A quick note from your webmaster…

I’m sitting for the bar exam in just two weeks, and as such am focusing the majority of my time on studying.  At the same time, I’m job hunting and preparing to move to a new city.  If you guess that I have very little free time, you would be correct.

As a result, be aware that new comments may not appear as quickly has they have in the past.  I cannot allow comments to be automatically posted due to the number of spam posts we receive each day here on the site.  Please be patient; your comments will be made available as quickly as possible. 

For those of you new to this website, I encourage you to check out and comment on some of our more popular posts:

You might also want to review some documents from the Trademark Properties v A&E lawsuit:

And finally, if you’ve flipped your own properties, please take a moment to share your advice with our readers in What Are Your Flip Tips?  Thanks for visiting!

9 Comments on “A quick note from your webmaster…”

  1. Dave says:

    Good luck on the Bar. I am sure I speak for numerous people when I say its been great to have this site to keep up with the goings on of not only Team Trademark, but also the show formally about REAL house flipping. What happened to FTH is a shame and without this site so many people would not know the truth. Keep up the great work.

  2. patrick says:

    Have you tried Akismet to control the SPAM? We’ve used it on several WordPress installations and it seems to be pretty effective.

    It can at least mitigate the ‘by hand’ approval volume.

  3. Tim says:

    Christopher, you’re welcome!

    trademark properties is now on TLC, for those that are interested. Good luck to webmaster with boards and i want to thank you for allowing us all to communicate with one another, especially when you have your own life to keep moving forward.


  4. Homey says:

    Good Luck on your exams. Thanks for all that you do!!

  5. nictole says:

    Im just starting out and i know that you have to have a full time job to look good for the lenders. but my thing is how do you find the foreclosing list cause i went downtown to my city hall to get the list they said that it was in the newspaper. could that be true? or is it at the state cap?

  6. Rob Z says:

    I just started watching “The Real Estate Pros” and found this website through a Google search. I had no idea there was such an interesting backstory! Thanks for the website.

  7. Scam Leccima says:

    I am proud to see Angie is following the footsteps of her mentor. Maybe Fox 5 will do a follow up and take some heat off me.


  8. Want to see the actual foreclosure negotiation process? Check out our youtube page at http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=goodbyeforeclosure

  9. kent davis says:

    Thanks Mark for posting the Summary Judgement. It was interesting to read the arguments presented to the Court. What did you think about the Judge stating he would have the FBI or Department of Justice investigate the web log?

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