A&E Demolishes Flip This House

An interesting article in the “Houston Real News” – a publication for Houston Real Estate Investors.

A&E, whose Flip This House’s second season premier revolted countless viewers, further enraged their audience by removing the FTH page and threads from the Network’s Web site. The FTH message boards became inoperative as of mid-day July 25.

Viewer complaints about Network “censorship” first arose three weeks ago as FTH, featuring San Antonio’s Montelongos, was broadcast. Message boards claimed that A&E deleted pages of negative comments that flooded the FTH boards.

“As Mulder would say, the truth is out there. And no matter how many posts from numerous members A&E deletes, at least they know that we know how horrible it was. Delete away, we’ll just keep posting new messages,’ wrote All Flip and No Lip.

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  1. e says:

    nice to see ur site covering this mess i think reality will really set in when the gangs new show comes out in jan

  2. I just can no longer take this! I want to see Richard and the gang back! This is the most dumb deal I have ever read. I thought that A&E has grown-ups working there instead of children! The show that is now playing is a show that contributes to ripoff’s.If you want to learn how to rip the people off watch the new flip this house. This teaches our children, if they are considering the trade, how they can rip people off, and get away with it. I sure am horrified of this king of example.

  3. Vicki says:

    A&E, Get Real, Take responcibility. What you have just shown the LOYAL viewers of The ORIGINAL “Flip This House” is, that your network doesn’t deserve honest people like Richard C. Davis & Team Trademark. You now have the kind of rip off artists you deserve acting on a pathetic attempt of what once was a great show. Do us all a favor, change the name to something more appropriate, Perhaps “How to rip people off in seven days!”
    We’re Completely disgusted with A&E!

  4. mario says:

    AE tv totally screwed up! Where they really dropped the ball was by censoring and deleting viewers quotes pertaining to FTH season 2 shows.Irealize everybody has their unique style but regarding these replacement flippers they aren’t in the same league. TIME WILL TELL.

  5. ZACH says:

    The Montelongos are an inspiration, they are in the position that the people complaining about them want to be in. If you don’t like the san antonio episodes then don’t watch. Hopefully A&E disregards your complaints & puts them on the air.

  6. judy says:

    Flip this House season 2 is a complete joke. I agree–it should be called “The Rip Off Show” Do us all a favor and bring back Richard, Ginger, Dawn and Kevin! They were real people. This show from San Antonio is disgusting!!!

  7. mario says:

    Being in a position where one could give back to the community, like the young men that have been given help with college by richard. Or ….. Heck I can’t think of anything the montelongo clan has shown except how to screw over homeowners and subcontractors, the overwhelming amount of emails in this and many other sites positevely give credence to the fact that america feels a lot warmer towards. Richard and trademark, it,s not always just about profit sometimes ya gotta show heart.

  8. DENNIS says:

    Flip this house SUCKS, showing a set of Mexican brothers or what ever they are! Buying junk houses and doing nothing to them but put band aids on them and them sell them to the public is not what i would think AE is all about? when you see these guys driving new HUM-VEES and buying these new houses for them selfs is sickening. I hope the real estate people in texas goes after them. Dont we have enough CROOKS AROUND??? the goverment should look into this program and the people running it.

  9. Nichelle says:

    I don’t know what these people are talking about!!! The Montelongos don’t rip off people!!! They actually help people by trying to build up these decrepit neighborhoods that the Trademark Team or whatever the hell they’re called is too stuck up and to scared to touch!!! And who the hell cares if they have nice cars….you’re just jealous cause your car sucks or you just have no life!!! I mean really….what do expect them to drive??? Hoopties??? Hello??? They do this for a reason and if they make enough money to buy a GODDAMN lincoln navigator then thats their business. And by the way some stupid guy named DENNIS felt that it was important to mention the fact that they were Mexican….what does that have to do with anything??? I bet thats really what this is all about.

  10. Brandon says:

    It does not matter if they are mexicans or not. BUT, they are ripping people of by selling their junk that they put bandaids on. They try to save any penny they can by pushing the bids from workers lower, which is kind of o.k. to make money, but in the end they pocket it and don’t do a damn thing about anyone else. I am glad their kitchen got “lost” in this one episode! Thats what they deserve. The Leccima team is even worse. I wonder if they disclosed ovious damages, that had been worked over and covered. Richard was honest and used his luck to help others. I would rather pay more but use them any day over these other crooks !!!

  11. MoniqueNazareth says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah…Mando’s arrogant, cocky, immature…so how come he still gives me shivers? I guess that kind of self-assurance is attractive mostly to equally self-assured women. He does come across a bit stunted emotionally and socially on the show; a little extra drama no doubt fed by the show’s peeps and enhanced by selective editing because he comes across very differently in his bios and his investor tips. I’d say he got where he was by being who he is and he hasn’t yet discovered why this won’t carry him through the rest of his life. Hey, guys…he’s young, he hasn’t fully developed yet, just because he’s on TV you all expect him to be enlightened? Give him a little space and time…social skills can be taught and social responsibility instilled by life’s hard lessons, but the drive and commitment and sheer strength of will this guy has is laudable…and did I mention…he still gives me shivers?

  12. Coming Soon says:

    Look for Richards new show on a different network…coming soon!!!

  13. I could care less if they are Mexican,American, or Black…If you are willing to be on tv and mistreat people then there is something wrong with the way they do business! Yeswe can turn off the TV and not watch but that does NOT make it right.I actually look forward to the show(Flip This House) and what it has to offer. When I have John,our contractor do stuff for me at home I pay him cash each end of the day *with receipt* and then I buy his lunches,pay for gas for his car to ensure that he gets to work and to the store for supplies and then I pay him well for his time!Bottom line ya get what ya pay for!When some one does a good job it’s worth the money to make sure you get him to come back if you ever need him again..and THAT MY FRIENDS IS GOOD BUSINESS!

    Cheryl Lassiter-Paramedic
    Director of Emergency Response

  14. Linda Kohn says:

    I hated everything about the Montelongos. All they do is try to get their workers to do the work for less so that they themselves can make more money. They are arrogant, nasty con artists. They don’t fix things, they just patch and cover up. They have a sense of superiority and entitlement. What really freaked me out was when the son was swimming ALONE in the pool while the mother was in the house talking about her new kitchen.

  15. Concerned says:

    These two brother’s are quite cleaver. They actually know they take advantage of several workers! Especially the mexicans and lower class workers who have no choice but to take the crap from these two brothers. It’s not about feeling any jealous or hateful towards them, but the fact is they are not benefiting the people only themselves! I would strongly advise NOT TO BUY A HOUSE FROM THESE TWO BROTHERS! THE HOUSE’S THEY FLIP ARE CRAP AND ALL THEY DO IS BAND AID THEM! Hey they should be called the Band Aid brothers!

  16. disgusted says:

    Well, now I guess all the greedy house flippers got what they deserved! Greed is evil period, and that was what this show was about.
    How many times to these idiots think you could resell real estate, until the bubble burst? Well, it finally did. Good riddance to rubbish!

  17. GW says:

    I watched and I liked it…the show I saw they had to have inspections…I saw them tear out and replace drywall, electrical, appliances, carpet, fixtures…any way-the people of TX can now watch and be on the look out for the houses being sold by the Brother’s of TX!

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