David Montelongo Leaving FTH, Planning Teleconference

UPDATE – JUNE 13 – Flip This Lawsuit is informed that the teleconference has been rescheduled for next week. More information to follow soon.

From a blog post purporting to be from Melina Montelongo:

David and I have recently walked away from Flip This House for many reasons. We receive hundreds of emails asking us if the last show was “staged”. David has refrained from talking about it until NOW.

He will TELL ALL on a telecast on Wednesday Night. June 13, 2007.

“Dear Friends & Associates,

For over a year now you have peeked into my business life and have shared in some very fun and trying times with my family and myself. As I am sure you all know there have been many changes that have gone on within Montelongo House Buyers, and there is definitely more to the story than was presented to the general public, I want to share these very personal events with all of YOU. ……. “

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Update: You might also be interested in Angela Wilford’s explanation of the Atlanta shenanigans.

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  1. Steve in Texas says:

    The post on Dale’s blog was at 3:10AM (don’t know what time zone) on June 11th. It looks like the Fox Atlanta blog was
    set up on June 9th with the same message

  2. Eden says:

    He can’t do a podcast or a webpage or something? I wonder where/how the money is intended to be made off this phone call thing.

  3. Chris Bell says:

    I don’t think this is the right place to post this – but I don’t know where else to post it. On the Flip This House that was on last week, they showed a house that was badly burned on three floors, that was purchased by the New Haven team. After extensive work on the house, they discovered that the house was condemned by the city. I thought that houses that have been badly burned have structural damage, and in many cases the wood has to be replaced, or, if the burn damage was not too deep at least sealed. However, in numerous camera shots for this episode, you could see the workers placing siding, drywall, etc. over the burned wood, and the wood itself appeared to be untreated. In at least two camera shots, (the drywall shots, and the outside siding shots) they are clearly leaving the smoke damaged wood in place. What really leaves me wondering if what they did was legal is that, after doing extensive work, they discovered the house was condemned. Doesn’t this mean that the work was done without permits and/or inspections? The permits and inspections would have exposed that this was a condemned house, and they would have been notified of this at that time. Or is this not an issue for real estate purchases, etc. in New Haven? (I’m going to post this same message on the A&E message board, but I doubt they will keep it up for long. :-))

  4. Shannon says:

    I’m curious to see what he has to say about the show, about the fact that a lot of it was staged, and why he is leaving montelongo house buyers.

  5. Steve in Texas says:

    Heh. Postponed till next week.

  6. Steve in Texas says:

    I sure hope I didn’t get charged for that call, hmmm.

    Sorry, Melina. You blew it…

    “You only get one chance to make a first impression” – Richard Davis

  7. Steve in Texas says:


    We’ve been had! LOL

    That’s OK, they blew their chance to get out in front of the story, before the media does ; )

  8. Mike Voss says:

    Jesus, what a smoking gun – David trying to jump ship and control spin.

    It is really getting close to being time to demand that A&E cancel this show. We can all watch Trademark on a different network and nothing is transpiring on Flip THis House other than fraud at this point so why let it go on? A&E ruined the show and aided and abbetted felons stealing from and defrauding the public and should now be held accountable.

  9. bib says:

    What happened? Was there no phone call?

  10. Shannon says:

    What happened? Did they hold the conference or did it get pushed back???

  11. Steve in Texas says:

    Postponed till June 20th @ 8:00 PM CT. I’m not going to bother

  12. boyson says:

    Same here, They had their chance and blew it.

    Besides, I think it will be nothing more than a infomercial for their tribe network seminar.

  13. Steve in Texas says:

    Dale Russell is back from vacation…

    “I’ve been off on vacation. While away, David and Melina Montelongo were ready to come clean. Big announcement. Live broadcast.

    Melina wrote this on my blog:

    “David and I have recently walked away from Flip This House for many reasons. We receive hundreds of emails asking us if the last show was “staged”. David has refrained from talking about it until NOW.

    He will TELL ALL on a telecast on Wednesday Night. June 13, 2007.”

    The TELL ALL didn’t happen. It has been rescheduled for June 20th. We’ve picked up some early indications that it might not be a tell all anyway. Time will tell all of us.

    I’m back at work next week. Our I-team will continue to follow the story and continue to try to “tell all” for you.

    Small anecdote. After being away from the house for four days, I slumped into my sofa in the TV room last night, turned on the TV and guess what is the first thing I hear: The Montelongo’s flipping yet another house on A & E.

    That’s when you know the vacation is officially over.”


  14. Gnome Sayin says:

    Did anyone happen to watch any of the “Flip this House” with the Montelongos last night? First of all, David and Melina were in fact nowhere to be found. They’ve even cast a couple new “characters” to take their place.

    But more importantly, the entire bizarre episode resembled a desperate PR attempt at image rehabilitation. This week found Veronica and Armando doing a “green” flip. Not only were these Hummer-driving hard chargers suddenly interested in the environment, but Armando professed a newfound desire to make sure everything was done right (he wanted to spend $8000-$12000 on new windows). The budget was about triple what they normally claimed to be spending. There was an entire subplot about whether they actually owned the house. Most humorously, there was even an on-screen graphic listing an “actual purchase price”, contradicting what they were saying on the show.

    It was quite a spectacle.

  15. Steve in Texas says:

    Gnome Sayin,

    Re: “(he wanted to spend $8000-$12000 on new windows)”

    ‘Pella Windows’, can you say ‘product placement’? Probably didn’t have to pay for them either

  16. Joe says:

    I am so out of the loop and everything that is going on with this show. I have been an “offline” viewer, just watching the shows and not interacting online in anyway, I started noticing some small changes, and people not showing up anymore, and other flipping groups splitting, etc.. is there somewhere I can go to read a summary of everything that has gone on? I am picking up bits and pieces as I read various blogs, but I am getting a late start, so I am having a hard time putting it all together. Anybody want to sum it up for me (what is going on with each group) or point me in the direction where I can figure it out? Thanks!

  17. Joe says:

    One more thing… looks like I missed out on the teleconference from David Montelongo. There story is the only one I am really behind on at this point (I got all caught up on Sam’s drama, wow). Did anybody get a chance to dial in for David’s announcement? What was said? Thanks!

  18. geoff says:

    i totally agree about the ranch (“green”) house project being an image rehad for armando. Likewise about the pella windows ‘purchase’ being uncharacteristic for him.

    i’m sad to see david and molina go because they were a nice compliment to armando; they kept him in-check.

    GOOD NEWS : does everyone know that Richard Davis and Trademark is on a new series for TLC (or A&E) called Real Estate Pros. It’s the same old cast with Ginger; set your DVRs. I have a feeling Armando’s show will losing ratings with just him and his wife.

  19. geoff says:


    i gotta post another great link, this one is about the Atlanta crew, it seems he’s a fraud.

  20. elvira says:

    ok i called the number to find out why david left nothing just dead silence did i miss something. so i’m just going to watch richard davis like i was orginally doing anyway. apparently you must of been on another planet it’s been on for awhile and lawsuit is going on.

  21. GQ from Sac says:

    Thats a real good move on david’s part to walk away he dont need to be in his brother mess…and on the side note i love that CLS Benz he has..best of luck to u david

  22. Mike Voss says:

    Well, assuming David keeps his new date/time, it looks like about an hour and a half from now it’s showtime.

    I sure hope he plans to take questions from the participants….and I hope he’s ready for what’s coming if he does.

    Mike Voss

  23. Mike Voss says:

    OK, so we’re 45 minutes into this call and it’s been a complete waste of time.
    Thus far, nothing but David and Melina’s life story, a pitch for some not-even-built commercial buildings he’s selling, and pitches for his workshops and seminars. Not a word about what went down with FTH or Armando. Getting really hard to keep listening. Another come on that goes nowhere….

  24. Mike Voss says:

    Oh, wait, I spoke too soon – he just added another come on for investors for a “Texas rehab fund” and partnering with him for individual projects for 50% of the profits.

    He’s definitely Armando’s brother, that’s for sure. What a waste of an hour – I should send a bill.

  25. Mike Voss says:

    ok, so in the LAST 5 minutes of the call, David squeezed in a few words about leaving FTH and Armando. In a nutshell, he said that he did the show to promote his business and the city of San Antonio, and that when the show started representing things tht were not necessarily true, he decided to leave. That’s it. Aren’t you glad you paid an hour of toll charges? Glad I have flat rate calling to the whole US right about now…

    He also said he’s trying to get another TV show in development…. argh.

    Seriously though, David sounds like a nice enough guy, but the focus was on making money. Nothoing wrong with that, but that’s all the Montelongos are about in my view, not helping anyone else unless it helps them more in the process.


  26. Steve in Texas says:

    Re: “when the show started representing things that were not necessarily true, he decided to leave.”

    Well, that’s ‘something’ I guess. An indictment of the “show” itself. Spin control for the media storm that’s coming.

    Thanks, Mike

  27. LaGayshia says:

    Okay, everyone on here seems to be quite harsh on the Montelongos. I am not the biggest fan of Armando, but David seems to be a nice guy. And for all of those that were looking for dirt from the conference call, shame on you. The whole point of the conference call was to give aspiring flippers some insight into the business, not to spill his family’s secrets. No matter how much he might disagree with his brother, that is still his family. Did you really think that he was going to get on there and trash him. Let us not forget, that blood is thicker than water.

    I do realize that alot of the people on these boards are loyal fans of Trademark, but who said that Trademark had to be the only successful flipping business in the entire universal. Can some of us get in on the success without trashed?

  28. Steve in Texas says:

    My take is this. It’s a ‘strategic’
    split. David is going one direction with diversified investing adventures (and seminars) while Armondo the bullshit artist (not to be confused with con artist) is headed for ‘infomercial’
    infamy selling ‘product’. Which ever works, the other will follow. In the meantime, they’ve trashed FTH. Just my opinion

  29. boyson says:

    I was not surprised about the hour long infomercial call, but was I disappointed that David didn’t delve more into leaving FTH.

    I was not expecting him to trash talk about his brother (funny he never mentioned Veronica), yet his less than 5 minute gloss over explanation at the end of hour was unacceptable.

    Left unanswered:

    Public records from the Bexar County Clerks Office show that the houses featured on FTH – San Antonio were NOT brought, rehabbed in the time frame, nor sold for huge profits(some were called potential profits).

    Virtually all of the houses sold WAY BELOW the selling price and most were WAY ABOVE the appraised value of the neighborhood.

    Furthermore, these house were NOT sold in the time frame (some on same day of open house or days after) claimed by the show.

    Most were sold on average 5 months or more from the purchase date(or not sold at all) – mainly to other investors or partners – not homeowners.

    One of them (Bobwhite) lost money and another one (Castle Rose) is mortgaged at 100% of the 2007 tax appraised value (from Bexar County Appraisal District records) and has not sold (congrats on how they managed to get that 100% financed).

    This is misleading, misrepresenting, and in some cases, outright fraud.

    The Montelongos are basing their credibility and trying to push motivation seminars, networking, and high priced books from so called successful flips featured on FTH, but according to public records, they LIED!

    BTW, did anyone laugh at Melina’s answer to how they were able to sell houses in one day?

  30. Mike Voss says:

    Boyson – well said. Excellent summary of major offenses.

    As to Melina’s answer about how they sell a house in one day…..what answer????!!!
    As I recall, that was the immediate end of the Q&A when someone asked that!

    What’s also funny is that last night Armando sent out email to his entire mailing list offering to ‘partner’ with anyone interested. He also promised how his new book will tell his rags to riches story. Clearly, Armando and David are trying to beat each other to the punch to suck some money out of the public. It is becoming really comical. Maybe Veronica and Melina will battle it out on a pay per view oil wrestling match next.(hey, that might not be a bad idea….oops, sorry)


  31. LaGayshia says:

    Okay, did David not say on the conference call that the show was misrepresenting some things and that went against his morals and that was the reason for his departure. That’s what I heard on the conference call. Sounds like some of us on the conference call were looking for juicy gossip rather than business opportunities.

    Why do we have to know every single detail behind his departure and misunderstanding with his brother. Again, Armando is his brother no matter what happens. I don’t know about you all, but I don’t trash talk my family either.

  32. LaGayshia says:

    Also, when I am offended or disgusted by something, I ignore it completely. It sure seems like alot of people on this board are spending time, energy, and effort on people they apparently have no respect for. Just an observation.

  33. Steve in Texas says:


    “David and I have recently walked away from Flip This House for many reasons. We recieve hundreds of emails asking us if the last show was “staged”. David has refrained from talking about it until NOW.

    He will TELL ALL on a telecast on Wednesday Night. June 13, 2007.”

    Melina posted that on Dale Russell’s blog at 3:10 AM in the morning, June 11th. Dale did the story on Sam Leccima. That wasn’t posted there for potential investors! LOL It was to get out in front of what’s coming ; )

  34. Mike Voss says:

    So, LaGayshia, let me see if I understand this:

    The reason we want more details from these people is because they are clearly involved in conspiracy and criminal acts, and they have a lot to explain. Maybe David is not to blame, but his brother clearly is, so he should have been a lot more specific, and he wasn’t. Yet he had plenty of time to try to get people’s money.

    You are “disgusted and offended” by the people on this site expressing their doubts about the integrity of the Montelongos. However, you are not disgusted that they (along with Sam Leccima and Angela Wilford) lied about their capabilities and experience to get on the show, misrepresented their work and financial transacions on the show, committed criminal acts of fraud and misrepresentation on the show, and then used the show in order to entice investors to give them money. Do I have it correct? Because all of the things I have enumerated above are documented – see the prior posts. What *I* find offensive and disgusting is what these con artists/criminals are doing and trying to continue doing, and that is why I and the others here are doing everything possible to shine direct light on them to protect unsuspecting people who will lose their money if they trust them. If you find that to be offensice and disgusting, then all I can say is that your ethics and ours are vastly different.

    So, if that’s how you feel, go right ahead – send Armando and David all your money. Let us know how it works out. Just don’t say you weren’t warned.

    Mike Voss

  35. ALM says:

    Wow! What a bunch of green eyed monsters on this site. How many of you flip 30 houses or more a month. I know I don’t.

  36. Jeff in Roswell says:

    ALM – Neither does the Montelongos or Sam Leccima!

    And as far as the “infomercial” that David put out there… it show his lack of integrity also. Got to hand it to him though – he got that piece of advertisement for free. I’m glad I didn’t call in to that piece of crap.

    Steve in Texas has got it right. Melina’s statement/email to Dale Russell’s was clearly misleading. These people are making money off of peoples failures. Is it against the law? Most likely no but, it truly shows their lack of integrity and character.

  37. Spartan says:

    LaGayshia — How many notes are you going to post about “ignoring” things that offend you or you don’t like? You are a bright one!

  38. Beth says:

    Hello, disgusted with “ASSmondo” & have two questions. #1 has there been any coverage/press about the Texas transactions or is just Leccima/Atlanta? #2 Is there a good forum or newsgroup for Flip This House. I have found a couple but they either have low traffic or teeny boppers drooling over CT boys. Geez. Thank you for your help. Beth

  39. Chuck says:

    It appears that the montelongo brothers had a huge falling out. They deleted each other’s profiles from Myspace and they don’t mention each other. It is so sad that they let greed break up their bond.

  40. Steve in Texas says:


    Re: “It appears”

    It’s all smoke and mirrors ; )

  41. Sarah says:

    Thanks for the update Chuck! I’m so intrigued by this – I can’t explain why. Please keep us posted if you come across any more info!

  42. Norma says:

    It seems to me that A & E are the defrauders. They hired these people from different places in the US to “flip” houses. A & E staged everything. These are the crooks. I don’t understand how the bloggers on here don’t see this. Every show was a fake masterminded by A&E. I don’t see why we chose to keep calling the Lecimas and Montelongos crooks. Also, when Richard was on FTH, did anyone check out those houses to see if they were fake episodes,too. FTH was a good concept, A&E just should have done a real show and not a “staged” reality show. I wonder what other home improvement shows are misleading us.

  43. Norma,

    I couldn’t agree more about A&E. Armondo is the weakest link however, if you catch my drift ; )

  44. Montelongo Sr. Cust. says:

    Well, the whole deception thing is pretty disturbing to me and though I had previously decided to not watch FTH since David is gone, now I’m REALLY sure of my decision. It sounds like A&E has some ‘splaining to do.

    Years ago we had an additional put onto our home. Montelongo Sr. came out, chatted, gave the quote, etc. They started work and I was immediately impressed with what a professional gentleman he was. On days he wasn’t there David was there to supervise the crew. David was also very kind, professional and well mannered. Armando was only on the site one day when he came to talk to his dad. Let’s just say that his issues were evident LOOONGGG before this show as the work we had done was ages and ages ago. I know there is another brother named Rick but I never met him and I know there are two sisters I believe, one of whom came out w/the paperwork for the job. She too was a lovely person. So Armando’s issues are his and apparently NOT a family triat.

  45. Mike Voss says:

    I have a suspicion that the last Montelongo episode of FTH may have aired. Everything going on the past several months gave me a feeling that Armando is doing everything he can to transition to another way to make money, and the last episode looked like a compromise between him and the producers to clean up their mess and promote his new endeavors. Now I see that no new episode is scheduled for next week. Possibly David left to get away from the mess before the end to try to control spin. It’s just a hunch, but I suspect we may not be seeing any Montelongos on FTH again.

    It sure would be great if someone on the inside of A&E or Departure was browsing here and could leak some info, especially since it all went down months ago.


  46. Mike,

    “Sweeps Week” is coming up, FYI…

    July 5 – August 1, 2007


  47. Dennis says:

    I am more of a supporter of Richard Davis (and Trademark) than a basher of the other FTH teams. I believe that the other teams are opportunistic and not as credible as Trademark, but at the same time, believe their methods (good and bad) are informative. I view every episode with a grain of salt (they seem to get really good (unrealistic) deals on labor and materials…and the recent product placement is shameless bs). What is most troublesome to me in this whole situation is how the original concept of FTH that Richard envisioned has become bastardized and distorted by A and E with their version of “what sells”. But at the same time, the concept is still appealing to millions of potential viewers. A and E is riding this as far as they can, with little regard to “truth and integrity”. The REAL truth is that Flipping is a very difficult “job” and even more so in the current real estate market. I am observing that many pros are currently playing landlord, renting their current holdings rather than taking a bath by selling them. The next wave will be as more and more rookie investors have to sell at a huge loss or face foreclosure…and on it goes. I wish for Richard and Trademark to make their new show in the light that Richard originally envisioned it…we will all be there.

  48. The Montelongos: Meet San Antonio’s Newest Reality TV Stars

    Whether you want to get design ideas for your own home, love history or just want to help out children, Monte Vista is where you need to be. David and Melina Montelongo, of Montelongo Developments and A&E’s reality show “Flip This House”, are restoring homes for a great cause.


    There’s a video here and David and Melina mention that they’re no longer associated with FTH (no explanation given) and are working on ‘conceptualizing’ another TV show.

  49. Mike Voss says:

    I have a great concept for a new show for them: We buy each home the Montelongos have flipped and get Mike Holmes and his crew to tear them apart and show all the bad work and fix it!

  50. boyson says:


    They can call the show, “Rehab the Rehab” or “Rehab 2.0” :-).

  51. From the ‘House Buyers’ web site…

    “After being featured on A&E’s “Flip This House”, David and Melina are ready to take what they know and help real estate investment “newbies” make some real money with their own homes!

    Enter your house information to possibly be considered to be featured in their new show!”

    Cute way of getting leads I guess, for a ‘show’ that doesn’t exist ; )

  52. Eric says:

    i want to chime in…how did the Montelongo’s ever get cast for the show to begin with? something tells me they fibbed to A&E to get the show and A&E didnt care because Armondo is a character…

    the show is so staged its painful to watch, especially the last one with the “intern”(bad actor) who is a bafoon and looses something like $8K to a contractor yet no one really gets mad, and they have these weird staged conservastions like they were down by actors from a bad porno.

    and i love how they are doing 25-30 houses a month, yet they send veronica to Lowes to pick out appliances like they all just have all this free time.

    the show was great at first, but now it has become so fake, bad acting Armondo has obviously played A&E or they are in collusion just to promote his CDs and books. notice the guy he met in the show about his books is that same guy from TV inomercials. and i suspect Armondo will become a real estate kevin trudeau(biggest fraud in the world)…

    if A&E were smart or another network, they would scrap the current format, find real businesses that are operating in a real market and show what rela instate investment(not flipping) is really like, especially when thigns are down. i would like to see a show where the company on the show has no interaction with the prodction company, it could be like Man Vs Wild, only something like Man Vs Real Estate Market…anyways this si a downer because i liked Armondo at first and i liked his story, but now i question how much of that is really true.

  53. bob says:

    I think Armando should go to dental school.

  54. You could almost say that the break up between them was staged in order for them to bring in revenue from two different income streams. But I don’t think so, because by marketing himself in the same genre as his brother it will make it a case of diminishing returns. The way people and investors will see it is that one is right and the other is wrong period. It would be a different story if David marketed himself in something not associated with wealth creation through realestate.

    I think this was a major blow out for the two brothers, if they went sp far as to delete each others profile from there myspace page. As one poster on this blog pointed out about how nice David’s CLS Benz was, if you notice on the green house episode that veronica was in charge of the flipping you will see in about 4 shots the mercedes on the property. I think the mercedes was never Davids to begin with, it was probably given to him by Armando to use as a company car. And when everything broke apart, he took it back.

    It’s a combination of things, David probably wanted to get out anyway because he sees where Armondo is headed and he doesn’t want to sail to that destination with him. And also David probably wasn’t a partner in real life and only a family member working for his brother. And when David started to ask about sharing more of the wealth thats when stuff started to fall apart.


    If yo want to check on the Leccima A&E issue about him go to youtube and type in: Flip my Foreclosure Scam.

    They have a three part series about him scamming people.

  55. I find it interesting that David Montelongo is now getting the new FLIP team from A&E to help them with their TRIBE workshop or whatever it is…

    Just another set of people trying to sell something to flipper wannabees like me!

  56. Mike from CT says:

    This is a little back logged but I just saw the ‘vice president’ episode and besides no David the most evident sign of change came in the introductions when aramondo said “the most aggressive real estate team in texas’ vs. The fastest growing team’

    Also I noticed that the titles were from, I think, aramondo montelongo props, or something similar. Very strange.

  57. Tiffany says:

    I noticed the same thing with the intro! I also loved the episode where he drove his “intern” around to show him all the houses he had done previously on the show that hadn’t sold or the sales had fallen through. Definitely shows A&E trying to cover their butts.

  58. brian weekley says:

    The show is amusing fiction, but pity those who take this charlatan seriously. He reeks of BS, from his hummer, omnipresent sunglasses, and pearls of business wisdom he is now hawking to the masses.
    I predict that he will make lots of money from the suckers who buy his B.S.

  59. CuriousInPA says:

    Color me confused but how does Armando and gang get around the TRCC regulations for remodelers, etc.? The company that their father started, which is operated by their brother Rick, is registered but neither Armando or David are registered.

  60. watchernomore says:

    watched for the first time tonight since last winter sometime. Wow how bad of a soap opera can this be, that guy who is supposed to be armando’s friend that he tried to fire, who showed up the next day installing floors. What a joke this show is! Bad acting, bad lines, Brick Phone, c’mon!?!

  61. Alma says:

    I find it humorous that people would take the time to criticize people- who despite adversity, paying their dues, and helping people vis a vis providing them with suitable homes to live in have never claimed to be perfect! Success is not a cubbyhole in which you either fit into or don’t. The Montelongos have done much more than most of the bloggers on this site have ever accomplished. Is it really degradation from which you write or covetousness. Also, it is common knowledge that television shows are not what they seem. Why attack this one? If your personal goal is to attack television shows which are a mirage of the truth- you have A LOT of blogging to do. Good luck with that.

  62. Alma,

    Re: “helping people vis a vis providing them with suitable homes to live”

    Thanks for the laugh, “helping people”


  63. Alma says:

    Perhaps you don’t know much about the psychology behind purchasing a home. You may think that if people want a home they can go where ever they’d like and therefore the homes that the Montelongos provide are not a “necessity”. Many people do not have that luxury.
    They have to remain in a particular location due to family, income, employment, mobility issues, etc. so yes, by rehabbing homes in an area from which some people are relegated to choose from is helping them vis a vis providing them suitable homes. Now, you do realize much of what you see on tv is taken out of sequence and context. Give the city of San Antonio some credit, you think they would have let that house sell if it was not up to code?
    I’m glad I was able to make you laugh and respond. 😉

  64. Justin says:

    “Sounds like some of us on the conference call were looking for juicy gossip rather than business opportunities.”

    I think what most people were “looking for” what was advertised. Basically, they did a bait and switch.

  65. Alma,

    Twice now A&E has had an episode called “Building Blocks” scheduled and they’ve pulled it, twice! Why is that? The promo says it’s about ‘giving back to the community’. I remember that episode and here’s the deal. They buy 5 houses in a row in a run down part of town occupied by renters. Do a half ass rehab and sell three of them back, allegedly, to the former renters. The other two former renters? Tough luck, they didn’t qualify for the ‘help’ I guess. The three that did buy, allegedly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were ‘sub prime’ loans.

    So exactly WHO is getting ‘helped’
    here? ; )

  66. Alma says:

    Where do you get your information? No one said they were out to save the world, people don’t qualify then they don’t qualify; do you go around giving away money? I saw that episode as well. So they buy row houses rehab them and then sell them back to the renters. So they are helped in two ways, 1. they now live in better homes and 2. they can become homeowners. Rehab means to restore, so by them rehabbing what part of the home they choose to (and by doing so does not mean they have to do a total rebuild otherwise it would be called rebuilding)they imrpove the home. So they’ve pulled “Building Blocks”, I’m not going to infer anything from that probably strategic decision. 🙂

  67. Alma,

    I don’t see that as “helping people”.

    Well just have to agree to disagree, for
    now ; )

    If and when A&E EVER shows it again, I’ll have the address(s), do some digging, and we can revisit this ; )

  68. Alma,

    Re: “So they’ve pulled “Building Blocks”, I’m not going to infer anything from that probably strategic decision. :)”

    You’re funny ; )

  69. Alma says:

    I can agree to disagree, after all what kind of world would we live in without intellectual diversity. I am not on the “rip me off bandwagon” I simply do not respect speculative conjecture and so far all I’ve read is just that with sporadic pieces of incomplete information postulated as fact. Until they are “found out” I will not stop watching, it’s amusing.
    Oh regarding #815, if it was sold what would it matter what it looked like 4 months after the fact?
    Enlighten me 🙂

  70. Alma,

    Re: Enlighten me 🙂

    Are you sitting down? I’m afraid I have some bad news 🙂

    Address: 1507 N TRINITY


  71. EastCoast says:

    What offended me (aside from how cheap they are and how they slap things together) was the episode where they had to “poop house” (for lack of a better description) and Armondo did not want to replace walls and David said they had to be. David was concerned with he over all “health” of the house and Armondo just painted over all of that roach crap and rat crap that was on the walls. I had little respect for Armondo before because of how mean and inconsiderate he is to Keno and other contractors. That how ever put him in the cesspool of low lifes. David was truly offended by Armondo’s actions as were many people I would venture to guess.

  72. Texas says:

    Armando Montelongo and his company are in a deep load of trouble with their pending felony case for theft of services and numerous other breach of contract and tax evasion cases. Stay clear of this scam artist. Run, run, run in the other direction!

  73. Tangi says:

    Mike, Steve, Beth, Jennifer, and many others – thank you for this site, your input, and taking the time for some investigation. It truly is a public service. We enjoyed the Trademark Team and kept tuning in. We didn’t know what happened to Richard’s show. It seemed to us that A&E was cloning the format to market to diverse demographics, but the inferior quality was immediately apparent. I was absolutely appalled at the Montelongo lack of ethics – and class. I’ve been to San Antonio – a lot of decent people live there and they must be furious that the Montelongos are held out as the “San Antonio group”. It wasn’t until someone told me about this site that I found out how A&E really screwed up – it’s too bizarre for words that they would treat Davis so shabbily and give a scam artist a venue to reach thousands of new victims. Congrats to you, too Ms. Gass for moving forward and not letting this creep get away with stealing services. I wish the contractors he ripped off right on the show would go after him. That was the last time we watched – it was sickening to see that lazy worthless armando rip-off a man who with his crew, was actually putting in an honest day’s work. It also was not lost on us that A&E was holding this out to us as “Entertainment”. A&E is just as culpable in our eyes in this scam/charade/thievery, and I wonder if they’ve ever felt the sting of a boycott?
    Mike, have you considered publishing a list of A&E sponsors that viewers could contact and explain why it’s bad to support scam artists? A&E is actually assisting the Montelongos in reaching new victims in their scam.

  74. julie says:

    Does anyone know the latest news about he Montelongo lawsuits? And why is A&E still airing his shows?

  75. Guido says:

    Call me crazy .. but I watch this show for the entertainment value. People that think this is a documentary are nuts.

    You can really tell by the production value how A&E views this as an entertainment show.

    I will see I do miss Richard Davis and trademark and that their new show didn’t last, I heard they are taping something currently, hopefully they will surface again.

  76. Loretta says:

    Great site! Giudo, I think they are on TLC. It is amazing the amount of public outcry the Montelongo’s have stirred by their deceit. Although David may not be associating w/ Armondo, he had to know what Armondo was up to, he’s slime. All this time I thought I was the only one who felt this way and it’s so nice to find a site where others feel the same way and also other fans of Trademarks as well. The CT team and Atlanta team just can’t beat the original!

  77. Aztlan Now! says:

    You all are just haters busters and racists! The Montelongos have sacrificed everything to help the peoples now you come along and hate on them! Armando has given his life to helping brown people, much like Our new president! You should be praising Mando, helping him!
    BUY his mentering system, people then you can be rich too! I mean you too can help other people like Mando!

  78. Obama says:

    hahahah Armando helping the ‘brown’ people… same BS and probably from the same kind of trailer trash as Armando!!!
    Or don’t you know how to call people with a darker skin color???

    Armando is defently BS and a scam artist. David has some balls to walk out of this crap!!!

  79. Mega Flipper says:

    You go Aztlan Now! Jealous people can’t stand to watch other succeed!

  80. Big T says:

    I did a little real estate investing in Atlanta. I was riding around and so happen to come across the house Sam supossedly fliped. This has been about a a tear and a half ago that I seen shortly after the episode aired but I think the street name was ellen way. Anyhow I turned down this road to see if I could find the house . It was the very first house just off of a main road in ATL. In the show it had been painted white with black trim. That in fact had been done however the house a for sale sign in the yard that appeared to have been there for a while. And the looked like hell. Appeard to need a roof anf gutters as well as some soffit work. I just thought I would put that out there

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