Season 2, Episode 4

This week we find ourselves back in ATL with Sam Leccima and his team.  They pick up a rather nice house in Atlanta’s West End.  They whip it into shape and turn out a decent product with much less of the scripted drama.

Of course, I’d be careful walking anywhere.  The construction supervisor almost went through it right before the open house.

I’ve yet to discover why his wife feels the need to wear blue jeans with the button undone and the fly open.  Don’t they make pants for pregnant women, especially those who know that they are on TV?

3 Comments on “Season 2, Episode 4”

  1. Bryan says:

    It’s clear that the Leccima team is the superior choice and that the Montelongos have produced their last episode. However, it pales woefully in comparison to the Trademark team. It’s just not that interesting. As for this lawsuit, I predict A&E will be cutting a check for season 1 and moving on.

  2. Billy Bob says:

    The Home from Episode 4 is still vacate never sold and they did’nt even fix many of the things they showed fixing. The vase with flowers is still in the home just dead. He nevered owned the home and it is still for sale from

    Here is their main website. Tax records show Sam never bought it but was and is owned by bluefield.

  3. lewnic says:

    Billy Bob — please explain, when I go to the website it shows “sold”.

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