Texas State Architecture Students not paid by A&E, Montelongo

The Texas State University Star reports:

A&E falls short on agreement with students, faculty member 

A group of former Texas State students and a faculty member are disappointed after working with the A&E television show “Flip This House.”

The show “Flip This House” with Armando Montelongo of Montelongo House Buyers Inc. of San Antonio, produced an episode during the fall 2006 semester in conjunction with a Texas State Architectural Design 3 class.

Montelongo planned to enlist the help of the undergraduate class to “flip” an empty lot at Smith Lane in San Marcos, and construct nine buildings with four condominium units in each structure, all the while maximizing the return on his investment.

The students were instructed to form teams and develop site diagrams for the project. Montelongo planned to judge the team’s work and choose a winner at the end of the show. The winner’s diagrams were then to be implemented by Montelongo at the site.

“The winning team composed of six students was promised a cash prize of $500 per student,” Carpenter said. “The show was filmed, the winning team was announced in a board room scene and a check was presented to the students. The students later found out that the check was only a prop and could not be deposited.”

Read the full article at the Texas State University Star. Hat tip to Steve in Texas for finding this article.

14 Comments on “Texas State Architecture Students not paid by A&E, Montelongo”

  1. Dawn says:

    Is anyone really surprised by this at all? LOL!

  2. Mike Voss says:

    There you have it. Mr. big shot with his Hummer can’t even cough up $3000 for a (probably tax deductible) award to college students.

    If only Dateline read this site….

    Well done, Steve.

  3. Dawn,

    Re: “Is anyone really surprised by this at all? LOL!


    This has been another edition of simple answers to simple questions ; )

  4. boyson says:


    If only Dateline read this site….

    You never know 🙂

  5. Dave says:

    This guy is just such a piece of work. I actually started DVRing the “flip” shopagain just to talk back to the screen. He is quite a role model.

  6. boyson says:

    No surprise, A&E removed my post linking the article found by Steve in Texas.

  7. Casey says:

    No wonder Armondo’s brother David wants nothing to do with him. When will A&E get smart and dump the loser?

  8. smagar says:

    “all the while maximizing the return on his investment.”

    That’s all this guy does—wring as much profit he can, any way he can, out of any house he flips.

    You’d have to be a nut, or just really desperate, to buy a Montelongo Home.

  9. Cez says:

    …just remember what Armando said “flipping houses is not about profit, it’s about the people”. Maybe that’s why he has defaulted on 27 mortgages, can’t even pay his taxes, and is welching on these poor students. Quit eating you fat pig (no offense Sugar) and pay these students!!!

  10. tiffanydog says:

    The whole San Antonio crew is a bunch of crooks. I cannot stand to hear the whinning of Veronica anymore. I don’t watch the San Antonia episodes anymore.

    CT properties in New Haven are okay, but seem like a bunch of gay guys trying to be mocho.

  11. kevin says:

    I was in Charleston when Richard and Trademark did the live event back in June. I met Richard and Ginger, had a picture made with both. They seem like regular people. This show on A&E now is a joke. I watched 2 shows and haven’t watched since. They seemed like a bunch of fakes.

  12. treacherous says:

    Wow, I never saw this. I am a Texas State grad and I think this would have been great publicity for our University and would have made Montelongo look like a good guy, but he proved he’s just a douche…

  13. Robert says:

    If your not aware of it the Montelongo’s have begun selling “How to Flip” dvd’s on KFI radio in Los Angeles. KFI is a AM radio station that is heard from San Diego to just below San Francisco, and at night supposedly you can hear it in Ok. They also have a web site that they stream on. Anyway they have a audiance of several million and the “M’s” are selling these “free” dvd’s for just a “minimal shipping charge”… These guys are flim=flam artists… They should be prosecuted by state’s attorney generals. I wonder if the wives are still with them.. They look like players too…

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