Richard Davis to Speak on July 27 in Charleston, SC

Richard Davis will be sharing a motivational message, “Come Get Inspired!”, at the Gaillard Auditorium in Charleston, South Carolina.  Tickets are $45 and are available online.

Trademark Properties is beginning a national rollout, and this presentation promises to also include information on how you can become part of the Trademark Team.

In related news, Richard Davis’ book will also be released on July 27.  Attendees will likely be able to purchase copies at the event.

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  1. […] In related news, Richard Davis’ book will also be released on July 27. Attendees will likely be able to purchase copies at the event. [”Richard Davis to Speak on July 27 in Charleston, SC” – Flip This Lawsuit] […]

  2. Sally says:

    Why did the shows name change?

  3. Kristine says:

    I am a huge fan of Richard and the show. I would love to see Richard speak but will be out of town that day. I hope this is something he plans on doing again soon.

  4. Donna Hines says:

    Does he have plans to give speeches in other states. I live in Florida & would like to see & hear him speak.

  5. Alene Mosher says:

    Hi Richard and team- you need to come to Mississippi to talk where the flipping is great.

  6. Fools Gold says:

    It seems this ‘national rollout’ and ‘part of the trademark team’ is not being set forth with sufficient particularity. Are they looking for real estate agencies to unite unter a generalized Trademark banner or for local individuals to become flippers under some sort of Trademark franchise?

  7. Chris says:

    Does anyone know any details about the book? Title? What its about?

  8. Greg Berry says:

    While I live in Philadelphia, I travel to Charleston at least once a year for the past 10 years, mostly for vacation. I consider myself a fan of Richard and the crew and enjoy watching the show. In fact I enjoy watching all of the flipping shows that are on, but for whatever reason, T.R.E.P. is my favorite, probably because they are based in the Charleston area. I have been renovating and flipping properties of all kinds for years and find it interesting to see other people’s experiences. I do find it ironic that most of the people that want to affiliate themselves with Trademark by being a “area partner” are “inspired” by Richard. While he has that inspiring carisma about him, the people I’m sure he’s looking to “partner” with need to be self motivating and self starters who work smart and with conviction to successfully complete projects. I like the fact that people have to go to Charleston to learn more about the area partner plan and not send in $97 or two easy payments to some website. At least they themselves are making some kind of commitment. Speaking of commitments, I haven’t received my packet from signing up over 3 months ago. I got an e-mail last week that I would receive one this week, but I didn’t.

    See you in Charleston.

  9. dd says:

    A few days ago out of curiosity about Trademark’s entree into franchising as a means to expansion I looked at a number of Franchise entrepreneur magazines and there are quite a few real estate companies which are franchised and have been for many years, the concept is not new but Trademark’s methods are a new twist. It appears that each of them require investment anywhere from approximately $4000 to five and six figures. My guess, part of the profits will be from the initial investment requirement that will be significant in determining the ability of the participants to engage in any or all of the same functions that Trademark is engaged in now such as are evident at the site

  10. dd says:

    PS: I think Trademark could help save time in finding franchisees by posting downloadable information about their franchise offering and the requirements.

  11. Wes Mitchel says:

    Hey Richard, huge fan, you need to come to Texas so we can show those Montelongos how it’s done.

  12. Reality Man says:

    So why is he charging 45 bucks to pitch an investment scheme to people who are willing to sit for a couple of hours and listen to him? Thats like going to a car dealer and paying money to have him try to sell you a car!

  13. Just back from Charleston…

    Awesome! ; )

  14. Here’s a taste. It started off with Ginger saying Richard was running late. She left the stage and you hear Richard and Ginger talking…

    Richard: Ginger, my car’s broke down and I don’t how I’m gonna get there. All of got is Gus’s old piece of shit car and I don’t even know if I can get it started

    Then she introduced the Fire Chief Rusty Thomas who spoke. He finished…

    Richard: I’m almost there Ginger…

    Then Richard plows on stage from the left in Gus’s old car. It was funnier than hell! ROFL!

    That’s it, I’m not getting into the nuts and bolts of the ‘deal’ ; )

  15. So, who else went?

    Here’s my take… I posted this on the WORTHLESS ‘TLC’ (cough) “Discussion
    Board” but the ocassional,
    part time, maybe a
    few times a week, mod_ivy “moderator” killed it evidently. This was in response to the obviously selective comments posted there…

    OK, mousey. One more, just for you ; )

    Like you, I turned this into a mini vacation as well. That alone was awesome! I wanted to visit Charleston anyway and when I heard about the speech I just adjusted my schedule accordingly.

    Frankly I’m flabbergasted by some of the comments here but at the same time, not surprised. Richard was selling his vision for Trademark. As with anything in sales, you first have to sell yourself which is exactly what he was doing. So some think he was all over the place? Well, that’s just a style thing, his style. Uncut and unedited. You hear what you want to hear I suppose and just block out the rest for some. Others go with the flow and listen! And for those of us that did listen, we heard plenty!

    I have no illusions about becoming an area partner but I’m open to it! As with anything else, if it’s not a win- win then there isn’t the possibility of a deal. It’s as simple as that. It’s a process or a journey if you will for both parties to see if there’s a there, there. This was the first step in that process. Richard laid it out and you and I went to hear it.

  16. Ha! Somebody ‘You Tube’d’ the
    beginning ; )

  17. Sherry says:

    Richard and Staff, Im A hugh fan of your company and everyone there. Youve done many wonderful things for good people. Im looking to relocate to start a new life,so many terrible things have happened to over the last few years. I do believe Charleston is the place for me. I hope we can do business and find me a new start. I love the craftmanship you offer and the quality in the homes you remolded. Please contact me for further info.
    Sherry Bell 205 305 9772

  18. Tx Investor says:

    I personally traveled to Charleston, SC last July for Richard’s “Come get inspired” speech. It was a joke! It was to start at 9am…..they finally got about 3,000 of us sitted by 11am. I guess the only fun moment was in the beginning when Richard supposely calls Ginger……they are doing this over the mic……and Richard asked Ginger for a ride and Ginger says she can not do it……Richard comes back with a great line….”Well, I guess I will have to take that “Piece of _hit car Gus left behind”. The meeting lasted about 2 to 3 hours. Then he decided to turn it into “Meet The Staff of Trademark” picture rally. He pulls up everyone who wants to stick around to take pictures with the staff & calls it “Taking pictures with his 50 State Partners”.

    The whole meeting was a joke….people spent time, money for what????

    Richard C. Davis is a JOKE!

  19. ASUCKER2 says:

    Well its been almost 2yrs now and still no area partners. Will Richard give back the 45.00 dollars like he said if he did not have all the area partners within a year.

  20. Old Money says:

    Did he have his sunglasses backward around his neck? ha ha. Dick Davis is from the wrong side of the tracks – always has been, always will be.

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