Consumer Complaints and Armando Montelongo Spam

The massive number of email solicitations I recieve from Armondo on a weekly basis have concerned me.

But, even more concerned about the numerous people who contact me because they are dissatisfied with the Armando’s program, who never receive what they were sold, or who find themselves with nothing but maxed out credit cards, a 100 point hit to their credit score and the inability to obtain a loan.

Several have asked about a class action, and while I do not handle class action cases, I will be happy to publish contact information for an attorney wishing to pursue the case. 

One of the people who emailed suggested contacting your state’s Attorney General:

… I finally was able to speak to the consumer complaint center in my area. I was told that the best thing I could do at this point was to contact my credit card companies and have them investigate the matter. No guarantee of a refund. However, they did instruct me to contact the Tx. Attorney General where I live, and to file a complaint with them. They also told me to do the same with the Attorney General in Utah, where the program is based.

If enough people complained to the Attorney General, then they would launch their own investigation and if necessary, take action. This may be helpful info to anyone else who contacts you with complaints about this program.

Even though we all live in different states, their program is based out of Draper, Utah. If everyone contacted the Utah Attorney General maybe something can be done to benefit the people who have wasted their money and keep more people from making the same mistake. …

Others, like MV from Dallas, are posting on message boards:

… I responded to his radio ad for the “free” DVD, and subsequently accepted his Flip and Grow Rich package for a 30 day trial. The material is crap, not worth the $400 price tag (5 credit card charges of $79.95) by a long shot, barely worth $10. As an example, you make your money when you buy right, and foreclosures are the best place to buy. This wonderful program contains a whopping 5 paragraphs on foreclosures. Basically, it says foreclosures are great, you should find and buy them. That’s about it. Nothing on how to use the county clerk’s records, or even that the clerk is where you can look. But the real winner is how they cram the program down your throat. If you are even one day over when their tracking program says it was placed in your mailbox, you are stuck with it and they will not allow you to return it. They also fight any disputes on payment, and the person you talk to in the sales office is also the supervisor (no matter who you speak to), and the only person higher to speak with is Armando, and he doesn’t speak to anyone. These are some real pieces of canine excrement, /Caveat Emptor/ doesn’t even begin to cover it. …

A nice lady from Houston sends me her review of his book:

First, I’m very impressed with how Armando and his wife had nothing, moved to Texas and built a wondrous fortune.  Certainly, the American dream!  However, watching them I also often think he could be far more professional rather than as brusk as he gets with people whom he embarrasses on national TV.
I watch the program from time to time…and when they announced the book, I got on-line and ordered it (Flip and Grow Rich).  It took about 3 weeks to receive, so when it did come, I was eager to start reading it.  It didn’t take more than a few pages to realize that something was wrong with the way the publisher had put the book together and then bound it.
If you are reading anything on the left side page, whether the paragraph completes or not, you can’t continue reading what was on that page on the next page but instead have to turn the right page over to read the left page completion on, the next left page.
Every left page has 1 thing on it and every right page has something else on it. 
The pages are correctly numbered but someone evidently wasn’t paying attention to the subject matter, nor do I believe they even went to not only an American school, but any school.  They made a major mistake the way they published it.
I called every number I could find and couldn’t get anyone to help me.  Finally I got back on line and through the web site, was able to get a message to one of Armando’s many many offices…and someone who calls himself “Merlin” wrote me back.
I explained the problem and Merlin told me to return it and he would send me another.  I sent the book back UPS, spending my own money ($8.50 approx).  After a week I began writing to ask if they had received it and when was I going to get my new, correctly published book.  Didn’t hear a word for weeks, despite I began writing notes several times a week.  Finally, last week I was notified the book was on its way, with a tracking number.  The first tracking number didn’t work…so I wrote again and Merlin said they were sending the new book and included the tracking number.
I finally got the 2nd book after waiting over 3 weeks this past Thursday, and I’m very sad to tell you but this book is also published incorrectly.  I don’t know what school the publisher went to but I sure didn’t learn to read the way this book is published.
I called a number in the back of the book today and reached someone in customer service in Utah, who acted surprised that the book was bound incorrectly.  He wasn’t able to help me but transferred me to someone named Helen (her voicemail) and I left a message to call me Monday…as well as why I was calling.
I’m sure the book is as interesting as Armando and his wife are on their program, but how in the World are we to learn with this type of mistake?  Also, I attempted to locate the publisher but the information in the front of the book has none, making me believe Armando had it published privately…to save money????? I presume!
I was going to purchase the Master Course, but have now decided against it.  I am certain the World is filled with experts on the subject and after this fiasco, I have no trust in Armando or his many companies.  HOW does anyone ever personally reach him or his wife?

But, the thing that tops it all are Armando’s own emails.  They all have weird characters and spelling in an attempt to avoid spam filters, because they are, in fact, spam:

Mark Last Day to Get Fore/closures and Grow Ri/ch…
Armando Montelongo to Mark
May 8 (5 days ago)
Hello Mark

Shhhh, there is a secret
message at the end of this

Today is the last day to get


Right now, I have students all over
the country making lots of c/a/sh in
the fore/closure market.

After today, this is GONE!!!
>>> http://[REDACTED]/foreclosures.php

Secret Message: I will finance the E-book for you
if you act now!

Armando Montelongo, President
Armando Montelongo Worldwide, Inc.


Mark Am I Renewing Flip This House and Investment Info…
Armando Montelongo to Mark
9:02 AM (11 hours ago)
Hello Mark

Business First:

I will be holding a teleconference about
retiring your existing retirement
accounts and learning how to passively earn…


It’s a totally informative phone call
and it’s totally F/R/EE!!!

Also, there is nothing to buy,
just educating you on how to…



Click below to register for the F/r/ee

>>>  http://[REDACTED]/teleconference.php


Pleasure Second:

I will be making an announcement about
my contract with Flip This House on Thursday.
Click below for details:

>>>  http://[REDACTED]/news/?p=154#respond


Take care,

Armando Montelongo, President
Armando Montelongo Worldwide, Inc.

So, buyers beware. 

35 Comments on “Consumer Complaints and Armando Montelongo Spam”

  1. JJ says:

    According to an announcement on his website, Armando is off Flip This House:

    After teasing his fans with “I’ll let you know tomorrow what I’m going to do,” he recorded a video announcement that he is getting his own show on A&E – which he likens to The Apprentice – to debut in August.

    I have no doubt his teaser announcement was a tactic to go to A&E and say, look at all the people who hang on my every move … they all say Flip would be terrible without me.

    Flip this House debuted a new Rudy episode on Saturday. Their schedule does not indicate a new episode for this coming Saturday.

  2. Casey says:

    Armando is a loser who did not care about the quality of his flips – all he cared about is $$$$. It is about time A&E has a comedy show – Armando is a joke!

    Rudy does quality flips – he is a great addition to Flip This House.

  3. Jason says:

    Why are you guys so hatelful towards Him? And if A&E didn’t like him or his show, why are they giving him a spin off show starring himself and Veronica. The guys got his own show now. He left flip and A&E gave him his own show. I guess now that people can’t talk about him being in legal trouble ( BECAUSE HE WAS INNOCENT) this all you can talk about. It’s all on his blog.

  4. Richie says:

    To the ‘nice lady in Houston’ who had issues with the way the book was published. There’s a note in the front of the book that explains why that is done.The Introduction explains that the left side of the book ‘tells my personal story’ while the right side of the book
    “explains how to succeed in real estate investing”.
    But even knowing that before starting to read it was still was confusing and hard to follow. Maybe a plan that sounded good in the marketing department, but certainly didn’t make the book any better — and it could’ve used all the help it could get. When I finished it I just looked at my wife and told her what a waste of time that was. Nothing of substance in there. Sorry Armando. It just didn’t cut it.
    Luckily I only paid $30 on ebay!

  5. LuckyL says:

    He was not found innocent. He paid the amount owed and the lady dropped the charges. That’s why you haven’t heard anything about his threats to go “after” her. Because he can’t.

  6. DArlene says:

    I got suckered in to his $3,000 workshop. Promised made were not kept. Items that were told would be taught, were not. I was told 2 times they have, “a complete money-back guarantee.” Need I say this was not fullfilled. Stay away from Armando and his “workshops!”

  7. JJ says:

    Where’s Armando’s ‘new show’? So far, he has had just one new “Flip this House” episode this season.

  8. Dasha says:

    I truly think that Armando’s program is very good. The problem is that you need to know about the subject a little before you study his program. People have a tendency to say about every guru that he is a scam. The same with Carleton Sheets. He is absolutely great. I was able to purchase 5 properties using his program. I am really happy that I did buy it. Now I want to try to flip houses. I ordered Armando’s program. I was listening to 4 CDs so far and I got the idea already. I saw his show just once and I was convinced to purchase it. So, wish me luck, because I want to flip at least three properties before Christmas.

  9. S. Michiels says:

    I purchased Armando’s program. Before it arrived, I realized he is a scam, so I called the company and told them not to send it. They already had. I returned it. Then I got three urgent sounding calls from Tyson Bothorp, telling me to call about my account. When I returned the call, he did not answer. After each call, I left a detailed message saying I was not interested in any further contact. When I returned the 3rd call, I spoke with Tyson. I made it clear I was not interested in any further contact. He still wanted to try to sell me. I then told him to be sure I had NO further contact in any way from their company-no more phone calls, no letters, no e-mails. He said he could not do that. Then, abruptly, he said “Call Customer Service” and promptly hung up before I could get the number.
    I own my own business, and have for over 30 years. I called him back and left a message that I wanted to get the number from him. He would not pick up the phone, even though it was about 30 seconds after he hung up on me. True to the complaints I read online, they are a very pushy, rude company.

  10. Mark says:

    Armando implied A&E liked his so called pilot which aired back in August, where are the other espisodes? Maybe they pulled the plug, welcome to Hollywood Armando!

  11. Lorne says:

    These people are nothing but glorified bank robbers. I cancelled within 30 days. They told me that I told the wrong person!!!!!!!!! They take forever to answer their calls and then they always feed you a line of bull.
    I guess my next step is to call the District Attorney’s office in Bexar County and the Attorney General’s office in Austin.
    I really liked the TV show, and I am totally shocked that Armando and his family got involved with such common
    criminals!!!!! I hope A & E runs from this gang of thieves!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    These con artists should be on one of A & E’s shows that spotlight criminals.
    Thanks for the opportunity to write about this gang of gypsies.

  12. JJ says:

    I guess Armando’s “new show in A&E” is in the same place as his “kick-@ss profit” on the Cat House.

  13. Justin Q says:

    S. Michiels,

    What number did you call to cancel your order, and when they said they already sent it, how were you able to return it?

    Or, has anybody been able to return their book and how?

  14. Adam says:

    i ordered this the moment i saw it, im a weak one i know, my book came an it was all jumbled an didnt make anysense. i sent it back and received a new one that was in correct order. he does have alot of good points but most people without money cant do what he teaches. so far ive made 65,000$ and im stopping there, its such a pain in the booty. an it took me bout 4 months to get rid of each place. there is no rest for the wicked.

  15. Mark says:

    To anyone who is even thinking about ordering Armando’s system. DON’T DO IT!,he is mixed up with with a very seedy company named Premier Mentoring.They are known for terrible customer service and very strong sales tactics. I’am surprised the Attorney General for Utah hasn’t closed them down already!! My guess, they intend to milk evryone till their told to shut it down.

  16. Todd Smith says:

    That sucks that Armando is able to get away this kind of stuff. A&E still shows him on Flip This House. I feel bad for anyone who got involved in his scams, but the adage “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” never ceases to apply. Armando is definitely money-conscious, it’s just too bad it’s at the serious expense of others.

  17. zpacko says:

    Hi, Armando! Thank you for all yours help. We now are millions airs thanks to your system.

  18. Scott R says:

    zpacko wrote:

    Hi, Armando! Thank you for all yours help. We now are millions airs thanks to your system.

    Prove it. And get some education with your money. Its spelled millionaire.

  19. JJ says:

    Yeah, I was born yesterday too.

    Armando had one so-called episode of Flip This House last season … despite his efforts to once again cast himself in the role of Joe Hero, the Expert Guy, the deal went down the toilet and Armando’s sage input amounted to zilch. Was this “The greatest episode of Flip This House Ever!” that he was babbling about last year?

  20. […] Flip This Lawsuit » Consumer Complaints and Armando Montelongo Spam […]

  21. JJ says:

    Here is what Armando had to say in December about his failure to live up to his boast about a “new TV show”:

    “I have even put my television show on hold (for a short time) while focusing on teaching people how to make money.

    The networks are clamoring for me to do a new show so that is not a challenge. It’s a time crunch between teaching and television. My passion for teaching at this point in my life is much greater.”

    Yeah, the networks are clamoring for me to do a new show too. I just decided to put them on hold.

    We all know that no one buys your properties after you stupidly go on television and tell everyone how cheap and substandard you arranged for the repairs to be; your crap about ‘thirty flips a month’ is an insult to the intelligence of a third-grader; and your TV episodes have not once lived up to your boasts. Has one episode ever ended with a closing that actually took place?

    I like the way that book-signing episode started out by saying “if I don’t finish this book in two weeks, I lose the deal with the publisher,” then you pretend to be ecstatic thirty minutes later in the same episode about ‘signing the book deal’?

    Do you not think we saw the guilt on your face when you looked down after speaking the words “thirty flips a month,” silently praying that no ‘publisher’ would call you on that figure, demanding to see the five or six closings you must have been doing that week, or, worse yet, asked to accompany you to the next one – a closing that you knew was nowhere on the horizon.

    By the way, you are the only one laughing at your staged stunts like ‘accidentally’ demolishing the illegal building with the bulldozer. The building looked like what it was – crap that was manufactured from scraps of junk scavenged from scrap piles, too worthless even for you to try to cover up with paint. You did not ‘accidentally’ wreck that building – since when do you tell Randy what you are going to do before you do it – and no one but you was laughing hysterically at the result.

    Did anybody notice that ‘Heather’ who ‘manages about a hundred of my rental properties’ is the same ‘Heather the Wholesaler’ who allegedly brought that homemade shack to him? Are we not to believe that “Heather” is an actress who was willing to work for free, much like the photographer you got for nothing, for the photo you can no longer use because your own brother does not want his own name associated with yours?

    “Armando to the Rescue,” sir? How come they were not rescued, living in a trailer, despite your so-called heroics? And why were you so intimidated by the big-dollar contractors that you bought their excuse about ‘you can’t paint the inside until the doors are up’?

    Is this why your ‘Real Estate Nightmare’ show was never picked up? Because you were incapable of ‘rescuing’ anyone, least of all yourself, from trailers?

    You are the trailer-dweller, Armando. It was never going to work with the rich people on the West Coast; deep in your heart you knew they were too good for you.

    Stick to your $6,500 budgets on $10,000 crack houses, and ‘prove to Veronica that you can flip a house in any market.

    Oh, yeah, you failed to prove that too.

    Much like you failed to prove that you were ‘still the man you used to be’ when you failed to lose weight (unless, of course, you were a fat loudmouthed loser to begin with, in which case you were right, for once).

  22. JJ says:

    Armando: “I have recent video footage of some flips I’ve been doing that I call the “Lost Flip Archives”. These are high quality clips that I never released to the general public. They are amazing, funny and instructional. Perhaps I will release them sometime next year, maybe not though.”

    So now we know what this guy’s word is actually worth. After his dramatic “signing of the contract” that he ballyhooed on his Web site for weeks, after all the networks were “clamoring for his new show,” he “decided to put the show on hold.” Good thing prospective business associates can see what happens when ol’ Armando Montelongo signs on the dotted line.

    Then he has the imagination to tell us he has fantastic footage in the vault, but has decided not to release it just now, because ‘his passion for teaching is much greater’. So first you claim you have a huge TV project in the works; then you dramatically sign the “contract” on the internet; then you say you decided to “put it on hold,” thereby revealing that your word and your signature were meaningless; then, you claim you have footage available, which could satisfy the ‘voracious demand’ for a TV show you claim they are clamoring for, but have decided not to release it just yet. Are you a liar, sir, or just an idiot?

    Am I getting the distinct impression that you are not releasing the footage because A) none of the closings on these properties ever came to pass, or B) none of the people you supposedly “rescued” actually benefited in any way after you stuck your nose in their business, or C) You have realized, albeit a little late, that no one will buy a property after it appears on your show, or D) you don’t actually have any footage? Or do you hope that, in a year or two, one of these properties may actually close, netting you the “happy ending” you have so sorely lacked to date?

    I will make a prediction – in a year or so you will tease all your fans for weeks, then make a “huge announcement”: YOU ARE RELEASING THE “LOST FLIP ARCHIVES.” This title is more apt than you realize, sir, because you have ‘lost’ more flips than you will ever publicly acknowledge. You are “teaching” – telling people your embarrassing lowball strategies – because you personally can’t use them anymore: no one possessing a brain in this industry will do business with you.

    Yes, we know those 30 simultaneously-seized properties “weren’t yours”; they were your brother’s – right? Well, why would you let those golden opportunities slip away, regardless of whom they belonged to? Why not muscle in there, take advantage of one of your “Four D’s” (this is not referring to his 12th grade report card, folks; it means – wait for it – “disease, disaster, death, and divorce”)? Why not utilize the “system where you can flip 20, 30 houses a month,” come to the “rescue,” and “flip those houses?” Because you are an idiot who cannot do anything you claim?

    What about it? If you went to see a movie called “Luke Skywaker to the Rescue,” and Luke doesn’t prevent the damsel in distress from crashing over the cliff, and she plummets to her death at the end of the show, was it really a “rescue”? And wouldn’t the director have the sense to include a reaction shot of the defeated “hero” – not end the show with a cowardly, conspicuous absence?

    True, you didn’t actually tell that “publisher” that you, personally, flip “30 houses a month,” you merely implied it (although you state it outright on MySpace). But if you are the master of this strategy, and this strategy can produce these results, why aren’t you doing it? Oh, right – your ‘passion for teaching.’

    But may I point out that, when all your “students” came out to visit you on the site of your “flip” – and you launched into this idiocy about “I want more bushes! I want higher! I want to build this up!” and you “didn’t notice no one was listening” – has it occurred to you that “students,” who go to a seminar, pencil in hand, follow the instructor and hang on his every word, wanting to get their money’s worth? Do you expect us to believe these “rabid students” – every last one of them – independently decided to just sit there when you took your show on the road, leaving you babbling to no one in particular?

    In light of the ending of this episode, I would like to know: Where are all the “Bushes!” “Higher!” that you demanded? And why were none of the students listening to the ‘guru’s’ wisdom? Are you so ineffective as a teacher that people don’t bother to listen to your wisdom, your intentions for the project?

    These really are “actors who work for free” – and they are worth every penny. Own up, Armando – they had specific instructions, from you, to sit there and ignore everything you did; a staged stunt you though would be hysterical. It wasn’t. Get a writer – I’ve heard a few of those will work for free.

    Speaking of cheap help – If I was “Chris the Eager Intern,” and you “started me right away,” handing me some coffee money without saying “you’re hired,” and shaking hands, I would walk right out the door with your $20 (or was it $5, probably) and keep the money. You forgot to hire him, sir; everyone who hires somebody says “welcome aboard” and shakes his hand – oh, I forgot, your handshake doesn’t mean anything anyway. But a real writer, and/or a director, would have thought of this most basic of elements and put it in the script. Too bad they cost money.

    What happened to Chris, by the way? Isn’t he a multimillionaire real estate investor by now? Why not? Oh, yeah, he is still a reality TV wannabe. Why did he not appear beyond those few episodes, if you are such a fountain of wisdom and wealth? Doesn’t this tell us something about your “teaching skills,” and/or the quality of the results you generate?

    And this $5,000 that “Chris the Eager Intern” allegedly prepaid to a contractor who never showed, representing – ha ha, how funny – a stark contrast to your seasoned, killer instincts, committing the “mistake of mistakes,” paying a contractor first. I’m a little unclear on this. This was your money that he gave away? You say it is idiocy to hand money over to a contractor before you have gotten results, yet, if we are to believe what we see here, this incident is predicated on you handing that same amount to your shiny new intern – someone who, to date, had produced no results? Aren’t you the idiot here, committing the same sin your protégé committed? Or, did you stage this whole thing, thinking it would be hilarious? In other words, there was no shady contractor (notice he was never identified – why not get revenge on him)- and no $5,000 giveaway?

    On the subject of revenge – we all recall how you were rousted out of bed, arrested, and “improperly” accused of bad business practices, then, allegedly had the charges dismissed (or did you simply pay the peanuts you owed her)? Why would a man of your purported stature go through so much trouble over a pittance of a few thousand dollars? Wouldn’t you have made ten times that amount on the flip you could have done that day? And, more importantly, we recall how you raved about “showing no mercy” and exacting bloodthirsty revenge on this individual who did you so very wrong.

    We’re still waiting.



  23. Mark says:

    It looks like Armando and Premier Mentoring are trying to fool everyone in believing their companies are getting a A rating with the BBB. I got a call from someone from Premier Mentoring trying to sell a program from Bob Diamond. First let me begin by saying Bob Diamond should not in the same category as Armando Montelongo, he appears to more legitimate and has a good program. The salesperson was bragging about the programs A-rating with the BBB and I quickly stopped him in his tracks and told him that for several years both Armando and Premier had an horrendous F rating due to consumer complaints ranging from strong sales tactics to poor customer service. The current report still has over 200 complaints that were resolved or closed which may explain the new rating, however the company still experiences problems with it’s customers by proof of this and other sites! Please don’t buy into the new rating, it very very misleading!!!!!!!!

  24. Lynne says:

    Sure am glad I found this site. I fell asleep in front of tv last night and work up to the infomercial about seminar coming to Denver in early May. I signed up, then learned on this site and other sites today that I need to cancel. I’ve read that once they get your credit card info for “free” book, they continually charge for it month after month. Thanks to all of you for the heads up.

  25. Carol says:


  26. Shomeir says:

    Like many others, I put out a lot of money for Armando’s coaching service. When I asked how I find financing, I was told that I have to hit-up my rich friends. Sorry, I don’t have any rich friends. I would be interested in joining any class actions that are being started. shomeir-at-gmail-dot-com.

  27. Tyrone Snarkleton says:

    Thanks to this site, I never got Montelongoed and this makes me happy! Has ANYONE noticed that practically ALL of the low rent TV advertisers have lousy BBB ratings? I’m talking about the off beat channels on cable and satellite versus the mainstream networks. Every time I see something that looks remotely attractive, I check the BB and, sure enough, they’ve got lousy ratings. Does anyone remember one of the latter episodes where Armando was sitting on his couch with a notebook and telling his wife how he needed to knock out his new book so he can help others with real estate in the way it has helped their family? That was such a crock. It’s almost as if the Armandofest believes that everyone is incredibly stupid or something. Well some must be or he wouldn’t still be trying to sell this farce real estate stuff.

  28. Steven says:

    I purchased this course and with the help of my wife and brother we have made some much needed extra money. I guess the only warning here is, if you are a lazy bum, don’t bother. I don’t understand how some people call this a scam. I have paid cash for over half of my classes because of Armando’s help. Oh, by the way, I sent him an email once because i was so confused, he called me and broke it down even further. I couldn’t believe it was really him! THANKS ARMANDO!

  29. Chris says:

    well, while i never purchased any products i do believe the spam part is not on his behalf per say, they promote through affiliate companies and the affiliate members are the ones spamming his products for affiliate commissions

  30. Karla says:

    Wow, so many people took time to share their less than professional experience with Armando M. How many did not take the time. He’s all over and, too. I still get get complete steps on how I go about using land trusts to remain anonymous with flipping. Jordan rarely responds to email concerns or phone calls. I have NEVER felt my hand was held (as Armando said a few times during the 3 day). Stay away from Armando workshops-they don’t fulfull–they are too busy I beleive to take the time once they steal your monies. they have an attorney Josh who also is not into reasonable customer satisfaction. I only wanted half my monies back even though I feel I only received 30% good info (local bus tour/boot camp was aweful and completely unorganized and the three days in CA had very different expenses on the houses depending if Paul or Armando took you through the tour–I am talking like maybe a $15-$18k difference–alot of difference–that makes it confusing). They have an F BBB rating-gosh, I was dumb to not check all this before paying sooooo much $$$$$.

  31. Karla says:

    Wow, so many people took time to share their less than professional experience with Armando M. How many did not take the time. He’s all over and, too. I still am using great tenacity to try to get complete steps on how I go about using land trusts to remain anonymous with flipping. Jordan rarely responds to email concerns or phone calls. I have NEVER felt my hand was held (as Armando said a few times during the 3 day). Stay away from Armando workshops-they don’t fulfull–they are too busy I beleive to take the time once they steal your monies. they have an attorney Josh who also is not into reasonable customer satisfaction. I only wanted half my monies back even though I feel I only received 30% good info (local bus tour/boot camp was aweful and completely unorganized and the three days in CA had very different expenses on the houses depending if Paul or Armando took you through the tour–I am talking like maybe a $15-$18k difference–alot of difference–that makes it confusing). They have an F BBB rating-gosh, I was dumb to not check all this before paying sooooo much $$$$$.

  32. marsha says:

    Karla- dont feel bad, i am in the same situation and i feel the same way, the local boot camp was horrible and did not teach anything, etc… have you gotten anyway with getting your money back? Maybe we should start a civil lawsuit!!

  33. sue says:

    My husband and I went to the 3 day class and truely only received about 1/2 day of information. The rest of the time was on selling the bus tour.
    Listening to Uncle Jimmy tell us not to talk to the other participants and use his “I dont think any of you could buy a house cheap” routine was insulting to say the least. Then to hear him say, dont listen to your wife and have Sam (another instuctor) pop off with “Take Armando’s divorce class” was truly one of the worst things I had heard anyone say. I almost left right then. I did leave half day on Sunday( 3rd day) when I realized the sales of the bus tour would be the only topic for the rest of the class. I was insulted and truly sorry we had wasted our money and time with this bogus group.
    How they sleep at night is beyond me.

  34. tommy v says:

    I have news for everyone, He is a scum and a con.not sure how he made his money but guess safe to say by being shady and dishonest with others. There is no get rich quick can make money on real estate but you need money behind you and need to be able to do alot of work yourself. Dont fall for these scum bags

  35. BMS says:

    Was wondering if you could give me some advice or send me to the people who could help me in a situation.. My Partner and I enrolled in Armando Montelongo Real Estate Seminar’s their out of San Antonio Texas to the tune of over $ 42,000.00 $10,000.00 in which was a program called Market Domination on 6/28/2014 we had 5 day to cancel on 6/30/2014 we had to cancel Market Domination class there was no fax number nor in the contract did it say to mail by special mail delivery only a phone number to the call center so we called and a lady at the other end said just to mail the forms in, so we did on 7/1/2014 post marked which was in the time frame, but they say never got it. we have been going back and forth for months now and no refund we have all the paper work showing dates and times we called and emailed the company, finally last month they gave us the fax number so we faxed the cancellation down to them still they refuse to make the refund. Thanks

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