A&E Contact Information

Several have asked that I post the contact information for A&E.  It is as follows:

Ms. Abbe Raven, CEO
A&E Television Networks
235 East 45th St.
New York, NY 10017




(Director of Non-Fiction Programming)

GENERAL EMAIL: ae.viewerrelations@aetv.com

ABBE RAVEN (CEO) LINE: (212) 210-9007
GENERAL TELEPHONE: (212) 210-1400

Remember, when contacting A&E it is best to be polite and explain your disappointment.  If you are going to communicate in an angry, irrational, or hostile manner, sit on your hands.

29 Comments on “A&E Contact Information”

  1. Dorothy McKinney says:

    I love the show!! Can’t be more disappointed in A&E. I am watching a rerun right now…..the Myrtle Beach House. I would watch this show on any network. Keep up the good work….you have lots of fans waiting.

  2. Gale Jackson says:

    I do not understand why Mr. Leccima has a lawsuit against him, there are quite a few show featuring people that are not Realtors so why was he a African American Male targeted?

    [Editorial Note: It is not my usual practice to add notes to the comments, but not doing so in this case would be irresponsible.  FlipThisLawsuit is not aware of any lawsuit by Trademark Properties or Richard Davis against Mr. Leccima.  The only legal action involving Mr. Lecciama that we have been alerted to is the license revocation action before a Georgia Administrative Law Judge.  During that action, Mr. Leccima had a full and complete opportunity to rebut the charges, but failed to do so.  FlipThisLawsuit has included coverage of this license revocation action not because it is directly related to the Trademark v A&E lawsuit, but because we have some strong questions about why A&E would have chosen to focus at least part of Season Two on a replacement cast member who, from all outside appearances, may not be the most reputable or respectable individual – regardless of his skin color.]

  3. Mr.Anzabia Roberts says:

    I reciently moved to Atlanta,GA from Thomasville.GA;and since I’ve been here I have enjoyed watching A&E flip that house featuring your company.I have five years experience in Home Inspection, and remolding both residential,and commercial property for resale,and businesses purposes.I am interested in becoming an apprentice under the umbrella of a professional such as the Leccima RE investment team.I may be contacted at (404)624-1946 Thanks for your consideration!

  4. Nicole Johnson says:

    Im a newcomer to the show Flip This House, I just wanted to know if these are reruns of the show. And if so, when will the new season start.

  5. […] Some fans say they have blocked A&E from their cable boxes and refuse to watch any of the channel’s shows. Lyons has posted the contact information of A&E executives so fans can further vent. […]

  6. This one makes sence “One’s first step in wisdom is to kuesstion everything – and one’s last is to come to terms with everything.”

  7. MIKAH TURNER says:



  8. Karen says:

    When is Dog The Bounty Hunter coming back? I think he has apologized enough for the wrong he has done. It was a private conversation, and I don’t think that A&E should hold that over his head. I will not watch your channel if you take him off the air, and there are several thousands of people who fell the exact same way



  10. Roy says:

    Karen, The DOG is coming back…I have not watched A&E since his removal; I boycotted in disagreement that he was disciplined so harshly for an illegally taped private conversation…I strongly disagree with his choice of words, but I disagree more strongly with certain groups that are dictating and applying pressure over words.

  11. patricia says:

    For the pleasure of trash everywhere, DOG is back…but what makes this a good thing, is that is obvious now…we use to think he was a good soul, right spirited, fair and honest…now we realize it was just a SHOW…Thanks for coming clean. Anyway, I look forward to not watching him behave in an unbridled white trash fashion. Vive le dog!

  12. Marianne says:

    What has happened to Third Watch? Now showing Cleaner in time slot in the middle of the show. Not going to view the Cleaner. Couldn’t you wait until the series ended? Not very fair to us Third Watchers! Goodbye A&E!

  13. TIM says:

    I have sent 3 emails to A&E with no response pertaining to the removal of Third watch Third Watch was halfway through the series and they just pulled it off the air. We had not watched it when it was origially on NBC, and were really enjoying it on A&E. WHEN WILL IT RESUME?? Respond please!!

  14. About A Montelongo says:

    A&E should stop using Armando Montelongo as a host – for his scamming reviews!

    I need to say that before I went to A. Montelongo’s seminar this week, he was my highest mentor. I thought he was very smart and sharp. However, all that seemed to go away quickly.

    I went to Armando’s seminar this week and was very disappointed to find that he is asking people to attend what quickly became an “infomercial” seminar. He tells you that you will get a package of cd’s and books and when you get there they’ve conveniently ran out of them. Oh, BUT WAIT!!! You can sign up for his “mentoring” class for just $3,000. Armando and his team are targeting the wrong people. He says: “You can make deals with no money, and no credit or bad credit” he says in his mailed pamphlets. Think about it, everyone that attends these seminars are broke and need “financial freedom”. If they have bad credit, they will not have a credit card or will have a checking account with $3,000 – even less chances that they will they carry $3,000 in their pockets. I’ve now read that after the $3K that you’ve already forked out to him, you will need an additional $16K – $20K to stay “informed” with their “exclusive” stratagies… and their “mentoring”. Armando talked to us for about 20 minutes, got us all pumped up, then Matt came in with the infomercial. Armando said that he hired Matt to go and talk to the people at the seminar, but it seems that it was the other way around. Think about it, Matt is not as well known as Armando and only because of his Flip This House TV show.

    I am highly disappointed because now that I’ve read many reviews – I now believe most of them are true stories… Needless to say that I left the seminar without enrolling but saw many people signing up. I think the first couple of people that got up actually work in the A. Montelongo/Matt Mattson’s team. They make it seem like “limited seats” are available, so you better hurry up. Right when he is convincing you of whether you should get up or not, those people in the team get up and make you think that you’re missing the opportunity of a lifetime.

    So, spread the word: Don’t lose your precious time, this opportunity is not the one you’ve been waiting for.

  15. Cindy says:

    The Cleaner was my favorite show, I am terribly disappointed that it has been cancelled.

  16. Ant lambert says:

    The show “the exterminators” was the most offensive show i’ve ever seen in my life. Although i think the whole show is a set up in the first place, the treatment of wild animals is completely unacceptable and should be taken off the air.Its one thing to eterminate rats amd bees, but when theyre using cruelty against normal wild animals like racoons, squirrels, and alligators some one needs to take action. The catching of the racoon was so inhumane that i had to turn the channel. The only reason why i had to go back to make sure the show wasnt reAlly that bad, but after seening a rat trap placed on a ladies roof closed with a squirrel hanging off the edge, something had to be done. Is that the way we treat Animals? Is
    what we want our children to be watching? This show needs to be cancelled and all money made should be taken away from these guys.

  17. maria says:

    I watch a rerun of Criminal minds and notices that when one of the actors lines said “oh my God” when he saw his mom dead that they bleeped out the “GOD” word. Are you kidding me, really. Is this what this world is coming to ? It’s ok to bleep out the bad words but since when is the word “GOD” a bad word. I am so dissapointed in A&E that they would do this. There are alot of shows on this channel that we like to watch but we will not be supporting this channel when they think that “GOD” is a bad word. There is enought filth on TV and bad shows that we don’t need to bleep the word “GOD” from the shows. Shame on you A&E.

  18. Rhonda Downes says:

    I am so sick and tired of hearing about Ricky’s allergy to wasp stings on “Billy the Exterminator” that I turn the show off if it is about wasps. WE KNOW, already!!!!!

  19. Rhonda Downes says:

    A&E is my very favorite network. I love the new program, “The Glades”, but am very disappointed that it has only been on a short time and I have already seen one of the same episodes three times! Now, I just change the channel. It is a shame that you don’t realize that there is sometimes too much of a good thing.

  20. Michael says:

    Psychic Kids is the most psychologically dangerous television show for children I have ever witnessed. Since when do we tell children who very well may be suffering from Childhood Onset Schizophrenia, Bipolar Mania, PTSD, anxiety and paranoia that they aren’t mentally challenged but, “Psychic or gifted?”

    Go to the A&E Message Boards and see how many children are reaching out to complete strangers for advice about their, “special gifts.” Then look to see the responses offered to perhaps your child or children. There are teenagers who believe an entity is raping them in the night and she’s begging for help, there are children who believe they can harm other children (and supposedly have) with the power of their mind (also begging for help) and all the while, you have adult strangers telling them they are normal and have no reason to fear. There are also countless entries where children specifically request that their parents not be informed and adult strangers accommodating these requests! What would you do if this was your child?

    Am I the only one who is aware of exactly what a predator looks for in his child victims?! Weak, confused, isolated, troubled children who desperately need to be validated and know how to be secretive! There are no moderators whatsoever in the A&E Psychic Kids Forums and no age limit to post! Someone please join me in writing A&E CEO Abbe Raven at Abbe.Raven@aetv.com and express your concerns! I have already done as much in a detailed letter to her with no response, let alone a Moderator or age limit to post. Again, what would you do if this were YOUR CHILD?!!

    Due to the pressure we at Scifake.com have placed on A&E, they have pulled the video of the child claiming she is being raped at night by an unseen entity however, there is much more to do. This show should be canceled and no future reruns to be seen, as well as anyone involved should be held criminally liable for child abuse! A&E, this entire situation, as well as your lack of response or initiative is just despicable! Shame on you!

    Please join us to end this abuse of our children. Send your email to A&E today!

  21. Jeff says:

    What is the best way to get in contact with someone about an interview for one of your shows.

  22. Robin Halsey says:

    I just sent this email to A&E Feedback. “While you probably won’t read a “criticism” type feedback, I will still try to convey my intent. You continue to air episodes of “Flip This House” starring Armando Montelongo who in an early episode obtained cats from an animal shelter in order to rid a TX property of rattlesnakes. SHAMEFUL. He’s an IDIOT and shouldn’t be given any recognition of any kind. He should have been arrested for animal cruelty & other crimes. I want you to stop airing shows with him and his partners immediately.” I encourage everyone to boycott A&E and their sponsors and perhaps find out why the SPCA hasn’t had him/them or A&E charged with any crimes like cruelty to animals and falsely adopting a rescued animal for cruel and deadly (to the animal) purposes? My next email is to the producer Tracee Williams and then the sponsors of Flip This House at A & E. Robin Halsey

  23. James jackson says:

    Does anyone remember when the History channel and AE had Arts and history? now i can not tell if i am watching jerry springer in the swamps or maurry povich chopping a tree!
    it is all Excellent programming for Spike TV or True TV. things that have no art, culture or historical content.
    I stopped watching AE years ago when it went to such vacuous shows!
    please dont waste an excellent (used to be) channel like History, on such crap as anyone can find on AE(now days) or spike or any crap channel like that from which i expect empty programs . History channel is becoming more and more true TV redneck channel. Really really too bad…… I guess i and All others will lament history channels passing and go back to boreing PBS. While we search for a channel as Excellent as AE (and soon) History channel used to be! 🙁

  24. How could you guys suspend Phil Roberson from Duck Dynasty big mistake you will lose thousands of watchers just saying please bring him back thanks from your fan Robert kissel

  25. john sublett says:

    All I have to say is shame on you pretty sad Phil on duck dynasty was suspended from the show over expressing his religious views about the homosexual and gay communitys. I believe the last time I check we live in America and we have freedom of speech I have spoken with my other co workers and we refuse to watch ae until his suspension is withdrawn

  26. Art Pasley says:

    I listened to your comments about how offensive Phil Robertson was to the gays and blacks in Louisiana and now want you to know how offensive you have been to the Christian community of OUR COUNTRY, which by the way, was the belief that our founding fathers established the very foundation for this great land on in the first place. Just as you have decided to suspend Phil Robertson from the Duck Dynasty program, my family and I have decided to suspend A&E from our family viewing options. I think the saying we have all agreed to is, “NO MORE PHIL – NO MORE ME” says it all.

  27. S ue says:

    Wanted you to know that my TV always stayed on A&E but after you have done Phil Robertson so DIRTY, I nor any of my family will watch your network again. You uphold the GAYS, and all their sick lifestyle but yet don’t want a Good, Clean, Faith based family to tell the truth about something. Please, these gays are sick, demented people and the Robertsons are a good, clean, religious American family.

  28. Eric says:

    Watching this show called behind bars the rookie years … Man I’ll tell ya these fools and there TV trying to make something look real bad talking about some people ain’t cut out for this job lmao r u serious .. Anybody can babysit hahahahe what a joke lucky8tv and this is coming from someone that was on both sides of the wall thank God people are so gullible huh? Smh

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