The Votes Are In… Team Trademark is Back!

From Trademark Properties, dated March 31, 2007:

Hey Ya’ll – thanks for taking the time to look at our shorts and vote for your favorite. We hope you enjoyed them and that they are a “teaser” of what’s to come! After many emails and votes cast on YouTube, its unanimous that the winner is #3, Teamwork followed closely by #5, Whatever it Takes. Congrats to the winning teams – we hope you enjoyed watching the final cuts as much as we enjoyed making them!

This past week we had a premiere party where we screened a special sneak preview of the episode you will see tonight on TLC. The response we received was amazing and we hope you’ll feel the same. Here is a link to some pictures that were taken that evening – we hope you enjoy perusing through them!

A Homerun for Trademark Premiere Party

Also, check out the articles from this morning in the SC newspapers —


From us at Trademark Properties, we hope that you enjoy the show this evening – its a perfect story of perservance, redemption, and accomplishment – intertwined with the good ole fashioned fun that is Trademark!

Talk to you soon and be sure to let us know what you think!
Trademark Properties


16 Comments on “The Votes Are In… Team Trademark is Back!”

  1. Steve in Texas says:


    Just WOW!


  2. xsandlapper says:

    Loved the show tonight!!! So glad I checked this link around 6PM.

  3. dg says:

    Just finished watching the show – what a perfect re-introduction to the Trademark team.

    Two quotes definitely struck a chord, “Richard invests in people” and in regards to Ginger, “the clean up hitter”.

    We’re going to need some dirt and testimonials about those Trademark people though, Richard is just too charming. He must go around putting recycle items in the regular trash or something when the cameras are off.

    It’s just so rare for a rich dude big wig to also be such an active, concerned and ethical member of the community as well.

  4. Steve in Texas says:

    Re: “Two quotes definitely struck a chord, “Richard invests in people” and in regards to Ginger, “the clean up hitter”.

    I’ll have to go with…”So, this runs into the river?” ROFL ; )

  5. J.R.McDowell says:

    Wish there was a link to the link to YOUTUBE.. cant find them on there now. I missed tonight premier.. dang it.

  6. Pam says:

    I am sooo excited that you’re back! Finally!! I have a question, though. Have I missed the episode on the flip you did on Randall Street in Greenville, or will it be on the new show? I live across the street and don’t want to miss that one!

  7. Holly in VA says:

    I really enjoyed the premiere. I am looking forward to seeing the new epsiodes later this month. What a great way to blow A&E out of the water!

  8. xsandlapper says:

    Is 9PM on Saturdays going to be the regular time slot for the show?

  9. Kay Bentz says:

    Loved the show! So glad you’re back.

  10. chris says:

    Okay, I am a big fan of TradeMark Properties when you guys where on Flip This House, but when I watched the new show I must say it sucked. Honestly, its nothing like what you guys use to do. Its so dramatic. It wont last another season if all shows follow that format. I miss old construction crew, where did the old redneck foreman go? he was one of the members of the crew that made trademark. just my few cents.

  11. lisa says:

    do you know if they are running that episode again? i checked this site on the 30th and saw the april 21st premier, and checked it today and see that i missed the episode on the 31st on tlc. 🙁 dang it!! anyone know if they are running it this saturday night again or not?

  12. Engeman says:

    we loved the “Homerun” special, and are
    looking forward to your new show. We won’t watch the “other” flip show. Not the same. Glad you are back. Please tell me that “Homerun for Trademark” will be
    shown again. My son missed it.Welcome back Richard Ginger and crew. Congrats!

  13. Nancy Zadrazil says:

    Loved the show, looking forward to the rest of the season and seeing some of the “old gang” back on TV. Your state looks wo beautiful! Might jsut have to take a drive from Wisconsin one of these days! The tourism industry must love you too!

    Congratulations and good luck!

  14. Nancy Zadrazil says:

    Make that SO beautiful!

  15. Sarah H. says:

    Did anyone else notice in the premiere pics that Richard is never with any other girl other than Ginger? Where is his wife? I’m not sure, but I even think he is holding hands with her in one of the pictures. Sorry Mrs. Richard, but I think your being made a fool of.

  16. S.C. in Colorado says:

    As Greenville S.C. natives living in Denver now, it was AWESOME to see Trademark in our home town. You all did an amazing job on Joe’s house- thanks for making our Drive debut a tribute! We love your show and your work ethic. You make us proud to be from SC!

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