From Richard C. Davis: Team Trademark No Longer On “Flip This House”

The following is a mass email Richard C. Davis sent on July 29, 2006 to those who have emailed him and Trademark Properties messages of support. 


First of All, I want to personally thank you all for the overwhelming show of support you guys have shown us during season 1 of “Flip This House” and even more so since the introduction of season 2 without Team Trademark. TRULY HUMBLING and more appreciated than I can ever put in words.

Many of you have taken the time out of your busy lives to let the powers to be know how you feel, that means more to me personally than any victory we will have in court.

I can’t comment on the lawsuit but I will tell you it is the FIRST time in my life that I even contemplated suing anyone. I don’t believe in wasting good energy chasing bad energy and truly believe you reap what you sew but this time I wasn’t going to be bullied by a network and allow them to steal what is rightfully mine.

I want to clear up any question as to our association with season 2, it’s real simple….WE HAVE NONE! A&E did a casting call to replace myself, Ginger, Dawn, Lori, Vance, John and everyone else associated with Trademark Properties. I wrote the show, produced our pilot, shopped it to 3 networks, never sold it, still own it and somehow A&E “recast” a show that was never cast in the first   place. We are real people, doing what we do every day, just with a camera capturing it for your amusement and hopefully you pick up some tips along the way, some how to and some how not to:)

We are filming as we speak for a new series on a new network. I want to  assure you of one thing, we will not change for the sake of a network or production company or anyone for that matter. We are who we are, flaws and all and don’t care to show you anything but who we really are, what we really do and how we really do it, success or failure.

It has been great meeting many of you at the airports, at our office and for many of you at The Crab House:) you guys have shown us nothing but support and even if I get in trouble with the lawyers, I felt the need to respond to your gracious support.

Everyone has brought it to my attention that the network has removed the website and discussion boards for your comments.  I would ask that you all please go to and utilize the “flip this house” discussion boards there.  This is a television database for the industry that cannot be removed by the network.  It means so much to Team Trademark that you continue to have a place to voice your concerns.  This is the place that will get the most attention from network executives, production companies, and sponsors, as well.  Please remember when you rate the show, it is about season 1 with Team Trademark.  So if you like season 1 – rate it high, but put your comments about season 2 in the comment section.

Thank you so much – we could not ask for a more supportive group of people! 

We will keep you up to date as we are allowed (and sometimes when we’re not:) )


564 Comments on “From Richard C. Davis: Team Trademark No Longer On “Flip This House””

  1. Ben Gilbertsen says:

    Good luck Richard. My wife and I tivo your show and its our Monday routine to watch during dinner. It’s the only show we watch together. “At the end the day” A&E will get whats coming…keep us in the loop. Thanks.

  2. Stephanie says:

    God bless, Richard. I cannot wait for the new series!

    Very best,

  3. Steve Barnes says:

    Let me know when the new show will be on. The Trademark team has integrity which the season 2 team does not.
    Unfortunatly, I only discovered the show a few weeks ago and would like to see the first episodes. I went to A&E and found that you can buy them for $30 per DVD. I do not want to support them. Can I get them from you?
    Anyway, good luck! How do I get on your email list?

  4. David Simin says:

    Dear Richard and Crew,
    I really enjoy “your” show and looked forward every week to what you would come up with next. I was very dissappointed when the new series came out. Let this be a lesson to executives don’t mess with the original (example:coke with new coke in the 80’s). What I liked was that you gave back to your community and that is something we Americans are lacking in the post “Reagan” era. Good luck in the future and if you need my help my e-mail is provided.

  5. Victoria says:

    Dear Richard,
    Good luck with everything. You have all our support and prayers. I’m glad you are fighting back. Loved ‘YOUR’ show and everyone on it. Excited about the new series! Hope to see y’all on TV soon.

  6. Shannon says:

    HUGE fan of “YOUR” show. As others have stated, cannot wait for the new series. I tried to watch the new season, but it was just not the same! Seems silly, but you and your company make the difference. Good luck…and we’ll see you on the new network!

  7. kathy says:

    WE are HUGE fans!!!! Please let us know what network you will be on!!! The new series holds nothing to you all. I have decided to change my career..ginger is my idol.

  8. Mary says:

    Love the show , really dislike the crew out of Texas.
    My only comment, and I truly hope you read this
    The eposide you did where you laid in wait for the thieves to make their appearance in the middle of the night
    You and Kevin were both consuming alcholiin a vehicle while driving, you owe to your viewers to show responsibility and this was irresponsible. Would you want your kids on the road with those that are drinking and driving, I don’t. Please think before you act when drinking and driving, and remember the thousands that have lost their lives to drunk drivers, thank you for taking the time to read this

  9. Veronica says:

    I was so disappointed when I turned on Flip This House and you and the Trademark crew where not there. I had no idea what was going on until I researched it on the net. I will not watch the new show on A&E as its just not the same. I am not one to normally write emails or letters regarding TV shows but I loved your show and I looked forward to it every week. Good Luck and go get them!

  10. afdengineer says:

    I am a huge fan of the show. I am looking forward to seeing the new show on TLC. I do rehabbing myself and I use your show for some inspiration except on a much smaller scale. I am also a huge fan of ginger’s but I don’t like her dog.

  11. Dea says:

    Big Fan of Season 1 with Richard and his crew. Season 2 is a wash with the “new group” as it totally loses pace and seems like an immitation.

    Can’t wait for Trademark to reappear on another channel. Will be watching for it.

  12. Debbie says:

    I anxiously await any news of your new show.

  13. michael junk says:

    Richard everyone in the sooner state loves your show. My roommates and I even tried to flip our own house…however it was unsuccessful. Concerning the episode where those scumbags were stealing from yall, I was excited to see you and Kevin waiting with guns and beer. Hell that’s exactly what we would do here in Oklahoma. Thanks for being so real while providing amazing entertainment.

    Oh and PS….try to be nice to Ginger. She is awfully cute and I kinda like that dog of hers.

  14. Karen says:

    Please let me know when and where I can find the new show. I tuned in the other day and couldn’t believe you all were not on the show. I didn’t know what was going on until I searched the web. I really don’t care to watch anything on A&E now, the new crew sucks. What they did to you was wrong. Good luck and best wishes to all. Can’t wait for your new show!!

  15. Darren Gauthier says:

    What an inspiration!!! You have given me hope in making my property business work. Keep it up and F… A&E!

  16. Steve Culp says:

    Richard and the other team members. I wish you the best of luck and I am dismayed at the way A&E has treated you. I love the show and I am in serious Trademark withdrawl!!! Looking forward to seeing all of you on another network soon!

    Keep up the good fight!!

  17. Hello, I will start with saying that the new shows are a joke/borderline stupid. If I want to see low budget ghetto pride crack houses I’d watch 48hrs.
    I watched the show for its dynamic power and the high amount of energy that the team gave to every episode. Add to that the quality of work that just isn’t possible with the new group of BMW7xx driving hacks. Give me a break WHO DRIVES A $85,000. BMW 750 to a crack house job site. (1st episode 2nd season. )
    Thank you for allowing me to vent I will now be removing Flip This House from TIVO.
    Do you guys sell or plan on selling DVD’s?
    Thank You

  18. chris says:

    Let me first say we truely miss you all!
    Me and my friends were avid watchers of Flip this House and now we can find better things to do than watch Flop this House. We very much enjoyed watching a winner winner chicken dinner and now we have loser loser san antonio boozers. Trust me in saying there is know comparision to the REAL Flip this House crew. We look forward to hearing more about the new show and when we can see it. Lets hope for the same time slot so they can see what a true gem they had with the Trademark team.

  19. Martin Romero says:

    Richard, Iam a building Inspector, and your crew kicks “ASS”

  20. TeryleS says:

    I turned on A&E for season 2 to see Tradmark staff do it’s thing. Very disappointed to see no “Team Trademark” and turned the channel. Looking forward again to seeing the Tradmark team again on new network.

  21. Jerry Hall says:

    I am Disabled have not a lot of years to live maybe two. I have never owned my own home couldn’t afford one would have loved to be able to flip a house just to live in. I loved your show. I am commited to my bed most of the time,so television is my past time. I love how you kept it real. Showed what your where doing and prices, Whatit took to do the flip. Not buying beer for the crew,or food to get them to work, as a joke, you may have for a reward, but not to take away from what a flip is. bringing in girls to get the crew.Yours was about the flip ,what people wanted to see. I sure hope you get a new show, and keep it real like you did. What a flip is about. Thank you for making a lady who has newver ownd a house, and having to stay in bed most of the time,very happy.Will look for your show on what ever channel it comes on.. Thanks again

  22. Jeff Freel says:

    I really miss your show, hope to see your team again soon.

  23. Ed Roberts says:

    Well I just loved the 1st season of flip this house. Imagine my surprise when I tuned in to the second season and saw no Richard and the crew. It was like drinking a soft drink that had been left open for several days. To say the second season has been flat and without fizz would be an understatement!I actually rode by the Clemson project and they looked brand new.Richard can’t wait to see you guys back on the air!

  24. Nathan says:

    Richard I just wanted to say that I have great memories about watching you and your team fix up houses and sell them
    I feel like the station that you were previously on dropped the ball. I not only dislike the new season of Flip This
    House, I will never watch it until the show that you and Trademark Properties
    have is back on the air on a new network, Good luck and thank you for
    your dilligent efforts at making Flip This House such a great show to watch
    And I can’t wait until your on a different network.

  25. Nathan says:

    Good Luck In your future endeavours Richard

  26. Michael Hooks says:

    We really miss you guys on Sunday evenings. We certainly let the folks at A&E know the first night they put that Texas show on the air they had lost us as viewers. We hope you guys will be back on tv somewhere soon and teach A&E a little something in court.

  27. Maryann Malanaphy says:

    Loved season 1 “Flip this House” with team Trademark. Despise season 2. Where did Lamont and the “ghetto fabulous” and Armando and the Cha’s Cha’s come from? I’ll never watch “Flip this House” again and this whole thing has really diminished my opinion of A&E network.
    Can’t wait to see team Trademark back on a new network.

  28. Liz Griffith says:

    We miss you and your crew on Flip This House and no longer watch it. The new crews are horrible and the two shows we saw were a torture to watch! Let us know when you land on another channel.

  29. Kim says:

    We miss you, Trademark!! Can’t wait to see you again on TLC!

  30. Sue Jones says:

    We moved from Florida to “Richard’s Country” 🙂 just recently. We have been a fan of your show since the getgo. How surprised or should I say shocked we were to find you gone from the show. The replacements are down right disgusting and we have stopped watching the show all together. I can’t believe A&E stole your show for all the world to see. Good luck with your law suit. We will follow your show wherever it goes.

  31. Leigh Morris says:

    My husband and I LOVE your show. We never watch TV, but we sort-of got addicted to your show by accident. It is no longer the same. We tried to watch, but it’s just awful. Good luck to you, and I hope your show is reproduced on a network that can appreciate it.

  32. Andrea Fine says:

    As a fellow South Carolinian, we stick together from Clemson to Greenville to Rock Hill to Myrtle Beach to Charleston, I followed you to all places. Cannot stand the new show, using very steroetypical and stale ghetto and espanol gags from the people who are now on it. Anyway my family is behind you and only watch A & E when you are on reruns. Best of luck to you on TLC and please keep us posted here as to when to look for you.
    I am e-mailing all the sponsors of A & E to advise them I will inform them of what A & E has done to you and how unsatisfactory and chintzy the new format is. This does not bode well with a good sponsor.

  33. Julia Barnett says:

    My Family spent every weekend eagerly awaiting Richard and the crew to entertain us on Sunday nights. Imagine the shock tuning in to Season Two and watching these losers trying to immitate the Trademark team! I have blocked out A&E on my remote and will not watch that network again. We cannot wait to tune in to your new show!

  34. Mike Mooring says:

    The idea behind the show was simple and could easily grow stale – but you and your team always made each show entertaining and educational. Not just about the subject, but about the south and the people who live there. Fight the good fight and win, win, win!

  35. Nikki Washington says:

    I really enjoy your show. I just watched the new season and I was suprised that you guys were not on. The new show was not bad but it wasn’t the same. For the comment from Douglas Brown, Just because the new members are BLACK, doesn’t mean that the show is ghetto!!!! Many businessmen travel to less fortunate areas in their fancy cars. Just because it’s a BLACK neighborhood doesn’t mean that the houses are crack houses. As a matter of fact a WHITE couple bought the house.

  36. Diane says:

    Good luck with your new show Richard. You and the team all have our support and prayers. I am so glad you are fighting back. I don’t know where these exec’s get their info, but they sure don’t listen to those of us that keep them in business. Loved ‘YOUR’ show and everyone on it. Excited about the new series and hope it is soon on the air. Please keep us all posted as we miss you.
    God Bless,

  37. George says:

    I stumbled onto this show last year. Needless to say I was hooked and watched and rewatched all of the series. Working in this industry its good to see a company formed from the ground up, become sucessful “and at the end of the day” the drive and energy to exceed expectations. I have my entire office watching your show. We even named a guy in the apprasial office “Richard C” for his witty one-liners and good sunvisors! We were all disappointed when season 2 hit. I have already sent a letter to AandE expressing this. Keep up the great work and looking forward to better things!
    Ginger- we miss you as well..brains and beautiful!:) Wish you all well!

  38. Brock says:

    Hope you get around to having a look at these comments and see the overwhelming support you have. You and your team put on a fantastic show and were truly one of the brightspots in a otherwise wasteland of television. You guys were greats and miss seeing you guys. This new show stinks and was dropped from my TIVO. I hope A and E realizes what a mistake they made and hope you have the last laugh in the end. Best wishes and continued success.

  39. Mo says:

    Richard, you and the Trademark team are the real deal. Season 1 was the best. Season 2 sucks. Good luck with the lawsuit. Can’t wait to see you all again on TLC. Hopefully soon!!!

  40. joann shrader says:

    Richard, please let us know when you will on again and what channel to find you on. Love you and the trademark crew. You better hang on to Ginger and Dawn. they’ll keep you straight! Good luck with the lawsuit and we are behind you all, and A & E will be sorry in the long run

  41. Sam says:

    Richard & Team, we seriously miss you all. We will not watch the version of “YOUR” show currently on and await news that you and your crew have kicked em to the curb and won your fight! Please keep us posted on when “YOUR” show is back on the air.

  42. Nadia says:

    Richard we miss you and all of team Trademark. I know I (and everyone I know) were surprised and extremely disappointed when we tuned in for season 2 and it wasn’t about Trademark anymore. Please keep all your fans informed as to when your new show begins.

  43. Daniel & Derrick says:

    Richard and your crew, I was very dissappointed to see that another team was doing the Flip This House Series. You are one of the few shows that I Tivo all of the time. I was unaware of the lawsuit against A&E. The new crew is nothing compared to your crew (humor, quality of work on houses) and we are looking forward to your return. From your shows, I know you are persistant and will fight for what you believe. Hope everything turns out well for each one of you all.

  44. Jen Ludwig says:

    The new season of Flip this House is absolutely terrible! What they are lacking is southern charm and hospitality and a big dose of humor. The only reason we ever watched A&E was for your show, and now we don’t even go there. We miss you and your team. We even miss Ginger’s dog, and that is saying alot!! Please come back – to any network – as long as it’s not A&E.
    Jen & Kris Columbus Ohio

  45. PAUL says:

    sorry we miss you., look forward to your new show!!!!!!!!! thr show with out you is not the same!!!!!!!!!! keep us posted

  46. Danny says:

    richard i really liked your show flip this house.I hate it went off the air on A&E,but i can tell you one thing the show they have on there now stinks.I was down in charleston on 8-4-06 and got to meet dawn i knew here husband also and i told her how i loved the show.i wish i could have met all of you but i know yall are busy i can relate to what yall do since im in the home improvement business back in Lexington NC. I cant wait till yall get back on TV again real soon

  47. carrie leach says:

    Team Trademark- Missing you guys and cannot wait for YOUR show to start!!!!!Go Get Em- you had a great show!!! Tell Ginger thanks for the email. I will be sure to support you guys however necessary. After ssing the Crabhouse episdoe we are planning our next family vacatio from Florida 🙂

  48. Mandy says:

    Good luck with everything Richard and Team Trademark. It was always a great watching you guys and I can’t wait for your new show. Good luck with everything:)

  49. Dale Zelinsky says:

    The Atlanta crew is doing a fine job. Not as good as Richard and Crew but how can you expect them to? The Texas crew is the ones that suck.

    Good luck to Richard and people! 🙂

  50. CA DAVOS says:

    How do we find out when and where Richard’s new show airs. I’ve searched a bit and can’t find anything other than it is being filmed now. Loved this show from the very first time I stumbled onto it and I HATE the “substitutes”.

  51. Karen says:

    SOB!! WHAT THE!! Why I otta!! I loved that show and everyone on it! I can’t wait for your new show, because the old one now sucks! Seriously, your show was my favorite and there is nothing that I would have changed about it except make it longer! You are wonderful!!

    I never have written for a TV show before, but yours was way to good to let slide! Don’t change anything!!

  52. Karen says:

    TO THE IDIOT PRODUCERS! JEEZE you had a gold mine! YOU ARE REALLY, REALLY STUPID!! This is the best show you ever had going!! Welcome to Loserville!!

    Might as well shut the new one down, STINKS!! HOW could you miss this???

  53. Larry Sutton says:

    Richard and all your beautiful people. This Tarheel has nothing but cheers for my SC bros and siss. You guys rock, and please don’t let this setback stop your effort to give us fun intertainment. If I was a rich SOB, I’ed give you all I could to help you win the suit and to keep making good programs. We want to get up there for the Spoletto Festival next May and maybe get a chance to say hello. Be well and never give in and never give up. Larry

  54. Coleen says:

    Richard and All of Team Trademark: You can add us to the list of those who refuse to watch Flip This House without all of you on it. Our family used to really look forward to the show and enjoy it immensely, but no longer. Best of luck with all that’s going on now and we hope that we will be seeing you all again soon.

  55. Mark Pickrn says:

    I was very disappointed not seeing all of the cast yourself,Ginger, Dawn, Lori, Vance, John and everyone else associated with Trademark Properties. When the new 2nd season came on it is not worth watching. A&E should be embarrassed with the 2nd season
    Hope to see all you back.


  56. Tiffany says:

    Richard –
    I was extremely disappointed to learn that your company and you were not part of season 2 of Flip This House. I really enjoyed watching you all flip houses, and even helping some people out along the way. I have only seen a couple of episode of season 2, and I honestly didn’t enjoy them. I believe A&E made a huge mistake by continuing with Trademark Properties. I ensure you that the only episodes I will be watching is the reruns of season 1. I can not wait til the new show you are filming comes out. Please let me know when and what channel.
    Best of Luck and I can’t wait to see the new show.


  57. Michele Jones says:

    Hi Richard…I am estatic to hear that you will be joining TLC and creating your show there. I was EXTREMELY upset with the new season. A&E should be ashamed of theirselves. Good luck!
    Michele :0)

  58. Robert says:

    Season 2 suuuucks!!! Trademark is by far the best group and the show was so much more entertaining!!! I saw Richard in the Airport in Denver with all his Clemson garb on and was really excited to see him. Cant wait to watch TLC!!

  59. Susan says:

    Another network bites the dust! Go Team Trademark!!

  60. SHELLEY says:




  61. Bob says:

    The genius who came up with season 2 — The Mexican Invasion or No Officer, I Didn’t Know The Truck Was Stolen…are idiots…bring back Ginger, Richard, and the crew…..they were the real deal…. This is my brother Juan and my other brother Juan…. They el sucko…

    Columbia, MO

  62. Michael says:

    Keep up the good work in Charleston and cant wait till Team Trademark launches on TLC!

  63. phillip barr says:

    My Mother and I are big fans of the show. You guys are the real deal.

  64. Sal & Lynda says:

    Richard, We just want to let you know how much we enjoy watching “YOUR” show. We Tivo every rerun — the new Flip This House is terrible. If we wanted to watch people like the Texas or Atlanta crews, we would tune into Jerry Springer. They are so unprofessional. To succeed in business as in life you have to have character. Your character shines thru with each episode. You show real feeling for people, — your friends, your clients and your family. It doesn’t take much to make someone feel special but it can make a huge difference in someone’s life, case in point — Gus and his family — now there was a guy who was down and out and you gave him back his dignity and then some — the lady who was fighting with her sister over their parent’s home was so emotional when you showed her the finished product. You could feel how proud and happy she was, even though it cost you a bundle — you gave Kevin a chance, and look at what you did for the Crab House and John Keener, heck we even travelled to SC on our way to Florida just to eat there —- each episode shows a man with good business sense, and strength of character. No matter how much money these other guys make, they can’t buy that! We look forward to seeing your new show and we know it will be a success.

  65. Dani says:

    Richard, I just found out last night that there were new crews for 2nd season. And the episode was a true joke, not even a real flip. No one spends $20k on granite and travertine for a flip. And where was their Ginger to find a better price? I won’t watch the new season without you guys. Love your show and your company more. Write if you or ginger ever need another site manager or assistant, i’ll move to you!
    good luck:)

  66. David Roper 63 says:

    I do not TIVO the new season of FTH anymore. It’s pale comparison of Richard Davis’s FTH series. The new season is so bad, I thought at first that it was a joke. Comon’ A&E get Davis’ show back before you lose all your viewers. I’m gone until I hear diff. So sad, sniff!!

  67. Regina Holbert says:

    Richard & Co. –
    I am a huge fan of your show and waited anxiously all summer for new episodes. What a shock to find the arrogant, unprofessional and unentertaining crew they found to replace you instead. I couldn’t even watch the whole episode. I’m considering a call to A&E to tell them I want my 15 minutes back.
    Good luck with your new show, please keep your many fans posted on where and when we can watch.

  68. linda brown says:




  69. Russell Wood says:

    As an architect & specification writer I always looked forward to Sunday evenings & each new episode of your show. What a disappointment to find the show has been replaced by a new cast. At least we have the repeats until you surface on another network. Hope we see you soon!

  70. Roberta Roe says:

    What a mistake it was for A&E to “recast” YOUR show. The new season of Flip This House is awful!! The new cast should focus on renovating and redecorating Taco Bells! Good luck with your lawsuit and please keep your fans posted on the status of your “new’ show.

  71. Julia says:

    I love YOUR show – never missed an episode. My husband and I could watch and laugh all day. We hope to move to SC in the future – we will certainly look you up. Best of luck with the lawsuit!

  72. Lori says:

    Please find a new network!!!!! You guys are the best! I can’t believe A/E would go from “Flip This House” to “Rip Off That Customer”. The new teams are not showing anything except how to cover up potential problems and rip off potential buyers by using the cheapest materials and craftmanship.(Sorry, I watched 2 episodes before I knew about the new teams.) Thanks for not lowering your standards and always showing your viewers top-notch rentovations! Thanks for sharing your ideas and “lives” with me each week!

  73. Kim Goodman says:

    Good luck with the law suit! You deserve to win. Without Team Trademark, there is no show!

  74. Scott Carr says:

    The A&E Network has gone mad they have screwed themselves! Richard, your showed Rocked! I say Your show because I believe you have a case against them. The new show sucks! I wish you the best of luck in the lawsuit and with the new show on whatever network your on. That network is lucky to have you and your crew. Keep up the outstanding deals/entertainment. I loved your show and I wish you and your entire organization the best of luck. PS: A&E who? there gone from my tv !!!

  75. Wendy & James says:

    We love YOUR show, it’s the only show that we watch together. We can’t wait until you are back on again. Your team is professional, halarious, and FUN! I HATE the new season, and was so disappointed to see that we don’t have Trademark to watch. We put the show on because we didn’t know they switched the cast, and watched for 3 minutes. Can’t wait for your team to be back. 🙂 Best of Luck!

  76. Tucker says:

    The new show sucks. We need Richard and Ginger back on the air NOW!!!!!

  77. Mike says:

    A&E is a chanel I no longer watch. Your show was great. It was entertaining, funny, and informative. I’m in the same business on a MUCH smaller scale but I learned a lot from the show. You’re a source of info and an inspiration for what I might can do. A&E can kiss my ass, the new show sucks. Nothing against the guys they have on now, they may be very nice guys, but the show sucks.

  78. Shana says:

    I kept watching “Flip This House” waiting to see you and the whole Trademark Crew..but now I can see there’s been a problem going on. It really breaks my heart because it was a show that my young daughter and I would sit down and watch over a bowl of popcorn! Fight the fight, because you guys are sooooooo worth it!

  79. Bob C says:

    I’m looking forward to the new show. Flip this House was my favorite. But I guess all good things have to come to and end, or at least while we wait for the new show on TLC. I can’t wait for more of Team Trademark!

  80. Pat & Chuck says:

    Richard, Ginger, John, Dawn, Vance & everyone envolved in getting the ‘original’ FLIP THIS HOUSE to us,

    There is no comparison between the first series and the show on now…we miss you guys terribly. We were unaware of the problem until just now. I searched the A&E site for info and saw nothing about you so I finally found as place where I could tell them to bring you back now! Sorry – I didn’t know about the lawsuit! You have a lot of fans on your side. We hope you win and want to see you back on TV soon!! Let us know when & where. Thanks.

  81. Eleanor says:

    Although I’m not impressed with the new texmexs I feel that maybe Richard and his crew did need a reality check. There’s no way you can find competent contractors overnight and complete a project in 2 weeks time. Also….what about permits and inspections?? I wasn’t impressed with the foul language and mis-communication. I also recently visited your Clemson project and was NOT impressed. You totally mis-represented yourselves. Out of 19 units only 4 are finished and they are vacant! The remaining are either in shambles or under construction. According to your show they were completed a year ago. I wonder how many other projects are fake. I’m not surprised that A&E has dropped you.

  82. Teresa Scudder says:

    I look forward to the new show on TLC. I don’t really care for the new show at all. It doesn’t have the heart that your’s does. Let me suggest a title for the new show. “Trademark Flips” It is your show and your team and company, why not put the company name on it.

  83. J S says:

    Let me start by saying: the new FTH season (and the company doing the “flipping”) is a joke.

    The primary reason I enjoyed FTH with Trademark is the fundamental “practical” business decisions of the Trademark team! Richard and his team consistently made the right call on how to spend money and manage the effort to successfully flip in order to run the business. And what made it even better: the Trademark team came across as genuine and caring (see the episode with the Crab house or episode where Trademark put the man + his family in a hotel while the house was renovated).

    The new company (the Montelongo’s) is a bunch of all-talk, no substance blow-holes. They would rather try to look good and talk B.S. than to produce results.

    Bring back Trademark!

  84. John and Beth says:

    Richard and gang WE MISS YOU GUYS/GALS!! Couldn’t believe it when new season started and there was a new group(Montelongo’s) THEY ARE AWEFUL!!!!! We will follow trademark where ever you end up!!! hurry back!! good luck with the lawsuit!!!!

  85. Joe and Verna says:

    We miss all of you. Will never watch the other show. Please let us know when and where you will be going. Make it soon
    Good luck with the suit

  86. Dave says:

    Richard and crew…..we love your show here in MA……and we look forward to seeing it again soon! Season 2 is truely pathetic! They look like a couple of used car salesmen doing a second rate job.
    Good luck and see you soon!

  87. Kara says:

    My entire family loves Team Trademark! We support you and look forward to seeing you on TV real soon! Best of luck and god’s speed!

  88. Jack says:

    I have tried and tried to give these idiots on this second season a chance and tonight was it.

    Every week since this pitiful attempt of a season started I have watched the episodes with each one watching less and less.

    Tonight I saw all of the first 5 minutes and have decided it is a lost cause.

    My wife and loved watching Richard and his crew in season 1. We can’t wait to see the new show when it comes out. Dear God please let it be soon as I can’t believe that A&E had their heads that far up their a**es to think they could “flip the cast” and we would blindly accept these new bozos.

  89. mark says:

    Congratulations on finding a new home..If A&E was willing to bring on the sleezy, low class hosts in San Antonio that they have, the results will speak for themselves. Thanks for the hard work and integrity.

  90. Ruben says:

    I’m from San Antonio, hispanic and very upset with A&E. I did not even realize that the show had been recast. If I did not see Richard and his crew I thought it was just a “special” about some wannabees trying their hand at “flipping” a house. When I saw the first San Antonio episode I wanted to kick myself because I thought Richard had come to town and I missed a chance to meet him and the crew. Boy was I shocked when I was told by a friend that it was not Trademark on the show anymore but this other group.

    I only saw two of the SA episodes so I can’t comment on the shows aired earlier. By the way, calling them ghetto and crack houses seems a little rough for me. But the SA show was only about “me me me”. They treat their contractors like subserviant hired help that walk around on eggshells hoping that they will not be offed by these Montelongo hoods. The photo shoot infront of the Alamo was a total joke. That’s exactly what I am looking for when I want to hire a contractor. One of the wives still wears the clothes she had when she was twelve and landed her husband. Babe, your not in your teens. I’m sure you have “earned” your money to get to Macy’s.

    The only thing that seems real is the kid and the pets. I did like the cat seen.

    Anyway, I did want to hire Montelongo for a project. They are also home builders and remodelers here in town. I don’t think that will be the case.

    Like a friend of mine wrote in an earlier email. “Flip This Channel”!

    Richard, stick it to A&E and get back on the air soon.

    Best of luck


  91. shannon says:

    I also thought that Richard and his team were on haitus and were soom returning to A & E, and that explained why I was seeing these other people on tv. Now that i see what had happened, I am sad that it had to come to that. I hope that Richard and his team will soon be on tv and we can’t wait to watch. We love Ginger and Dawn and richard and everyone. Good luck to all of you and God Bless.

  92. Melissa says:

    Hi Richard, My boyfriend and I were faithful viewers of your show. We absolutely loved it, it was one of the only shows we would actually look forward to watching reruns of. I for one was shocked and sad when we tuned in to watch one Sunday night and found out it was not you and your crew. The new shows are terrible to say the least. We have no interest in watching arrogant, money hunger, lying, disrespectful jerks. We’re looking forward to watching your new show….actually I can’t wait!!!! Keep us posted and good luck.

  93. Sue says:

    Dear Richard and Crew:
    My husband and I loved your show. We couldn’t wait each week to see the next one. I like the fact that you are based in South Carolina, as do we, and that you give back so much to the community where you and your brother grew up. The new series is about a group of money hungry aliens and that really upsets me. They are crude, rude and socially unacceptable on my tv. Can’t wait until you on back on the tube. By the way, I live right outside of Rock Hill where you did the flip at River Hills Country Club. You put it to the association there and I loved it. Keep up the good work and we will keep watching to see when you are back on the air. Thanks for letting me air my concerns.

  94. EDNA says:



  95. Janie says:

    To Team Trademark,
    My husband and I miss you, too! I could not believe my eyes when I saw the first episode of Season 2. In fact, I didn’t even watch the entire show. What a mess! We just refuse to watch any further episodes! I tried to post comments at the A&E website, but I was too late. They had already shut it down. Like many others, I was ready to give them a piece of my mind. I think someone at A&E must have lost his/her mind to ruin such a great show. We’ll be anxiously waiting to see all of you when you make your triumphant return to TV!

  96. Dalhia says:

    I was so looking forward to seeing you and your team on the second season. But as many others have commented, the “new” cast stinks. Who can flip a house with a budget of 12,000 and expect a 300% return.
    We miss the Trademark Team and you guys will be in my prayers.

  97. Nancy says:

    Richard and Crew:
    Loved your show and like all your other fans, have not been that thrilled with the new crews that they have the 2nd season. I miss the humor and chewing butt that was ‘Normal People’ behavior from all of your crew. Actually, you had more down to earth ideas for people and I really miss you. What I don’t miss is all of the digs towards ‘Nebraska’. What is that all about. We really are good people and our state does have a lot to offer as well as yours.
    Good Luck and I can’t wait to watch all of you on TLC.

  98. TJ says:

    Still waiting to see the Trademark crew on TLC !! Hope it’s soon!
    The new junk on A&E won’t fly- nobody wants to see it without Richard and Ginger and the crew! The new people are just posers.
    Don’t let the A&E fools steal your creation Richard…you deserve better than this!
    A Real Fan of the Real Show…TJ

  99. DAWN SHELBY says:


  100. CA DAVOS says:

    Does anyone have any information on where we can check to find out absolutely which network Richard’s new show will be on? Also, the title of the new show so that we know what we are looking for. And finally, does anyone have any idea how soon the show will begin airing. Any help on any of my questions will be much appreciated.

  101. Chrissy Villasenor says:

    Richard we miss you so much. I did not know until today (9/3/06). I decided to google where in the hell you’ve been. Shame on them! Good always wins at the end. I don’t watch “Flip This House” anymore, except for your re-runs. It’s so horrible. We’re planning to fly to South Carolina to eat at the Crab House sometime this fall. We love you Richard; God Bless!

    Mcallen, TX

  102. Traci says:

    I knew that something was wrong. I told my mom that the show was created by richard and how do they get away with using other people and not giving him any credit. However, I would really love to know what happened to kevin?

  103. Erik says:

    Richard I just want to say that the show is definitely not the same without you all at Trademark. The thing I miss most is the southern hospitality side you showed everyone; you represented it pefect and still maintained a smooth easy work flow. It seemed as though everyone loved their jobs and that in itself says alot about the company. I know you said “you can’t forget were you come from” and that is so true. I wish the best to you with your career and please stay who you are, no matter what show you have.

    Lake, MS

  104. janeese says:

    I enjoyed your season I and the sincerity that you brought with it. I continue to ensure season II because I have a hunger to learn this industry. HOWEVER, justice is equally important to me and unless the network can furnish a legitimate reason they are using new people, you need to proceed with the lawsuit. Stay true to yourself, continue to treat others right and put God first and you will be successful whichever network you are on.

  105. james says:

    Great cant wait to see new show. Your replacements are very unprofesional and lack the knowledge of what they are doing. Will be glad to see you guys again.

  106. Joe and LeAnn says:

    I am not one to e-mail television shows, networks or people’s websites, and believe me, I’m reality t.v.’d out. Having said that, your series was “MAC DADDY” and I had everyone I knew watching it. But my oh my…how disappointed were we all when we tuned into the first episode of season 2? I thought..okay, this is just a teaser, a “what not to do” kind of scenario. Seriously? Although I’m sure a lawsuit was your least favorite option, remember the words you spoke every week which became my family’s catch phrase…”the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward”. We are holding our breath till your new show airs so…..HURRY!!!!!

  107. Donna says:

    Richard and team Trademark….. I was so disappointed when I was out with my kids and told them we had to get home so I could watch “Flip this House” and when I turned it on, team Trademark was not the group doing the flipping!….the others do not compare..not even close! Can’t wait to watch your new show! Good luck to you!

  108. Lacey says:

    I am so dissapointed. I didn’t realize until I came across this website that Team Trademark would not be returning. I can’t stand the people on Season 2 and I just kept waiting for Team Trademark to return. I will definitely be looking for your new show when you return. Best of luck.

  109. Terence says:

    Richard: Good luck to you! Please post the new show info on the site so I can start watching when you come on. I really enjoy your show and it has inspired me to further pursue a career in real estate.

  110. MIKE PARKER says:



  111. Susan Wright says:

    WHERE IS THE NEW SITE – CHANNEL – ECT?? We truely loved your show and won’t watch the other one out of protest. Is it good?? We do not know….we just know that it unfairly takes the name “Flip This House” and lead us to believe the new episode was going to be about TrademarK Enterprises. so AE basically lied to us

  112. Marty says:

    Go for it Richard. I loved Flip This house and looked forward to watching the whole crew do what they do best -taking someone’s old house and making it into a beautiful new home. The show now is how to humiliate woman, rip off contractors, and, in general, be a total a-hole. The new show doesn’t get my time or energy, although I dostill watch the season 1 reruns. I love Trademark and all those who are a part of that special group of people. May you win in court and, I pray, may we see you on a competing network that cares.

  113. Karen says:

    Richard & Crew: I was shocked to not find you on Sunday’s. Not a big fan of the new one.
    I got my co-worker hooked on your show as well. I am a recreation therapist and work with persons with disabilities. My Young Adult Day Program generally attends the Fall Break/Spring Break Travel Club and our destination is Charleston, SC in October. When Monica and I discussed the trip preparations, I reminded the participants to have their budget include going to the Crab House you flipped. I told the participants about your show and we need to see and experience it. They agreed and we will be there October 13th!!

    Good Luck with your lawsuit and look forward to seeing you, Ginger, Kevin, Dawn and the rest soon.

    Karen R. Noel, TRS/CTRS
    Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation
    Therapeutic Recreation Division
    Charlotte, NC

  114. Anne Bishop says:

    We used to plan our Sunday evenings around your show………in fact, we couldn’t do anything else!! We loved “Flip This House”, even the reruns. We watched them again and again, never tiring of ALL of you. The new shows are terrible and can’t wait until your new shows are completed. Good luck with your lawsuit. We’re both sick of TV networks thinking they own the rights to everything!! Mike and Anne Bishop, Nashville, TN.

  115. Sharon Reid says:

    I’ve been wondering what happened to y’all and just found this on the web. I, too, do not like the new cast and will not watch it. Please keep us posted as to when and where the Trademark gang will be on TV again. Y’all are like family! Good luck with your lawsuit. S. Reid, AL

  116. Chris Paul says:

    I don’t see how a network can go from a show based on professionals who did their job with class while actually giving insight into what to expect in the business to a bunch of san antonio bafoons who seem like they are more interested in “ACTING” for the camera than doing their job and a bunch of amateurs from Atlanta who only seem to care about getting by as “CHEAP” as possible and giving a lesson in their ethnical heritage with every house they flip. Good Luck Team Trademark. Look forward to bigger and better things on TLC

  117. Nichole says:

    Like a few others on this post, I finally Googled to figure how what happened to Trademark. And like a lot of others, we tuned in to the first show, only to ask ourselves WTF? My fiance lasted 5 minutes into the show. After that, he got up off the couch and refused to watch another second more. I continued to tune in 3 more weeks to see if either Trademark would come back or if I could get to where I could stand watching either the Atlanta or San Antonio crews. No such luck. So here I am, posting along with the others, looking forward to January and getting our weekly Trademark Properties fix! Mark, thanks for creating and hosting this site.

  118. Kristi says:

    Dear Richard, Ginger, Kevin, John, Vince, Dawn, and everyone at Team Trademark. I miss you all! You had the best show on television!!!!!
    Take care and Goodluck!!!!

  119. Kas says:

    Man, how I miss the entertainment and education I got from the Trademark crew!!!—These new people are just NOTHING………I’ll be looking for your show on another channel, hopefully soon!

  120. Tim says:

    To the real “Flip This House” crew, I can’t believe that A&E would stoop so low to steal your idea, well I can I guess. Don’t let them and their NY lawyers bully you!! My family and I made this our Sunday night show, especially my 3 year old son. He never sits and watches a show for longer than 5 minutes, but he intensely watched the trademark properties crew the whole time and looked forward every week to the new episodes. Now he looks forward to the reruns. Anyway, nothing personal to the season 2 folks, but you guys at Trademark made the show what it is and what people like. It’s like trying to have too many sequels to a movie or replacing Jeff Daniels and Jim Carey in “Dumb and Dumber”… it just can’t be done!! Anyway, my family and I look forward to your show on a new network!! Best wishes. It would be neat to stop by sometime when we visit Charleston. It would make my son’s day!!

  121. Vicki says:

    Bottom line, there will only “EVER” be one “Flip This House” with Richard C. Davis and “Team Trademark.” If A&E wants to keep this poorly acted attempt at FTH
    then change the name and quit trying to deceive what viewers you have left. A better name for San Antonio would be Jerks gone wild, what a bunch of idiots.
    A&E YOU BLEW IT!!!
    Team Trademark, we can’t wait for you to be back on the air!!!! Love and Miss you all!!

  122. lynn k lynum says:

    HUGE fan of “YOUR” show i start flip house’s from looking at the show thank you

  123. Karl Marques says:

    Corrections were made to this posting by KM and resubmitted.
    1. Karl Marques wrote:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Dear Mr. Richard C. Davis and Trademark Properties: To oversimplify your current legal situation with A & E: “ars gratia ars.” That is, ratings grow, while controversy breaches brims, so to speak.
    Caveat Emptor
    Some people admire you because you are a shrewd capitalist; others, dislike you because of it. Hopefully, the scales of popularity are in your favour because the scales of justice, it appears, are not. Remember: Money rules the American way of life and the winners of monetary disputations are almost ALWAYS those holding the most tangible form of power, MONEY. [In other words, who can hold out the longest in court?] Stay with me on this: Capitalists exploit workers, because they can. And that’s okay, because it’s the natural order of things in America (like hate crimes, it’s taught; it’s a way of life). In a free enterprise system, America’s capitalistic democracy, I believe, the “have mores” have the so-called God given right to rule the “haves,” and the “haves” have the right to rule the “less than the haves but more than the have nots,” who in turn rule or exploit the “have nots.” At least, that’s the way the status quo conducts its affairs. If it’s not a Darwinian thing, then it most certainly is a Marxist one. I do not need to refresh your studies in economics (re: “class structures”). Ergo, it appears, by the aforementioned rule-of-money example, Trademark Properties will have to wish for a cold day in hell to conquer its legal demons, so to speak. Will your legal expenses lead Trademark Properties to Chapter 11? For what it’s worth, Richard, you should have each citizen send you one Almighty buck. Perhaps, Trademark Properties could contact Jimmy Swaggart to cry before the nation on Trademark Properties’ behalf (on the A&E Network, of course) in the name of God and capitalism to muster popular support in this matter (oh, yes, have “we the people” send Jimmy a buck, too). Trademark Properties could hire pollsters to manipulate the opinion polls by “influence peddling” and controlling public opinion (that too costs money). As MIT’s linguistics guru, Noam Chomsky said, “Totalitarian states control their populations by violence; democratic nations control their people by the use of propaganda.”

    Actually, Richard, I don’t want to rain on your parade, especially when my wife and I think your team and your show, “Flip this House,” comprises and presents a great group dynamic: “Flip this House” delivers brains, beauty and brawn all in one package. Richard, you are, without a doubt, a charismatic individual. You have created an entertaining show. My comments are not to be taken personally, it’s just about business – that is, one livelihood is pitted against another and brought to the fore in an adversarial legal system…it’s about poetic justice…it’s about what comes around goes around…it’s about living in glass houses…it’s about when in Rome do as the Romans do…it’s about the Emma Lazarus words: “…give me the wretched refuse of your teeming shore…” and so forth. America eats its own, when it comes to business (matters of money). Self preservation or preservation of the the great empire causes America to eat its own, especially its good ole Southern boys, like Lee Harvey Oswald or John Wilkes Booth (or Richard C Davis?) when it has to. In saying all that, I do believe the underdog does occasionally triumph. Good Luck with your case and win or lose, you should regurgitate the anti-secular saying “God bless America.” Win or lose, say it with pride. Kindest regards, Karl Marques…
    Posted on 18-Sep-06 at 6:40 am |

  124. Pauline Earls says:

    We so enjoy your show and are disappointed the network dropped it. We look forward to Team Trademark returning. Your fans support you and the lawsuit you face. Good luck. ~

  125. mario says:

    Richard what more can be said! Its only too obvious that this faux pas by a and e is gonna be talked about for years to come. Let’s pray we keep trademark on our sets for many more years albeit on a different network. God bless you tarheel boys….and. Gals!

  126. Dennis says:

    There certainly should never have to be any thought or explanation given when fighting for what is rightfully yours, so, you kick their asses and then get back to work.. All of your fans and supporters expect to see you and the crew on TV once again real soon..

    Good Luck and Have at em..

  127. Mary Scott-Ditchen says:

    Love Richard and Team Trademark, what a BIG BOOBOO ON A&E’S PART. those guys were soooooo fun to watch, very refreshing for television these days, there was just a chemistry there that you can try and try to recreate and will probably never find again. GOOD LUCK TO RICHARD, hope we see you on a network that “Gets it”!

  128. julie says:

    Love your show hate new one from Texas.

  129. Paul Rubin says:

    Being a Clemson graduate and big time professional businessman I was caught off guard by your remarks concerning you reap what you sew???? That is something you won’t find in NEBRASKA, we know you reap what you sow….

  130. Brenda says:

    Richard & Gang,
    We miss your show dearly!!! The new cast is HORRIBLE. Not only are they unprofessional and sleazy, they are disrespectful to their workers. NO COMPARISON! COME BACK!!!

  131. Billy George says:

    At the end of the day numbers and stats generaly add up to $’s at a place like A&E or any other business like them. For all the reasons we’re reading in other folk’s comments, please add 2 more to the positive roll-call. My wife & I were badly disapointed to see what A&E thinks is fair and good practice. Ultimately, your character and strong ethics will overcome the challanges you are faceing. Please keep us in the loop, we miss you guys. You’re always a welcome sight. GOOD LUCK & THANKS.

  132. cyndi says:

    i too miss the show, however there is no need to disrespect the other crew members. richard and his crew will have their time on another station. if you don’t like the new crews simply don’t watch!! good luck richard, ginger, and the rest of the crew.

  133. Jan says:

    Dear Trademark Team: My husband and I love your show! I thought I saw a Trademark vehicle in the Lowe’s parking lot, Morehead City, NC. It’s a great place to be near the beach. Plenty of places to “Flip”. Let us know. My husband is in the home improvement business. We’ll be there. My parents are at Minnesott Beach,NC. I will even chase rats out of potential “flips”. I want to be there instead of cold Massachusetts! Jan

  134. frankie says:

    richard and gang,miss you all alot i live in greenville sc and i really can relate to you all….did not know what happend til i read the webb sight,all i can say is “lets roll” go AFTER THEM…THE GROUP OUT OF TX ARE TERRABLE AND THE GUYS OUT OF ATLANTA ARE EVEN WORSE…GOOD LUCK I WIL BE LOOKING FOR THE NEW SHOW…

  135. Mary B says:

    Dear Richard and Trademark,
    Love your show but I am late to the game and not sure what happened. Can’t wait for the new show. Please mass email when and where so we can be sure to watch.

  136. Mike Andrews says:

    Really looking forward to your new show. Nothing against the Atlanat/San Antonio flippers but your show is miles ahead of what they have on now and way more entertaining. When will your new show be on and what channel will carry it?

    Thanks … Mike

  137. Cecilia says:

    Good luck with the lawsuit. Flip this house just isn’t the same without you. I’m not talking bad about the others however, there is just no comparison; can’t wait for your new show.

  138. Dixie Shreiner says:

    Please come back somewhere. You guys are
    GREAT as a team. Very personalble and REAL. You were my favorite show. I do not like the new show at all. Please let
    us know what we can do to support you on
    a new show. I will buy all your sponsers
    stuff. Love Jamme Island! Don’t let us
    down. Dixie from Douglasville, Ga.

  139. Paul Byrd says:

    I wondered what happened, saw the Flip This House want-a-be teams and watched for you to return. They have lost my family as viewers without you and your people on the show. Can’t wait to see your team on a new show.


  140. Judy Davenport says:

    To echo the words of many others, I too searched for the Trademark team and was very disappointed with both of the “new teams”. The show is just not the same without the originals. There are many copycat shows on now that are supposed to show how to do a flip. The main difference I think is you and your team. I will be waiting and watching for you new show.

  141. JKR says:

    My sister and I used to love talking long distance about each of your episodes.

    I once sold Real Estate in the 80s and I also own a dozen single-family rentals. So, watching your crew was a bit nostalgic, part informative and purely entertaining.

    My sister and I grew up in Dallas – I still live here and she lives in CA, but lived in Atlanta for several years — we have roots going back to the 1600s in the Carolinas.

    Glad to see that you have spread the “Southern ethic” across the nation. Be fair, be friendly, have a good time but don’t take no shit!

  142. Steve in Ky. says:

    I agree with the Trademark Team. I believe that you have a great following and are very well in control of doing what you set your mind to. All of you are an inspiration.
    Do it your way, it’s got you this far.

    Good luck and take care.

  143. bill shannon says:

    Richard i finally decided to look into why you were not on anymore. Every monday night i would watch you at the Fire House it was the one of things that made my week and i know what your thinking get a life right but when your stuck in a building for a 72 hour shift,well it’s the little things. I have done alot of remodeling and enjoy watching it done with style. The way you treat people and your community with dignity is what i found to be the best part of the show. I miss the show and season 2 is a bust nothing but arrogance and spoiled wives. Television execs always think they know more than they do,ask the people. Hope to see you back on the air soon.

  144. James says:

    I’ve actually just now watched “Flip My House” for the first time today on A&E. It was a daily marathon. I really liked you guys and your show, especially Ginger. (haha) I was very interested in looking into your website and have just now found out about this lawsuit issue. Let me say, when they showed commercials of the other crew I could tell they did not have even close to that talent you guys do. I’m very instersted in seeing a show from you again. Let us know when you’ll be on again.

  145. tom addis says:

    hey guy’s good luck on law suit looking forward to new show email me when and where the new show airs

  146. Les Stevens says:

    Today I watched re-runs of the original and the best of the Flip shows:Flip That House. I must tell you that your visit to Clemson when you shared with us your feelings of gratitude for your time spent there and how your education enabled you to have a rewarding life inspired me to give my son the money to cover next semester at Cal State Fullerton. I want my son to be a success
    like you.
    I like it when you include family things on your show. Keep up the good work!
    Les in Carson, CA

  147. Angel says:

    I love all of the decorating and how to shows, but yours was my favorite. My fiance even loved it…which is a lot for him. He loved that you guys were all good people running a business. I think that it was very humorous and entertaining..yet helpful. We can’t wait to see a new show with YOU guys in it. I can’t tell you how disappointed we were when Season 2 started. It’s just not the same.

  148. Joni says:

    i am a television addict and my family thinks i need a life but when it came to watching Flip This House with you and your crew they were hooked, you guys had my whole family watching – now no one watches the show – sure do miss you guys

  149. Elliott Marks says:

    yall’s show is great, news one from texas and atlanta suck. Happy to hear you are producing a new show.

  150. jackie says:

    Hi Richard and Trademark Team.

    Greetings from Canada.

    I watch your show on “that other channel” on Sunday nights and enjoy watching you and your team.

    I hope to see your new show on the new channel soon and wish you the best of luck and “at the end of the day” the best team will win.


  151. David Minto says:

    Hi Richard,

    I am sick that they took your show off, I am sure you will get them back, like you said what goes around comes around.

    In the mean time I have older more historic homes that I buy and flip, and would love to make an episode’s with you and your crew.

    David Minto

  152. Gary & Kathy says:

    We just finished watching a rerun on the “Folly Beach” house. What a great episode. Trademarks version of “Flip This House” was the BEST!!! Please…Hurry back!!!

  153. Karen in KY says:

    Hi Richard and Gang,
    My friends and I were just talking about your show at lunch today. I didn’t realize all this was going on. I loved your show so much that I didn’t even turn on the others. Please let me know when and where your show will return. I hope its not long, I really enjoy watching each of you and how you work (good or bad) with each other.

  154. Sita Hanki says:

    Hi Richard and Team I miss your show, infact the new shows just don’t compare or do you justice, Richard I loved your flare for the obvious,and you guys always pulled it together beautifully, I don’t think I have seen any other show flip a house like you Richard! You area true inspiration.

  155. Carrie says:

    I didn’t know that A&E did you wrong until yesterday when I went to see why Trademark wasn’t on Flip This House. I cannot stand the new 2 teams, so I don’t watch them anymore. My family really enjoy watching ya’ll on the show. Hopefully you will have a new show and let us know when and where! You all have class and do great flips!

  156. Brendon says:

    Looks like A&E finally “jumped the shark” by letting Trademark Properties go. Good luck, Richard.

  157. Brendon says:

    I almost forgot, “winner winner, chichen dinner!!”

  158. Craig says:

    Richard, I can’t wait till your show comes back on. I would love to learn from you and your Team. Please get your show back on the air soon!! I love your show! You should hold meetings in Ohio and teach us on how to do what you do.

  159. John Lessnr says:

    Richard, very upset that AMC did you and all your viewers. Is there anyone that we can write to get you back on tv. Will be in Charleston in August, hope to see you at the crabhouse

  160. NANETTE SMITH says:


  161. G. Jay says:

    Richard and the Trademark Team,

    I guess A&E truly has no clue. The new season in ALT and SA are beyond good taste, they lack the integrity and professionalism you and your team always displayed. Beyond that you and your team brought a human touch to the show. Oh, yeah that’s called humility and respect. The other casts lack both!

    Anyway, good luck to you all. I will be looking for you all in the very near future I hope.

    BTW, is there somewhere online I can buy a Trademark Properties t-shirt?

    Best of luck to you all,

    G. Jay

  162. Jennifer says:

    Dear Richard and Crew,

    You are so very missed. Please, please, please come back soon! My husband and I love YOUR show and we want you back on any network!

  163. Robert says:

    Hello Richard, Ginger etc.: Enjoyed your show;do not particularly like the “replacements”. Hope to see you people on a regular basis here in Canada.

  164. Brendon says:

    I just read the bio on Armand Montelongo on A&E. He claims to flip 200 homes a year. Just goes to prove you can’t believe everything you read.

  165. Trev Marklew says:

    Hi Richard and Crew. I live in New Zealand.
    Watch your season 1 show which is still showing here. Love it. Excellent tips on your show. Best of luck with your new series. I hope the Sky channel sticks with it too.

  166. Rebecca Mobley says:

    I loved your show. It was so real. When you get on another network I will watch your show again. I WILL NOT WATCH the show they have changed it to. The people are not even interesting. I will be praying for a good ending to this situation. Sometimes you must fight WRONG.
    Can’t wait to see you again and all the team.

  167. KATIE says:

    I loved “Flip this House”, with Richard and his crew. Trademark Realty was the best. I was watching the crackhouse being flipped the other day and just changed channels. It isn’t the same. WE WANT YOU BACK !!!! I looked forward to your show. What the hell is A @ E thinking. It’s not the same without you guys. Will be waiting for you on another network.

  168. Eldon Hill says:

    sorry to here about the problems
    you,and your staff had with a&e.
    Its a shame as we here enjoyed your show
    show.I dont like the way Flip this
    house is now,and wont watch it till
    you all are back on with your new
    series. Good Luck To You All
    ps let me know when and what network you
    you will be on Thhanks.

  169. Anne McKenna says:

    Dear Trademark Family-
    It’s hard to put into words how much we miss your show. We do not enjoy the new cast and do not watch the program. We are so very glad to hear you will be on a new network!
    We wish you the best.
    From all of us in accounting at Doner Advertising.

  170. Vicki Stevens says:

    We have truly missed your crew and your show . Showing your true Southern heritage and pride by standing up to the “big boys” We look forward to any new venture you come up with . Truly one of the most entertaining and real “reality ” shows. It’s like having you in for coffee. Good luck Mike & Vicki Stevens Asheville, NC

  171. J. Cody says:

    Richard and crew,

    I am glad to read that you will be back on television. I’m a James Islander and greatly enjoyed YOUR show. You are a true business man and leader and these other people are just stupid. I agree with you about wasting good energy to chase bad energy, but I think you are doing the right thing by fighting A&E. Good luck and I look forward to seeing you, John, Ginger, Vance, Dawn and everyone else in January.

  172. Leon Tellijohn says:

    we really miss you guys the network will get what they deserve and so will you, i mean what goes around comes around your team and show were great the way you treated the people and neighborhoods. And if you are interested we have a house you might want to flip here in minnesota. good luck to all of you and your families hang strong. sincerely Leon tellijohn from LeSueur, MN. home of the Green Giant, thats a canning company.

  173. carol kier says:

    Yikes! Just discovered what a rotten deal A&E did to you….loved your show….can’t stand the pushy rude guy who is on now….(who doesn’t know how to deal with people)
    Get back on soon….all of you!

  174. Maurice Walker says:

    Dear Richard: After conducting on-line research, you abd your crew ARE real people…not paid actors. Your show is entertaining and enlightning but most of all, I appreciate the human touch you exhibit. You’ve done some things that just about bought tears to my eyes. I will follow your show to what ever network picks it up!


  175. Gerry says:

    Dear Richard and Trademark Team:
    As I just found out about your absence from A&E I can say I am p—– off.
    Hold onto your integrity and great work ethic. You will beat all odds.
    Bellingham WA

    PS: Best episode for me was the dumpster flying down the driveway and destroying your brother’s car. I laughed until I cried. Warped sense of humor and something that would happen to me. Funnier than hell.

  176. Dalhia says:

    Flip This House!
    Still seeing your old shows over and over never get tired of them! Ask me how many times I have seen the new ones. ONCE! Didn’t even get to the first commercial..i switched channel. They are completly FAKE! I will still keep on watching your old shows until you guys keep coming back. I know it seems like I am supporting A&E but in my heart I am support Richard Davis Mr. MAC DADDY! and his crew!

    Best Wishes and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
    McAllen, TX

  177. Taylor says:

    I saw two shows, and did not realize until now, that there was an entire season of “Flip That House” with Team Trademark. Of course you all were not casted–that’s what was so delightful! A real man with his people doing real work, and enjoying themselves doing it well. Good for you for standing up to “the powers that be”/a network, and for your integrity to remain being free enjoying your work, your company, your idea(s), and your enjoyment doing it. It’s the more difficult choice (taking a stand). The easy way would’ve been to simply let it go. Here’s to you for doing the noble thing. Blessings to you, and to those who work with you. you’re not “wasting good energy, chasing bad”, but making a statement–regardless of the outcome of the case. What a great statement!

  178. Cris says:

    Please bring this show back (Flip This House/Trademark Team) We’re in shock to find out A & E no longer airs any thing from South Carolina. The new show is horrible. We need to see the real people in the Trademark Team. Good luck and keep us posted when your shows come on another network.

  179. Megan morris says:

    I MISS YALL so mcuh. I hate the new shows. They DO NOT compare to all of yall. Ginger always finding those housed w/ termites 🙂 I just love “your show ” Please bring it back to the tv so your true fans can keep up with your company. I hope the ratings have gone down for the new people because it is awful. I watched it one time and just laughed. They do not have the team work nor the drive, and desire. When Trademark flips a house, its BEAUTIFUL. Please come back Richard. I learn so much from watching your show.

  180. darah near memphis says:

    love the show….i flip the channels to a find flip this house but i only watch the trademark team. both the other groups remind me of watching some type of gangsters or rather just plain crooks.

  181. Ronnie Duggar says:

    love the show ,can’t wait till it comes back on. What happened to Kevin (your muscle) Good luck



  183. Sondra in Orlando says:

    I did not realize that “Flip This House” was your original idea, that makes me an even larger fan of Trademark Properties than I already was. I have seen almost every episode of yours, and only about 5 minutes of the other “casts” because it is just not the same without your crew! I hope you kick A&E’s butt, they made a terrible decision by letting you all go. I admire not only your knowledge and ability in the real estate market, but also the fact that you guys give back to the community (especially Gus)!! Good Luck!

  184. Rick says:

    Can’t believe A&E did that. Not the same show without you guys.

  185. La Jetta Wright-Ship says:

    I am a lawyer in Long Beach California, but when I “grow-up” I want to be Richard Davis! I love your show! I have seen season two, diverse, but not as good. I wish you well in your lawsuit! Flip this House is associated with Richard Davis name!God Bless

  186. Erika says:

    I am just now finding out exactly what happened to “TRADEMARK PROPERTIES FLIP THIS HOUSE.” Can’t believe that it happened. I definitely miss Richard and the rest of the gang with TRADEMARK PROPERTIES. My Husband and I watched and still watch your show all the time. We hope to flip our own house at least once. I do watch the Montelongo’s version, but nothing can compare to your season. Good luck on finding another Network who will help you.

  187. Lois Thompson says:

    My husband Johnny and I watch your show all the time. when company comes over and flip that house comes on, we have them to watch it too.Please email me and let me know what channel you guys are on in Greenville SC
    You have the BEST show. I even have my 18 year old son watch it…Please put me on your email address and let us know about your shows…Love you guys, Lois Thompson

  188. Craig says:

    The new “Flip this House” teams are a complete joke. The guy from Texas is nothing but a crook!!! When and Where is Trademark coming back!

  189. John says:

    Richard and all: I was so happy to see that you would be having your new series on TLC starting in approx. April, 2007. I just started watching Flip this House this year and thought your crew was great. I learn something new each time I watch it. Whenever I see that the TX show with the Montenegro’s are going to be on, or even the crew from Atlanta, I don’t bother watching. I agree with another fan above that the TX group seem so egotistical and strictly out for the money. I started “google”ing” Trademark Properties and you– and finally found out what had happened with A&E, but that you would be starting a new series in 2007. Anyway, keep up the good work and we’ll all look forward to the upcoming year’s show. Thanks Richard. John

  190. Krisa Davis says:

    Wow, now I know why you weren’t on season 2. I really miss seeing all of Trademark…we miss you guys on Sunday nights! I am really excited to hear that you will be back on with TLC. I can’t wait! Good luck with everything and can’t wait to watch the gang in action again!

  191. bob miller says:

    Just saw the Flip This House with Gus and Diane. What an amazing thing to do…I sincerely hope it works out for all concerned. You are an amazing man, Richard….making a buck is one thing. but giving someone a hand up is quite another.

  192. Jodi says:

    I just watched back-to-back-to-back episodes of your show. I cannot believe that anyone in their right mind would not love everything about it! I never thought I’d miss South Carolina as a Yankee who once lived there, but your show brought back great memories of a fine place to live. Best wishes to you all in your endeavors!

  193. Arline Bennett says:

    I’m watching Flip this houes as I type. I must have missed something while we were on the road all summer. I take it A&E is shafting you Richard and your team. They have a pole at A&E weather to bring you and Ginger back. What butt heads. You and your team are by far one of the best shows on. You, Richard are one of the most down to earth people I have seen on TV. Even if you do get bleeped lol. Keep up the good work. Might get to SC next summer. Will check out the Crab house.Take care I hope this is just a temporay thing. Get back on the air please. ArlineB.Ohio

  194. D & D says:

    We hate the Montelongos. They are everything we dispise. We do not want to see people like this prosper. You guys were fun and happy and an enjoyment to watch. I have been wondering what happened to you guys. Good luck and God Bless you all.

  195. Denise says:

    I, too, wondered if they added a couple of teams to go with Trademark’s team and just found out here at the end of 2006 that you’ve been jilted! Nothing compares with you, Mr. Davis, and your team. Great TV, great business savvy and a great American success story. Your houses are classy and so are you and your team. Please advertise well what channel you’ll be on. Your fans will be there!

  196. Melissa says:

    Richard, I love love love you , and the crew is okay too. You guys are awesome. If you are ever in Georgia, we should get together and have a drink. Good luck!

  197. Gerald says:

    Keep up the good work. My wife and I are truly addicted to your show. We love the trademark team. You guys/gals are the best! Keep up the good work.

  198. C. Powell says:

    To: Richard and the Trademark Crew,

    We are practically your neighbors here in Myrtle Beach, and we love the show. as far as we are concerned your show is the only flip this house on tv. We can’t wait to see ya’ll on the new season, and best of luck with everything.

  199. Penny Arnold says:

    Dear Richard…A&E has really made a big mistake with the new team…DO NOT LIKE THEM AT ALL…TOO COCKY AND DUMB…your crew is the best. You show a lot of trust in your crew and they show a lot of respect for you. I love what you did for the couple in the house you bought at auction when you fixed it up and let them move back in…you have a very kind heart Richard…also I had to go to Georgetown to see the Haunted House and my husband said he felt something from it a couple of houses away..WHOA!!! Let me know where you will be next…I’m a true fan. Penny from Myrtle Beach

  200. Jack Straw says:

    Dear Richard and Crew: Although I don’t know what happened to you because you can’t divulge details, I suspect it is another symptom of our current culture war. The hard left leaning Hollywood types probably had nothing but contempt for what they saw as beer swilling uncouth southern hicks who were about as politically incorrect as they could be (in their eyes). Hence the need for balance and “diversity” with Hispanic and African American crews to make them(the Hollywood types) feel better.

  201. Not Jack says:

    You’re an idiot Jack. The dispute is over creative control and ownership of the show. It has nothing to do with “the hard left leaning Hollywood.”

  202. Melissa Martin says:


    You and the Trademark crew – especially Dawn – got me excited about flipping houses. I just bought my first property and am dismayed and disgusted that the show you created is now a watered-down, tellyed-up, misses-the-mark, substitution. Just when I needed your inspiring stories as a soundtrack to my own flip, A&E casts characters who are dull, dull, dull……… I have watched the new episodes and thought “if I see one more shot of a pregnant woman’s belly, sonogram, or the like, I’m gonna throw a plumb-bob through the screen”.

    Glad you’re fighting a good fight. Good luck!

  203. Jack says:

    Dear “Not Jack”: In reference to postings #201 and #202 how do you account for the dispute in the first place. Could it be that the producers of the show don’t share your values in the first place? Surely you can see that they are in a different world from Richard and Crew.

  204. clarence in nc says:

    I gotta believe that the exec’s at the former network will ever tell the public the response to the Season 2 shows.
    Good luck in the future

  205. Kerri says:

    most important, when is the new show starting and what will it be called. I keep hearing January but January is almost here and I don’t see any advertisments for it. Can’t wait for the new show

  206. Cre8tive_Minded1 says:

    Richard, Ginger, Dawn and Team Trademark,
    THRILLED to hear you’ll be back!! Yours is the one and only “Flip This House” as far as I’m concerned. Am counting the days until your return “on another station.”

    Happy New Year and God Bless…..

  207. TAMMY G says:

    I absolutly love all of you. I am glad to hear I will be seeing you again!!!
    I stopped watching after you were gone.

  208. Linda Kepley says:

    Just discovered your show this year and did
    not realize they were reruns. Love to hear
    all the Southern accents as we relocated to
    Arizona from North Carolina seven years ago.
    Can’t wait for the new show!

  209. Tony says:

    The show was awesome and has inspired me to flip a few myself. I will miss the show, especially “Ginger”….Come on now, the girl was hot!

  210. Traci says:

    I can’t wait for the new show on the new network. Everyone I know loves the original Flip This House. Wish you guys all the best!!

  211. Marc Brammer says:

    Wow, Richard,

    I can’t believe they would try to pull something like this. I can see that you are a truly nice and giving person on your show and I would guess, in real life too. I can’t stand when people try to take advantage of the few nice people left in this world. I and my family will not watch any A&E’s programming again. I am actually considering selling my catering business to get into flipping. I was watching you and your crew and using them as a role model. I will wait for your new show to continue my education…..Best Of Luck.

  212. Derek says:

    Any idea when the new series will air?

  213. […] (As an aside, this will really affect A&E’s formerly popular series Flip This House, where it’s already gone down the tubes with the unexpected departure of Richard Davis and his crew at Trademark Properties. They were replaced with hoopleheads from Atlanta and San Antonio. The show really blows now. My new favorite is TLC’s Property Ladder, but that show is probably on borrowed time what with the impending real estate market collapse.) […]

  214. Jerry Davis says:

    Richard and team there is only one flip this house team and the fakes they have now are not them good luck to all of you let us all know what network the new show will be on you guys are the best.

  215. Tony says:

    I know Richard or his people check out this blog. So please pass this on to Trademark Properties. Put on your own show, shop it to some of the other vendors (Channels). We all know it would get picked up.

  216. Allison says:

    I had the plesure of meeting Richard in South Beach, Miami, this past weekend. Although at first hesitant to approch him for a picture, after a few beers I could no longer resist. I have been a fan of his show from the beginning, and am happy to report that he was nothing but a gentleman and obviously very appreciative of his fans.
    Just a little feel-good story for those of us who wondered what he is ‘really’ like.

  217. Doug says:

    Can’t wait to see the “REAL” Flip This House back in action. I was a fan as soon as I discovered the show last year. My wife and I tried to watch the new season, but turned it off after 5 minutes. This was the only good show on A&E. They have lost two viewers in our house. Good luck and hope to see new episodes soon. By the way, loved the episode at the Clemson game. The keg stand was priceless!

  218. Tom says:

    Good to know the Trademark team is still filming and producing a FTH 2.0 for another network. As much of a tool that Armondo is (Loved watching him get stuck in the mud), Leccima is worse. That’s so sexy, right? These shows are all entertainment, though. I don’t take it too seriously. I’ll watch Trademark 2.0 for sure.

  219. Beth says:

    Richard, I like many others were extremely disapointed to find out you were not on the new season. No one can compare to your team. I faithfully watched your shows and look forward to seeing your new show.

  220. Tony says:

    If anyone knows when and what network Richard/Tradmark will be on in the future please post.

  221. Jim Block says:

    Good luck in your lawsuit.

  222. Richard Harn says:

    I stumbled onto the show during the first season and said wow! now there’s a guy on TV that talks like I do. You know Richard
    “At the end of the day” and so on. Then I got interested in the show and was struck by the honesty and the things can go wrong but try to make it lemonade attitude. So real. It was great and refreshing. I can’t wait until you resume your show again and will watch wherever you air. Those fakers are boring. Good Luck!!!

  223. frank venditti says:

    to richard and his wonderful team , i am a investor and cannot put into words how much i enjoy your shows , you are so terrific in just all you do , Please let us all know when u have finalized a new network and details about your new show

  224. carol herndon says:


    I wish you all the best. I do hope you will be back on tv very soon. I enjoyed seeing a true gentleman of the south do business. Please let your audience know when you will be on again.

    Carol Herndon

  225. Sande McCoy says:

    Richard, I didn’t begin watching “Flip..” until a few months, ago and was thrilled to see your company and its projects! I began taping all the “Flip…” shows and came to realize other companies were being shown as well. After watching a couple episodes of the other shows, it was painfully clear the difference in quality. I wasn’t aware of this “Season 2” problem until I ran across this website and, as many others who’ve posted here, I agree the network made a huge mistake. I’d love to know how to find out when your show will begin airing again. As a realtor in California I’ve learned quite alot from your show and look forward to catching any rerun I can for now. It’s also wonderful to see a businessman truly give back to his community! You set an example for us all. Good luck and I’ll watch for your new shows!

  226. Mike & Karen Guzman says:

    We have watched your show from the beginning, it had a perfect balance of information, entertainment & most of all Heart! We look forward to “The Real Deal”.There was no way that that A&E could ever replace the Trademark Team.
    Good Luck & God Bless
    M&K Modesto,CA

  227. Libby says:

    I love watching the first season of Flip This House! I only watch when Richard & co are on. Please hurry up with the new show!

  228. stephen porter says:

    Richard I love your show. Do you have a relative name K.O. Davis? I worked with him in Ventura,Ca. He’s your twin & he’s from Ga-S.C. area. He walks like you, talks like you, has your can do attitude. You two were separated at birth. I met him @ Hilton Head re: Rugby.

  229. Sean says:

    I loved the first season of Flip This House. Your crew is the best of all the three that have ever been on the show. I only recently found out about the show, and I have not seen all the episodes with your crew. A&E really messed up by changing the show. I hate the crew out of Texas. I hope to see your ne wshow soon.

  230. Sean says:

    I just heard A&E is saying Trademark Properties willfully quit the show and asked the network to find a new company. That’s B.S.

  231. Tom says:

    I enjoyed YOUR show through the entire run and hope that you are able to return to a network soon. Isn’t it interesting that since the second season was such a flop A&E has turned to showing the reruns of YOUR show to try to get viewers hooked again. Looking forward to seeing Trademark again, somewhere.

  232. John says:

    I have very much enjoyed seeing a success story of my industry. Now they show us a horror story. What a joke. Low rent properties and low rent characters.A&E ruined a very good show. Can’t wait to see the real pros doing a job to improve real properties. If I want to see low rent rehab jobs I can watch the federal government. Hope you kick their butts Richard.

  233. richard page says:

    hey trademark team, I was woundering what happen to you all me and my wife loved your show so much we started are own bussneiss flipping homes and selling them we learned a lot from your family at trademark, no they have these peolpe that are not even close to you guys I hope you get your show back 2/28/07 we will be wacthing for you richard. god bless and good luck. from phx, az

  234. DAVID STENULSON says:

    Richard – your show was a favorite of my mine and my fiancee – we always looked forward to see the next show and to what you would do with the houses you’d buy – i would love to do the samething but the city i live in you may sit on a house for awhile – also the things you do for others is something special i wish there were more people out there that when they could afford to help others they would – like when you said in one of your shows you would pay for a kid to go to college that just doesn’t happen everyday people with your heart are few and far between.
    Love to see you come to my homestate WISCONSIN

  235. Matt Schnell says:

    You guys rock!!!! and keep up the hard work,you guys do it the right way,cant wait for your new show! oh yeah and the Montellongos suck!!! Take care

  236. Barbara says:

    Dear Richard,
    I saw your show last night where you bought a house,then found out someone was still living there. I was very impressed with how you handled that. I told my grandson about what you did,he is nine years old, I wanted him to know that there are still people in this world who help out their neighbor and are not out for the all mighty dollar. God bless you.

  237. Kyle says:

    Richard and Team Trademark,

    I actually just put two and two together last night. I was devastated when I learned about these “Montellongos” You guys are totally the real deal. As much as I love to see a good flip, I will not be watching these wannabes. Oh by the way Ginger is so much hotter than those other two chicks.

  238. Lisa says:

    Richard and the Trademark team,
    You are all a true examples of what it is to come from being poor, make it rich and give back when you get. You do that in every show for many people. Your attitude and strength and love for the common people is a wonderful thing to see. Thank you for who you are and for not changing for anyone or anything. Keep up the good work.

  239. Daniel Adams says:

    Wow. I was wondering why A and E brought on a bunch of lame individuals on when it appeared that you and your company not only have great chemistry but made great television entertainment at the same time. I have written you as well thanking you for your inspiration to go into the world of real estate. I wish you the best of luck and can’t wait to view the new programming.

  240. Frank Trull says:

    I want to add my support along with all the others. I enjoy your segment of Flip This House, but not the two done in San Antonio and Atlanta. Team Trademark is much more professional than the other two. Richard at least does the right thing when flipping a house and not try to take the cheapest way out. Keep up the great work Team Trademark and we’ll be watching the new show when it appears on TLC.

  241. Sarah says:

    I live near Raleigh NC. My ENTIRE family loved “YOUR” show. ( We still watch the reruns.) Can’t wait to get you back fresh on TLC in April. We have visited the Myrtle Beach house. John and the crew did a great job. Great job w/ the landscaping! Beautiful view of the ocean from the front yard.

  242. Nelson Washburn says:

    Just to let you know we are pulling for you Team Trademark. We won’t be watching the other wannabees because they are coming across as very poor actors and we want the real deal. ayup real deal. When you ever want to flip a whatever in my neck of the woods feel free to ask my help. We’ll do what we can.

  243. Stephen says:

    Trademark I love the show the new people in Txeas and ATl don’t do you any justice. Can’t stand any of them they are all about the cameras and what the cameras can do for them. I am in law school so me and budies have been looking through the briefs and papers filed. We are very interested in it since we have a interest in your company. Wish you guys the best of luck and I hope to see you and the rest of the team back on TV soon. Good luck with everything and as another Southern guy born and raised and I know you went to Clemson, but i have to say War Eagle. Richard I wish you the best because I know you have put a lot into starting your company and don’t let the big guys try to walk over and take advantage of you. Thanks again.

  244. Holly and Mike says:

    Richard, Just happen to come across this website and learned all this about “Your” show and those Texan Montelenones or whatever their names are. We were looking for a place to e-mail you and the team to tell ya’ll how much we enjoyed Flip This House. We enjoyed watching it every week. We are new to Charleston so when ever you did a show locally we really got excited to see the area and so forth.
    Glad to know you will be coming back on another network. Looking forward to it.
    Best wishes to you, Ginger, Dawn and the whole team. BTW, did Dawn have the baby and what was it?
    Like a lot of other respondents, we also do not like the show with the texans. Very fake and those two wives or whovever extremely unprofessional.

  245. Gardner Properties says:

    Richard is the real deal. A&E made a big mistake replacing him and his crew. Richard knows how to run the REI business honestly and successfully. Hope to see him on another network soon.

  246. brandon says:

    Killer show. Awesome. Love watching. Everything will work out for the best. Good luck and God bless!

  247. Melissa Shuran says:

    Ya’ll rock! My husband and I watch you every Sat. evening. We visit Charleston several times a year (we’re from Tennessee) and our last time there we went to the Crab House. Nice job, ya’ll. We are anxiously awaiting your new show. Trademark is a class act!

  248. Jane Gannon says:

    Like so many others here, I wondered what happened to the Trademark crew on Flip This House this past year. I figured they rotated realty agencies, what with so many of the current episodes focused on the unbearable Maldonaldos. Glad I came across this site and learned the truth! Hope to see Richard and the crew back in front of the camera soon.

  249. Lisa Cornell says:

    As an experienced residential renovator, I always looked forward to your show. Your team always exuded class,warmth and charm. Conversely, the crew that A and E has chosen to replace Trademark with is, loud, crude and vulgar. I watched one episode and haven’t watched since. After becoming aware of your lawsuit which I am confident you will win, as does my husband who is a civil trial lawyer, I no longer watch A and E. Obviously they are as morally bankrupt as the cretins they have replaced you with.

  250. Rick says:

    It figures, with all the choices in TV programs these days we have to find one we really enjoyed. Flip This House came on after Sell This House, another program we enjoy. On Sun. as the program was starting we were getting ready for another enjoyable show only to find it wasn’t Richard D. and Co. but a bunch of somebodyelses. I decided to give it a look but I turned the station after all of about 30 sec.
    Today I searched the net only to discover what the rest of the world already knew, no more R.D. & Trademark. A&E must understand that it’s not just the concept of a show that makes it a winner.
    Can’t wait for the next installment of Sell This House with out NEW hosts, Joe Piscopo & Kristie Alley.

  251. Rita Lannutti says:

    Richard and Crew,

    It must be very gratifying to still hear from your loyal fans and I belong to that group. I regularly check the web for information for your return to give us an another reason to be proud of Charleston.
    Our son lives in Philadelphia and has numerous people, friends and business, associates, make positives comments about the show. Lots of us were addicted! Makes me made to see that they have run each of your episodes over and over! Because I don’t want people to turn away from the program. I guess A&E thought you were special to keep airing the shows – hmmm, intesting that they didn’t put their efforts into having your show continue!
    Good luck and hope you win big and return to the air waves!

  252. Steve says:

    As a professional contractor I must say I thought the show depicted the ups and downs of a construction site to the tee. Trademark is the real deal I don’t even waste my time watching the show now. Best of luck to you and the crew at Trademark. Imp looking forward to the new show.

  253. Ron Birss says:

    Hey Richard, ‘Hotty’ Ginger , John, Dawn, Kev & the rest of ya’ll ,lol I loved the show, Wasn’t one crap episode, and the one with the two lawn fairy’s was freakihg hilariouss,,, By the way, note to John , thank God you didn’t know what fucsia was, u didn’t even know it was a color and no good red necked Man would,lol. i live in Alberta, Canada the “Texas or Deep South” of Canada,, All The best to Ya’all and i hope to see you guys again. I can’t stand that retard Roberto Montaban who’s lacking only a squeeky talkin little guy at his side, or that “Fat Bast” who smokes the Cohibas that are as big as his wife’s Butt with the Buddy Holly Glasses on.

    I hope u take A&E to the Cleaners
    U guys were Awsome u all had great personalities . U should Use the Lawn Fairies in the new seriies all the time they’d be a ratings Bonanza!!

    Whooo wonder if A&E’s gunna use my word Bonanza and … i d..unnno maybe make a western outta it..
    U guy’s could do that,, Vance could be Ben Cartwright , John as Hoss , Richard as Litle Joe and u could make Montabonbon Hop Sing,,lol

    You Guys Rock
    GOod luck!!

    (note: Rich come invest in Alberta its going Gangbusstas out here, Houses in Calgary, & Edmonton that sold for $200K in 2002 are going for $500, and its just gunna get bigger as the worlds Oil Supply dwindles and Wars in the middle East Go on,, Alberta has Seven Times the Oil Reserves As Saudi Arabia in our “Tar Pits” ,,hmmm now we need trademark to come extract it,,,,,,

    Later u guys ROCK!!!!
    did i mention Gingee’s a HOTTEE!!

  254. Dana says:

    Richard and Crew,
    I am so happy that TLC has picked up your show and can not wait to watch you and your crew hard at work once again.

  255. john chambers says:

    Richard and crew. WOW ! I am from New England and well if I could swear in this
    in this note about what A&E is doing to you guys right now I would. If you have seen the movie “the Departed” you would get an idea of the many colorfull phrases we in Boston like to use in certain situations.
    I love your show because of you guys,
    you guys are the show .The story is not the show. You can’t be replaced by actors ! They can’t script those relationships you all have with each
    I am so inspired by your show that I am actually going to the Myrtle Beach area
    this May to look for properties.
    I am looking forward to your new adventures. This will be a major mistake and a major loss for A&E. I can’t figure out if the folks there are thinking too much or just not enough. Maybe it’s one of those half witted corporate armchair decisions. Sounds like maybe the folks in the A&E boardroom need a psychiatric examination.
    What A&E is doing reminds me of what
    the Red Sox “corporation” did up
    here ! YOU CAN”T BUY A GOOD TEAM !!

  256. Chris Hardaway says:

    Richard, First of all, you guys are awesome! My wife and I have always looked foward to your show. You guys have inspired us to start our own realestate development company. You guys just keep doing what your doing and were going to keep watching no matter what network your on.

  257. Hollie says:

    We are huge fans of Season 1 with Team trademark and we were anxiously awaiting another season, until we discovered when it came on tv, it wasn’t all of you. We donot watch Season 2 and looking forward to the new show, whichever network you will all be on. keep us posted.

    Vancouver, BC Canada

  258. mary howard says:

    Just saw the promo for your new show on TLC, call me happy and thrilled. Have truly missed you and the Trademark gang. A&E’s loss is TLC’s and your loyal audience gain. Thank you TLC for your intelligent decision and Richard for not giving up. Looking forward to more of your fun and interesting shows. You guys rock!

  259. Jim Eadie says:

    Watching the “home run” show as we speak. I love you guys and how you do business. Glad to see your new series on TLC. You have inspired me to try my hand at flipping a house someday.

  260. Vicki says:

    I was so glad to see the previews for your new show. We never missed an episode of you guys on “Flip this House”and were wondering WHY you were not on there anymore. Thank goodness you will continue on! We all feel like you are family! Love you guys to death!!! Come out and have some BBQ with us sometime.

  261. Susie says:

    Just finished watching your first show on TLC. FANTASTIC. Loved the story about Josh and Shoeless Joe. I am always so impressed with your generosity involving your community and friends, including The Crab Shack. I have never had the opportunity to visit your area but now that my husband is planning to retire we may just have to make a trip to S.C. Looking forward to seeing your show every week on TLC.

  262. Casey says:

    Looking forward to the new show on TLC. Team Trademark is the ‘Real Deal’ Does Richard still own a baseball team and if so which one? Now that you are on TLC how about flipping the Miami Ink shop.

  263. Nelson says:

    Hey! I just wanted to say Congratulations to Richards and Team Trademark on the new TV show which just aired. I was ecstatic at seeing you guys do what you do best “Get ‘er Done.” Best wishes and much success to you guys and your new show. Tell ginger she’s looking great and her dog is absolutely adorable.

  264. Kim says:

    We found the episode about Shoeless Joe by accident last night while channel surfing. Just let me say WHAT A GREAT SURPRIZE! My husband and I were thrilled to see you guys back on TV. Being transplanted from Charleston to Columbia it always makes us feel a little closer to home to see you guys on TV. CAn’t wait for the new show.
    PS the episode where your brother had on the Goose Creek t-shirt especially made me smile. GO GC Gators!

  265. Angel says:

    Richard I saw the promo for you new show. I am so ready. I am from NC and thanks for what you did for Josh Hamilton that was just amazing. People do get second chances and you are the proof. Good Luck with your new show. Take Care

  266. Denise says:

    TradeMark Team dominates again!! Victory sweet Victory! Watched last nights episode and what a thrill it was to see the Shoeless Joe episode Loved seeing part of the gang again. When the promo for the new show appeared I yelled and jumped off the couch and did a jig. My teenage son looked at the TV and said mark the calendar our family is back.

  267. greg smith says:

    to thank of u not being on would suck. i got alot of plans off the show. all of you are #1. Take Care

  268. ray hicks says:

    richard, glad you are back I love the way you guys work,get it done or find someone that will, if you ever need a construction
    guy to handle your flips give me a call


  269. Sue says:

    Hey Richard. I love your show and your team. The Shoeless Joe show was heartwarming. Look forward to watching you in the future.

  270. Shannon S says:

    I recently became “addicted” to your show on A&E because of your team. I cross my fingers every Sat night that at least on of the shows featured the Trademark home gang…they are truly the best episodes and the ones that got me watching in the first place…I had no idea any of this lawsuit stuff was giong on and was sooo excited when I saw the promo on TLC for your new show! I’m soo pyched! Can’t wait to see your gang again on Sat nights and the new network!!!

  271. Wayne & Sara Tripp says:

    Having watched many of the home improvement shows, most lack the lustre and the interest that Flip This House Season 1 has. In fact that is our favorite show!!! I have hatched the others, Flip That House and Flip This House Season 2 and while they have content, they just don’t have the Team Trademark personality and class. Each of you has a top quality impact on your viewing public. Y’all come back – ya hear! Awaiting “The Real Deal”!!!

  272. leonard says:

    All my prayers are with you and your team. I miss you guys and pray for your speedy return.

  273. Keith@ Teresa says:

    We are Realtors in Virginia and flip houses on a much lower scale. We have enjoyed watching Season one of Flip this house over and over. It is a great show and very true to life. The newer seasons are just not the same and we dont watch them. You guys are the best by far. We have watched your show so much that you seem like close friends to us. We have picked up many ideas from you guys. Best of luck with the Law Suit and your new show. We will be watching for it.

  274. Holly says:

    My husband and I loved you and the gang at Trademark Properties on Flip this House. How disappointed we were when the new season came on without you. By chance I was watching TV one night last week and saw you advertising a new show. Yahoo!!!!!!!!! Best of luck, I hope your teams around for a long time. We loved the show and everyone on it……

  275. Brian says:

    Richard, my wife and I love watching the first season and caught the season premier on TLC the other night. Awesome job dude !!! But I have to add that Ginger looks hotter every time I see her!! Does she have a website started up yet??? LOL !!

  276. Joe & Sue says:

    Richard & Tradmark Team, My wife and I love your show. We could not believe their was no Tradmark in season 2. My wife investigated what was going on and found the situation on the internet with the law suit. I can gaurantee A&E is going to FLOP HARD and we hope they get what is coming to them with the law suit. We are looking forward to seeing the real deal with you and the gang from Tradmark..!

  277. Latrelle says:

    Hey guys,

    I just saw your commercial for The Real Deal. What a great name. Says it all doesn’t it? You guys Are the Real Deal! You guys are The Originals.

    I watched a few episodes of the new show (I didn’t know about the lawsuit) and was disappointed. Those guys are greenhorns who only care about how much money they can make and how much money they can flash. You guys always cared about the community, the neighborhoods and the legacy that you were leaving behind. Your work was class all the way. Those other guys just give things a spit and polish and run. Even when you said that’s all you planned to do, you always gave it that extra umph.

    I cant wait to see the new show. Those other guys can rot! And they will. A&E really screwed up this time.

  278. Jody says:

    We are so extremely bored with A&E’s Flip this House!! I was wondering what happened to Trademark Properties. These other people they have on Flip This House are so BLAHHHH. I CANNOT wait until your show on TLC! Good Luck!!

  279. John P says:

    Dear Richard and all at Trademark,

    I *JUST* saw that you folks were going to be featured on TLC with “The Real Deal” and couldn’t be more thrilled! I can’t *STAND* the new show (Flip This House) on A&E. The people are mean-spirited and uninspired. A&E had a lot of *GALL* to replace you folks on the show. Frankly, the whole personnel switch stinks of nothing but pure, unadultered political correctness. I will be sure to *BLAST* the show on the IMDB website. I look forward with great anticiapation to “The Real Deal” – certain to be an instant hit! Regards!

  280. Michael F. says:

    Dear Richard,
    I just have one thing to say, “winner winner, seafood dinner.” I’m not going to bash the “2nd season” flip this house, thats not my style but I do look forward to seeing your new show on TLC.
    Good luck on the new network!
    Cheers from Easley, SC

  281. Marcia says:

    I would just like to say, I TRULY enjoyed season 1 with Team Trademark and I since season 2, I kept tuning in to see if I would catch Team Trademark, but you all never came on and finally I went to the A&E website to view the shows and the teams, only to find you all were not there.

    I am not going to bash season 2 either, but the teams involved are not for me and I don’t enjoy them, therefore, I will not be watching.

    Good Luck and Best Wishes Team Trademark, you all are good people with good hearts and I know you all will prevail.

  282. greensled says:

    I am so glad that you all will be back on tv again! My husband and I just don’t care much for the new folks on Flip This House, and we were wondering what happened to you. I saw a commercial for the new show, but couldn’t remember the title. I Google’d your name and came to this website. Good luck to all of you in the future, and we can’t wait to see you again!

  283. Kam says:

    Hi Gang,

    As a fellow realtor here in Toronto, Canada, I used to watch your show all the time. All of a sudden you guys dissappeared & to be honest, for some reason none of the two new groups appeals to me the way your show did & eventually I stopped watching (nothing personal). I was so glad to see your promo on TLC network in Canada(I don’t know if it’s the samne in states). Well, A&E’s loss is TLC’s gain. I’ll be watching & keep up the good work. You gus are the “REAL DEAL”

  284. SHAWN JOHNSON says:

    As a true texan, i have to say how sad i am to share the state with those sorry excuses for replacements to your show. i’m a builder by trade and love the highs and lows and humor associated with the show. i especially love Ginger, WHAT A QUEEEN!!! Good luck guys, i’ll be watching for ya!

  285. Jim says:

    Richard, in a quest to find out what happened to you and your staff at Trademark, I just found this site. I tried to access the Yahoo link, but it came up empty. I assume it related to your suit and was old history to Yahoo. Sorry to hear you have been shafted by A&E. You are to complimented for your original concept — its implimentation and production are to be envied! My wife and I looked forward to each episode. I gather from some of the above comments your new show is forthcoming. Please let us know who is or will be broadcasting it in Louisville, KY. GOOD LUCK on your lawsuit

  286. Emily says:

    hey guys just wanted to say THANK GOD YOUR BACK!!!! My husband and I think you guys are the ones that started the whole house flipping craze and then show sucks without our team on it. We will no longer watch flip this house on A & E.
    Cant wait to see your new show. My hubby thinks gingers is hot.

  287. Laurie says:

    What is the name of the new show? I live in Oregon and I can’t wait to see the new show, as I dislike A&E new flip this house. The main reason I like Richard C. Davis and his crew/business partners are because they have integrity, compassion, and they are “real” down to earth people. Don’t find that much on TV reality shows.

  288. Ruben says:

    I Love the show. Have you considered a home course for those wanting to start a realestate business?


  289. Danielle & Jean-Pier says:

    Hi Richard!
    Congrats to you and your team…
    We met you last week and hope that we’re going to be able to see the new episodes soon! ’cause the others (San Antonio, the worst and Atlanta, a bit better) are not as interesting as yours… Look forward to see you soon!!
    Cheers from Montreal, Canada

  290. Heather says:

    I have been waiting for Flip This House to showcase the Trademark “Family”. This is the first I had heard Richard and company will not be shown on the new season. Shame on A&E! We will no longer be watching “Flip This House” as we find the new “cast” arrogant and condescending. We will be waiting with anticipation on when and where we can view our favourite house flippers…Richard Davis and crew!

  291. Cynthia says:

    Whew. I thought I was going crazy. I hadn’t heard any of this…..I just knew I could not stand the new cast!! After watching 5 minutes I turned it off and never watched again….I thought you left us!!! I am so happy happy happy you guys are all coming back and I can’t wait!! Break out the popcorn – WOOHOO!!! I love you guys!

  292. Pastor Tom & Marilyn says:

    Richard & Team,
    I just can’t get enough of your show. You people have class, you care about people. of course you make money that is what you do, but you don’t do it in a mannor to rip people off in the process. The show you did where you went in fixed up the homes (which was trashed and bug, flee infested). and then gave the folks a second chance at life it it’s self by allowing them to rent with an option to buy they new homes back, you have a Heart for people, and I watch your show cause there isn’t much swearing a just bad trash language, where is i started to watch the few others that are out there can’t even tell you there name, cause the min. they start with the foul language, i’m done. People don’t need to talk like that. My husband and I, ran a mobile home park for a gentleman (Gregory Christpher) anyhow it was a fun time selling homes I love that kind of stuff, helping people find a afordable home makes the soul feel good.
    If you ever get into that kind of investments in Michigan, please keep us in mind, you are someone we could work for, you are a wonderful man a true southern gentlemen. I don’t mean to leave the rest of you out, for it is about team work and Richard wouldn’t be what he is today with out all of you. I Pray great and mighty things to happen with your new endevers and I wish you all good Health, peace, and know your true rewards are in Heaven for each of you, for being so wonderful in careing for others, that is all are purpose here is to help those that have fell on some rough times as we all do. But you are there to offer a hand up, not a hand out. Good job all and may God’s great Blessings fall huge on each and everyone of you.
    Love In Christ,
    Pastor Tom & Marilyn Johnston, from whitmore Lake Mi.

  293. Tim Daley says:

    Richard & Team, what a great time I had watching your show, I was wondering what happen to it, now I know! I’ve learned so much by watching. Richard I must say your a stand up guy. I wish you and your team the best of luck and look forward to a new season where ever it may be. There is too many good things to mention (God Bless) Tim Freehold NJ

  294. Mary says:

    A&E loss is TLC (and my) gain. Waiting for your new show on your new network

  295. David says:

    GLAD YOUR BACK!!! You to Ginger

  296. Darlene says:

    Dear Richard & Crew,
    We are looking forward to seeing your new show tonight. Glad to have you back.

  297. Kathy Lamb says:

    I knew something was really wrong when I turned to the show and they were in Texas. I live in SC and am very happy with you guys showing how beautiful this place can be and how wonderful you are to everyone you meet. You make all of us proud here. Looking forward to seeing you on TLC!

  298. Bruce says:

    What a, reasoned, rational return to your original show’s style this first episode was!!! I want to say so many positive things, but don’t want to go overboard. Please know there is a legion of viewers out here that can’t get enough of Team TradeMark. By the way…Will Kevin be back????

  299. Linda Dolan says:

    We were so happy to find Team Trademark on TLC! Your show has integrity — something lacking on the other network. My family and I will be watching regularly. All the best from Colorado!

  300. Sue says:

    We are looking forward to your new show. Do not change! The real person that you are, is what keeps us coming back. Plus, it is so entertaining!

  301. Tami says:

    Team Trademark, my husband and i love your show so much we took a vacation to SC to visit and now want to relocate from CA. to SC. Thank you for showing how beautiful the area is.

  302. Linda says:

    I miss your show very much. I really enjoyed watching you do what you do best, Flip This House. I do enjoy the San Antonio group but you will always be my family’s favorite. I want to vacation in DSC and hopefully relocate and buy one of your houses! Keep doing what you do – it is great! We’ll watch on TLC!!!!

  303. […] Before social media, this may have been a dispute largely handled by lawyers and PR reps hoping to sway public opinion through traditional media. But law school student and citizen marketer Mark Lyon is demonstrating how the game has changed. A “Flip” fan, Lyon created the Flip This Lawsuit blog as a Filter to chronicle the legal battle between A&E and Davis. Fans have been voicing their support for Davis and venting dismay at A&E. Commentors regularly trash the show’s new real estate teams. Some are even digging in to their backgrounds and raising questions. […]

  304. FlipperFan says:

    Don’t worry Richard, have you seen the new shows? Not exactly a good substitute. Your new show rocks. Keep’em coming.

  305. Fussy says:

    I’m sooooo glad youre all back, personally I missed Jack also! Tell him hi for me Ginger!

  306. Dolly says:

    I am just another 1 of thousands who wish all of you at Trademark the very best and I am so looking foreward to your new series. Ginger when i seen you in an upcoming series I just want to say how great you look I love what you have done with your hair it truly has made a difference No I am not a les just complimenting you.

  307. T.R.B. says:

    Mr. Davis and Trademark Staff…

    Thanks for the new show. Its wonderful. A&E dropped the ball. Armando and David are boring and way too cocky. Al tey worry about is APPEARANCE!

    Best of luck in the future! My daughter and I are loyal fans of yours and will follow you till the end!!

    Congrats to Josh Hamilton…”Hard Work Pays Off”!!


  308. Andrea says:

    Couldn’t wait for your new show…watching now.
    Armando’s show is NO where NEAR the quality of your show. People, craftsmanship, professionalism etc . New channel, new show…good for y’all. SCORE!!!

  309. Ron Carr says:


    My wife and myself have been watching the 2007 season just waiting and hoping to see your team (Team Trademark). I decided to check the internet to find out when Team Trademark would appear again. To my surprise I found out about the lawsuit.

    My wife was actually watching one of the season 2 shows when I told her about the situation. She immediately turned the station, and both of us have decided that we will never watch “Flip That House Again”.

    I thought I saw an advertisement on TV a few days ago about a new TV program that features Team Trademark. Please let me know the name of the new show so I can watch it.

    Team Trademark is the original, and none of the other copy cats come close. Good luck with everything.

  310. Caroline from Canada says:

    The Real Deal is fantastic. TLC will do you a better job of promoting the show and y’all as a brand, too. As my Gran always said, living well is the best revenge. We’ll be watching you from up here in Canada.

  311. dale meinzinger says:

    richard & team!
    You guys are truly the REAL DEAL and I think you guys are truly the professionals In the real estate market!
    keep up the great work 🙂

  312. Justin says:

    There is only one king of real estate, that is Richard Davis. Love the new show.

    Who are these new guys on the old show? are they for real? One thing about them, they have the best hair on television. I can’t stand watching them.

    Good luck Richard and staff!!

  313. LInda Clutts says:

    Richard and Crew:
    I love the new show. I do not like what A&E has done with the new ” Flip this House “. Some of it just dosen’t make any sense. I will not waste my time watching it. Your show on Flip this House was the only one that I ever watched. I like it when people act like people who have a job to do and get in there and ger it done. Your new show is very easy to watch and it makes sense. I hope I said that right.
    You teach a lot about how to get a house ready to be sold. Thanks to you and all of your crew for the good job.

  314. martha dixon says:

    glad to have found you on your new network! Think the A&E “new” version is simply awful! And I worried about all of you when the season started and you weren’t there. you are my favorites – and i love all the family stuff too! and the things you do for friends and neighbors – good work and good values.
    see ya on saturdays!!!!

  315. Linda Fillinger says:

    Richard and the rest of Team Trademark. I loved your show and now I am enjoying it again, even more on TLC you have said you want to expand throughout the united states. If you ever consider OHIO please let me know. I would love to find repossessed propertys for you. I am not a realtor. I took real estate classes but was diagnosed with cancer and well I just didnt retain the information to take my test and now finances do not allow me to retake the classes. I grew up in Delaware OHIO and it is the fastest growing county in OHIO at this time. However it is also one of the areas with the highest foreclosure rate. I watch your shows and hate having to wait until next week for the next episode. Being part of your team would be FANTASTIC!! Please keep me in mind if you come to OHIO. Until then my husband and I will be watching what you are up to next. good luck with everything

    Sincerly Linda M Fillinge

  316. Diane says:

    Where is Kevin? My husband and I really enjoyed the shows where he was involved. Will he return on the new show?

  317. Diane says:

    Where is Kevin? My husband and I really enjoyed the shows where he was involved. Will he return on the new show?

  318. Wandi says:

    I love you and your team. I was disappointed when I tuned in to watch Flip This House and it was not you that I was watching. So now I am happy to find you on TLC. Keep up the good work and good luck on your new show. I love it.

  319. Jennifer & Richard says:

    Richard and Team……We are glad to see your back!!!!
    We love your show and wish you well in the law suit and all your new housing adventures.
    When your ready to do business in the charlotte area let me know… we are filpping houses here and we love it. Hopefully, with the Trumps coming in my area will get even stronger. I would love for you to be a part of that growth as well.
    Best of Luck

  320. Anita K Mills says:

    Richard and Team, Glad you’re back, we missed you. Best of luck and keep the programs coming.

  321. Linda in Indy says:

    Hey Team Trademark – I loved watching you all on A & E, and wondered why you hadn’t been on for awhile. Then I found this website and can’t believe it. The San Antonio Montellongo’s are a JOKE! Good thing I don’t live in that area. They are more worried about making a buck and not about what people want in a house. I’ve yet to see them ever put “new” cabinets in any of their properties. Mostly they reface or repaint the ones that are there. My husband and I know watch the Real Deal every Saturday and we love it.

    We are fixin’ to purchase a home (not to flip, tho) that needs lots of work done to it, and we have learned how to do a lot of the work ourselves, thanks to you all.

    WTG on your new show! Wish you all lived in my area so you could help us fix the house we’re buying!!

  322. Vince says:

    Richard Thrilled to see your back!!The “new” format and “cast” on A&E, can’t hold a candle to you and your company.
    As a Real Estate Broker/Owner, I appreciate you hard work, dedication and ethical way of doing business. I applaud you all!!

  323. nelson maass says:

    huge fan i love the way you bring americana back i see all the good you do for people and the 2nd chances you give people being a recovering alcoholic and addict i needed someone to give me a 2nd and someone did i am slowly losing my eyesight from ms and have many other health issues i tell my wife the 1 thing i want to see and do before i lose my eyesight is to meet you and the gang my wife thinks im kidding but i am serious were planning a trip sometime to charleston to hopefully meet you and the gang and of course go to shoeless joe jacksons museum ….and by the way what happend to kevin dont see him anymore well god bless you and i will meet you 1 day your devoted fan

  324. nelson maass says:

    i gave the wrong e-mail sorry

  325. Kathy Shea says:

    My family watched every episode on your show on A&E and was sadded when we could no longer find you. We saw a couple of poor subtitutes for your replacements. What an insult to you….My husband and I traveled to Charleston SC hoping to see you guys and we disappointed we couldn’t find Trademark Properties..However thanks to the Web we were able to locate your new show “The Real Deal” on another channel. We are so happy to finally have our favorite show back..

  326. Mike Lavelle says:

    Richard, We enjoy all of your shows and how you comment sometimes, how you can’t this in Nebraska! We know you like to come to Omaha to the college world series, you can’t get that in South Carolina. Ha! Ha! We enjoy everything you do on the show, we wish we had the money to do something like that up here in Omaha. If you make it back to watch the college world series game again we’d enjoy meeting you and your family and show you some Nebraska hospitality. Keep up the good work! Where has Kevin been in the new shows? From Nebraska

  327. Pat says:

    I enjoy the show but am disturbed by the fact that sometimes you do not “bother” with permits. Also your habit of “asking for forgivness instead of asking for permission” seems a little shady sometimes.


  328. Precious says:

    Hello Team Trademark,

    I am a Realtor & Registered Appraiser in the metro-Atlanta area. I LOVED your show! Although I watched the Atlanta & Texas teams, I kept wondering WHERE is Trademark Properties???? Imagine my surprise to find out just last night (05/14/07) that part of the Atlanta show was FAKE….go figure…LOL!!

    Anyway, I have a question…HOW in the WORLD do you all get people to come to Open Houses???!!!

    Thx for all the great ideas, welcome back to TV Land, I’m tuning in TLC every chance I get!!


  329. Kathy says:

    Hi Richard, you guys inspire me. My husband owns a contracting company and every time we would watch you, I would get ideas and inspiration. I love you guys. I actually stopped watching Flip This House because I wasn’t seeing enough of you and they came up with Flip That House which, only confused and bored me. I also didn’t want to watch anyone else flip houses other than you guys because, you do it right. I feel like I’ve known your team forever. You guys are the BEST!!! I wish you continued success.

  330. Mark says:

    I will put it as simply as possible. It’s A+E’s loss! You guys not only taught us but also entertained us. You were not afraid to show your personal sides and I commend you for that. I do not watch the new shows, they are a long drop off from what you all bring to the table. I will look for your new series and very much look forward to seeing it. God Bless.

  331. Don & Robin says:

    WE LOVE TRADEMARK…. Richard & his team are AWSOME at what they do! The new show is great! We own a construction company (my husband for 24 yrs & I have been w/him 15 yrs) doing all of the bookwork/ pricing jobs/ decorating. We have flipped 6 homes, as well as built amny – from site work to finish work! WE LOVE your show! You guys are great! I just wish we could be as sucessful as you !! Keep up the GREAT work !! We love you guys! (much better than the other flip shows on A&E….MUCH BETTER) Robin & Don

  332. Carole says:

    I was not aware of the lawsuit and A&E’s incredible blunder and deceitfulness until I went on Richard’s website. I wondered what had happened to you guys and NOW am happy to see the Real Deal…You are a class act Richard and deserve all the success you have achieved. Good luck with the show. I think it’s a real hit.

  333. Kevin says:


    Good luck buddy! I hope to see the new show soon too. I really miss you guys and especially seeing Ginger. A&E blows chunks as does that new “cast” they have. Those guys can’t flip burgers let alone a house.

  334. […] Before social media, this may have been a dispute largely handled by lawyers and PR reps hoping to sway public opinion through traditional media. But law school student and citizen marketer Mark Lyon is demonstrating how the game has changed. A "Flip" fan, Lyon created the Flip This Lawsuit blog as a Filter to chronicle the legal battle between A&E and Davis. Fans have been voicing their support for Davis and venting dismay at A&E. Commentors regularly trash the show’s new real estate teams. Some are even digging in to their backgrounds and raising questions. […]

  335. […] Despite reports of A&E shutting down the show’s official message boards, the network seems to be allowing scathing commentary about the latest season of the show. Smart move. Let ‘em vent. […]

  336. […] Some fans say they have blocked A&E from their cable boxes and refuse to watch any of the channel’s shows. Lyons has posted the contact information of A&E executives so fans can further vent. […]

  337. Brenda says:

    I’ve already seen you on tlc and still love all of you. My husband kept seeing the commercials for your show when your IT guy buys his own house. I told him Richard is a good guy so he watched the show. Have to say he was impressed and that is hard to do.

  338. Steve Jones says:

    Do not like the “new” people at all!! Our family also flips homes, and, while we know you cannot show everything, we do wonder how you buy one day, totally rebuild in five, and sell on the sixth – all w/o permits it appears. It can take weeks in our area to get drawings and then get them approved.

  339. Rosemarie Morris says:

    Dear Richard,
    I truly enjoy your show as it is what honest business and caring is all about. Please contact me as I have a project for you to help the families of Hurricane Katrina torn families in Hattiesburg, much has been done for LA and MS seems to have been forgotten, they truly have helped themselves, my daughter and grandbabies are there and my daughter has a greeat idea and I know you could “Make it happen!” Please give me a chance to present it to you. This really could make a difference to the fasmilies there, and it’s all about family.

  340. Christine says:

    The new show on TLC is great!!!!

    Don’t know if anyone saw the report on Fox Atlanta on how all the rehabs and subsequent resales on the A and E “Flip this House” featuring Sam Leccima were staged. It turns out Sam didn’t own any of the properties and all of the interested buyers on the show were friends of his. No resales ever actually occurred. Sam had his real estate license revoked before taping of the show ever occurred.

  341. KERRIE says:

    Hi Guys!!!

    I am keeping up with all the news. Love the new show. Ginger, you done shaved Jack bald!!

    All the great community things Richard and you guys do are great. I’m from Maryland’s Eastern Shore and we share the same values. Good old teamwork and giving back. Reaping what you sow. I am taking care of my mom in DE, but can’t wait to get back to the south….that’s home. How bout’ sum oyster fritters!!! 🙂

  342. Ben says:

    Richard, We loved watching you on “Flip This House”, and now we enjoy watching your staff on “The Real Deal”. I did not know about the lawsuit with the other network. We just assumed that your show generated so much interest that a new network decided to give you your very own show.

    We have flipped one house so far and made a little money. (15K) We also purchased a bank repo, renovated it, and now we rent it out. It will pay for itself in 7 more years, plus it generates a little profit every month right now.

    We (wife and I) are small potatoes compared to your operation, but between both of us working full time, we are always looking for another good deal. Your show helps us stay motivated.


  343. Brenda & Ron says:

    The new Flip This House without Richard and his associates is B O R I N G!!! We watch “The Real Deal” now. Thanks for not letting the network get you down and continuing with the show.

  344. Doris says:

    Richard I want the team and you to know I love your show. I am in the process of buying a two story home built in 1938 on a shoe string budget. My intent was to purchase and tear down. Watching your show has made me aware this can be a beautiful home. I don’t know anymore than what I watch the team and you do but I am confident I can get a contractor to make this a work of art…wish the team and you were here. You are the greatest

  345. James Smith says:

    Wow,… This is the first I’ve heard of this. We started repairing homes here in the New Orleans area after Katrina, and have been watching “Flip This House”, and “This Old House Hour”, as part of our ‘homework’; can’t thank y’all enough for the help you’ve given us. Hope to see your show back on the air again soon. Best wishes. J. Smith

  346. sister says:

    Richard, I will pray for you and your family for what you have done to me and mine. Only God can judge. I’ll bet you know what I’m talking about…

  347. keisha says:


  348. jen brown says:

    I really miss watching you guys. You guys were the best. I hope to watch you again in the future!!!!

  349. Katie says:

    Congratulations on the new TLC show. I love it, and my husband and I were thrilled to see you guys back on T.V. My husband loves Charleston – me too, but I am not quite as crazy about it as him. Anyways, when he retires from the military, he would love to work for you!!!

  350. terry says:

    I was what had happend to the trademark flips. I have been looking for your shows because they are the best. Good luck on your endevours and I cant wait to see your new show.

  351. Nancy says:

    Richard I didn’t realize you have had to go through so much…. Your show has always been one of my favorite. It is true to life and your interactions with your employee and crews is wonderful. More people should learn from you.
    I see that Kevin is not in the new program. Where is he? keep up the good work.

  352. Sandy M. says:

    Richard, I just watched the show today for the first time. Love it! Just one question -are you and Ginger an item?

  353. Shahin Samandari says:

    Dear Richard,

    You and your team are a true inspiration. I’m starting out in Toronto Canada and hope to find the success you have found. I wish you all the best in your battle against the network! Keep up the amazing work and keep the shows coming our way!

  354. Terry T. says:

    I have watched the show from inception and continue to be impressed with the Trademark Team. Integrity seems to be a rarity these days, and Richard Davis and his team practice this. Too bad it appears that A&E doesn’t, seems to me that it’s their loss. While I’m not generally a proponent of lawsuits, I am however a supporter when it comes to personal principal. Kudos to you and your team Richard. Your priorities are in the right place, your Integrity is intact and the Respect you’ve earned has not gone unnoticed. Keep up the hard work, you already know in the end it always pays off! Fondly – Terry T. from Houston

  355. Teresa says:

    I did not know about the lawsuit until I stumbled onto this site. I had been wondering where the Trademark Team was. Frankly, the Texas show feels too scripted, not realistic at all. And, Armando is unbelievably smug, arrogant and just plain cheap. He does treat the workers with such contempt. The women are embarrassing to watch, screaming and carrying on about bugs and rats, while running around in their heels and capri pants. They have no business allowing their son to be smashing in windows or up on the roof. There is no “heart” in that group. At least Richard gives back to the community and will admit when he makes a mistake. Glad to see him back.

  356. Donna A. - Minnesota says:

    Sure enjoyed your shows. Hate the new ones. They’re just not the same. If you do have a new show on another network, could you email me. Sure loved your show. Even wanted to email you to see if you’de purchase and flip the house next door. It was so beautiful at one time, and had such a nice yard. It went under two forclosures, with no care at all in between. It was originally a house valued at approx. $209,00, and the forclosing bank has it on the market for $132,000. Such a waste of what was once a beautiful home.

    Any how, hope to see you and your team on the tube soon.

  357. Judy Ross, in ND says:

    Miss your show. Look forward to seeing the next one.

  358. LARRY JOINER says:


  359. sandy says:


  360. maxine says:

    Love your show. We are coming down to Charleston, just to eat at the Crab House.
    You are the most watched program in our
    house. Keep it up. We love it.
    Ginger and Dawn are the sparkles of your

  361. Richard I love to watch your show and all the team. Your show, shows it like it is.
    My neighbor told me that you were at our store Foxfire Connection in Damascus, Va., While our season was closed, I’m so sorry we missed you and we do still plan to sell the store and apartment, Even though now it is doing very well. We are just getting too old to finsih what needs to be done. The location is wonderful though on all the trails, It is a tourist town of the mountains. The store is 150,000. has parking room in back and our other property is on Bluegrass Crooked Road in the mountains it is still for sell also. It is vacation or second home property. Stop by if you come back this way, Again I really am sorry I missed you.
    Betty and Freddie Hawthorne
    Foxfire Connection
    276 Damascus, Va. 24236
    276- 429-5568

  362. Keri Bertotti says:

    I have completely stopped watching Flip this House now that Trademark is no longer a part of it. I cannot stand Armand and his crew and find no interest in watching. I have however, become addicted to The Real Deal. I love the way you and your employees are upfront even when the camera is on. Everyone is more like family than business associate and I love that. I would have to say that I would abosutely love to work there, who wouldn’t!! Keep up the good work and I will continue to watch as long as you keep it going!! Good luck with the lawsuit, give em hell!



  364. Nancy says:

    I have always loved your show. I didn’t know you had such problems… I was so happy to see you back in full style again. Keep up the good worl.
    I didn’t see Kevin in your new show. Has he gone on to other thing?

  365. Corey Kent says:

    RICHARD, I want you to know i think you show is awesome. I also wanted to let you know i think it would have been better if u have put a deck on the red brick fair You shouldn’t have listen to Ginger and Dawn.

  366. Gary Ferguson says:

    WOW, Richard i didn’t know the reason you guys were not on season 2 of “flip this house” i’m heart broken over this you guys were truly fantastic people with big hearts.The way you helped the poor and unfortunate was truly special. A & E should be ashamed to try and steal your idea and hopefully they will be punished. Tell everyone at trademark to take care and god bless. Hopefully we will see you soon on another network

  367. capt jack says:

    Just a fan. Your show and some others inspired me to start my own real estate investing co. I have seen the new show and am happy for all of you. Lets go 1,2,3, Team. Thanks again, Capt Jack Semper Fi Real Estate Investors, LLC

  368. Jerry Carpenter says:


    I’m a huge fan of the show and Trademark! I truly admire the way you run your business. You inspired me to start my own business (not in RE) and for that I can’t thank you enough! I say to myself everyday, “the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward.” Keep up the good work Richard and Team!!! Love the new show!

    Thanks again!

  369. Gil Lopez says:

    Hello Mr. Richard Davis, I just wanted to say, that I love your show, and my TIVO is set on your show every Saturday. I’ve learned alot watching you and your great and well experienced team. Well I wanted to tell you that I got into real estate investment about 2 1/2 years now, by buying old houses and renting them out to tenants. The rental investment can be like a bottle of fine wine when the customers pay ontime, or it can be a slap in the face like not paying your rent and hearing ” I’m sorry, I can’t pay my rent this month”. Anyways, my wife and young boys live in Brunswick, Ohio, and Our properties are in CLEVELAND Ohio. #1 poverty in the US. If you can give me your email address, I would love to explain to you my flipping experience and maybe you can point into the right direction and see what I’m doing wrong? I thank you again Mr Davis for being a mentor to my and my family in the realestate business. Thanks again


  370. DIANAJOY says:


  371. gene Howard says:

    You are bold, risky and beleive in yourself. Three things that are essential to self production. I admire what you do and how you beleive in building your future. I own a furniture business in Cincinnati, Ohio I will be getting into the housing market within the next year. If you are looking to franchise in Ohio for a few years experience I am willing to talk.
    If you are interested please have one of your associates contact me. I know you are to busy.
    Gene Howard

  372. Penny McMillan says:

    I had no Idea there was a lawsuit until my sister told me. I am so sorry you got bamboozled by A&E. I think TLC (tender loving care) is a better station for your show anyway. TLC is what you and your group give freely to your flips and to homeowners. I am glad you gave your slogan to A&E “It’s my way or the highway”! I hope they think twice before they try to swindle anyone again. God Bless

  373. Lily says:

    Mr. Davis,

    I want you to know that it is very inspiring to see someone have gratitude for their good fortune in life and look for ways to share it with others. It is really hard to find people to look up to any more. Thank you for being someone to look up to. You are very fortunate to have such a great group of women and men working with you. I really enjoy your show.


  374. Denise says:

    Mr. Davis:

    We loved Flip This House and now equally love The Real Deal which is now Real Estate Pros. Whatever the name, you guys are terrific. I have friends who moved to Charleston and are looking for a house there and they tell me your website is the best one going. Why am I not surprised?

    Congratulations on a winning team and a winning show.

  375. Have been looking for your show for a long time. Only today (and thru this website) did I find out what has been going on. Tonight on TLC will be my 1st time seeing all of you again. Can’t believe what all of you have been going thru. It’s A & E ‘s loss. And a big loss for them as I will not watch that channel again along with all the above people who have left messages and are also determined not to watch A & E.

    Southern honor, loyalty, charm and manners win out again. Richard and crew are SO HONORABLE, that I think a long relationship with TLC is in the making. Good Luck There are a whole lot of Brooksville Braytons behind you.

  376. Deanna West says:

    So glad to see the Real Deal and that you and that wonderful team are back on the air. Keep up the wonderful teaching experiences for all of us.
    Indiana Hoosier family

  377. Belinda says:

    I was so glad to find your new show. I had truly missed the Trademark Team. I did not know why you were no longer on A&E. I assumed you had made the decision to quit. I found out just this evening that you had been thrown overboard. I watched one and only one episode of the new A&E version. What unpleasant people they (the new flippers) were.

    Glad you resurfaced with a new show. Welcome back.

  378. Charles says:

    Montelongo’s are perfect for TV. They are both entertaining and have enough substance to make the show applicable. Entertaining and applicable.

    Also the rags to riches bit however contrived has at least a kernal of truth to it and makes it their story have an underlying element of inspiration to it.

  379. Amy says:

    Your team is a tribute to how all companies should be run. You not only give back to your community, but you also take care of your employees. You all seem like one big family. I admire you all very much. My husband and my dream has always been to flip a house, even before I was blessed to see your shows, which I have seen most all episodes from both networks. I didn’t like the other cities that A&E portrayed with your idea and creation. There is no integrity much less common decency among the people in the other seasons. I know that God looks favorably on you and yours and I hope someday that my husband and I (when he is not fighting fires and rescuing people in his ambulance)can follow your tips and flip a house.

  380. Rose says:

    Hi Richard and Crew,
    I watch your show on TLC network and I enjoy it so much. I was looking for listening of homes in South Carolina from you real estate business but cant seem to locate it. just wanted to let you know I enjoy your show because of your honesty and caring for the people you deal with keep up the good work if you read this please email me your website so i can look at what homes you have available thank you have a great day and keep up the good work

  381. stacy says:

    I just wanted to tell you that I love your show and watch it all the time. I am learning good tips now that I am doing work to my home. Keep up all the wonderful work that you all do. Last night I watched the show Richard helped his childhood friend and that was just awesome. Not only did he help him with his house he helped him with getting his life on track. That is a good friend.

  382. Jim & Amy says:

    Wow! Best wishes to all of you at trademark. my wife and I have watched all the episodes, and will be watching your new production. We don’t watch alot of TV, work, busy lives, children, but when we do we enjoy what you have to offer. Real people doing real things. We’re looking at relocating our family and are hopefully going into your direction. If you ever need honest no bs people serious and dedicated. e me! Ha! Ha!
    again….good luck and best wishes!

  383. Vicki says:

    Love your show and how “true” you all are.. Decided NOT to watch “Flip this House” any longer.. It’s not very interesting to see a bunch of rich people make themselves richer while being super cocky.. Naaa.. I like the “Real Deal”..


  384. A-Dub says:

    The new show is “Mac Daddy”. Kee it up.

  385. gidget maynard says:

    oh my gosh !! I was wandering what has happened to the show.I miss it.I lve you guys !! Hi Ginger !I CAN’T believe I”am getting to e-mail ya’ll. wow.Hey Richard!GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU.GOD BLESS.I’LL BE LOOKING FOR THE SHOW.:)

  386. Jane Allen says:

    Were can I find Richards book?

  387. Steve says:

    Team Trademark,

    I am a huge fan of the show, and you guys blow away Montelongo, or anyone else A&E has. Watching your show inspires me to want to flip houses as well, since I find real estate so interesting. If you ever are going to hire an intern…Please let me know. I have family in Chester, and would love the chance to join Team Trademark, Tell ginger I said hi!! Shes Awesome!


  388. Patti Gibson says:

    I kept recording FTH every week and then not watching when your crew was not there. Thankfully, I found your new show and could remove the other from Tivo list. Best of luck with the new show – every one so far as been great. Love you helping your buddy get clean and then hiring him to work for you – class act.

  389. Andrea Mabbott says:

    I enjoy watching your show, I try not to miss an episode. I think that you all are doing something great for the state of South Carolina. I am from Aiken, SC and am proud to be living in the same state as people like you all. Thanks and keep up the great teamwork!!!!

  390. Ron says:


    You and your crew are a class act. The way you take care of buisness and your people is as professional as it gets. I’am a superintendent for a large construction company in the DFW area and the way I see people treated in the industry is as sorry as it gets. If you ever make it to the Tulsa area I’ll be looking Trademark Properties up for an opportunity of a lifetime. Thanks for the inspiration and keep up the good work.

  391. rebecca says:

    Richard, I watch your show all the time. BUT!!!! I really wich you and all would come to Enid, Okla.!!!!!There ar LOTS of houses sitting around here needing your help!!!!I just wish I knew how to go about doing what you do.Thank you and all the people who work for you!! I really enjoy watching Ginger and her DOG!!! I love dogs. PLESE HELP IN ENID,OKLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  392. rick vesci says:


    Please contact me about franchising in San Diego California. I lived in Charleston and San Diego has similar to better opportunities.

    Rick Vesci

  393. RICK NOBLES says:





  394. Tasha Thayer says:

    I think it’s a Shame that you have been taken you off for whatever reason,esp when there are so few good shows to watch in 1st place and you & your Company not only Love what you do,but you care about others as well.
    In a world filled with so much Bad stuff I felt you guys a breath of fresh air & I hope they put You Guy’s Back SOON.
    Love from Conn.

  395. Ed Harley says:

    Richard, you must be a short man, the way you boss people around. I like your show, but you are WAY too pompous. I bet all of your employees talk bad about you when the cameras are off.
    Have a good one!


  396. Mike Thompson says:

    Hello Richard, I like your show and respect what you teach. Teamwork in life is essential. My family and I plan on expanding our “flipping of homes” and hope that we can experience even a small percentage of your success. I love fixing up houses and also believe in giving back to the community. I have a great deal of admiration for you!

  397. Bill & Renelle Welch says:

    Thank you so much for all of your info on buying, renovating & reselling property. It has been very educational & we assure you we are following you on your new channel & will continue to do so. The professionalism of your approach to property restoration is great. Your team is outstanding & the obvious loyalty to each other is great to see. You are far & away above all those trying to duplicate you. THANK YOU. Anxious to see your franchising program..

  398. albert says:


    My wife and I love your show. It’s really entertaining. I love all the members of your team.

  399. Laura King says:

    Richard-I absolutely love your show and I am so glad that I get to watch my hero, Ginger, every week now. I so admire your “family” at Trademark and really wish that I lived in the SC area so I could meet all of you. Thank you so much for being a man of integrity and character and for being such a character!! Be nice to Ginger–she is the best!! Her loyalty and professionalism is to be commended. Best wishes to the whole crew at Trademark!! You really are the Real Deal!!

  400. Cheryl says:

    Hi Trademark Crew:
    I am so excited you are back. The new show is great and the crew is phenominal. I do have one question, Where is Kevin? He was great and very entertaining.
    I wish you all the best of luck with the new show. We will definately be watching….

  401. Dan and Cyn says:

    Good evening to all of you! Cannot express enough the disbelief in the world-this unfortunate lawsuit-which is a must! is like high school-or sandbox! Take what is not theirs! HMPH! We just love love love the show!!! We learn so much every week. We own our own home, fix it here, fix it there. Flipping? No-we would leave that to the pros. Kudos to you for fixing up and not for profit only, but to improve! No greedy arrogance there!! The chemistry between the entire group is phenominal. This isn’t reality TV. This is real. You can’t buy that. You can’t take it away. This show is more than flipping. It is Humane, entertaining, and a blessed event each week! You have no idea how much you are appreciated by everyone! Keep the shows coming, we can’t wait each week to watch you, Ginger, and the gang. Hang tough!! You deserve nothing but the best! Because you are. God Bless you all for all you do!

  402. adam plummer says:

    I an 25 years old living in Lexington Kentucky. Have been buying duplexes to rent I would love to get involved with a company that bought and flipped properties. If Mr.Davis is interested in trying to expand into Kentucky and is considering hiring people in the area of if he is looking for a hard working polite young man who will work hard and wants to learn the business then I would be more than willing to relocate to south carolina. If you think about considering me please email or write Adam Plummer 1600 B Thirlstane Ct. Lexington, Ky. 40505.

  403. Persida & Steve says:

    Love your show!! Keep up the great work!!

    Canadian Fans!

  404. jo krucelyak says:

    Now I know why I stopped watching “FLIP THIS HOUSE”….RICHARD OR GINGER wasn’t on the show….dah! Love your new one…it is great and actually something that is real…John is cool too…keep up the good work, can’t wait to see the one you did in Garden City, SC. Fan forever!!!!!!!

  405. Vienna Fuller says:

    We hate all the Trademark want to be shows. We Tivo you guys. We will stop in Charleston and buy a tee shirt. Husband, brother and I are in the house flipping business in Pittsburgh, Pa. and workaholics also. We only stop to eat dinner and watch you on Tivo.

  406. jackie says:

    i love the show…you guys remind me of my friends, we act the same way around each other. i really love the way you run things out there. it seems like one big family and that is, i’m sure, why you are soo good!!

  407. April says:

    Richard – My husband and I love YOUR show (Tivo every episode)and your team. You have a big heart and an excellent business mind. We love how you helped out your friend, Larry. That was a classy way to help out a friend in need. You kick you-know-what. The “old” show is not good anymore, we’ve actually removed it from our Tivo Season Pass list!

  408. Love you guys and the Team Tradework model…Glad to have found you on TLC…keep up the excellent work! Can’t wait to come hear you speak at the end of the month!

  409. rick davis says:

    The wife and I really enjoy your show. Didn’t know about any lawsuit till now. We like your strightfoward approach to things on the show. Look forward to seeing more of you. Love seeing “my name” on TV. (lol)

  410. dear richard i love your season one show and was hoping you might branch out to southeast new mexico. my prayers will be with you all.
    if you can please write back to me at my email address. god bless you all.
    sincerely deborah

  411. bob says:

    Richard, the following was sent to TLC a few moments ago:

    “THE REAL DEAL: It’s about “people and personalities” more than sticks and bricks. Richard, Ginger et al equate to Paul, Paul, Jr, Mikey et al of “Orange County Chopper.” They’re family.

    The “Real Deal” (your name “The Real Estate Pros” Why?) is the Ace of Spades of reality, house flipping shows. Richard, Ginger, Dawn, Lori, Vance, John and everyone else associated with Trademark Properties demonstrate personality, integrity and charisma that can’t be matched, backed up by the Southern charm and antiquity of old Charleston, S.C. They care about their people and their community and it comes across to viewers.

    I, and likely others, are on “flip-this-channel” mode when Property Ladder or Flip That House (i.e. A&E “Flip This House” clone) are aired. Those shows have the personalities of wet dishrags -they ARE only about sticks and bricks – no emotion.

    Davis’ Real Deal is the “real deal” and cannot be cloned.”

    Old Charlestonian (BEHS ’64); back when J.I. was the “Rams” and Chas. High was the “Bantams.

    Stick with a winner!”

    Well, even a die-hard Gamecock (’73) enjoys the show. Suspect you Tiggers still know how to use a boot scraper before entering the house! HA!

    Good luck!


    PS: Be wary of going national. You cannot clone what Trademark has going for it in the Lowcountry. It’s the “people team!”

    PSS: Not legal advice, but in reading a few of the briefs, it appears A&E is trying to “out lawyer” you. You probably will win if (1) you have the e-mails, (2)Norlander was acting on their behalf, and (3) they had not previously advised you that he did not have the authority to act on their behalf; particularly if their employee(s) may have met with you and Norlander together, which I believe has been establishd.

  412. […] From Richard C. Davis: Team Trademark No Longer On “Flip This House” […]

  413. Amie Waldop says:

    I love the new show its great! Its a&e’s loss and TLC’s great gain. Ginger your so smart keep up the good work and I love you dog! I never miss your show i watch it every saturday nite. Its the real deal!!

  414. Dare London says:

    Dear Richard and Trademark Properties Family,
    I thoroughly enjoy your program and search for it every time I watch TV. I made my first trip to Chraleston this weekend. I went immediately to the retail store of TMP and met Carie!
    Thank you for having such wonderful positive work values. Not only do you change properties but you touch lives along the way.
    Way to go TMP! D

  415. dwayne says:

    hey Richard,

    love the show im still trying to catch the new show let me know when and where i can.
    ps. love you Ginger i started watching the show cuz of you lol

  416. Karen says:

    Richard & Trademark Team
    Watching from Toronto Canada and really enjoy the show. I agree with some of the previous comments about Montelongo – their sketchy flips likely fall to pieces the minute they are sold. I admire your work ethic and social contributions you make.

  417. carl huddleson says:

    Hello Richard ,Love your shows and the house’s you do are great .. How you and your team can take a dump and turn it into a gem is awesome … also like the human side of the show such as sitting up during the nite to catah thiefs who were stealing your tools ,,love it and i really love GINGER ,,she is so HOT .. the show is great i there’s more

  418. Catherine E. Parker says:

    Richard and the amazing Trademark Team -All of you are amazing and I so pleased to find you still doing your thing, albeit on another network. The hard work that all of you do is second to none. Additionally, your community work, in addition to your “for profit” work, sets the standard for what the rest of us should be doing in our own communities. Thank you for all that you do, EVERYDAY.

  419. Phil Robertson says:

    Richard and the trademark team. You are truely, as I see it, a team concept. I work in a manufacturing facility that is dependent on teams. The show is very informative, exciting and committment to giving back is truely unique! I have renovated homes in the past and built one home myself and have decided to somehow implement my knowledge to jump start me into a property affiliation such as yours. But not sure how to go about it. I beleive this is my true calling. A&E sure has lost a great partner! The Montelongo’s, I beleive he is a bully and not such a great guy such as yourself and your team. I would truely like to meet all of you.

  420. Traci Wilson says:

    Your Show stands alone. “Dignity” is what you and your TEAM exude. Cheers to being a great leader.

  421. Blair Tuckey says:


    I am so glad to see your new show on the air. I love your management style and while demanding things be done to high standards everyone on your staff & contractors have great respect for you. You are a teriffic ambassador for Charleson and Provide a wonderful example of how important it is to give back to ones community.

  422. Calvin Nelson says:

    With YOUR show back on, I am once again reminded what it is like to learn from a true mentor. It is amazing what I can learn from you just watching the show, and how I apply it to my business and management style. I can’t imagine what it must be like to work with you. You are truly an Investor in People, which definitely cannot be said about our friends in Texas ;-). I hope to one day “take the pebble from your hand!”

  423. Calvin Nelson says:

    By the way, I am driving form Colorado to SC for your sppeech. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for COLORADO! We’re ready!

  424. Nancy Caton says:

    Hey there Richard!
    Just wanted to write in support of your show. I have been watching since day 1 and will watch until there are no more. I live in San Diego and want to be part of Team Trademark. I love flipping and have learned a lot from your shows. God bless!

  425. Dave says:

    To Richard and the Trademark crew.
    I have truely enjoyed any of the shows that involved the Trademark family.
    I find your passion for what you do and your compassion for others to be inspiriring! Keep it up. I will watch the Trademark family on any network or show that you are on!
    Thanks for the honesty, and for showing us that good guys really do finish first! All the BEST!

  426. Cathie says:

    Team Trademark, fell in love with your team in season 1 of FTH, only to lose you. I was so excited to find you guys again. I love the energy and spirit of your team. Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner gets me every time.

    Recast my foot, the new group isn’t even close, just a bunch of hacks.

  427. Team Trademark – We travel to SC yearly for summer vacation which always includes a week in Charleston and the surrounding areas. When we found your can’t miss show it was like revisiting our summer trips. Southern charm, hard work, and the ever-present personal rewards and risks of every day life made the your show one that cannot be duplicated with any other group of people in any other area of the country.

  428. joan says:

    Richard, Ginger, Dawn, Vance & Crew:

    We love you guys! When are some new shows coming out on TLC? What happened to Kevin (hwe gets more done by 8:00 then you do all day!) Ha! 🙂

    Keep up the good work. You are all an inspiration to the rest of us!

    joan and greg
    gainesville, Ga.

  429. Andrea says:

    I just found out about your show a few weeks ago and I can’t stop looking for it. I am at home on a Saturday night looking for you guys. Each time I watch your show, I get all emotional. I feel like I am winning with you and your team everytime you accomplish a task. And tonight I thought intensely about finding out who you were.

    So this is what happened tonight: I ‘googled you because I thought this man and his crew are the next big thing. I am wondering why are you not a household name. I am wondering why do I keep hearing about Britney, Paris, Lindsey, and even Hillary. I am wondering what else are you doing and I wonder if Oprah knows who you are. I realized you are THE WHAT that Donald Trump could not endear on his show. You take your people through processes…challenges…to enable them to grow right before our eyes. So many life skills are brought to the screen via your engagement with whomever you interact with. You explain every thought where your thoughts are TRANSPARENT. I watch your staff figure things out. We get to see them grow through their challenges. I even see you take to new challenges and lessons learned yourself.

    I thought, “This man needs to be in the classroom…as a principal…police chief…president”. I’ve been thinking this for weeks.

    Maybe I am partial because I am Southern, a Black woman from Savannah living in cold-hearted Washington, DC. But Richard (and crew), what I see you offer viewers…we Americans…is something our culture truly misses.

    Let me explain.

    I used to be a school teacher and an activist. Right now I am just tired. What I see in the culture now is that this present youth generation and even mine, Generation X, we don’t know TEAMWORK. Boomers have spoiled my generation and the following ones junior to mine that we have compromised character and we can’t build anything that requires stamina and character. I see so many peers and younger people that simply can’t figure things out because they never had that structure of “modeling” in which you do for your staff and even your business associates.

    I am sick and tired of our all the sniveling spoil brat peers of mine and you can’t be too heavy-handed with all of the spoiled, college educated brat peers of mine.

    I grew up with family, school, and community people who had temerity like yours. I see up here in Washington, no one gives that much endearment, guidance, and structure to anyone like you do with your team.

    Your show is not just about real estate and I don’t think the critics know yet (because I stumbled on your show and never heard of it). This is what television needed for a long time coming.

    I can see you BRANDING this character of yours (the toughness and the thoughtfulness) and your team because America really needs the ethics and structure again. Maybe that is what is your Calling? It seems like you knew this but it is going to take the country and the world to notice the gift you are giving us in service and duty.

    No matter what happens with the lawsuit, I hope you embark on something bigger than building houses in Charleston. I hope you have a hand in rebuilding the character of this country one endeavor at a time.

    Thank you for your authenticity. Thank you for your staff showing the country what endurance, faith, and loyalty is action. I am so proud to be Southern right now.


  430. Jim Mickels says:

    ILOVED SEASON 1 TEAM TRADEMARK, WITH ALL THE OL GANG. I LOVE YOU CAN SUCCEED WITHOUT ELIMATING THE “LITTLE GUY”. My wife Kris,& our kids & WHOLE family REALLY Like watching Ya’ALL. Youre company is one we show our kids AS an EXAMPLE of how to run a Business & make us Proud..HONESTLY. THANKS AGAIN….JIM

  431. Olivier says:

    We watch in europe the first season here on tv for the second time and still i like it very much .
    I get some usefull tips ,to rebuilding
    my house at a acceptable price .
    Also we can see how the americans rebuild there houses at there standards
    or needs .

    greetings, from Belgium

  432. scott says:

    I live in Cincinnati,ohio and my wife and I love the show. I noticed that you are going accross the US and opening up new franchises. How do I get in touch with you to talk about starting in Cincinnati. I think we could make alot of money together when the market is right. Hope to hear from you. Thanks

  433. Shannon says:

    Richard and Crew,
    Loved your show and did not know of this lawsuit until now. No one does it like ya’ll. I do not flip, but am a lender and love to see from your perspective. I have never been to South Carolina, but ya’ll make it look like the place to be. I am from Louisiana and love the hometown teamwork theme. I love that you learn by experience and make it seem so fun. If I can do anything from Louisiana let me know!!! Trademark will be a houshold name**(Our Trademark is Teamwork, ya’ gotta love that)!!
    All the Best

  434. Steve Ludwig says:


    I hope that A and E realizes what an asset Trademark Properties was to their network. In addition I hope A and E does the right thing and shows credit where credit is due. There are new versions of “Flip This House” under different names popping up every day on bravo, tlc, a and e, among others. You created a “Trademark” in the real estate and television industry and showed us all how you can have fun, make make money, and give back to others around us. You brought this show to life, developed fans from all over the world, and when you left A and E; you took the wind out of A and E’s sail and took all your fans with you as well. As far as I am concerned Flip this house still lives just under a different name and different network. Be proud of what YOU created. I hope you get the rights that you deserve.See you on the 27th for your speech!

  435. Ashley says:

    My fiancé and I live in Columbus, OH and we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you guys!! Trademark Properties is the ONLY flip we will watch. We hope to see you on TV again! We miss your flips!!!!

  436. Nick says:

    I don’t know if you are still reading these but I loved the A&E show. When they changed format and went to the other companies I was very disappointed. I did not know of this lawsuit at the time. Then I saw the commercials on TLC and was thrilled. I haven’t missed an episode yet. We recently went to Charleston on Vacation. We were sightseeing and walked down Market St. and saw the building. The week that we returned and were watching the show was the episode about the Building. How thrilling.

  437. Marie says:

    You and your team are awesome. You get the job done and work so well with one another. Trademark is team building to the nth degree. I wish you were here in MA to teach some of these get rich quick contractors a run for their money.

  438. Jason says:

    Hi Richard

    Just wanted to let you know that you have fans way up here in Canada.I loved the old show and i love the new show even more.I am pretty sure the ” other network ” will lose in court becauswe if you think about it this way…it took 3 companies to fill your shoes and they still lack the personality.

    ” winner winner …chicken dinner “

  439. AMANDA says:

    love the show,Richard. You, Ginger and the rest of team are great. Hope to see all of your on another network. Wish i worked with people like you!! I think i might move to Charleston just to buy a house from team trademark. I know I would be getting a great home.

  440. Darrell says:

    Mr Davis I for one am so glad to see you guys back on tv !!!! you are what made FTH and now you guys have your own show that is real and fun as well as informative… keep up the good work I just love Ginger she is so cool glad to see some REAL tv finally thanks a fan

  441. Cecilia says:

    Love Love Love your show…you guys work miracles! Ginger’s job is my dream job! Good work Ginger. Richard is amazing and you know that there are tons of behind the scenes people that are not out front that are really working hard too. That Carlos is a worker! Keep up the good work and don’t stop making shows when you go nationwide! PS Wish you could do seminars around the country. Can’t make it to SC!

  442. Cecilia says:

    Love Love Love your show…you guys work miracles! Ginger’s job is my dream job! Good work Ginger. Richard is amazing and you know that there are tons of behind the scenes people that are not out front that are really working hard too. That Carlos is a worker! Keep up the good work and don’t stop making shows when you go nationwide! PS Wish you could do seminars around the country. Can’t make it to SC!

  443. Taigan says:

    Hey Richard and Crew:

    I like others on this site truly miss “YOUR” show. I am an African American woman living in Alabama and I can truly say you seem like an honest, desent man and I love the way you do business. I hope everything goes well with your lawsuit, and I definately hope to see you back on TV soon.

  444. Tracy says:

    I LOVE your show now on TLC…I have had a passion for real estate for so long and I get to live it through you every week!! I would LOVE to be a Ginger some day….let us know when we can get out there and be apart of the Trademark Team!!

  445. nancy d. says:

    Love your show… I’m hoping they start puting it on earlier. I also love it when you put more of your staff on. It was so nice to see Dawn along with Ginger and yourself.
    Keep up the good work.

  446. art says:

    love your show for keeping it real.i am a contractor and i see that you guy’s take pride in what you do. i also love the fact that your are willing to help individuals who may be in need which is what we are supposed to do for one another not take advantage of a profit all the time like some others do.keep up the good work!!!!!!

  447. Deneen says:

    hi guys,,,
    we love your show….I miss it soooo much, if I see flip this house is on, and I turn it on and it isn’t trademark, it gets turned,,you guys are awesome,,,and hope and pray everything goes your way…..god bless, Deneen

  448. Dave says:

    I always wondered why there was a change in the cast for the show. I do not like the new cast nor the format. I still watch your show on TLC. I bought my first house last year to flip and ended up renting it due to the market. I’m a one man show right now, but you give me inspiration to keep going. I’m currently in the process of finding my second house, and this time, no renting. Keep up the show and the good work!

  449. Javier Guelespe says:

    Richard you are my idol. I am currently working on my first flip. Something that I have wanted to do for about 10 years. Thanks for giving me the inspiration to buy my first house when all of my friends thought I was nuts. I started only 45 days ago and things are going well. Update you after the closing!

    Best wishes,

    Javier Guelespe
    La Grange, IL.

  450. Chris Gelling says:

    Dear Trademark, you guys are the absolute best at what you do. Watching your show turned me into a rookie handyman and am in the middle of my first flip sort of. This is the first that I’ve heard about this law suit and I hope you guys win. Your new show on TLC is better than ever and the family and I watch it every weekend. Keep up the good work.

    The Gelling’s
    Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.

  451. tammy pratt says:

    I love the Tradmark Reality flip this house, shows. Oh my gosh you people are very talented, I enjoy you taking something ugly and turning it into something beautiful.
    Please let me know when you show comes on another network, I am addited to you all.
    Thanks for the wonderful ideas you have shared.
    Tammy Pratt
    Indianapolis, Indiana

  452. Patti says:

    Richard – will tune into TLC for your show. PS – in your letter – generally people reap what the sow, rather than what they sew. email me if you need a proofreader.

  453. nancybiggers says:

    YOU GUYS ARE GREATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT, YOU ARE MY IDOL RICHARD!!! i have been promoted and now find myself , saying “hey, either your a team player, or your out!!!!!!!!!!” where ever you guys go, ill be there watching, best of luck to you, .nancy

  454. Craig says:

    Trademark is a top notch team.
    Richard shows real leadership and toleration of human error without chastizing his people or his contractors, yet won’t put up with nonsense or allow himself to be shilled. He instills this quality in everyone around him. This is the type of person I can learn from and would jump at the opportunity to do so.

  455. Tim says:

    I am glad that they will be off this show. The phony “holier than thou” attitude is really way too much. At least Armondo doesn’t pretend to be anything more than money hungry.

  456. Tim,

    Re: “At least Armondo doesn’t pretend to be anything more than money hungry.”

    Interesting. That might work as a good defense tactic in court for a bank
    robber. Nah ; )

  457. True diligence is the way to have success in business, family, and relationships. I let everyone know this that I talk to. I’m only 24 and have seen my fair share of success in real estate. I commend you for your efforts on your shows. You show people what diligence is truly about.- Tierrell Brown

  458. Becky in Illinois says:

    Richard and Team: You guys (and girls) rock! In an era where employers are out for themselves it is so nice to see the family atmosphere your team has. It’s refreshing to see you go head to head with someone on your team with lots of yelling, etc. without ever losing the respect or appreciation of one another. I especially appreciate this since I was fired by a large for profit medical company when I had appendicitis and had run out of sick time. Talk about feeling betrayed, I was lying in their hospital and they mailed me a letter stating that my position had been terminated. Your team members are fortunate that you honestly care about them. You have arguments, but at the end of the day, the respect is still there. I hope I can someday find myself among a team of people like you all. As far as A&E, what goes around comes around and you have a large fan base that will now be tuning in to see you on a different network.

  459. Cecelia Buckley says:

    As a fellow South Carolinean and Clemson grad (1985), I enjoy watching you take your sons to Clemson baseball games and the redo of the Clemson apartments. I grew up in Clemson and love when you do flips that I am familiar with. Greenville and Charleston, too. I love your show and the work ethic that you share with your co-workers. Keep up the great work!!

  460. Melodie says:

    I have been waiting for your new season to start now I know why I haven’t be able to find it. My husband and I loved watching all of you and seeing how you could take something from plain to wow in no time. We lived in Georgia (Athens area)for 10 years and moved back to Texas last year and bought a great house from a good builder. I was talking to Keith (Blue Diamond Homes) and telling him about your show and told him he should contact you in case you were looking for someone in Texas. Looking forward to seeing you, Ginger, Dawn and the rest of the gang on TLC. Tell Ginger I have a friend for her dog. I have a 8 month male Bichon that would love to play with hers if y’all come to Texas.

  461. Tamberly says:

    You have another family of fans in Texas – in the Austin area. We love your show, and the fact that you are NOT fake. You truly care about the people that you work with and that means a lot. More businesses need to take lessons from you and the Trademark Team! Keep up the good work!

  462. barbara says:

    I have been trying to find your show! I am so upset it is not on anymore. Please let us know when you will be on again and where!!!!! I have seen the new show and HATED it!!!! Please keep trying to get on another network. Good Luck and keep up the great teamwork.!!!

  463. Funny – Who is this?

    “XXXXXXX X XXXXX was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up in Charleston, South Carolina on James Island”

  464. Patty says:

    Well, I thought that something like this must have happened when I tuned into your show last year and I got the San Antonio version that really sucks. Power to you for finding a different network. Your show is both informative and entertaining and whats so fantastic is you all are just real people showing the world what you do best. I would love to be a part of your team. I’m willing to relocate if you have an opening :-)!

  465. phillip in e. texas says:

    Success always breeds success, showing people the ups and downs in this business is what is going to make alot of people successful when they wouldn’t of been other wise. This is a gift of wisdom. Continue to help others and you can never go wrong.” What profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul ” Keep giving the knowledge for the purpose of helping someone get a better life. you will be the winner!!!!!

  466. keyla says:

    Hello I am a realestate student in love with your new show The Real Estate Pros and I also followed your Flip This House show as well. I am interested in buying your patented program to flipping buying and selling homes. Please contact me I want to learn and maybe even start a division of TradeMark in Columbus Ohio.

  467. Verdis Perry says:

    Please flip my house…I’m an out of work teacher because I had a stroke – I am doing better but not back to work – my house is old and in nee of lots of repair that I can not afford – please consider flipping it – you do excellent work and when I saw you help your childhood friend and the older vet – I said he is a GOD send! 9711 Spaulding St. Omaha NE 68134 402 451 8157

  468. MJ says:

    A&E really screwed up RIchard and his team were grea†, I enjoyed watching them. When or is the new show going to start?

  469. ann says:

    pardon my language but “screw” the network – do your own show – you own way – I will follow you guys anywhere – sure wish you were in michigan – I know i could see – and would love to be a part of it – which is why you are successful – we all want to be part of your team

  470. Vernon Townsend says:

    Richard And, crew..Like so many others, I simply craved your show. Lived in N. Charleston back in the late 50’sand, thru your show have been able to revisit so many parts of it. The integrity that you guy showed in your dealing was impressive and, I will be watching for your re-appearances on another network. Good Luck to one and all..

  471. I love to watch your show as a small business owner in Washington State and being from the south. I too love to give back to the community. You show people that there is still hope in big business. Yes we are all out to make money but you guys seem like the real deal.
    Good luck.
    I just happened to find your new show my PVR recorder did the job for me. I never have like the other flip this house for they seemed more into the money and low balling where as your company seems to be more into puplic relationships. That’s how a business grows is by making and keeping people happy.
    Good luck going nation wide!
    Vera from Washinton

  472. Tyra says:

    Hi Richard. Looks to me like we have a little JEALOUSY going on with the network. Everybody wants something that don’t belong to them. Whats wrong? Arent they cleaver enough to come up with a show better than yours? HUMM Of course NOT that is why they want yours… Keep smiling! Now matter what Network your with or what the Name of the show is… Your show will always be the same. GOOD DOWN HOME FOLKS ARE HARD TO BEAT.
    Your #1 fan
    Tyra Lawaon from Indianapolis, Indiana

  473. Lynne Clarke says:

    We in northern British Columbia, Canada, miss seeing the Trademark crew. The show was great on Season 1. I miss seeing the street scenes all around Charleston. I wish we could see another program with the Trademark crew. If it is filmed by another show/network, pls make sure it’s available on Bell Expressview or Shaw Cable in Canada. Thanks.

  474. Tyra says:

    Remove that Comment that was wrote in my nmae! Thank you Tyra L

  475. John Azzopardi says:


    I was happy to see that you hit ” Home Run for Trademark”. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! I own several properties all over the U.S. All of them are professionally managed by qualified Real Estate Professionals. I share your belief that everyone wins if you treat people fairly. I am also glad that you were the first person to offer Joe Torre a job. Thanks for all the good work you do!

  476. Craig says:

    My wife and I are from Michigan and we just returned from a trip to Florida to see our niece’s wedding. On the return from Flordia, we took an alternate route and stopped in Charleston to see your Trademark office and stop in to the Crab House for lunch. We both really enjoyed you and your staff on “Flip This House” and wanted to see the office and the Crab House.

    We we returned home and told our friends and family that we visited your office and the Crab House, they were envious. They all enjoyed seeing Tradmark Properties on TV and wished they were with us when we visited Charleston.

    Good luck and we hope to see your show on TV soon. “Flip This House” isn’t worth watching without the Trademark Properties crew.

    Hope to see you soon,

    Craig & Sandy

  477. Reta Abbott says:

    Richard, I have been looking for your new season. Sorry did not know about the lawsuit, but I know you will come out on TOP. Please let me know which network/day/time of your new show. You have a loyal fan here in Alabama. Your show is THE REAL DEAL. Your team is the best I have ever seen. I have been wanting to schedule our vacation to visit your new office in Charleston. Hope the new network will realize what a treasure they hold in their hands with your show. the other flip this house shows do not hold a candle to THE REAL DEAL TEAM!!!! your show is about so much more than just renovating houses. Can not wait to see your team back on a Real network. Thanks for helping to restore America. Wishing you the best. Reta

  478. Tammy says:

    Richard and all the Trademark crew I love your show and am proud to live in SC. I watched every episode and repeats. It is refreshing to see a man like you with integrity and compassion. I am ashamed to say I did buy Armandos stuff and he is nothing but a scammer and I will get my money back from him and never again will I watch that man on tv.
    Richard I bought your book and I love it, I love the way you treat your team as family. Your a hero to me and if ya need someone in the Hartsville area I’d love to be part of your wonderful family. Love all of you…Tammy

  479. Marvin says:

    WOW! I had no idea what had happened but often thought of Trademark’s shows and wondered where & what ya’ll were doing. Your show hooked me on watching house flippers but they all pale in light of Trademark’s shows. The last of your shows indicated a push to Franchise Trademark’s technique (or plan) nationwide which led me to reason all your energy was be channeled to that project or that you’d been hit hard with the downturn in the Realestate market.
    Hurry back! My wife and I miss your programs.

  480. Ellen says:

    I was just wondering what happened to your show. I’ve missed it very much. I was hooked. Don’t like the knock-off shows at all. They’re lame compared to yours. Didn’t realize there was a lawsuit going on until I looked for your website to try to find out where you’ve been. Any closer to getting another show started? Hope so.

  481. tammy says:

    Richard and crew
    I absolutely love watching your show ,I found you to be the most honest, kind, understanding person. Your employees are very lucky to have you for a boss. Why the show replaced you with a buncha yahoos is beyond me. Im looking forward to watching you and your team again . Thanks for always being entertaining.

  482. DANDRE says:


  483. Dennis Mitchell says:

    Trademark Staff
    I would like to congratulate,and thank all of you on your professionalism, your character and your willingness to work as a Team. That is such a novelty in this day and age. My wife and I have enjoyed watching you all work. It is real people working doing what they do best,and it looks like you enjoy it. In the time of reality TV, all of you from Richard, the staff and even down to the construction crews, the working men and women are represented.
    Again thank you all, keep up the great work and I’ll keep an eye out for your new show. We miss seeing you every week.

  484. MtShadow says:

    I never liked you show. It disturbed me greatly that Richard the egomaniac had to show what a big man he was rather than what it took to really pull off a house flip. The current house fliping shows are a lot better and easier to watch. I own 6 houses in the Mt Hood area of Oregon and am not a newbie to real estate. The Trademark shows are disgusting and deserve to crash and burn. Ginger needs to bail and find her own niche. Richard is worthless. Lose him and burn him.

  485. Ken says:

    I love your show it has inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and flip houses. I am in the research phase and formulating a buisness plan as of now.I plan on starting slow and flipping the house i live in and purchasing anoher home that i can quickly renovate flip as well.Hopefully,this will become a full time endeavor. Thanks again for the great show,love Ginger too.

  486. Just wanted to say I love your show and hope to see new ones on this coming season. Sorry to hear about flip this house, your other show is the real deal.
    Good luck on going nation wide
    From the West Coast. Ginger quiet being afraid of the little critters they won’t hurt you……

  487. Vivian says:

    my Husband and I really miss watching your show. Living here in Michigan, it was fun watching your Team work and scramble to beat the “Open House”
    When will you be back with your show?

  488. Edward says:

    Hey Mr. Davis do you need a real good fast ,neet,and good plumber? If you do. I want to be a part comiing to N. Ca.
    I heard you say you want to go national.
    If not. Keep up the good humor and good work. Good job helping others.

  489. karren mcglohn says:

    Hey y’all,
    I loved watching your shows on both A&E and TLC. My husband and I are moving down to Beaufort, SC in a couple of years and love anything to do with the low country. Your show was always very entertaining and can’t wait to see you guys back on again.

  490. Marty & Diana says:

    We love your show, when are you coming back? We watch all your reruns still, when ever they are on. The other flip shows are nothing compared to yours. We miss you Richard, Ginger and Dawn. Please come back….We will be sad until you do. 🙁

  491. Rich says:

    Team Trademark, Really enjoyed your show. I now understand that you’re on TLC. GREAT! I’ll be looking.

  492. Melissa says:

    Hope to see you again soon in Gonzales, Texas. Hope you get those crooks for all that is due to you…God Bless and Good Luck!

  493. Donna says:

    I miss you-all from Trademark. I have watched each of your episodes many times. I do not watch the new groups of “flippers.” They just don’t have what you have, Richard, or the rest of your Trademark family. I wish you the best in your case and your future and would love to see you again on TV.

  494. steve says:

    Richard I love your show. I look foward to watching all the idots who continue to purchase properties in a plummeting econony lose their shirts as you continue to tout the value of a strong real estate portfolio. Your net branches are going to give some invsestors some sleepless nights. God Bless America

  495. Bob Anthony says:

    Dear Richard, Ginger, and Crew: I live in North Jersey and most recently had the pleasure of speaking to one of your staff Lauren, about Trademark selling my land in Florida. The professionalism that Lauren and your staff showed was outstanding and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you. By the way, I do hope Lauren liked the Sopranos Tee Shirt that I sent her as the show was filmed in my neighborhood. In closing I look forward to seeing more of your show and please keep me informed as to when you’ll be back on with more new episodes.

    Much Thanks and God Bless All of You.

    Bob Anthony
    Bloomfield, NJ

  496. Victoria Claus says:

    I think that it is terrible that A&E would think that they could replace anyone of you! I think that you all do the best job of all of the house flipping shows on television and that if anyone was replaced/ put in place of any of you that the show would be crap. Good Luck with everything and I hope I get to keep watching your show!

  497. Zac says:


    My family will follow you to whatever network you go to, we love the show and the integrity that the Trademark Team shows at all times.
    I’m waiting for Trademark Properties to come to Wisconsin, so I can try to be part of the team.

  498. bob says:


  499. Kelli says:

    Wow, my family Loves your show and the “trademark family”! No wonder we couldn’t find it anymore. You are right Richard..A&E will reap what they sew! Good luck and, I can’t wait for your new show. Just keep it REAL.

    God Bless!

  500. Kim Mattingly says:

    I love your show,and team! In a crazy way, I feel like I know you all. In addition to getting the job done, you do wonderful things in and around your community by giving back. You are an asset to everyone around you, and us tv watchers. I even miss Ginger’s crazy white fluff ball for a dog. Can’t wait for you all to get back on the air. Just for the record, I can’t stand the people in your slot-to me they are plastic people. Keep up the good work and “winner,winner, chicken dinner!”

  501. Dan B says:

    You guys are obviously the best, most professional (and fun to watch) group of people flipping real estate on TV. A&E really needs to take a close look at what they’ve done and settle this lawsuit FAST. They will lose a lot of viewers and not to mention, a lot of respect.

  502. Lee Schneider says:

    Pardon me for using this way to contact you, but wanted to hear your feedback on the Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha, which I know you have frequented.
    The mayor of Omaha wants to build a new stadium instead of renovating the Blatt.
    His developing crew says this is the most cost effective.
    Just curious as to what your feelings on this would be.

  503. heidi reyburn says:

    I so enjoy your segments of Flip This House – I can watch over and over and still learn how much work and laughs (yes, laughs!) go into the process. Y’all are quite a team – and hope to see more of the wonderful side of home makeovers. Come on up north (PA) – we have plenty of old houses on the brink of disaster w/out y’all here to save them. Thanks again Richard & team…..and A&E ‘Wake UP’ you are losers to lose this one!!!

  504. Steve L says:

    Richard, Ginger and all the crew,
    What a disappointment to wait for the new season and you guys weren’t part of it. We thought the housing market put your show on hold. We will watch “The Real Deal” next time it comes on. You guys truly have “The Mac Daddy” show of all the flips on TV. We are so ready for you guys that we watched re-runs (of you guys) more than once.
    Take care and God Bless

  505. L Jones says:

    Is it possible that reverse or anti-anglo-celtic racism is afoot here? I noted that the new ‘flip’ is decidedly more diverse ethnically and does not seem to include many anglo-celtic people.

  506. Linda Adams says:

    Richard and Team, I finally decided to investigate why y’all weren’t on A&E anymore and the only thing I can come up with is the powers that be A&E are BRAIN DEAD! I surely hope y’all find another tv outlet for your talents and humor as that is sadly lacking in the new breed now on tv (which by the way, I NO longer watch). From one southerner to another..on 3…Go Team Trademark!!

  507. Cathy Knight says:

    Love your show.

  508. Cathy Knight says:


  509. Matt says:

    To me, it seems like Richard is drunk in every show! Does he ever stop drinking?

  510. BILLY F. says:

    Richard Davis, you are “the real deal”.To hell with A&E. Keep your team strong,and keep ’em flippen !!

  511. Josh says:

    You and your team are the only people that should be on tv teaching people about flipping properties. You guys are truly pros at what you do and the class of a sometimes shady industry. Screw A&E! I was wondering why you guys were not on tv anymore and now I know. I will not watch A&E anymore. Best wishes.

    Josh in Wichita, KS

  512. Bob Terry, NH says:

    Richard,My wife & I surely miss your show. Please let us know when you are coming back. The other flips just don’t cut it. Bob & Geri from New Hampshise

  513. Chuck Powers says:


    I really considered going to South Carolina from Georgia to see about assisiting your team as I have a degree in Architecture and Interior Space Design. I loved your show so much and I really liked your business savy.

    Let me know if you are still looking for qualified people to help out in your business.


  514. mindy says:

    Richard, Ginger and team – if you ever want to work in the Arlington, Tx area, we have a home for you. Contact us if you’re interested.
    I would absolutely adore being in a position as Ginger – love love love general contracting and have had plenty of experience as well.

  515. jules says:

    today i am watching reruns of your show and thought i would google you and try to find out where you went….well now i know. just to let you know i miss your show and hope to see you somewhere soon!

  516. Marianne Bosch says:

    Will the Real Estate Pros be back on TLC in 2008?

  517. tim and laurie says:

    Dear Richard Ginger and team- My wife and I watched every one of your shows and loved them. we wish you all the best of luck and hope your company keeps up the wonderful work.hope we see you soon!

  518. tim and laurie says:

    Dear Richard Ginger and team- My wife and I have watched all your shows and loved them. we wish you and your team the best of luck. We will be watching for you in the future.HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON!

  519. Sherry says:

    Good luck to you Richard and the whole Trademwrk team. I love yur show and am even interested in your new franchise venture. How do I get more information? I’ll definately keep watching and A&E just lost a viewer.

  520. steven says:

    Hi, I’ve watched nearly all of your shows and learned alot from other shows also. But of the many shows I’ve seen yours is the best by far. One of the main things I have learned is that time is extremely important when flipping a house. That’s gotta be one of the reasons why your team sold around 250 million dollars worth of real estate in one year. It truely sunk in while watching your marathon on Sunday May 25, 2008 is to get it done, it’s that damn simple. You have record breaking flips and some flips you do in days would take many people weeks. You just flat out inspire me and motivate me to the fulliest. I’ve also read books and plan on buying your book. After high school I once heard someone say pick a profession that you would not mind doing for free and…. I just Love real estate. I’m 28 years old and just love it with a passion! Almost as much as I love women he he:) j/k

  521. Tammy says:

    Hope to see the Team back in action very soon…. Please let us know when you will be back!!!!!!!!

  522. John N. says:

    Just wanted to say I loved the shows. I invest in real estate on the side in VA. I must say you guys did the best job out of all the other casts of “Flip this House”. Ive also picked up some great tips on the way. Hope to see you all back in action soon!

  523. Tony Boswell says:

    Happy 4th of July Team Trademark. I miss seeing your shows. Do you have a new show out, or are reruns being aired on any network? I think the message I got from your show about team work and putting others before money has made me a better person. I only hope that someday I’ll be in a position to touch as many lives as you and your team have! Thanks again from all of your friends and fans here in Myrtle Beach!

  524. Diane says:

    My husband and I really miss seeing you guys on the show. It’s just not the same. I absolutely love Ginger and her little dog, and will miss you all a lot. I was seriously going to ask if I could have a job and come and work with you. I took Interior Design in college. Let us know when you get on a new netowrk and when you start again. Hang in there.

  525. Diane says:

    My husband and I really miss seeing you guys on the show. It’s just not the same. I absolutely love Ginger and her little dog, and will miss you all a lot. I was seriously going to ask if I could have a job and come and work with you. I took Interior Design in college. Let us know when you get on a new network and when you start again. Hang in there.

  526. Richard says:

    Richard & Team,
    My wife and I loved watching your show every Saturday morning. You definitely showed teamwork, determination and the willingness to be successful. We can’t wait for the next show to appear! Please let your fans know when it will be debuting! Good luck! 🙂

  527. Paula says:

    Miss your show! Hate Montelongos. Where and when will you return?

  528. Darlene says:

    Miss your show. You guys were great! Let us know when it will be back on the air and what station.

  529. Gene says:

    You are write to sue A&E. The shows they have had on since you were dropped are a joke! There is no way these people could possible do what they claimed they were doing. The Atlanta based programs insulted your intelligence and the people in Texas must be selling dope on the side. The truth is starting to come out about these shows and A&E ought to be accountable for what they have done. Please let us know when your program will air. How’s Ginger??

  530. Roxi says:

    Hi Team Trademark! Boy do I miss you guys on TV. After you flipped the Crab House, I took a vacation to Charleston just so I could go to the Crab House. My Mom said it was the best clams she had ever had. Please, please keep us posted. We want you back! When are you going to open an office in Colorado? I have a team and we are ready to go to work!

  531. Heather says:

    I am always searching for you on the tv, please let us know when and where you will be on with new shows. WE LOVE watching you and your crew. And I agree that the others can’t measure up in any way!!

  532. Francine says:

    All I can say is that A&E is STUPID to let you and the TradeMark team go. The Flip this House series are, as others have stated, riduclous low brow crap. Always looking for your team on the networks. BTW, you inspired me to go for it and do my own property investments. Success has been marginal, but as you say … “when you get lemons – make lemonade!” So I’m renting my property until the market turns.

  533. Bob and Sandy says:

    We have been waiting for several seasons now to see your team back on Flip This House. I finally see why you are not on the show. None of the shows with the other teams have the same quality as you all or the Style and Wit. You need to create your own show on another network. We miss you and want to see your team on again. I will stop watching Flip this House as it lacks the things I mentioned. Waiting for your show.

  534. pat says:

    Richard…your show was the best ever…not only do you show how to flip a house you inspire people with your common sense and the fact that you are living a life that shows care and respect for others.

  535. Your A Tool says:

    like OMG!!! I love black… I mean.. who would have thought that you could have more than one black in your launching pad! hahaha what a tool!!! hahaha

    Live the dream richard! It’s your launching pad….

  536. Gary says:

    Just glad to see someone doing what there good at and making money and still thinking about other people. Juust hope your are as caring in real life as you come off as in your show.

  537. Bryan says:

    Watched the show once (Real Estate Pros). Worst thing on television with annoying people that are all followers of Richard. They keep blowing smoke up his ass and it is quite obvious they don’t really believe the hype.

  538. André says:


    I hope you will return on the screen as soon as possible !

    I’m from Quebec and I wath your show in french, very very good show !

    Enjoy and good luck !

  539. Chuck South says:

    Richard & crew,keep your heads and go forward knowing that when you begin to shop around the new show,the world will truly be your oyster.The show was/is a hit from the word go…we’ll suffer thru your absence knowing the “new” show is coming soon.God bless all of you.Adversity builds character while revealing true strengths-A&E screwed their own pooch when they messed up with Trademark Properties! Hoping to see you soon!

  540. Tom & Brandy says:

    Richard & Crew Family, Please Please come back on, It seem to be an eternity since we have seen you. You are the original Flip This House! and we definitely quit watching when that changed. We pray you can get back on the air. And we cant wait for a new season! Hi Ginger & Dawn, We miss you two taking charge and keeping Richard in line. hehe

  541. Tom & Brandy says:

    Oh and by the way, we would rather watch your re-runs than watch season 2!

  542. Terri says:

    Hello Richard,

    OMG, I feel so out of touch, I did not know where youu and your staff had gone! I was a big fan of your show, which exhibited class, professionalism, style and ethics. When I turned on “Flip This House” last, and saw those clowns (Season 2), keystone cop caricatures, may as well tell it like it is, it was shameful! I coud not wait to FLIP THAT CHANNEL button! Miss you, Ginger, Jack, Dawn and Kevin. Come on back! This is the 2nd show A&E has stupidly let go off the air. I do not subscribe to them anymore. God bless you all!

  543. Scott Filip says:

    Hello Richard I am a real estate investor in Hallettsville, TX., two hours west of Houston, TX. I have called your office before in the past, but I never talked to you yet. I am interested in being on your show and doing a flip with you and learning more things along the way.I have been in RE for ten years now . My wife and I buy and hold 99% of the time. I know you have probably heard this before, but this is something I’d really like to do. I.m 32years old , and work full time , and also have an exotic deer business on the side, while still doing RE part time for now . My intentions are to be a full time RE investor in the near future. I truly believe you have to move on from the people that try to bring you down[AE], because when you do something great in life people always try to shoot it down, so stay strong. I never got to email you before so I apologize for this long write up, but I am passionate about moving forward in life , just like you are , thanks for the inspiration and keep making more shows . Hope to get some feed back , I’ll be checking my emails.

  544. arlene estrada says:

    Bring back Richard Davis and crew!!!!!!
    That other show stunk!!!

  545. dave ciafardo says:

    are you ever gonna make new episodes? I realy miss the show. cant wait to see it again

  546. SPARK PLUG says:


  547. Sandy says:


  548. Ane says:

    hey, love the show, it was you guys that got me hooked on flip this house. I cannot believe they still air this and not include you. You get A&E where it hurts, in their wallet!!

  549. Ane says:

    Hey A&E


  550. Matt says:

    Dear Richard and everyone at Trademark,

    I am an 18 year old student ready to graduate high school and some day hope to be as big as a real estate name as you are. I have been watching the show since i was 16 with my grandmother and we are in awe of the way you run your business and the hardworking efforts of your staff. It is truly remarkable what you do and we are looking forward to seeing another season asap!

  551. Brent says:

    Judge upholds $4M verdict in `Flip This House’ suit…..

    Just saw this in the news… Congratulations! Should be just about enough to pay your lawyers. 🙁

  552. Bella says:

    I miss you to this day. Come back!

  553. Joshua says:

    So many people have lost tons of money by “flipping” houses during the past few years. “Filp This House” should have never been placed on TV. It only encouraged people to go out and gamble their life savings away by “flipping” houses.

  554. Dadiv says:

    “Flipping” houses is such a joke! It only leads to bankruptcy.

  555. Judy says:

    I am so glad you guys are coming back on. Hope it is soon. Advertise lots so we don’t miss one episode

  556. Carol says:

    Yahoo!! I can’t stand Armando Montelongo and his insufferable wife! Can’t wait for you to get back to us! Where and when? I’ll be there!


    I still watch the show here, you should come
    and do business down here,i do remodeling
    and i think that will be good chance for work

  558. SJ says:

    Lotsa love from California’s Central Coast!!! My mom & I really enjoyed watching your show, and hope that at some point, you will manage to find your way back onto television. I realize the current market makes it more challenging, but I’m confident you will find a way to rise to the top. You guys are amazing! =)

  559. Diane says:

    Hey Team Trademark

    I really miss seeing yuo guys on A&E’s flip this house. It was you guys that got me hooked on flip this house. Though I still watch flip this house, it is not the same without you.

  560. Janice Bailey says:

    Is there anyway the first season of Flip This House with Richard Davis could be put on a DVD? Trademark flips were the best. I miss watching Richard, Ginger and the rest of the team. I DVRed a couple of episodes two years ago on A&E but haven’t seen one presented since that time. I would certainly like to buy the entire first season. Thanks and good luck!

  561. kevin adolph sr says:

    wow , both the wife and myself loved your show and was wondering what has happened to ya`s , your show ment alot to us , like ideal`s of becoming a home owner and how to change the look of an home , as well as the feel of an family between everyone from richard`s brother to ginger .
    may god bless all of you`s , and hope to see ya`s on the tv soon

  562. Dean says:

    Congratulations on your success Richard. Inventories are low again and flipping seems to be back in many areas. The real estate gurus are also coming back in full force all over the TV & web. You are an original.

  563. nina lerner says:

    hi richard and ginger
    you guys were so brilliant on your show – it was truly
    fascinating to watch you and your team
    ‘wish we could see you guys on tv again
    i do watch the flipping in atlanta and boston on tv.
    so glad that you are getting paid for your concept
    warmly, nina
    p.s. how is your brother and gingers’ cute doggie

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