Fox 5 Atlanta Investigates Sam Leccima

From Dale Russell, Senior I-Team Reporter at Fox 5 Atlanta:

I’d like to invite all the readers of FlipThisLawsuit to get a rare and fascinating behind the scenes look at the show: Flip This House.  Our I-team has investigated Sam Leccima and found a number of angry investors who have complained to state regulators and in lawsuits that Sam took their money.  We also pull back the curtain and give you a behind the scenes look at what really happened with his renovations. 

After learning of what we found, A & E has taken Sam off the air, pending an internal investigation

After seeing the story of Sam Leccima’s Atlanta renovations, you may never look at reality TV the same.

You can view the stories on

Go to I-team and look for Mr. Leccima.  They run Monday and Tuesday night, a little after 6:00 EST.

Once the reports air on Monday and Tuesday, they should be available on this page.

21 Comments on “Fox 5 Atlanta Investigates Sam Leccima”

  1. bradford says:

    any idea where on the site it is? i can not locate.

  2. marvin says:

    read the story bradford… “once the stories air on monday and tuesday” they will be on the site link.

  3. Spartan says:

    While I will set the Tivo for this, I have to add that I have had a business acquaintance investigated by Dana Fowle of the “I-Team,” and I found the televised reports to be very misleading, if not borderline false. I would not dispute their interest in the subject-matter, or even that it was worthy of a televised report. Moreover, the individual involved acted like a complete ass on camera when all he had to do is smile and explain. However, they did go out of their way to grossly exaggerate the situation and basically shot down an entire company with thousands of satisfied customers because a grand total of 3 were unahappy and filed lawsuits. Of course, they don’t get ratings without adding a little sizzle. I will watch with interest, but like many comments here, they should not be considered as gospel.

  4. luke says:

    I wonder if trademark has ever been sued. I’m going to do some searching on that!

  5. Rachel says:

    I watched Flip This House when Richard and the Trademark team were on it. Once they moved the show to Atlanta, I was less than enthused.

    I read on (in a forum) that the rehabbers had gotten ‘straw buyers’ to purchase the property and that it hadn’t sold, nor had it been sufficiently rehabbed (check a blog on my site from August 23, 2006 to verify).

    After watching the Fox 5 folks tonight, I am both shocked and appalled to find out that there were indeed straw buyers involved and that the rehabber NEVER EVEN OWNED THE PROPERTY, let alone sold them!

    Between the, the BBB report about him, and even reports from other investors in Atlanta (where I live as well) who went to his ‘rehabbed’ properties and saw the damage that was left, I am ashamed and embarassed for real estate investors as a whole.

    We struggle enough to overcome a ‘used car salesman’ reputation as it is. Then someone like Sam Leccima comes along and creates something even worse. A black eye for one real estate investor affects us all.

    Thanks for setting us back in the eyes of the American public, Sam.

  6. Steve in Texas says:

    Just watched it, wow! So then is Angie pulled in to this too?

  7. Cynthia says:

    No, Angie wasn’t involved in Sam’s dishonesty. As soon as she caught wind of how he was operating, she jumped ship.

  8. Cynthia says:

    This is in response to “Spartan’s” comment. I’m just amazed at how some people will continue to support Sam and his wife no matter what they do. Spartan, if you’ve never asked yourself why people would go through such lengths to expose the Leccimas, it’s either because you’re dumb as hell, or you’re just like them!

  9. Steve in Texas says:

    Answering my own question…Angie got the phoney “contract” on the featured house
    so yes, she played along with Sam in it.

    This summer Armondo’s brother (forget his name) is holding a real estate seminar in Dallas, featuring, among others, Angie! A&E has a real mess on their hands. Lay down with dogs and you get fleas ; )

    Trademark, if you’re reading this you couldn’t have picked a more appropriate show name. THE REAL DEAL! ; )

  10. Dave says:

    I;m fortunate that I get the Atlanta stations via satellite here in Ohio. I watched the report and it was not a surprise that Sam was a fraud. The level of fraud was surprising. Essentially EVERYTHING from the moment he appears in the opening until the show ends is a lie. He does not own the house. He does not rehab the house fully. He does not sell the house. He does not make any money-except for that of which he steals from those around him. His explanation–“Thats television”. We all could tell Montelongo was all talk-looks like Sam was too.
    Temporary landscaping….only on television

  11. Steve in Texas says:


    “Temporary landscaping” LOL ‘Staging’ the yard. Who knew? ; )

  12. Rachel says:

    When your city can boast its counties being ranked both first and third in the nation for mortgage fraud, you gotta expect that we’ll attract the worst.

    My fav is when you go to Sam’s website and look at the Table of Content for his book. Chapter 8 is “I cheated!!! – and so should you!” Classic.

    I wonder what his 3 children think of all of this…

  13. Beth says:

    The Leccimas were removed from the show back in January. All the new shows have been shot with Angie and her new crew and they are legit.


  14. Steve in Texas says:


    Angie was complicit and needs to yanked as well

  15. Spartan says:

    Cynthia – Can you read? Did you just fantasize that I “supported” Sam? Did you fantasize that my post said anything for or against Sam? Since you used the term “dumb as hell,” it apparently applies to you. Try reading twice, and slowly, before responding.

  16. Justin says:

    Cynthia’s claim that Angie knew nothing and when she did “jumped ship” is just pure bullshit. Angie “sold” one of the houses, and now she’s flipping houses and claiming they’ve been sold when they haven’t, she’s no different than Sam (when it comes to the show), and it doesn’t make sense to believe that the production company wouldn’t stage her show or their other shows, and only stage Sam’s.

  17. Sean says:

    A&E will have to remove Angie at some point liability here is a huge problem. Of course she knew.

    Also I remember when they were planting the plant I saw them put the pot(black plastic) in the ground I thought they were just measuring it. Turns out they didnt remove the plant. Too funny. Those of us that have done this for year knew right fromt he begining that Sam was a scam. Just didnt know the details…

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  19. Esther Blackwood says:

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  20. matt brooks says:

    I was a victim of fraud due to Ebay, paypal and the usps and I was wondering if there is anyone out there who has also been scammed.

  21. jeremy clater says:

    matt, i too was recently a victim of fraud on ebay, and even though I used paypal, they said there was nothing that they could do about it, because the person provided a fraudulent tracking # showing a envelope instead of a good arrived at my residence. Curious about your specific situation?


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