructive critisism with you, since this is a ‘feedback’ email address… Just hope you take this feedback well and apply it to future tapings.

    So as I said… I love all you guys… Tivo every show… but I’m a little bit disappointed so far with the episodes…

    Seems like a little too much fluff, instead of the focus-on-construction balls-out all-powerful Richard Davis that I saw before…

    For example, the old episodes portrayed Trademark as mostly a builder/rehabber, and these episodes show it more like a realtor sales office…

    The intro to the show, with the voiceover from the other guy… dont like it. The old one where Richard was talking, and he just said it like it is… much more powerful… riding the helicopter… that was great.

    Plus the theme music… I hate to say it, but the Flip This House tune was better. More energy.

    The episode with Ginger talking for half the show about how much Richard has done for her and she doesnt want to let him down… still trying to figure all that out. It made it seem like this was the first house Ginger did, and I clearly remember old episodes where Ginger tackeled projects by herself.

    All that stroking Richards ego in the episode… just not sure what that was about… and all the stuff about Richard taking the kids to the game… We know Richard is a good guy, and wants to “give back”… but again… too much fluff.

    The $40M condo conversion episode… yes, it was a big dollar deal… but again, this was about a real estate office, and about marketing… not about the construction flipping that we want to see… you rehabbed one unit on the episode. If you wanted to show the grand nature of this project, I would have loved to see how you figured out the pricing for the units, how did you decided the upgrade packages, what did the other units look like, etc. The nitty gritty…

    I guess the bottom line is, I personally anyway, would like to see some hard core construction projects… see the hole-in-the-wall house turned from a roach infested nighmare, to something beautiful… let’s see the hard numbers, the actual sales figures and costs, and take us for a great ride as these before/after shows have always done.

    Thanks for listening… Hope to see you guys around for a while.

  104. Will C. says:

    I found the link to the The Real Deal show on TLC:

  105. ren says:

    I love your show newbie pls let me in on the secrets of funding in RE investment you guys make it sound so easy

    thank you

  106. David says:

    Richard has 3 boys and is very much into sports. His wife is a very well known doctor in Charleston and they have a very strong marriage and his wife feels no threat from Ginger according to a news report 2 yrs ago in the Charleston SC paper.

    A & E made one big mistake when the dropped Richard and Trademark and they lost alot of viewers to A$E who were dedicated to Richard’s ‘Flip This House’.

    Glad to see them back on the air again and enjoy every episode.

  107. Beth 9Feagin) Allen says:

    I wrote ya’ll an e-mail when you were on flip this/that house and ya’ll never wrote me back. Ya’ll do have the best and most exciting new show and I LOVE IT BUT I guess what they say really is true SUCESS DOES GO TO YOUR HEAD! Sorry for bothering ya’ll.

  108. Nancy Caton says:

    I love the changes in style and format that you have made on The Real Deal! I didnt think you could improve on the Flip This House show but you did! Look forward to Team Trademarks in San Diego.

  109. Fred Ferro says:

    Want more shows. Keep them coming more, more, more, more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  110. Tommy says:

    I love the show and as most have said the other tries are sad at best Trademark is by far the best i am heading down to Charleston Sunday for a mission trip. When i go down town i hope to find the retail place.

  111. Keith says:

    All A&E cares about showing is “the sopranos”, “CSI Miami”, etc. They’re not interested in reality shows with a “tell it like it is” crew like Richard/Ginger. Good going TLC!!!

  112. Steveb says:

    All, I have been watching TLC’s show called “Real Estate Pros” with Richard, Ginger and the gang. I think Real Deal may have been an older working title. It has been on for at least three weeks on TLC. They had a marathon two weeks ago.

  113. Morgan Feldon says:

    The first episodes were branded “The Real Deal” with both titles and voiceover. Then the title was changed to “The Real Estate Pros” with the voiceover “The Real Deal” then in the most recent episodes, both the voiceover and titles say “The Real Estate Pros”.

    I wonder if there was confusion with another show or perhaps “The Real Deal” was felt to be inflammatory by the judge.

  114. terry olsovsky says:

    hey richard. you are one class your big heart.hey if you expand to tx i am ready to join your team . i live in the houston area. in fact my zipp code was on world news for most forclosures in the us.i am a master plumber with my own business. email me, lets go………

  115. Sarah says:

    I think Ginger is with the computer guy that works for tradmark- IMO


  116. Sarah says:

    Does anyone else hate the New “Flip this House” I don’t like the main guy from the Montelongo’s, he treats his wife and workers like crap, Richard’s show had so much more class.

  117. RE Guy says:

    I agree with above, that guy Montelongo is arrogant and cheap. He brow beats his workers and would paint over rotted would to save $$$ Now he’s schlepping a RE course-gimme a break. I like the guys up in New England….

  118. RE Guy says:

    oh yeah, in one recent episode he overhears one of his contracters make a critical comment about him so Ricardo sneaks up behind him and blows off a string of an empty/high ceiling house. The guy probably lot his hearing. I hope he sued Ricky…what an A-hole!

  119. Linda Rogers says:

    Whay happened to THE REAL DEAL I haven’t seen a new show in months

  120. Kara says:

    I was just checking the TLC site and although they have a description for The Real Deal ( there are no upcoming episodes scheduled ( I’m a little behind and had no idea the awesome Trademark team wasn’t with the A&E show anymore. I found the team truly inspiring, entertaining, and educational. Does anyone know if a new season is in the works?

  121. Gogastoto says:

    hey 🙂
    its very reasonable point of view.
    Nice post.
    realy gj

    thank you 😉

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