Enormous blow to the Charleston Community, 9 firefighters dead

Richard just sent this email out to fans of the show:

I want to thank all of you who have emailed and called to send your condolences and support of the Charleston Community during probably one of the most tragic days in the history of this city. As you know, my good friend Rusty Thomas has been on a few episodes of both Flip This House and The Real Deal/Real Estate Pros over the last few years, usually talking about community involvement. He is the City of Charleston Fire Chief, one of the best people I know and a true inspiration to me and a big influence on why I believe Team Trademark has an obligation to give back, I watched him do it for years on James Island, whether it was cutting the grass at the high school, working the concession stand or teaching my son how to throw a curve ball, he always gave his time selflessly and anonymously.

Fortunately, he is still with us today and if you watched CNN a bit ago, you saw him give a heart wrenching assessment of his loss of nine friends and 100 years of service to the city of Charleston Fire Department. This guy is a true American hero and patriot, he sent his men to NYC after 911 to do whatever they could to help, but he is hurting today as we all are in Charleston because of the horrible blow to our community.

All I ask is for y’all to say a prayer for the firefighters we lost and their families and please go hug someone you love because you never know when it might be the last time. Many have asked where to send funds, the mayor announced a few minutes ago that you can go to ANY Bank of America branch in the country and donate to the Charleston firefighters family fund, so that would be my best guess.

Thanks for the continued support of team trademark and if you have a message for Chief Rusty or any other firefighters in Charleston, please feel free to email them to me personally ( Richard@trademark-properties.com) , I’ll print them all off tonight and hand deliver to his house tonight. If he ever needed our support it would be now!

Thanks again,

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  1. Jim says:

    I know how hard it is to lose 1 firefighter in the line of duty, but cannot imagine losing 9 men at once. Our prayers and condolences are with your firefighters.

  2. Tammy Manuel says:

    I’ve just sent my email and want to say thanks again for allowing others the oppotunity to show our support and love.

  3. Chris R says:

    If you think losing 9 at once is bad, try 343 at once. NYC’s fire department has still not recovered from the losses brough on by 9/11. Percentage wise, this is a 9/11 type loss for the Charlston FD. God bless them.

  4. This was an awful thing that happened. I have family down in the area, plus one of my best friends from college owns the ghost tours; I know how close-knit of acommunity it is, regardless of tourism, new developement etc.

    But you need to be careful that this blog isn’t considered a jury tampering/jury pool-seated jury influence. I’ve seen matter where judges are now gagging not only the parties, but “affiliated” folk who might not be “diectly” affiliated–know what I mean? Fine line between just reporting and advocacy…

  5. Lisa Ann says:

    I am sorry but Chris R’s comment was incredibly insensitive.
    Chris R.-In the future, you need to think before you hit the key.
    9/11 and the Charleston 9 are both phenomenal tragedies that cannot and should not be compared. The loss of any one man is a tragic loss. In my heart (as in the hearts of many people) I have a particular space for those who willingly risk their lives for the greater good, be they firefighters, police, military, or just the “average” Good Samaritans. By the grace of God, heroes walk among us every day and every where. I add the city of Charleston to my prayer.
    The tragic losses of our time are born by the families, friends, and communities left behind; these to, I pray for. I pray for the people of Charleston as they succumb to their grief. I pray that those grieving know and understand that they can best serve those lost by the lives the “survivors” lead form this day forth.

  6. Chris R says:

    Lisa Ann wrote:

    I am sorry but Chris R’s comment was incredibly insensitive.

    I think you’re way TOO sensitive, Lisa. As a direct 9/11 victim (I worked in the south tower and was there on that day) I am certainly sympathetic when a firefighter loses his life on the job.

  7. legal eagle says:

    It was nice to see the fire chief taking the time from his mourning of the 9 lost firefighters and from his taxpayer paid salary to show up to TMP’s speach to endorse a private business.

  8. legal eagle,

    They’ve had tremendous response from “the people who get it” and yes, that’s a quote

    Kind of self vetting, isn’t it? ; )

  9. MARK! Please delete the above! WRONG THREAD!


  10. charleston guy says:

    just an update on this whole issue.. there are numerous stories on local tv and in the paper where the local firefighters union and some local officials are calling for “Chief Rusty’s” resignation over this ordeal. I’m not making any judgements whatsoever.. just thought it was news enough to let interested parties know. There have also been fines levied against the City of Charleston and the Sofa Superstore for violations regarding both the condition of the store itself and procedures followed during the firefighting incident.

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