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According to USA Today, The Real Deal is pulling in 50% more viewwers to its timeslot than Trading Spaces, the show that previously occupied the same time on TLC.  The report does not compare the ratings of The Real Deal with Flip This House.

We learned of this report thanks to an email from Richard Davis:

Hey Y’all

I hope you’re all doing great and that you’ve enjoyed the episodes so far! The switch to TLC has been huge – ratings are tremendous and according to this morning’s USA TODAY, “The Real Deal, running in the former Saturday time slot of makeover show, ‘Trading Spaces’ is pulling in about 50% more viewers. That shows there’s still very much interest, even in a down market…” This just reinforces what we are trying to accomplish with the show by giving you an inside look into the real deals!

If you missed last week’s episode, it will reair at 7 PM on Saturday. It was a good one, so be sure to let us know what you think! As always, thank you for your continued support.

See you Saturday!
Richard and Team Trademark

35 Comments on “Hot Property on Cable”

  1. Bania Lopez says:

    Hello Mr. Davis:
    I very much enjoy your show. But most importantly I respect your talent and passion! Moving your show and calling it the Real Deal was brilliant! Thank you for having compassion toward people and showing that family is first in your life!
    I also live and breathe real estate and I enjoy watching you in action!
    Be Blessed!
    Bania Lopez
    Southern California

  2. Ron R says:

    Listen, am I going to be the first to say this? Montelongo and Lecimma were both busted as frauds as flippers on A & E, so what would the chances that the rest of them, Trademark included are? Im a contractor myself and have seen all these shows and they are all crap. Their, budgets, profits, and schedules are all exaggerated to say the least.

  3. John says:

    Glad to see you guys back on. We’re loyal viewers even though we prefer the editing or flow of the old show better. The new show seems to leave a lot of the details of what went into the job out and, so far, it seems to be not exclusively about flipping (intentionally in this down market?). Very disappointed in the use of CGI effects to make Sgt Cannon’s bathroom look dirtier than it really was (especially the toilet!). I hope you weren’t a part of the editing process here Trademark Team!

  4. LaWanda Huff says:

    Trademark Team, My husband and I are so glad to see you guys back!!! We LOVE y’all!!! Richard, you have such a big heart, Mr. Cannon’s episode brought a tear to my eye. Your passion for real estate is equalled only by your passion to make a difference in person’s life. Ginger keep wearing those great shoes and kick Dan in the butt to get him motivated. Keep up the EXCELLENT work!!! Y’all are the REAL DEAL and we love you!!!

  5. the_ancient says:

    Ron R, Trademark is a Major Player in the Market of SC, they are FAR from frauds, the “Flipping” seen on the show is not, I don’t think, trademarks prime Business, They are a full service Realty company from Management to Selling. the TV show is just a good way of marketing their company. As far as the Inflated Budgets, most of the trademark numbers look doable if you plan everything right.

  6. Justin says:

    This new show absolutely sucks.

    I don’t know where they got the idea that renovating this shit at a high school would be appealing.

    All these episodes of “philanthropy” are just boring.

  7. CAROLYN says:

    I work Saturdays and can’t wait to get home and see the next episode. I thought the high school one would be boring but turned out very interesting. Keep up the good work.

  8. Taylor says:

    Where is Kevin? He and the rest of the team had such great chemistry (love the episode where he and Richard camp out in the truck all night to catch jobsite thieves) We can’t stand this Dan guy, I mean what kind of construction coordinator wears FLIP FLOPS on a jobsite? PUHLEEZE.

    We also have a beef about the editing; in every episode, Dan alternates between bald and full head of hair several times.

    I really am glad to have Trademark back on TV, and if you can’t bring back Kevin, at least lose Dan. Not that a foot injury seems that far behind anyway.

  9. Josh says:

    As a law student, I think it is hilarious that a guy who claims to be a business mogul entered into a television deal with no written contract. I also thought it was funny when he played that WWII veteran to make it seem like he was doing him a favor, then made a bundle off it. I enjoy the show, not because Richard is a genius, but a great television character.

  10. Brett Cramer says:

    I have been wondering something about Dawn Nosal… I have only caught glimpses of her husband on the show, but I *think* her husband is someone I went to high school with in High Point, NC. If his name is Darren then it has to be him. Can anyone confirm this? I’d send her an e-mail but I don’t want to bother her.

  11. Brett Cramer says:

    Ignore my previous message…

    Thanks Dawn!

  12. Steve in Texas says:


    I’m 99% certain that it’s ‘Darren’ according to Charleston property records. They co own several pieces of property, and both of their names are listed as joint owners ; )

  13. Justin says:

    I find it funny when the show first started Dawn was the Queen Bee, she was the glue that held it all together, remember how dependent they use to be on her to manage all the projects and put out fires?

    Now that’s Ginger’s job.

    That seems like the move of a television show, not of a business.

  14. Steve in Texas says:

    Dale Russell with be doing another ‘Flip This House’ piece next Tuesday ; )

  15. sue says:

    love richard and the show..soooo glad they are back on tv..hate the new peeps on flip..saw where one got busted for being a fake..i too..wonder what happened to kevin? know one ever said and i couldnt find any quotes about what happened to him..anyone Know?

  16. Sarah says:

    LOVE, LOVE The Real Deal! Fell for Trademark back in the Flip days and grimaced through the other slimy casts that paled in comparison. I’ve gotten my relatives and friends hooked too. I so root for Richard Davis and his entire team to succeed. The show makes it seem like a competitive but good natured workplace with a heart does exist somewhere in real estate!

  17. Shawn says:

    Will someone please report on what happened to Kevin as construction supp!

  18. Judy P. says:

    I am so glad you guys are back! I have missed your program and the whole team! I can’t stand to watch “Flip this House” without you.
    I find it quite ironic that they are being exposed for the second rate show they are. As they say
    “what goes round comes round” and now there show is being exposed for what it is!
    You all have class, that is something that can’t be bought, you either have it or you don’t. You are real people who do a great job and have great personalities, that makes the show not only informative but great fun to watch! Keep up the good work!

  19. Sunny says:

    I, too, miss Kevin! He was wonderful to watch, and added so much to the shows in which he was featured. Kevin was professional but fun, and he exuded an air of confidence that made you believe what he said. Dan, on the other hand, well, one has to wonder why he is still employed with Trademark.

    I would love to see more of Dawn and of Richard’s brother, John! Both add so much to the show and have such fun personalities. Dawn always has that beautiful smile that hides the heart of a great businesswoman. And John is just a breath of fresh air!

    The old concept was great! And while we like Ginger, she was never why we watched the show. The Real Deal should have been called The Ginger Show for how much she is featured. In fact, my husband argued that Ginger and Richard must be married.

    Where I once was addicted to Trademark, it is no longer a must see for me. Bring back the old formula, PLEASE. The old ensemble was perfect!!!

  20. Ilene Silver says:

    Carlos Aponte rocks! Where is Kevin? I miss Kevin. I liked when he totally bailed and went on vacation. SOOOOOOOO glad Trademark is back on TV. Keep the ensemble in place and keep it real. We love you.

  21. Taylor says:

    Just to echo what others are saying… I too would like to see more of Dawn–She ROCKS!

    Also, why was the name of the show changed to “The Real Estate Pros”?

  22. Ilene says:

    Hey Team Trademark–here’s an idea–follow up show to the adventures with Gus. How’s he doing? xxxooo

  23. Melanie Brown says:

    For the very few people who may think that Trademark and the show is a fraud, in the words of Richard Davis himself “Save The Drama For Your Momma” Love ya Trademark, keep up the amazing work ya’ll do!

    All the way from Toronto, ON Canada!

  24. walter says:

    Anyone know why they changed the name from the Real Deal to Real Estate Pros? There is areal estate mag here called the Real Deal and I fugure other folks use it quit often in connection w/ real estate media.

  25. andy in Mobile says:

    I can’t get enough of the show. Glad to have ya back, and glad to see A&E getting what they deserve! hehehe

  26. Elizabeth says:

    I enjoyed the show last year but Richard Davis’ head has gotten so BIG, I don’t know how he stands upright !!! He is such a windbag…he tries to come off as the friend to all the down and out but notice that he never does anything unless he makes some profit !!!
    And how many times did he have to point out that his “friend” Larry needed to fix his life ?? Richard, you are a real jerk if you have to make yourself feel bigger by making your friends feel small–
    Something to remember–Karma is hell-
    Can’t wait til Richard gets his payback.

  27. Ilene says:

    Poster #26 you are seriously an angry person with issues, which should be professionally addressed off this sight. Let us enjoy this show without your negative sentiment.
    Trademark, we love you!!!

  28. Steve in Texas says:

    Neat. From TLC

    “The Number One Rule in Real Estate” (Video) – Richard Davis

  29. Steve in Texas says:

    Orangeburg dog trainer appears on TLC’s ‘The Real Estate Pros’

    “No doubt it was a mighty strange request. Veteran Orangeburg dog trainer and breeder Jerry Mount was asked by his nephew to straighten out not only his good friend’s unruly pet, but also the drug-abusing pal himself.

    And, since that nephew is Richard Davis, the creator and star of the wildly popular “Flip This House” — now seen on The Learning Channel as “The Real Estate Pros” — the television cameras were along for the ride.”


  30. Tina says:

    #22 guess we found out what happened with Gus today. 🙁

  31. Renee says:

    The new show’s has some bugs to work out,Remember trademark stick with what made me and many other viewers tune in.BUDGET,TIME,AND ALL THE INDIVIDUALS it takes to pull off the these deal’s.I am a realtor in vegas and I can’t wait to get the first trademark franchise in the state of nevada.

  32. Maggie says:

    What happened to Dawn? I miss her! I liked seeing both Dawn and Ginger working on the houses – it made for better chemistry than just Dawn.

    Also, I’m appalled by how they don’t always fix the houses UP enough, and I agree that what seems like altruism seems to turn out to be totally profit minded!

  33. Justin says:

    “And while we like Ginger, she was never why we watched the show. ”

    Speak for yourself! 😉 True, my wife and I wouldn’t watch the show *just* for Ginger, but if Ginger wasn’t there we’d probably just try to catch the shows in those rerun marathons that they’re always running. Ginger, along with Kari Byron of Mythbusters, are the cable Queens.

    PS. Doe the guy directing have a foot/shoe fetish, or does he just like throwing bones to viewers who have a foot/shoe fetish? Not that I’m complaining.

  34. Pat says:

    I am so impressed with Team Trademark that I would buy stock. Anyone know if it is available? As for Richard acting like he is doing someone a big favor, but actually making a profit, well THAT is the business he is in. Number One Rule. What better way to promote your business, than to show it in action!?!

  35. Pat,

    I doubt it will ever go public. Personal observation? You surrender ownership to the share holders and become a slave to the ‘bottom line’, period ; )

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