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Several other sites have noticed the events going on with Flip This House.  You might want to check them out as well:

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  1. The Le says:

    I despise Armando and the new show. I finally realized today what I hate about it all — it reminds me of The Simple Life with Paris Hilton.

    It’s contrived, staged, and unreal, which is a really a no-win situation. Think about it. If they are really like this, then they are trully a-holes. If they are just “acting: like a-holes, then the integrity of the show fautlers. Lose-Lose.

    If A&E was upfront and properly introduced new flippers, then they would have had a chance — the audience is always willing to try. But instead of finding some good teams, they went with an MTV-Paris-Hilton shock value. It is totally insulting to the target audience, and it tells me that A&E really does not know their viewers really are. It’s too bad.

    It was a good show that had every potention to survive the lost of the great Trademark team. But changing the formula so drastically with a bunch of jerks was just a really bad idea.


  2. Gary says:

    I dont like the new shows. I want to see Richard and all of his team back. They are what made this show and the only thing that will keep it going.

  3. mario says:

    Absolutely no comparison. The second group is just to contrived and in no way acts proffesinal or ethical. The words pompous,arrogant,egotistical,come to mind

  4. Rachael says:

    I have continued to watch the second season of the show. The new cast doesn’t even come close to Trademark Properties.

    The Montelongos are the cheapest a-holes I have ever seen. They have one go to guy named Sergio who they treat like crap. They always want hum to do more work for less pay. And they way they treat their wives is a shame.

    Sam Leccima is no better than the Montelongos. His wife Shani has got to be the worst interior decorator I have ever seen. There was one episode where she had the inside of a home trimmed in black. Who does that? Maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones.

    I think Trademark Properties should write a book for the new cast named Flipping Houses for Dummiess.

  5. Jerom says:

    I think you’re making a very good point there

  6. Railroadguy says:

    I have missed the entire Trademark crew on
    the show and frankly do not watch “Flip This House” at all after viewing a few
    episodes of the new version.Somehow the new shows lack that certain real life element that Richard Davis and Trademark was able to bring to the show.I am sure glad to hear that the Trademark crew is going to be on again and can assure you I will be watching for it!

  7. core says:

    your hot>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  8. Reggie says:

    Looking forward to the new show! My wife and I were just talking yesterday about how great the 1st season was and what great personalities you all have and that really made for a great show!!! Best of luck to you all!!!

  9. Carol Frilam says:

    The Montelongos disgust me. I’m so relieved to read that so many others feel the same way. I was beginning to wonder about peope who watch the show, but: Phew. You’re decent! I had complained to A&E and got a bland who-cares form e-mail back. I thought maybe no one else cared. It’s not just that the Trademark crew was great fun, it’s that the Montelongos are an affront to human decency.

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