The Votes Are In… Team Trademark is Back!

From Trademark Properties, dated March 31, 2007:

Hey Ya’ll – thanks for taking the time to look at our shorts and vote for your favorite. We hope you enjoyed them and that they are a “teaser” of what’s to come! After many emails and votes cast on YouTube, its unanimous that the winner is #3, Teamwork followed closely by #5, Whatever it Takes. Congrats to the winning teams – we hope you enjoyed watching the final cuts as much as we enjoyed making them!

This past week we had a premiere party where we screened a special sneak preview of the episode you will see tonight on TLC. The response we received was amazing and we hope you’ll feel the same. Here is a link to some pictures that were taken that evening – we hope you enjoy perusing through them!

A Homerun for Trademark Premiere Party

Also, check out the articles from this morning in the SC newspapers —


From us at Trademark Properties, we hope that you enjoy the show this evening – its a perfect story of perservance, redemption, and accomplishment – intertwined with the good ole fashioned fun that is Trademark!

Talk to you soon and be sure to let us know what you think!
Trademark Properties


Now Casting: Flip This House

From A&E and 813 Casting:

The Search is On for a NEW Cast of Characters to Star on the Hit Show, Flip This House!

Flip This House, A&E’s Number 1 Rated Lifestyle Show is currently searching across the country for another GREAT cast of characters to be featured on an upcoming season of Flip This House!

We’re looking for confident, motivated and opinionated people who flip properties for a living. The company or team of flippers who gets cast will be featured throughout the entire season of Flip This House!

If you would like your team to be featured on the upcoming season of Flip This House, send an email to Include your contact info and a brief bio on your company.


Trademark Properties on YouTube!

From Trademark Properties, dated March 28, 2007:

Hey Ya’ll– We’ve had a lot of exciting things going on in South Carolina lately! This past week, Richard held a contest where everyone in the company divided into teams and created their own short films. You’ll get to meet the rest of Team Trademark, while seeing some familiar faces too! We’ve included the finished products in the links below:

#1 — Is There Anybody Out There?

#2 — The Finer Things

#3 — Teamwork

#4 — Yeah Baby

#5 — Once Upon a Time in Charleston

#6 — Whatever It Takes

#7 — A-Team Trademark

Now, we need your help in deciding which short film is the best! Check them out and let us know what you think!

Also, don’t forget to tune in this Saturday at 9 PM on TLC. Thanks for your support and we’re looking to hearing from you!

Team Trademark
Trademark Properties

The Wait is Over… Team Trademark is Back!

From Richard Davis, dated March 27, 2007:


Real estate mastermind Richard C. Davis and his team at Trademark Properties give two baseball greats – one a tarnished legend, the other an exiled pro – a second chance in:


In the one-hour special, Davis and his team first purchase the former home of baseball great Shoeless Joe Jackson in Greenville, SC and then work to transform it into a Shoeless Joe museum.  Although Shoeless Joe was banned from baseball in 1921 due to his alleged involvement in the “Black Sox” scandal, his fans have worked tirelessly to restore his reputation ever since.  For his part, Davis puts together a crew, transplants and repositions the house all in just one week, giving Shoeless Joe a place of honor in the hearts of baseball fans everywhere.  

Assisting Davis in the project is construction foreman Josh Hamilton.  A former professional baseball player himself with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Hamilton was sidelined in 2002 when a drug addiction crippled his ability to play.  He was subsequently suspended from baseball.

Now, Hamilton has a second chance: out of rehab and into Davis’ construction crew, Hamilton hopes this will be a stepping stone to getting his career back on track. Davis and his team have just one shot to give both of these baseball greats a second chance.Will they pull it off?

Also, check out the newspaper article that was in the Greenville News this morning!

Talk to you soon and be sure to let us know what you think!

Trademark Properties

The Real Deal

UPDATED: Saturdays on TLC, Beginning March 10th, 9p-10p ET April 21, 2007 at 9PM Eastern Time. (60 min.)

The Real Deal is what you’ve been waiting for – the non-stop new series from TLC that takes us inside the world of Trademark Properties for an eye opening and unapologetic look at the true reality of making money in real estate by pulling off the impossible. Each week Team Trademark, led by Richard Davis locate, renovate and if they can pull it off on time and under budget, profit from some of the most challenging projects they can find.

Currently, no titles or show details are available for the first nine episodes, but they are scheduled to begin airing on April 21 at 9PM ET.  Repeats of each episode will occur a Midnight, ET on the original air date, and then again at 6PM ET the following Saturday. 

We will keep you updated as more information develops.

Trademark on TLC in April

Mediaweek is reporting that Trademark’s new show “The Real Deal” which will feature renovation and resale with Richard Davis, will be on the air in April.  More details as they develop.

Lawsuit Updates

There are several upcoming deadlines.  A&E must identify their experts, and mediation must be complete by March 1.  All discovery should be completed by April 1.  Motions are due by April 16. 

I have pulled the new court documents and docket, and am in the process of writing a post to include the recent developments.  One thing that stands out to me, however, is that the parties appear to be having a dispute in discovery about the privacy of documents relating to the financial affairs the Defendants, with the fear that Richard Davis and Trademark will share them with TLC or other entities. They also point out (quite well, I think) that the Plaintiffs’ claim that there was to be a 50/50 split of the profits from the show hasn’t been yet demonstrated.  Unless Richard or Trademark can demonstrate that such an agreement existed, the Defendants’ financial affairs may not even be discoverable.  The Court has entered an order that allows the attorneys to mark documents as confidential; if they choose do so, the distribution of those documents will be tightly controlled.

The Defendants also seem to make inaccurate or misleading statements about my website in their pleadings.  This website is not operated by Richard Davis, Trademark Properties, or any of their employees or attorneys.  This website is operated by Mark Lyon, a fan of the original “Flip This House”. None of the parties to the lawsuit have the ability to do anything other than post comments to this website, though I will happily consider publishing anything they submit to me.

Happy New Year from Trademark Properties!

The following was sent by Trademark Properties on January 2, 2007.

Hello Everyone!

I hope that you all had a great holiday season and new year! Ours was wonderful and we’re getting very excited about the things 2007 has in store for us!

For those of you who haven’t heard yet, our premiere has been pushed back to early March. Sorry you have to wait, but I promise its worth waiting for!

In the meantime, one of our dearest friends and clients–who is going to be on an episode this season, has a new show airing on ABC Wednesday night! It is called “The Knights of Prosperity”. Donal Logue is the main character–so please tell everyone you know to watch and you’ll see him again on our show in a few months!

Thanks again for the continued support–March cannot come quick enough for us! :).



Trademark Properties Holiday Update from Richard and Ginger

The following are holiday updates from Richard and Ginger, sent out on December 12, 2006. 

I hope everyone is having the best holiday season of their lives 🙂 Team trademark had our annual friends, family and client holiday extravaganza this past Saturday with over 3000 attending and a great time was had by all! Jump castles, 4 story slides, face painting, Santa and Ms Claus were there for pictures with the kids, oyster roast, crab legs, Bar-B-Que and 2 live bands. It is our way to give back to our community and always feels like a reunion whether you’re family or not 🙂

We have yet to announce the new series name but we are hard at work doing what we always do, just happen to have new cameras following us. Same REAL People, same REAL business, new REAL DEALS, new network and new name. Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement, as soon as the network releases the new name and time of the show, you will be the first to know!

I have to take this time to thank everyone who has taken the time to email your support, it is unbelievable how passionate you guys are about our little ole show about Trademark’s daily adventures, it is still truly humbling. That being said, I have to be careful what I say, the big bad wolf has threatened to blow my house down if I talk about them in a public forum. Seems they just want me to go away, not tell the truth about their inner business dealings.

Obviously it was sweeps week because they did a marathon Saturday with most of the shows being our first season…wait a minute, I thought you told me I was replaceable with better people? 🙂 then why not take me off your network and let the scab replacements try to get you ratings? 🙂

They have threatened to crush me if I tell the truth in public about what really happened to us. You know me, I’m not backing down and will have my day in court, if not for me, for all the little people of the world who get stepped on, silenced and never have their story told. I don’t understand how someone can steal something that was never theirs and tell me to go away and be quiet, not happening in this lifetime. However, my lawyers are asking me to let them handle it from here on. We have the best entertainment attorney on the planet in MARTY SINGER of Beverly Hills (represents Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Wesley Snipes among other Hollywood elite…and he took on little ole Trademark as a client, hhmm, we must have something there :)) along with his partner Brian Wolfe and our local attorneys Robert Dodds and Frank Cisa, so for now, I must let them slay the beast while I do my REAL job and let the cameras roll for your education and entertainment 🙂

Thanks again and see you soon!

Hey Everyone!

I just want to start by saying thank you for your continued support. We are so excited about the new series and cannot wait for it to air. We have a lot going on around here to prepare for it, almost all of our episodes are finished! 🙂 We still don’t have a name yet, but y’all will be the first to know when we do! Hang in there, just a few more weeks of reruns and then we’ll be back on in full force!

Just a reminder that if you have any comments the best place to voice them is under “flip this house”-that gets us the most eyeballs in the industry! If you liked Season One with Trademark please give it a 10, this score has zero to do with season 2 and the scripted cast replacements 🙂

Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic holiday season and we can’t wait to see you all again in January. Details coming soon!


Limited Discovery Available Online

The Court is not requiring posting of the discovery documents that would normally be available to the public through PACER.  I do not know if this is a direct reaction to my posting of the court documents on this website, since each Court is free to adopt its own policies and procedures.  If it is to prevent discovery information from being made available to the public, I am truly disappointed; none of the parties has made any showing (at least through documents in the file) that public access to such information would prejudice any party.

The discovery that isn’t available through PACER is the standard Rule 26(a) discovery.  The Court specifically ordered that this discovery be served directly to the opposing parties and to chambers.  In the Federal Courts that I have experience with, such disclosures are normally filed and served through the ECF/PACER system.  The order is as follows:

PRE-SCHEDULING ORDER:Within 30 days from the date of this order, the plaintiff shall e-mail to chambers and serve on all parties the information required by Rule 26(a)(1)…

Interrogatories, Requests for Production of Documents, and Requests for Admissions are not typically filed through ECF/PACER, though notices that same have been sered usually are. 

Nevertheless, I do have some documents for your perusal.

Ginger: Hello To All of Our Friends and Future Partners Out There!

Ginger sent the following email today:

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to thank all of you for your continued support. I cannot say much because of the lawsuit that is still pending against the network and production company, but I would like to say how much we appreciate that you are still sticking by us and not forgetting!

Many of you have shown great interest in becoming Area Partners throughout the country (and world) with Trademark Properties. I just wanted to let you know that we are working diligently on this and you will each be receiving a package from us by the end of the year with more details. The unexpected changes that we were going through when we announced the Area Partnerships have delayed things a little bit. We apologize for this delay and want you to know that we are very excited about the expansion of Trademark Properties!

I would like to stress that the new crews on “Flip this House” have absolutely nothing to do with Trademark Properties. These are not our Area Partners nor will they ever be. There has been a great deal of deception with the way the show is being marketed, and I want to assure you all that they have absolutely no association with us! Trademark Properties is a full service real estate machine and flipping houses is just a portion of what we do. I am very excited to meet all of you and get the ball rolling on the most successful real estate roll out in history. Richard has worked for the past 20 years making sure he had the perfect system before he shared it with the world – we want to make sure all misconceptions are cleared up and each of you know we do not do the same type of business as these substitute crews.

We are almost finished with the new season which will air in January, so we will keep you posted on all the upcoming details, news, and events! We have the first 3 months of the year blocked off for choosing our Area Partners and plan to do Season 2 all over the country with our new partners! Again, I can’t wait to meet you all and thanks for hanging tight–Trademark is definitely worth the wait! For those of you who are not familiar with the Area Partnerships, please visit to sign up for more information – we look forward to discussing it further with you! Please continue to visit the website ( ) and post your comments there – we love reading them! See you all soon and keep in touch! Corie keeps me up to date on everyone! 🙂