Ginger Solicits Trademark Area Partners on YouTube

Hello Everyone!

I can’t thank you all enough for sending your surveys so promptly!  You all are getting the inside scoop first for taking the initiative to be at the Speech outlining what Richard is expecting out of area partners and your chance to see who we are , where we work and what we are about before moving forward. We want to make sure that there is very little room for error in how we communicate our vision into your backyards so…….Please log onto and you can see Richard’s newest message to everyone, in the format we will use to breakdown the distance barrier, we really feel like this format will speed up the learning curve on both ends and not leave the possibility of miscommunication from interpreting the written word,   Cant wait to hear from all of you soon!  This is going to be very exciting!
Ginger Alexander, Investment Coordinator
Trademark Properties, Inc.

19 Comments on “Ginger Solicits Trademark Area Partners on YouTube”

  1. I’m happy to see that Trademark is branching out. I wish they would come out with some new episodes, and stick mostly to “flipping” in this type of market. I would love to see if they are experiencing the same challenges we all are.

  2. legal eagle says:

    yeah.. i’d hate to ruin a business partnership by mucking it up with the “written word”… LOLOLOL

    you’ve GOT to be kidding, right??

  3. Sally says:

    Why was the show’s name changed? Maybe I missed that answer.

  4. Justin says:

    Eh, that video is terrible, it looks like they used a $30 webcam. I understand that the concept is about communication and not slick sales/marketing, but a company wanting to go nation-wide should get some decent audio/visual equipment.

  5. Jeff says:

    Richard has obviously made a lot of money with his style of property management and ownership. However, why would people want to copy his style when his TV series show… 1. he let a renter go far overdue for rent, then believed he could charm the renter into paying everything due 2. he rountinely expects support staff/contractors to work deep into the night to finish his preferred deadlines 3. he looks very much NOT like a leader when he kicks out drywall or windows 4. he seems to think the Gingers of the world abound (she’s amazing in getting support staff/contractors to immediately address Richard’s interests; and I think without her, the sale successes would drop substantially) 5. he ignores maintaining a rental building until it is the ugly duckling on the block. I have made far less money than Richard, but I am successful with rentals and renewing badly beaten houses for sale. I just don’t see how others are going to effectively apply his unique personality, as you’ll have to have it to make a go at his system.

  6. a fan says:

    I got word that Richard’s wife is divorcing him because he’s romantically involved with Ginger. This is from a pal of mine in Charleston who says he knows Richard.

    He also says Richard is a total tool.

  7. Jeff,

    Huh? What’s not to ‘get’? You need to step back for a minute and look at the big picture. The ‘show’ is a platform for, and demonstration of, what can be accomplished with TEAMWORK

  8. JoeF says:

    In my market, (500k plus for a scraper), the cities will red tag you in a heartbeat for weekend or night work. And the buyers would like to know about their electrical board rating, cable and CATV connections as well as the HVAC zoning (2 zones or 3?), and natural gas BBQ connection. Never see Richard address any of those issues.

  9. ALICE MILLER says:

    Richard has turned into a bloviating blowhard. I have to fast forward past the shows first 10 minutes, which is usually conisists of Richard’s bragging ad boring platitudes. The show is getting unwatchable.

  10. JEFF says:

    Alice, I agree with your observation. In fact, I say Flip That House is more instructive now than Richard’s show.

  11. Phillip Kaplan says:

    I just found out that Ginger has begun wearing a retainer to help stem any future progression of her overbite.

    Poor girl.

  12. Jack Links says:

    So what ever happened to this whole deal? no one has heard a word other than a promise from ginger that they WOULD pick 10 partners by the end of the year. no other info on youtube or anything else for that matter. They also say that they have been filming another season which i happen to know that there has been NO FILMING for over a year. so if they do have another season in the can.. it’s gonna be old news. Guess there’s not much difference between the montelego’s (or however you spell their name) and trademark. just so much infomercial bs from them all.

  13. Email from RCD…

    Monday December 31, 2007

    Hello to all Prospective Area Partners,

    Today is last day of 2007 and the beginning of what will be the best year in the history (to date) of Trademark Properties history, merge together tonight at Midnight! Happy New Year to all, wherever you may be today! We have eight plus months to have an operating area partnership in place in all 50 states, the time is now!

    I want to thank everyone who has waited very patiently to see where Team Trademark has decided to START our roll out. I want to emphasize START because the first ten Area Partners are just that, a starting point – we will obviously not be drawing a “line in the sand” after the first ten if we are to be represented in all fifty states by August 23, 2008. We need to be focusing on the big picture of the finished product of having our Brand and Business Model in each tertiary market where it will make a difference for the future Team Trademark members and the community as a whole, WE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

    We will announce the first ten Partnership selections next week, we have many great people and many great areas and we have put A LOT of time, research, resources, and applied some “gut feel” in these initial choices – which we are excited about, but the next forty and then the next few hundred after that are just as important and quite honestly MORE IMPORTANT to the future communities that Trademark will enter because as we all know, LOCATION means LOCAL and that is what this business model is all about.

    Some of you expected us to move faster, which I understand but my business model was created in 1990 to take advantage of a down market – while all others will be jumping out, we will be jumping it. The down market, I like to call it an OPPORTUNISTIC MARKET, is the fuel for the engine we have built.
    There were many people who wanted to start a partnership immediately, six months ago, right when we walked out of the speech. I have received numerous emails from people who “HAD TO MAKE A DECISION IMMEDIATELY” because they had a great deal on a property and couldn’t pass it up while waiting for the Trademark logo. I passed up on many possible Area Partners and the opportunity to act expediently, knowing that the best was yet to come, now I ask you, when was a better time to buy assets, then or NOW? Do you think you missed out? When is 80 cent on the dollar better than 50 cent on the dollar?

    Think of it as this, when the local skateboarders in your community asked to use the local pool to practice their craft, didn’t it make sense for them to patiently wait until the water hit the BOTTOM of the drain before jumping in? Same pool, same location, better results for waiting for it to HIT BOTTOM, right? OK, so let’s not let a bunch of skateboarders outsmart us Real Estate types, right? Does anyone here think we have hit bottom yet? Is it about to get fun? Are there going to be great opportunities to liquidate national portfolios because TEAM TRADEMARK has a network of AREA PARTNERS ready, willing and able to handle surplus or distressed properties in all fifty states? Time to finish putting the Teams together, the game is about to begin and it’s going to be a wild ride. IF you think the game has passed you by in the last year and we missed it, trust me you have been playing the wrong sport, the season hasn’t even started yet!

    I want you all to have a wonderful NEW YEAR’s EVE, enjoy friends and family and I want you to be ready for 2008 to be the best year of your life, the one when you get to be affiliated with the most incredible rollout in American business! THE TIME IS NOW, thanks for your patience!

    Enjoy the Bowl games but when they are over, don’t forget to Strap your OWN helmet and cleats on, because IT”S GAME TIME!



  14. rockysquirrel says:

    quote from the above email from davis on 12/31/07: “We will announce the first ten Partnership selections next week”

    to me, the operative word here is “announce”. that means to make public, not just privately contact each organization selected. So, here it is Feb. 6… a month past his self-stated deadline and still no “announcement”.

  15. Go to…

  16. Mike Voss says:

    So, it’s been at least a year now since Trademark started promoting their “Area Partners” program, whatever that is.

    I’ve read what there is to read on it and spoken with at least 5 people who traveled to SC to attend presentations on it. To date, none of them can tell me what it is either. All I’ve heard Richard Davis or anyone else say is that it’s “not franchising”, but everything I’ve heard about it indicated that that was exactly what it was intended to be.

    I’ll be very direct here – Richard seems like a nice guy on TV, but, let’s remember, he produces the show so you see what he wants you to see. I’ve spoken to him in email once or twice and he seems nice, but my experience is that he didn’t follow through on things he expressed interest in. Many people have asked me what I think about this program and if they should get involved. I’ve told them all that I just don’t see it, whatever it is supposed to be, and I would never advise anyone to get into business with someone spending all that time/resources into things like minor league baseball teams. As I’ve said many times, real estate is a regional business, so the idea of applying Trademark’s principles to every other city in the US doesn’t really fly. That combined with a nebulous definition (kind of reminded me of how Amway reps will never tell you it’s Amway….) made me tell those who asked me to wait and see.

    Well, it’s a year later, and still nothing and no real answers. So, does anyone actually *know* what the Trademark Area partners program is/was supposed to be and what state it is in, or can we assume it was just a half-baked idea that died on the vine? I was skeptical from the begining and I believe time has borne that skepticism out. It never made sense to me and still doesn’t.

    Mike Voss

  17. Jim says:

    I think you are full of it Richard, you try to bargain up here in new england like you do down there, they will eat you up and spit you out,and laugh at you all day long!Put your money where your mouth is.

  18. michael says:

    I traveled to S.C. for the big roll out of the area partners and havent heard anything…. All a bunch of crap!

    Where’s my refund Richard???? Remember you kept promising this and that and you havent delivered on anything!!!

    Trademark office in all fifty states by your birthday! Remember that? I sure do. Crook

  19. Chris F. says:

    I also traveled to S.C. to see a half assed roll out speech. I left more confused than when I went in. Richard rambled on for 2 hours about nothing… Made some lofty promises no one could ever keep..and sent you home and said Ill be in touch….well about a year later I did get a phone call from a Glenn I think. I missed the call twice in his defense.. but by that point I was so disgusted I would have never taken anything he said serousely…

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